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A Brand New Adventure


A piece of the whole
Rowen Grisham (aka better then j0!)
Pokemon: Nippy, a Rattata
The Outskirts of Viridian City

A sizzling sound of bacon and eggs roused movement from within a white-blanket tent. The person inside heard the sound for quite some time, but felt little need to investigate. Instead, the black-haired boy continued his stare at the same section of woven thread as he had the past seven hours, a self-satisfied smile on his face. He knew that the moment would not last long, and had spent the entire night/morning to soak it in. Finally! Survival training graduation at last!

"Are you going to wake up or will I have to get Jaws to wake you?" A familiar female voice shouted with a giggle. The boy closed his eyes and grinned. It figured that she decided to camp nearby him.

"Alright, I'm coming." The boy said at last, brushing off Nippy, the small Rattata resting on his lap. She was the Pokemon that they gave to him for the survival training. Though not much to look at, Nippy's teeth gave a good many threats a thing or two to think about. With a stretch and a yawn, the mouse Pokemon raised her nose into the air and hurriedly ran to the girl with the skillet in her hand.

"Hello, Nippy." The girl responded nonchalantly, hoisting the breakfast where she couldn't get to it. Shortly after the boy lifted the flap and entered a small trainer's ground which consisted of half-log benches circled around a campfire. "And a good morning to you, Rowen," she chimed.

The boy named Rowen smirked. "I'd have to agree with you for once, Sam. An excellent morning for graduating."

Sam eyes squinted as she smiled a toothy smile. Another common nickname Rowen gave her was "Mountain Girl" because of her clothes. She wore a tan-brown sleeveless denim jacket over a tight yellow t-shirt, brown shorts, brown-leather gloves, brown hiking boots and a dark red bandana. Despite her clothes, Rowen facied her as very cute, with rich hazel eyes and a long blonde hair bundled comfortably on her back with a brown scrunchy. She let out a dreamy sigh. "It sure is. I can scarcely believe we did it! I had to just about tie myself in ropes to contain my excitement!"

"Ohh, kinky." Rowen replied with a grin. Sam punched him in the cheek and laughed. "So what do we have here?" Rowen asked, a smirk on his bruised face.

"I thought it'd be nice to, you know, have a breakfast together to celebrate." Sam said discreetly.

"That’s great, I'm starved." Rowen exclaimed as he began to wolf down the food greedily.

This is so not what I had in mind... Sam thought to herself.

- - -

After breakfast, Rowen tore down camp and watched intently as Sam did the same. He certainly fancied the girl, but wondered if he should say anything. She had a good head on her shoulders which had gotten them out of a lot of trouble. He could still remember like it was yesterday (actually, it was) that she reminded him to put some cloth over the flashlight to prevent overhanging Zubat from panicking. Not to mention she was easy to pick on, which Rowen thought unusual because she saw her stare down a stray Onix.

In the end, he decided to continue as he was doing and say nothing. "Nippy, its time to go," he said. But no sooner then he moved three steps that he turned around and saw the Ratatta sitting in the same spot. "C'mon Nippy." Rowen coaxed. She responded by hiding behind Sam.

"That’s strange, she never did this before." Sam commented, stroking the mouse's back gently.

"Well, we don't have time to wonder what her deal is, we got to get going, and the graduation ceremony is in fifteen minutes." Rowen grumbled.

Sam knelt down to Nippy, grabbed her by the scruff and set the mouse down facing her. "OK, listen here. We got a very important thing to go to and you gotta come with. Its part of the survival training that both the Pokemon, that’s you, and the trainer makes it there together. Comprende?" She stated, harshly emphasizing the last word. Nippy sighed a low "...atta" and slogged her way to Rowen.

"Good." Rowen glared at Nippy before they continued their way toward the Viridian Gym.

Rowen Grisham
Pokemon: Nippy, a Rattata
Viridian City Gym, basement
A little bit after dawn

The ceremony was marked with the closing click of a pocket watch. "Seven of you... I suppose your crew wasn't exactly fit to become Rockets." An egotistical middle-aged man sneered as he put silver with gold inlayed pocket watch into his left jacket pocket. The man, Squad Sergeant Jack Mach looked across the seven with discontent. "Regardless, you seven have indeed passed and are thus eligible for the initiation ceremony to become a part of the Team Rocket infiltration/recon group. Normally in such an event would be marked with pomp and ceremony but truly the purpose of the past two weeks was merely to discern the chafe from the wheat. The gold from the iron sulfide, if you will."

I hate this pin-head. Both Sam and Rowen thought through miserable eyes.

"In any case, your training has not concluded. There is one final test. Don't worry; it'll all be over within the hour. I am sure you undeserving runts are all eager for unmerited bed rest and food."

"Final test?! You mean we have to do more!" Rowen shouted, standing from his chair.

"Mr. Grisham," the man said in a way that made the title sound more like an insult, "I'll have you know that you are in my power and only I will determine when your missions and tasks are completed. As such, you will refrain from your boisterous antics and sit down."

With a glare, Rowen returned to his seat.

"To begin with, we will confiscate from you each of the Pokemon that you have used on survival training. After we have collected your Pokeball, you will leave this room and return only when you are called on. Once our activity is complete you will leave through the side doors. You will not exit the way you came inside. These are your orders." And like clockwork, Sgt. Jack went to each of the trainers and collected their Pokeballs. Rowen did so with a look of total defiance before stomping out of the room.

"What do you suppose this event is?" Another female trainer asked.

Rowen replied quickly. "Some torture Flat-Jack decided for us. Man, I hate his guts."

"You and me both," Samantha nodded. "I get a sick feeling whenever he looks at me... one that’s worse when you do, Rowen." While Rowen would normally have taken the opportunity to laugh at this, something troubled him dearly.

"Samantha Bedlam" Sgt. Flat-Jack bellowed, calling in the first of the seven.

"Guess I'm up." Sam sighed.

It wasn't long before Rowen heard the click of the door from the side of the building. Before he could walk over and ask what happened, he heard a distasteful "ROWEN GRISHAM." As he was walking in the doors, however, he distinctly heard sobbing coming from the side of the building.

Rowen's eyes glared at Sgt. Flat-Jack as he sat in his usual desk. "OK, Sergeant Flat-Jack, what did you do to make her cry?"

The sergeant tilted his head over and said unimpressed, "Merely the culmination of you survival training. You will take a seat now, Mr. Grisham."

Rowen leaned against a nearby wall.

"As you probably imagine, ours is not an organization of weaklings. As we expand our horizons we become more of a business then a random assortment of thugs and vagabonds. We are not here to cause chaos; we are simply here for money."

"As such, there are certain requirements for this. For example, a Pokemon trainer goes through their entire lives in what must be regarded as a ridiculous attempt to collect badges and challenge our so-called Elite Four. In the course of this journey, our research has indicated that these trainers typically surmise four to six A-quality Pokemon, ten to twelve B-quality and twenty to forty C-quality. But as we are a corporation to make money, we must supersede these expectations. If you are to become an asset, you must at least double this expectation."

"Fine, thanks for the economics lesson. Can I take my partner and go now?"

Sergeant Jack grinned evilly. "Pokemon are tools, Mr. Grisham. Their purpose is to make money or to be used by us as a means to make money. You will abandon your notions of them as being anything more of this if you are to become a full-member of this organization."

As he said this, Rowen felt a sharp split in his leg. He leaned down and saw a red dart sticking out from it with a vial of blue liquid for the base. "Case in point, you have just been inoculated with a very powerful toxin. This same toxin has also been used in your "partner" as you called it. What I have here is the antidote, however there is only enough to counter act the effects for one of you. So now allow me to ask, which is more important, your survival, or this thing's?" No sooner that he said this then a panel opened from the side of his desk where Nippy choked for air. "Now keep in mind there is only barely enough medication in that vial for you, if you were to throw any away you will not be able to survive at all."

Enraged, Rowen took the dart from the leg and flung it at him, which fell harmlessly to the floor not even clearing the desk. "Mr. Grisham, I took precautions in your case. Don't think of me as one which would allow such an obvious retaliation. Now make your choice you have only five minutes."

A sharp pain in his leg confirmed his statement. With no choice, he cracked the seal and consumed the contents. Tears welled in his eyes as he limped up to the sick Pokemon, his friend and companion. "I'm sorry..." he whispered to its ears and stroked her head as she closed her eyes one last time.

"May this serve as an object lesson for you," the loathed sergeant replied, "attachment to tools only brings about pain. Though I doubt you can understand now, one day you will thank me for this."

One day... I will make a Team which surpasses Team Rocket that will look beyond Pokemon as tools or treasure. And when I do, you will be the first on my list of people that will be ruined. Rowen thought to himself, cradling Nippy’s body and limping out the side door.
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Leaf Green

Ryan Tigushi
PKMN Trainer
Ryan's House, Pallet Town
8:00 AM

Ryan roused himself from his sleep. The house seemed very quiet. He could tell that his mom and his little sister roselli were not yet awake. He stretched himself out, yawned, then remembered that today was the big day! He imediately snapped out of sleepiness, changed into his jeans and t-shirt, and pulled on his jacket. He would come back home after he got his first pokemon.

Ryan Tigushi
PKMN Trainer
Oak's Lab front doors, Pallet Town
8:15 AM

Ryan raced up the steps to the lab. Proffesor Oak was standing there, holding a few folders and books. "Good morning Ryan. I hope you had a good night's sleep?" The proffesor asked. "Uh, yeah." Said Ryan. "Well you must have gotten up pretty early. No noe else has come yet." Concluded the proffesor before they reached the lab doors.

Ryan Tigushi
PKMN Trainer
Oak's Lab, Pallet Town
8:20 AM

"Here are the pokemon you may choose from, Ryan." Oak said pointing at three pokeballs. "Here is Squirtle, and this one is Bulbasaur, and this one contains Charmander. I'm sure you've heard of them." Said Proffesor Oak.
"Yeah, but I can't decide which one I should pick." Said Ryan. "Hmmm, I'll take Squirtle." He added. "Ok, then, here you go! Oh, and don't leave without this. This is a pokedex, used to research and collect data of pokemon. I want you to have one, to fill it up, because I'm getting old." Said the proffesor, handing Ryan Squirtle's pokeball and the pokedex. "Thanks!" Said Ryan, leaving the lab.

Ryan Tigushi
PKMN Trainer
Ryan's House, Pallet Town
8:45 AM

When Ryan opened the door to his house, he could smell sizzling bacon , toast, potatos, and eggs. "Hello, did you get your first pokemon?" Ryan's mom asked from over by the stove. "Yeah." Ryan replied. "How'd you know?" He added. "Well, you weren't at home, so I guessed you were out getting it. Oh, whats that?" His mom replied, pointing at the pokedex. "It's a pokedex, used to collect pokemon data." RYan said. He could hear footsteps coming downstairs. He knew it was Roselli. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. "I unlocked a new stage on Super Smah Bros." She wearily bragged. "Mom, has she been playing my gamecube?" Ryan said. "Don'y know how long she's been up. First time I've seen her this morning." His mom replied. Ryan set his Squirtle's pokeball on the table. "OOOH. Can we see your first pokemon? Roselli asked."After breakfast." Ryan said, as his mom sat a plate with food on it in front of him.


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Joshua Dirge
Rocket Grunt

Current Assignment:


Viridian City Team Rocket Safehouse, Viridian City
Day 1 - 10:00 AM

The sun was bright and all was chirpy, the room that Josh was occupying for the past few days seemed filled with the cheery glow of the morning sun. Josh writhed at the sight of the room and threw the curtains to veil the invading light but to no avail. He sunk back into his bed and tried to fall asleep.

After much tossing around in the creaky old bed, Josh decided that perhaps heading to see if there were any assignments available for him was a better idea. He threw on a Rocket leather jacket and headed downstairs.

The Viridian City Rocket Safehouse was considerably larger than the other safehouses, owing to the fact that Viridian City was Giovanni’s home turf. The three-storey mansion though seemingly derelict from the outside was surprisingly well-furnished and could house even Giovanni himself more than comfortably. Josh decided to slide down the wide spiraling banister to the first floor just to incense the other Rocket Grunts working there and not to mention the other residents who were obviously of higher status than him. Making his grand entrance with a loud “WEE!”, Josh landed on the ground floor short of knocking over a tall Rocket Grunt dressed in a suit and bow-tie.

“If you must, sir, do it when there isn’t so many people in the lobby! And it wouldn’t kill for you to keep it down,” said the man in an uppity heavy British-accent, who obviously didn’t find Josh’s stunt amusing.

Josh stared blankly at the man and blinked a few times before breaking into a hysterical laughter. He slapped the man on the chest with the back of his hand jokingly and replied in a mocking accent, “Hey Mee-ster Butler! Where’s the cheese I asked for? And my, my, aren’t they coming up with more and more ridiculous costumes for you guys? I mean, I swear, you guys really crack me up with your bow-ties. BOW-TIES! Hahaha!”

To the man, and probably everyone in the lobby, who by now, were staring unabashedly at the spectacle, Josh would seem drunk and a little insane but he was sober. Oh yes, he was. Josh gently patted the man’s cheek and headed to the assignment room, oblivious to the attention he just drew.

Joshua Dirge
Rocket Grunt

Current Assignment:


Viridian City Team Rocket Safehouse, Viridian City
Day 1 - 10:51 AM

The door to the assignment room promptly swung open and Josh casually stepped in. He scanned the list of assignments available on the PC and found that nothing interested him. He had been only working for Team Rocket for a few weeks and has yet to receive a credible job. So far, Josh has been keeping himself occupied with reconnaissance missions in Viridian city and the occasional petty theft. Then, something caught his attention. A rocket executive just entered the room.

Josh bounded up and stood as rigid as a pole, breaking into a salute. “Good Morning, Sir!” chimed Josh.

The man looked unfamiliar, and Josh guessed as much that he had to be a high ranking executive. Much to Josh’s dismay however, he was closely tailed by a familiar face; the butler from the lobby.

Before Josh could try to fake an apology or even explain himself, the executive raised his hand to halt him and said, “No need to explain, I saw everything.”
This was it; his first big opportunity and Josh had to blow it by taunting some stupid old geezer. He clenched his fist in resignation and put up a staunch face.

“And frankly, I’m quite impressed!” continued the executive.

“What?!” Josh blurted out in disbelief.

“Come with me, I’ve got something for you.” Said the executive as the butler led the both of them out giving Josh a malicious sneer.

The three of them continued down a corridor Josh had never been to and the executive flashed his key card to access a locked sliding glass door. As they entered, the Rocket scientists who seemed to be busy with their research, shot out of their seats like how Josh had done earlier and bowed to greet the executive. This guy had to be a real big-shot.

“As you see, we’ve established a research lab in this safehouse,” said the executive as we paced around the room attempting to show Josh around.

“We’ve managed to come up with a working model of a new chip that allows the user to experience what their pokemon is going through in battles,” continued the executive with a slight sneer. “That’s where you come in. I’m sure with your tenacity you’ll be able to handle the, hmm... pain? That it comes with this chip?”

Josh replied with no more as an utterly bewildered look and nodded. “Good.. Very good. I see we have ourselves a volunteer.”

The scientists in the room nodded furiously and smiled. They surrounded Josh and managed to pin him down onto a cold metal chair before strapping him to it.

“Don’t worry, Grunt. This won’t hurt a bit.”

Joshua Dirge
Rocket Grunt

Current Assignment:


Viridian City Team Rocket Safehouse, Viridian City
Day 1 - 5:30 PM

When Josh finally awoke, he was had little recollection of what had transpired. “Man, I got to stop getting myself into situations where I get knocked out,” Josh reminded himself.

He was in the laboratory, lying on a cold steel operating table. Chip! He remembered something about a chip.

“Sir, the patient is regaining consciousness,” reported one of the scientists. A tall burly man dressed in a Rocket’s executive suit stood over Josh. He conversed with the scientist for a while before sending him off.

“Ah.. So I see you’ve taken well to our little experiment. Hmm.. How about a Larvitar. I hope you won’t mind,” said the executive as he grabbed a pokeball from the counter behind Josh. He tossed it to Josh who sat up immediately to catch it.

“Come on, grunt, let’s test it out,” bellowed the executive. He reached into his coat and pulled out a pokeball of his own. Tossing it into the air, the executive cried, “Go Nidorino!”

Shocked at the Nidorino now growling at him, Josh tossed the pokeball in his hands into the air. A Larvitar materialized before him.

“Nidorino, use tackle,” said the executive coolly.

As soon as the purple Nidorino came into contact with the puny Larvitar, a short sharp pain bashed the back of Josh’s neck. Winded, Josh fell backwards and landed on his back.
“Looks like its working. Let’s test out status ailments. Nidorino! Use toxic!” bellowed the executive, this time more malicious than before.

The Nidorino spewed a noxious liquid on the defenseless Larvitar and Josh felt an even greater pain shoot up the back of his neck. This time however, the pain did not die off. Instead, the back of his neck throbbed rhythmically, leaving Josh rolling on the floor in agony.

“What on earth have you done?” cried Josh, as tears flowed down his cheeks. Staring at the Larvitar who also seemed in a great deal of pain, Josh understood how it must have felt. Then it made sense, he was feeling what his pokemon was feeling.

“Finish it off with a Mega Kick!” yelled the executive again. With one fell swoop, the Nidorino knocked out the Larvitar and Josh’s eyes rolled back and he fainted too.

Leaf Green

Ryan Tigushi
PKMN Trainer
Ryan's House, Pallet Town
9:30 AM

Ryan finished up his breakfast. "Here goes!" He said standing up, grabbing the pokeball. "Go, Squirtle!" Ryan said as out flashed a red light, revealing Squirtle, who bit Ryan on the finger. "OWW! Squirtle, please can we be buddies?" Ryan said. "Well it is adorable." His mom said. Ryan gave Squirtle a bit of Pokechow he had bought on the way back from the lab. "Squirt-irtle!" His Squirtle said happily, jumping up and down. "Well then, I guess I'll be leaving." Ryan said. He grabbed the bag he had packed last night, and slung it over his shoulder, then he let Squirtle climb on his his other shoulder. "Now, here is a pokenav so you can call me." Ryan's mom said as she handed him a pokenav. They said goodbye, and Ryan was out the door.
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Aim Towards Heaven
Laura Deirdre
East of Vermillion
Mistral, Skitty (f)

"I now wonder," Laura spoke after chuckling over Sandy and Mistral's reactions towards Amity. Her eyes shifting, she clutched her messenger bag's strap and assured herself of the Poke'Dex in her pocket. "Where do you think we should go?" All her love could do was shrug his shoulders. Clearly he was wondering the same thing. But now that they had good battling experience, despite her early loss to that one girl, they were both probably ready to take the Pokemon league challenge.

"Hmm..." Laura murmured softly, still a little lost in thought. She took time to relocate her thin glasses and sighed. "Maybe we need to take the Gym Challenge."

Nodding his head, Mike understood clearly what Laura was now aiming for, both clearly in agreement. "So, to Pallet we shall go?" Laura nodded her head, resting her hands around his waist as she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. Smiling weakly, Laura took ahold of Michael's hand and the two continued walking, their Pokemon behind them. They were now, however, heading back towards their hometown to catch the ferry to Pallet Town on the docks. Even though it would be dusk by the time they arrived, and that they'd probably spend the night there, it didn't seem to matter to them anymore. They both had their Pokemon and each other, and now, they were ready to go on the journey that would include friendship, care, and sacrifice.


OOC: Sorry for the short/vague first post. I am still trying to figure out where I'm gonna go with this.

Seamus Dowling

Backpack Contents:
10000 Credits
10 PokeBalls

Bill (Eevee)

Pallet Town – Journey Day 1 – 7:00 AM


“Whaa…?” mumbled Seamus, as he waved his arms over his face.


“Bill? Get off me!”

Seamus sprang up and pushed his Eevee away as he got his bearings. He shook his head at the little guy and wondered why he was licking him awake so early. He got dressed and walked downstairs to find his mother waiting for him with a birthday cake. ‘That’s why Bill woke me up,’ he remembered; today was his 16th birthday, the day his mother said he would be allowed to leave home and begin his life as a trainer.

“Hi Ma.”

His mother just looked away, a look of incredible sadness on her face. Seamus realized this was terribly hard for her, having lost her husband to what was assumed a Pokemon attack ten years prior.

“It’s ok Ma,” Seamus said, as he comforted his mother. “I’m gonna be just fine.”

She had nothing to say to him, so she cut him a slice of the cake and walked over to the sink.

“Really Ma, you have nothing to worry about.”

Is she holding this against me somehow?’ he asked himself. ‘I don’t like this one bit.

He continued to eat his cake in silence, then returned to his room to ponder what he should say to his mother before leaving.
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Memories in the Rain
Lucifer Elemental (Newbie Trainer, Monotype Dark)
Pokemon Onwed: Zaber the Absol
Viridian City
7.10 AM

Immediately leaping out of the way from Machamp's Karate Chop attack, the Absol leaped into the sky, his blade glowing into a glaring white color. The Machamp, however, was not to be fooled. It leaped into the sky as well, opening his arms wide, a pose which Lucifer regnoized. That was the pose for the Sesimic Toss attack.

"Zaber! Now use that Razor Wind and hit Machamp on his chest!" exclaimed the red haired boy.

The Absol nodded, whipping his head and releasing a pearly white boomberang-shaped thing from his blade spinning quickly and meeting its mark on the Machamp's chest. With a groan, the pokemon fell back painfully onto the ground with a loud "THUD". The duo looked at each other in wonder.

<I don't think Machamps are this easy to defeat> commented the Absol, but no reply came from his trainer. <Umm... Lucifer?> Zaber asked again, but the red hair was staring at the Machamp, whose face was changing, followed by his arms... body... legs.... into a little pink blob which had two beady eyes and a thin mouth.

Ditto? the duo said at the same time as they stared at each other with astonishment.

Raposa Dalua

Luna Gadget
Lavender Town
Newbie Trainer
Late Afternoon

"Yes, and the Pokemon Center should be just around this corner here..."

The strange, blue haired girl rubbed her head in frustration as she again came to a turn that did not contain the Pokemon Center on the other side. The young Eevee let out an exasperated sigh, closing his blue eyes and shaking his head. He looked up at her with an expression that clearly doubted any skills she might have within that brain of hers. She caught the stare and grinned at him nonchalantly.

"Don't you worry Niklas, I totally know where we are," Luna chuckled while taking another glance at the street signs, "It's only, uh, two blocks thisaway!"

The odd girl took off again, Niklas easily keeping up. After all, this was beginning to get to be like a daily routine. Everyday they would head out to the Pokemon Center after training near the bridge. And every single day she would pretend to get lost so that she wouldn't have to arrive home early. She also claimed it was her way of teaching the little Eevee about the town, in case he should ever get separated from her. Really, he viewed this whole activity as rather useless, but Luna had lots of spark as a trainer that told him the times would be rough but good. Niklas was knocked out of his thoughts by the sudden stop of his trainer; her stop had caused him to bump into her from behind. He looked up at her with a mixture of anger and confusion, but she simply smiled at him.

"Aw, I'm sorry Niklas. Hey, ya know what? I think it's just about time we left this town... We've been training here long enough right?" she questioned, and the Eevee just looked at her with an expression that said 'finally!' "But as a test to see if we're ready... Well, see this street sign?"

Niklas looked up, glancing at the street sign but being unable to read it. He at least memorized what the characters sort of looked like, and gave her a curt nod.

"Get a good look bud, you recognize this area any?"

The Eevee seemed to get a little annoyed at this, wondering what she was going on about. Still, he looked around, and vaguely remembered this part of town, if only just. The ice cream stand stood out most; he remembered beind treated to the best poke-food and chocolate sundae of his young life at that place. He smiled up at her, then did a little hopskip of impatience. Just what was she getting at?

"It's good that you remember," she grinned, folding her hands behind her head, "This is a memory test for you, the final training before we leave Lavender. We've been playing memory in this town for a good month or so, right? So... you gotta lead the way to the Pokemon Center. This time I follow you, partner."

Niklas looked at her like she was crazy, but at the same time saw this as her sort of way of letting him know that they were equals. Taking the leading position, he stopped for a moment to gather his bearings, turned a couple times, then headed off to the west. Luna followed from behind, stopping when he needed to stop and pointing out roads that certainly weren't good shortcuts. It took a good thirty minutes, but they reached the Pokemon Center without any major problems (though Luna did have a rather nasty bruise on the head from a territorial Pidgey whose nest Niklas accidentally upset).

Niklas couldn't help but feel pleased with himself as the two stepped inside, shivering upon the instant cold feeling of a building whose air conditioning had been on all day. Luna requested a simple sandwhich and some pokefood for her friend from the local Nurse Joy, who had little to do at the moment and was happy to get food for the few trainers that came to Lavender Town. Upon receiving thier meals, Luna picked out a little booth near the door and sat down. She placed the bowl of food on the floor for Niklas, who immediately began wolfing it down like there was no tomorrow.

"Now, we need to map out our next destination. Attempting to get to Cerulean is out of the question," At this the Eevee looked up at her in confusion, she noted his look and replied, "Do you really wanna brave the Dark Tunnel just yet? It's scary and full of blood sucking Zubat an' we wouldn't stand a chance against the strong rock types..."

Niklas huffed at this, the determined yet hurt look on his face showing that he really thought he could take on anything if he wanted to. Luna only scruffled the top of his head and shrugged at him.

"Heh, I don't doubt your skills. It's just a place I want to save for when we have a more organized team, huh?" He seemed to accept this for an answer, so she continued on, "We could follow the coast to Fuschia, or travel through Saffron down to Vermillion... Now that I think about it, we could go through Saffron to Cerulean as well. Bah, this is so confusing. I have no idea which direction I want to go in..." she muttered, averting her gaze from the map under her elbows to her male companion on the floor, who was eating his pokefood like he didn't have a care in the world.

Sky Titan

((OCC: I am sorry guys. This time of year is always busy for me and for now on, I will post more often. Sorry guys.))

Kali Delgado
Viridian Forest
Early Morning

Kali’s eyes opened bright and early next morning not to see what she thought she would see. She expected to see sunlight but instead she saw a Wurmple crawling over her eyesight. She lied there for a moment not realising what was happening then jumped with fright knowing a Pokemon was crawling over her face.

“AAH! Bug!” she cried out. Immediately reaching for Yamm’s Poke Ball, she the ball a little energy sphere coming out for half a second to reveal Mudkip who looked tired and sleepy.

“MUD!” complained Mudkip. Kali rolled her eyes and pointed towards the Pokemon that she now discovered to be a Wurmple.

“Ahh, a Wurmple. I think I will catch this beauty. Go, Yamm! Use Tackle attack!” commanded the trainer. The Mudkip let out a long sigh wanting its beauty sleep. But nonetheless, the Pokemon obeyed its trainer by charging towards Wurmple. The air pummelled against Mudkip trying to charge towards its enemy. After a few seconds, the Wurmple realised what was coming and tried to run for its life. It tried to crawl away from the Mudkip but the Pokemon sent the worm flying in the air. While all this was happening, Kali reached for a Poke Ball and when she saw the Wurmple flying through the air, threw the Poke Ball at Wurmple.

Hitting the Pokemon, the ball dropped to the ground suddenly and began to roll side-to-side. Kali was determined to catch the bug. She wanted a Beautifly more then anything and when the ball stopped, she was back in reality and snatched up the Poke ball.

“Welcome to the team little Sepa. Come on Yamm,” she called out. “We are going to Viridian City today.”

The Mudkip was crying out to its trainer seemingly wondering if he was allowed any rest. Kali realised what it was saying and returned it to the Poke Ball, a red light shooting out to carry it back in.

((OCC: For those of you who are curious, Sepa is the Centipide Egyptian God. Boy, is Kali going to get a surprise about her Wurmple. You shall see soon.))


Kiret Kuwasaki
Viridian City
7:10 AM

<And did you see those muscles? He's such a cute one.> sighed Gail affectionately as she walked with Kiret through Viridian City. <Did you also see how fast he was? I mean, he looks so strong and ....>

"You know," interrupted Kiret, pointing at her Eevee accusingly, "I can't stand hearing about that Jolt...."

<And I can't believe Team Rocket was after him! But, I can understand since he's such a powerful guy.>

Thus, the pair conrinued touring the large city as Gail continually rambled on of her crush. Kiret decided to go to the Poke Mart and stock up on supplies. Her bag was short on potions, antidotes, paralyze heals, etc. The basic needs for her part time job as a pokemon ranger. She checked her watch. 7:14 AM. She had atleast half an hour.

<Did you see his reflexes? Amazing, don't you think? I just love him.> cooed the lovestruck Eevee.

Kiret rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the store nearby. Just her luck. The sign before it read that the shop was closed. Maybe she could find someone who knew of a nearby store. She had to be at Pewter soon. She noticed an old man nearby. Maybe he could help. Old guys usually had a hidden map inside their rusty brains.

She jogged to him and inquired, "Excuse me, sir, where can I find a store? You see, I need to ...."

"No," interrupted the old man, "You can't go past right now. It's too dangerous out there."

"Mister, I'm just asking ..."

"Let my people go, Pharoah!"

Kiret stared, confounded, at the crazy man and edged away. For an old guy, he had quick reflexes and dragged her back. He insisted upon teaching her how to catch pokemon, though Kiret persisted otherwise. Out of nowhere, a Weedle crawled before them. What was more confusing was that the old man began dancing like a drunk. Then he suddenly threw a pokeball at the bug, capturing it. In the meantime, Kiret and Gail managed to snatch an oppurtunity to slip away from the delusional man. Before long, he was demonstrating to another unfortunate trainer on how to catch pokemon, using his own Weedle to capture its own reflection in a puddle.

Checking her watch again, Kiret groaned at the amount of time she was losing. Her attention was grasped by ....

The Muffin Man

Big Bucking Chicken
Mike Silvern
Vermillion City Port
Sandshrew(F, Sandy), Gastly(M, Amity)

Laura and Michael smiled and waved goodbye to their parents as the ship shoved off. They each had received $2000 for food, supplies, etc, and 500 for the ticket(of course, already used). The pair had finally begun their journey to the 8 gyms...
"So are we headed STRAIGHT for Pallet?" Laura questioned a sailor. He grinned and shook his head. "Nope. Stop over in Cinnabar Island!"
Laura nodded and smiled as she turned, kissing the boys cheek gently.
"Hear that? You should catch a Charmander if ya know where to look!"

Mike smiled a bit and nodded. "Yeah, that'd be nice...I've always wanted one." He gazed off into the sea, wondering how long this journey would last...how many Pokemon he'd catch...and other various questions ran through his mind, before being disturbed.

"Hey, kid!" He heard a voice harshly yell, a rather feminine voice with a gruff tone. He turned to see a girl adorned in an orange tanktop and orange bike shorts. The girls form was slightly firmer and more muscular than Lauras, but the girl was also a bit older.
"Kid? My names Mike..."
"Let's battle, Mike! If you win, I'll give ya $200!"
"And if YOU win...?" Laura wondered.
The girl smiled and pushed Laura aside. "WHEN I win, I take your little boyfriend from you...And he can call me Sweety if he likes...but YOU can call me Cory."
Laura stumbled back and grumbled at Corys rude display.
"Fine. Is there a rock or ground field on this ship?"
She grinned and tugged Mikes arm fiercly, the boy fearing she'd dislocate it if she wasn't more mindful of her physical strength. Laura followed quickly as she led them deep below the main decks, into a dirt-covered arena.

"The floors are deep enough to dig, and the shocks are strong enough to handle an Earthquake attack...So you ready to get a new girlfriend?"
The boy donned a cocky grin. "I wouldn't have accepted if I honestly thought I'd LOSE with these conditions...A 2 on 2 sound good?"
She smiled and laughed to herself, "Oooh! I LOVE a man with confidence! 2 should be perfect...Alright then. First up, I'll send out Marni!"
The pokeball snapped open, a small grey pokemon standing in place of a red aura. The Machop flexed and bulged, before taking a fighting stance.
"Fine, Sandshrew, go get him!"
Sandshrew burst from her Pokeball and took her own stance, the Machop looking a but frustrated.
"Marni's a GIRL, sweety...And she's gonna start with a karate chop!"

"Sandy, dig underground!"
Mike ordered his Sandshrew for her first attack, unable to get underneith the tough earth before Machop connected.
"Alright Marni, sweety! Be careful! Try and Detect its' next attack!"
Machop began to concentrate, centering in on Sandshrews location, as not to be surprised.
"Sandshrew, emerge and Swift!"
Sandshrew heard its' trainer, despite the dirt between the two, exploding from its' hiding place and hurling sharp stars at its' enemy. Machop was barely able to dodge, but not before being stung by a few of the small projectiles.
"Marni, quick, Hi Jump Kick!"
Machop nodded and bounded into the air, landing a solid shot shot to Sandys midsection, crumping the poor pokemon in one blow.
"Alright Machop, finish her off with another Karate Chop!"
Sandy was unable to pull herself up before the assault began, a flurry of palms striking the poor mouse. The assault continued at its' trainers hands.
"Sandy!! Hon, if you can't get away...then make her REGRET staying so close...!"

Cory scoffed a bit, "Mike, sweetheart, there's nothing Sandshrew can do that'll make me regret staying close..! Defense Curl isn't much of an issue!"
"C'mon, think back! What did you say about this area?" Mike grinned devilishly as the girl wondered. He didn't give her time to respond, however.
"I know you're still low in level, but I want you to muster up all your strength for an Earthquake!!"
Marni, Cory, Laura, and Amity(who had snuck out in the confusion, anticipating his own use next) all stood, mouths agape, and eyes wide at the command. Sandy narrowed her eyes, and reared back as soon as Machop relented for a moment. Her front paws came down with incredible force, the entire arena shaking violently(although the boat being safe) as the shockwaves send Machop tumbling across the battlefield.
"Now finish it off, Sandy! Muster up whatever energy you have left and hit it with Swift!"
Sandy wheezed heavily and nodded, coughing a bit before hurling only a few stars at Machop. The battered Pokemon could barely stand, let alone dodge, and collapsed in a heap.

"Arg...you did wonderfully Marni...but now my big-hitter gets to come out and play! Alright Meditite! Let's go!"
The nameless Meditite emerged, in a meditative position. Without so much as a glance, Meditite sprang forward and chopped Sandshrew, finishing her off before she had a chance to escape.
"Amity...sorry buddy, but you're up! Sandy, return!"
Mike recalled the mouse, and the gaseous ghost floated down that grin still stuck to his face as usual, as round 2 began...

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Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Lyra White
Fair Trainer
Route 3

Castor was still curious as to why the Nidorino had chased down this girl, but as the Nidorino now drifted into the realm of slumber, asking the Poison-Type Pokémon directly was out of the question, and Castor doubted the Poison-Type would be that interested in talking to him... more like it'd be ready to ram that horn of his through Castor's own throat.

Now, that only left the human girl...

His gaze moved over to where she was, his gaze was piercing as he stared, and he noticed, with a slight degree of amusement, she was staring at him. Perhaps she had never seen the likes of him before... his kind was not native to Kanto, and he had not been born here.

The girl recalled her Pokémon, then bowed. Castor cocked his head at the gesture, unsure of what to make of it. It was an odd gesture for a human to preform, to be sure... he had never seen Lyra bow to anyone...

His thoughts were cut short as the human moved. He watched her as she prepared to leave, but just as suddenly, she stopped.

That earned another perplexed look from the Dark-type, and another as a Potion was produced from the female's backpack. Castor quickly had to change his expression to hide the rather amazed look. Most humans ran away from him at first sight, if they didn't try to catch him first. The Potion was being offered to him.

But should he take it?

His ribs stung, and the soothing mist the the Potion provided would help. Lyra would not be pleased if he came back like this: wheezing as he tried to recover from the Nidorino's blows. Walking back certainly wouldn't be fun either.

In the end, he finally moved towards the girl, pace slack, before he sat next to her, allowed her eyes to meet with his. To get the message across, he nodded. He then glanced over to the Nidorino...

What had happened?

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
Aria Maida
Fair Trainer
Pokémon: Shuppet, Bellsprout, Graveler
Badges: 1
Credits: 3,700
Route 3
6:54 PM

Though it would not be she who would receive the remedy, Aria nonetheless sighed in relief and gratitude. Good, she thought tiredly, good…Her eyes lowered gently unto the Absol as she knelt beside him, Potion in hand, and she smiled appreciatively at the elegant Dark-type. As reasonable as you are lovely…not a common combination.

Aria found herself hesitating, if only very briefly, before administering the Potion – quailing from inflicting the majestic creature with the sting she knew it would cause him. Oh, give him some credit, she told herself swiftly. You think he can’t take a little sting? It’s got to be better than what he’s feeling now, you know.

“Alright,” she said evenly; respectfully, too, she hoped. “Just show me where it hurts.” The Absol silently indicated the sites of his injuries. Aria found that some of of them were not visible – internal, therefore. She frowned worriedly as she considered this; a single Potion might not be sufficient to truly take care of the Absol. Quickly, but always making sure that the Absol could see her every move, she produced another Potion.

With no further hesitation, she administered the first dose, spraying it at close range upon the areas the Absol had indicated. Any pain or irritation this might have caused was well-borne and well-concealed by the Dark-type. He maintained his steady, unflinching expression as Aria delivered the second dose, as well. As she allowed her gaze to meet his, she saw the clear presence and motion of thought behind his scarlet eyes, eyes that shifted from her to the Nidorino and back again. There was something minute, almost imperceptible playing about the Absol’s features; something not quite identifiable, but something which did seem to suggest that whatever he was thinking about, he wasn’t thinking on it lightly. Aria could only wish to know what was on his mind.

“There,” she said once finished, and slowly rose to her feet. The Absol was staring right into her eyes, so intently that he seemed almost to be dissecting her with his gaze. It was a stare that would have terrified many, but Aria felt no fear. Where others might have seen malevolence and ill auspice, she saw only intelligence, and a sort of innate dignity. She was fully convinced that she had just encountered a truly noteworthy Pokémon – a truly noteworthy person, and she felt quite enriched by the experience.

She gave him a reserved, respectful smile. “It was sure nice meeting you,” she said then. “Thank you for helping me out there with that Nidorino…hope I was able to do you some good there in return…” She cast a glance behind, northeastward, her thoughts turning back now towards the Pokémon Center that lay there and the needed aid there that awaited her Pokémon. “Well,” she said almost wistfully as she turned back towards the Absol, “if we ever meet again, I’ll be glad to see you. And if we don’t…well…” She shrugged. “Goodbye,” she said after a breath, and bowed again. She gave one final look, one final smile unto the Absol, then turned and set off into the northeast.


Memories in the Rain
Lucifer Elemental (Newbie Trainer, Monotype Dark)
Pokemon Onwed: Zaber the Absol
Potion x5 (Cash Left: 1,800)
Viridian City
7.15 AM

<WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU SCARE US LIKE THAT?!> demamded the Absol to the Ditto. The red haired boy could only wince at the noise his parthner was making, and roll his eyes. Zaber was always like that after battles. Guess he was still rather irritated with the Ditto for pulling such a nasty prank on them.

Grabbing a potion from his bag, the trainer crawled over to the Ditto and sprayed the Medcine on it. Immediately, its wounds sealed up and healed, and the little blob looked as good as new. It beamed at the kind soul.

<Sorry for doing like this to you... its just that I got bored and then...> the little blob trailed off as Lucifer once again tried to calm the annoyed Absol with threathening whispers.

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
Aria Maida
Fair Trainer
Pokémon: Shuppet, Bellsprout, Graveler
Badges: 1
Credits: 3,700
Route 3
7:03 PM

Quite exhausted, Aria nonetheless pressed onward towards the Pokémon Center, determined to get there as soon as possible. Along the way, she was beset by an odd, nagging sensation that she was being followed; she cast a quick look back every so often to see if it was true, but each time saw no pursuer. Of course, not seeing one was no guarantee that one was not there, especially with the cover of night in play...

Aria shook her head vigorously, trying to clear her mind of the paranoia. It was just the kind of feeling one could expect to have to deal with after being chased to within an inch of one's life by a furious wild Pokémon, she reasoned.

Anyway, said wild Pokémon was out like a light when last she'd seen it, and Sleep Powder's effect was typically fairly long-lasting. The Nidorino was probably still down, and would remain so for a while. Nothing to worry about there.

If anyone or anything would be following her, it'd most likely be that Absol. There had been a definite, wondering air about him where she was concerned; he had looked almost as though he had wanted to try and ask her a question. If he did come after her, it would probably just be out of a persisting desire to try and figure her out, which seemed a fairly benign motive. So, no worries there, either.

She reached the bend in the road that would take her path northward and began to round it, when there came an unexpected stirring at her side. No sooner had she registered that than its cause revealed itself in a flash of light. Next thing Aria knew, she saw her ailing Ghost-type, released of his own, certainly delerious accord, hovering in midair just above her reach.

"Dani?! What the hell are you doing? Come on, get down here so I can take you to the Pokémon Center!" she called up to him worriedly. "You need help!"

"Shuppet..." the Ghost muttered distractedly, gazing at something indiscernible off to the right of the path. He remained in place, weaving drunkenly back and forth well above Aria's head.

Frowning, Aria jumped up in an effort to catch Dani, but the Shuppet climbed out of reach of her grasping hand, turning a bewitched-looking turquoise gaze upon her briefly, then returning his confused attention to whatever lay off to the right that had attained his interest. Possibly, there was nothing there at all; Dani may well have been suffering a feverish hallucination. At any rate, the Shuppet was thoroughly convinced that there was something there which he absolutely must investigate, post haste, and was thus compelled to make a sudden beeline towards it.

"Hey!" Aria shouted, and took off after Dani at once. Despite his illness, the Shuppet was escaping from her at a surprising rate; she was forced to run as fast as her depleted energy would allow, and then some. She drew nearly close enough to catch him a couple of times, but each time she neared success, the Ghost weaved unpredictably, evading her capably.

The ground here was craggy, the result of rocks that had tumbled down from the nearby mountain; this condition of the terrain had only grown worse since the recent bombing of Mt. Moon. Aria was in a constant state of almost tripping on the scattered stones, until finally, a particularly slippery rock sent her pitching wildly forward. Subconsciously mindful of her injuries, she managed to get her knees under her to break her fall before her poor, beleaguered arm could take the impact. She still hit hard, however, and explosively spat a four-letter word as the craggy ground stabbed into her knees.

Over her own swearing, she just managed to make out the sound of a number of items striking the ground - she realized, with a string of further curses, that she had left her backpack open. Casting a look behind, she saw that only a couple of items had fallen out - there were a couple of minimized Poké Balls; they appeared unharmed...there was one of the dishes she used to serve Pokémon food...and there...oh, God...

There, in glittering pieces, was the vial that had held Dani's medicine, its former contents already soaking into the dirt.

Aria groaned at the loss. Now she really had to make haste to the Pokémon Center...and what if this Center did not have any of this particular medicine in stock? What if they'd run out? Sighing, she almost began to pick up the fallen items in a mindless, sort of habitual way...but then snapped out of her funk and recalled the situation.

"****!" she exclaimed, and jerked her head back towards the direction to which Dani had been deleriously fleeing. She could just discern the movement of the dark grey shape some considerable distance ahead, far off the path. She rushed to her feet and started after the Shuppet at once, deeply fearful that she would not catch him. But then, she distinctly saw him plummet to the ground, and her eyes widened in horror.

Dashing forward at a full sprint, fueled by the sudden surge of adrenaline her fear imparted upon her, she made for the site where she'd seen Dani go down. She reached him swiftly, and collapsed to her knees at once the moment she came to a stop, her breath tearing through her throat. Through eyes that were slightly blurred by tears of pain and exhaustion, she saw the listless form of Dani on the ground before her. He appeared to be unconscious...at the very least.

Seized hard by the most horrible dread, Aria burst into violent sobs as she gathered up her Shuppet in a fierce swipe of her one good arm, holding his lifeless form tightly against her chest.

"Oh, God...why?!..." she screamed into the night, savage grief making her blood pound almost deafeningly in her ears. Her breath came through her teeth in short, irregular hisses of furious, desperate disbelief...It just wasn't fair...wasn't right...she couldn't lose her first Pokémon, one of her first real friends...

"Now, now, girl, you can stop your crying. He ain't dead yet," cackled a thoroughly unexpected, elderly female voice.

Aria looked up slightly towards its source. There, standing just a couple of feet before her, stood a very short old lady with incredibly long, unkempt white hair that shone in the moonlight.

"He may pull through yet...that is, if you do as I tell you to do," the old woman said in her grating, crowing voice. She smiled then, a crooked, unpleasant smile, glaringly inappropriate under these grave circumstances. Disturbing though it was, however, it paled in comparison to the pair of wickedly leering, luminous, bright red eyes that suddenly opened wide over the grinning crone's head...
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Kiret Kuwasaki
Newbie Trainer
Route 1
7:05 PM

Kiret walked through the woods, exhausted. She had a small landslide with a group of Sentret captured inside with their home's entrance blocked. It had taken her awhile to find some Diglett and Dugtrio and use them to get the pokemon free. She also found an injured Pidgey, and a Weedle being attacked by a Pidgeotto. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a twig cracking.

The moonlight may have been bright, but not enough to reveal to her the shadow that peered at her with seemingly luminecent eyes. The small form came, or hopped, forward, closer to Kiret. Still hiding under the cover of trees, the shadow remained at a good distance away from Kiret. Finally, the creature came into the moonlight. A Pidgey.

"Oh, it's you." Kiret stated, remembering the Pidgey as the one with the injured wing she had found earlier.

An idea sprung in Kiret's mind. Maybe she could ....

"Go, Gail!" Kiret shouted, throwing Gail's pokeball before the Pidgey.

It hopped eagerly at the sight of another pokemon. Weird. Kiret searched through her bag frantically. There were other ways of getting payed than cash. She pulled out a grey disk and placed it on Gail's forehead. It glowed slightly then the glow died, giving a deathly and empty look to the disk.

"Gail, use Return!" Kiret ordered.

Gail was illuminated by a slight pink tinge and attempted to tackle the Pidgey. Her attack missed and made the bird even more excited and jumpy. Kiret tried Tail Whip, but the Pidgey only returned with an accidental Gust attack. Discovering its newfound attacks, it used Mud Slap on Gail.

<Oh, if my beloved Jolteon saw me now, what would he say?> Gail whined, looking at her dirty fur.

Kiret told Gail to use Return again. This time it hit, but Gail was too busy thinking of her fur than of the value of her relationship with Kiret, so it made little effect. The Pidgey used another Gust and Kiret told Gail to use Mimic. The advantages of living in Saffron. The 'Mimic Girl' was a good friend of Gail's. Gail's eyes glowed white and a Gust attack emerged from before Gail. The bird was confused at seeing this happen and was hit full on before it could gain its senses.

Pulling a pokeball from her belt, Kiret threw it at the Pidgey. The ball shook twice before it opened again. The Pidgey hopped about gleefully, still not fully understanding the situation it was in. Kiret threw another. The ball shook one, then again, then thrice, and a 'ping' sound was heard. Kiret whooped with joy and swooped her new pokemon's ball into her gloved hands.

<Can we go to bed now? I need my beauty sleep if I'm gonna look nice and clean tomorrow in case my sweetie pie comes.>

"How are you so sure he'll come?"

<To him, I must be irresistable.>

"I doubt he even smelled your scent." Kiret muttered under her breath, too quiet for Gail to hear. "What should we name the little Pidgey?"

<Aberrant, anomalous, atypical, beatnik, capricious,deviant, eccentric, heteroclite, idiosyncratic,nonconformist, outlandish, rare bird, unconventional, whimsical. Or how about just plain weird?>

"How about Flurry?"

<I guess it suits him, but I think titillation or perturbation would be better, to warn others of a aperture in their safety.>

"You've been spending time with the dictionary, haven't you?"

<My mother always said, 'A smart mate is a good mate.'>

Kiret giggled as she and Gail trodded the path into a clearing where she set up a small camp and snuggled into her sleeping bag.

"Thinking about that Jolteon, then?"

<You know it.>

Kiret fell asleep with Flurry strapped to her belt in a pokeball and Gail in her arms.


Nami Asado
Vermillion City (Pokemon Center)
Pokemon: Gon (Trapinch), Sting (Tentacool)
10:32 PM

It was...a burden. It was a burden because five hours ago, I just saved this person (who was on the bed adjacant to mine) from whatever gang that was treatening him with violent attacks which was why I'm in a hospital. And it was a burden because passing trainers and people would sometimes point their tiny little fingers at me and whisper....

"Pssst, that kid just defeated the....pssst...gang leader...Hey, kid! Good going against that guy you just beated! You're a hero man!"

There it goes again. Maybe another person would enjoy all this attention but me? No, I rather just hide in the shadows. I could not stand being so "worshipped" and neither do I enjoy being known as "the kid". I like praise, but not when it was yelled at me every few minutes.

Thirty minutes passed, and all the commotion outside finally stopped. Not a squeak could be heard and it was like a ghost town outside my room in the Pokemon Center. Good, I like quiet.

"Hey.......You wanna talk?"

Those were the words that kept me in this room one and a half hour ago. Otherwise, I would had gone already and leave my burdens behind. The teen that was being harrassed earlier woke up, though his houndoom just kept on resting. He had emerald green eyes, dark brown hair that grew like a hedge, bangs that reached his nose and a warm smile that made him look "hopeful". His jeans were tattared, scratched from numerous encounters and his shirt was greyish, though it appeared to be once white. That canine beside him was as old as the earth, I could easily see that.

"And......if you ever need my help, you can call me with this..I'm in your dept, after all.."

And he passed a piece of parchment on the table between my bed and his.

Starn Gabriel (465-234-2343)

Those were the words scrawled on the piece of parchement. So his name was Stan.

"Um, thanks, but er, it wasn't much...yeah."

"Hey, just take it. It was a big deal, you know....Hey, you never told me your name or phone number either."

"Nami at your service. And I don't really have a Pokenav, so I don't have really have a contact. Sorry..heh heh."

"It's alright. So...this guy that was beating on me just walked away after you and him tied? No grudege or anything?"

"Uh, he seemed calm after the battle...that was all."

Well, that was awkward. That was the third time he mentioned that.

"And if you hadn't been there, I would have to battle my gym fights again...Hey, I'm not supposed to be out here collecting gym badges."

"Then why were you doing that then?"

This conversation was starting to get interesting. After all, neither am I supposed to be far, far away from home either.

"I can't walk. I'm handicapped; I have to rely on Riel (his houndoom). I would've been rich if I get a nickel for everytime I get sick. So yeah, I'm pretty cooped up at home and bored watching people you know...get to outside and battling each other. Many of my friends were disabled too so it was depressing where I live since we can't live right after a war a couple years ago on our homeland. So I decided that I'm going to become a leaque champion! Then many other disabled people like me will find hope and want to reach for their dreams too! So I hopped off on Riel's back one night; nothing can't stop me! Yeah! Um, okay, now I talked too much...heh heh..."

Dam, that guy was cheeful and talkative to the point he's annoying. But...Somehow, I felt a little bit jealous and even abit ashamed at myself after what he said about himself.

He was probably not even well-fed, he can't walk and just a couple moments ago, he was being beaten to pulp. Yet, he was still smiling and eager to help other people.

All I ever did was mope arround being a spoiled brat with rich parents and all, and two days ago, I just ran away because I didn't feel like being at home any longer.



Reva Shijuku
Roughly Halfway into Mt. Moon
Novice Trainer
9:34 AM
Horsea F
Zubat M


Bazu lead the way with high pitched squeaks and the occasional chrip. He wasn't hard to follow with those kinds of sounds, but Reva easily lost him in the darkness of the cavern. The Zubat flew slowly upward into a large hole with a ladder within it, made for travelers. Reva followed.

Her mind was clear, and she felt the urge to battle. Cerulean City was just beyond this creepy tunnel, and she couldn't wait to see it. The City of the Water, the place with a mysterious blue aura surrounding it.

Ryuki sat in her pokeball, currently having a well deserved nap. Nothing hit the spot like a few z's, especially for pokemon. They could just fall asleep, and forget about almost everything.

If only it were that simple.

Reva looked around eagerly. The cave, still, seemed deserted. The walls were getting lighter now, she could see a bit farther on.

Only a bit. Only a few more steps.

Brock Harrison

Zephyr Trainer
Steven Arai
Newbie Trainer
Pokémon: Cubone (M)
Badges: None
10,000 Credits
At the entrance of Mount Moon
9:30 AM

"I've observed this mountain for years, but this is the first time I'm actually going through it!" a young man thought, gazing in awe from the base of Mount Moon. "It's still a sight to behold though..."

Steven Arai, a new, aspiring trainer, had left his residence in Pewter City to achieve greater things. Of course the reasons, "To catch new Pokémon" and "Become the Number One Pokémon Master!" came to mind, but the one with the most significance to him was "To see new places and examine the geological phenomenon" (okay, it may not have been a normal response).

Steve tightened the brim on his father's hat for good luck and walked, well actually ran, through the mountain's entrance, the darkness swallowing him.

The teenager rummaged through his backpack to fish out a magnetic flashlight from its confines. Shaking it a few times, he flashed the light around the cavern walls.

"Well, that took care of that problem...gah!" he suddenly exclaimed as a Zubat buzzed mere inches from his head. "Speaking of problems..." Steve muttered with a sigh of relief, "...I heard that Zubat bite, so I have to be careful not to cause too much commotion."

Not five minutes had passed before the young trainer tripped over a blunt object and fell on his face. Clutching his nose in agony, he wrenched for a moment before sitting up and looking for the source of his latest pain.

"Mmmphhh...what was that?"


The rock-like Pokémon was not pleased with the oncoming foot evidently. Geodude furrowed its stony gaze on the newcomer.

"Should have remembered to look underfoot too..." Steve said with a shaky smile. "Okay, Geodude...sorry to have disturbed you...I'm just passing through..."

"GEEEEEEEEOOOOOOO!" the Pokémon roared, pounding its fists and hopping along after Steve, who was in a quick dash to escape.

"Wait a sec..." Steve mused, "Geodude can't chase me at that pace, it's got no legs!"

As Murphy's Law* would have it, Geodude curled up into a ball and resumed the chase. Steve's eyes became as wide as dinner plates before he sprinted deeper into the tunnels of Mt. Moon, Geodude not far behind.

"But it sure can use Rollout!" Steve thought in a panic. "So much for not causing a commotion!"

* Murphy's Law in a nutshell: whatever's not likely to happen does
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Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
Aria Maida
Fair Trainer
Pokémon: Shuppet, Bellsprout, Graveler
Badges: 1
Credits: 3,700
Route 3
7:08 PM

The air seemed to take on an unearthly stillness as Aria knelt there, transfixed by a burning, scarlet gaze. The glowing eyes narrowed in a malicious smirk as they regarded the trainer, and unless Aria was very much mistaken, a peal of low, rasping laughter emanated from the invisible owner of those leering eyes.

“Stop hiding, Sebastian,” said the old lady who stood beneath those eyes; Aria had almost forgotten that the crone was there. “I know you’re there, and I’m sure everyone else here does, too.”

There was another burst of laughter, shorter this time, just a derisive little snicker. The glowing red eyes closed and vanished. Then, with a sudden burst of faintly glowing, purple-black smokelike material, a small, dark figure appeared, hovering in midair. The Pokémon that had just appeared resumed his leering at Aria, flashing a golden grin.

Aria, of course, recognized the Pokémon immediately. Sebastian was a Banette – the Ghost Pokémon that was the evolved form of Shuppet. It was incredible to think that one day, Dani might become this…might, that is, if he pulled through…

Sebastian came to light beside the old woman, the luminescence disappearing from his eyes as he touched ground. He couldn’t have been much more than three feet tall, but stood not much shorter than the lady to whom he apparently belonged. He regarded her with a quick glance, then turned his eyes upon Aria, and then allowed them to linger upon Dani. Sebastian cocked his head slightly, a rather greedy expression playing about his features. Aria took notice of the look he was giving her ailing Shuppet and immediately disliked it; protectively, she hugged the Shuppet even closer to herself, squaring her shoulders in a defensive posture while fixing the Banette with a warning stare.

“Sebastian is quite interested in you,” the old lady said then, smiling strangely. “You must be the trainer he’s been observing all day. He just loves watching people…”

Aria gave Sebastian an uneasy look. She was not one who was inclined to mistrust Ghost types, but the fact remained that she wasn’t fond of the notion of having been stalked by a member of any species. She held his gaze, suddenly feeling compelled to keep an eye on his every move. Therefore, she didn’t notice the old lady’s very close proximity until a petite, clawlike hand was proferred. Taken rather by surprise, Aria shook the hand out of habit before quite acknowledging that she was doing so; she made sure to let go fairly quickly once she did realize what she was doing.

“Allow me to intorduce myself,” the crone said then. “The name’s Marjorie. Last name’s not important right now, nor is your name.” (Aria gave her a mildly affronted look at that.) “What’s important right now is that we attend to your little companion there, he hasn’t go all night, you know. Just hand him over, and I’ll take him home and fix him up right.”

Aria immediately gave Marjorie a flat glare. “I cannot believe you,” she said coldly. “You honestly think I’m going to fall for that? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get him to the Pokémon Center now.”

She made to shove Marjorie out of her way, but Sebastian moved quicker. One of his long, dark arms moved at once to bar Aria’s way, the Ghost-type’s hooked claws flexing dangerously.

“I offer far more reliable remedies than that place does, remedies that have been tried and true for centuries. And my house is much closer than the Pokémon Center,” Marjorie said then, “you’ll get there much quicker, and that Shuppet needs every send he can get. And if you don’t believe me…Will-O-Wisp, please,” she requested of Sebastian then.

With no preamble, the Banette raised his other hand, and from it, he cast a small, but incredibly bright blue flame over his shoulder. The Will-O-Wisp flew a few yards behind before fizzling out, but before it did, it illuminated the face of a small, rather ancient-looking cottage, one which had been utterly invisible in the cover of darkness. It was, indeed, quite nearby. Aria stared mutely at the little house for only a second before returning her impatient glare upon Marjorie.

“You see now that your friend’s salvation is very close at hand, yes? Now please, give him to me,” Marjorie instructed again.

Aria did no such thing, maintaining her hard stare. There was no way she was just going to hand over her Pokémon to someone she didn’t even know, especially when said Pokémon was in such terrible condition.

She then looked down upon the form of her Shuppet, frowning worriedly. Dani’s condition was rapidly worsening. His body was terribly cold; far colder than usual, anyway. He was no longer still, but beginning to twitch, involuntary motions, unhealthy motions. Preludes to earnest convulsions, most likely. She could not deny that she had doubts about whether or not Dani would even last the remainder of the trip to the Pokémon Center. But that cottage, meanwhile, was not more than a minute away; less, probably. If the old crone could, in fact be trusted, if she was being honest about wanting to help Dani…

It was a tough call, and one that was afforded woefully little time to germinate under the present circumstances. In the end, though, Aria’s inclination was to do whatever could be done for the sake of her Pokémon. With the quick conception of a compromise, the decision was made.

“Okay,” Aria said, rising to her feet. Marjorie immediately extended her arms outward and upward to take the Shuppet; Aria took a long step back in response, hoisting Dani up a little more towards her shoulder, out of the old woman’s reach. “No,” Aria said flatly. “We’ll take him to your house – that’s we, as in myself included. You lead; I’ll follow. And I will carry Dani.”

Marjorie looked up at Aria, something inscrutable working behind her eyes. “Very well, then,” she said finally. “Let’s don’t waste a moment more. Come, Sebastian,” she commanded her Pokémon as she turned around towards the cottage. The Banette fell right into step behind her, the long, crooked projection at the back of his head swaying languidly as he sauntered off with his owner. Aria took to following, as well, hoping to God that she was indeed doing the right thing for her Pokémon by putting her trust in these strangers.
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