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A Breed Stampede (574)


Mamoswine WILL eventually obey her.That must have been scary when Piplup got smashed on to the walls, underground by Piloswine.


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Cool episode, but its kinda old that Mamoswine is just like Charizard..but nah
when they where all stuffed in the chage with Mamoswine...that was funny =p


Gliscor's Fire Fang was great, it was very strong.
And i loved the battle with Grotle^-^


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Ash needs to pay more attention to gliscor. He didn't even know when it learned fire fang.


This episode seemed familiar for some reason; probably because Mamoswine is too much like Charizard. I think I've seen too many Pokemon that ignore orders from their trainers in this anime. Anyway, I did like that Dawn got a large Pokemon though. I think the writers kinda rushed Swinub's evolution though; it never got the chance to compete in Pokemon Contests in its small stage. Anyway, this episode was pretty solid I guess. 5/10.
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Ah yes, the start of our modern-day Charizard, the Mamoswine who causes problems every time he's out of the pokeball and refuses to listen to his trainer. At least Mamoswine has gotten better since this episode, but he still tends to cause problems. I felt bad for Dawn when Piloswine kept refusing to follow orders, but it was funny when Piplup kept checking to see if it could hear okay.


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Great battles in this episode.. Grotle vs Piloswine was hilarious and nerveracking! Gliscor wanting to fight was fun to watch! Then it learned Screech and Fire Fang in the same episode!

Next thing we know Piloswine evolves! Starts thrashing about and made a good appeal! That Dawn has never used!

Let me explain, when Mamoswine rampaged, Piplup used a Whirlpool on it.. and Mamoswine charged straight through! This looked awesome, now combine that with a Ice Shard freezing the Whirlpool and it bursting through with a combination of Take Down and Hidden Power.. wouldn't that look awesome?


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I was surprised that Mamooswine appeared in this episode before it was aired in Japan.Mamooswine was impressive in this episode.

Poor Gliscor, getting ignored when all it wanted was to help. Poor thing!

*Gives him a hug*

He also learns fire fang and screech, eh? That's awesome.

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Finally Ash's six battle is about to get underway

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Finally Pokemon is airing in Australia again, missed the Rotom episode but saw this one. Anyways it was an interesting one, although in the beginning why did Brock just stand there while Dawn, Ash, Pikachu and Piplup were being chased by Piloswine? You think considering they could have been trampled he would have used a Pokemon sooner.

I am surprised Ash did not mention Charizard at all (Unless Piloswine appeared in the Rotom episode and wasn't listening and he mentioned it then), I think Dawn would have liked to hear Ash went through the same experience and it came back better in the end.

Poor TR, all they wanted to do was eat their sponge cake and it was irrupted lol.

A bit too quick for it to be evolving but so was Charizard, I wouldn't want to be at the end of a Mamoswine that's for sure, it's even bigger then I thought it was.


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I'll try to make it the gym battle episode, and call it there for this Christmas vacation. I don't feel that qualified to review these right now, but I'll try to make it that far b/c, if I remember right, the gym battle episode aired on Christmas day.

This is a very funny episode. The episode starts off with Pikachu scolding Gliscor for interrupting Ash's training with Chimchar and Grotle (Chimchar has battled a great deal over the past few episodes, so it's increased strength is really no surprise heading forward), with Piplup deciding it wants to show the same type of leadership for Dawn's pokemon. And although it isn't really successful, failing in comedic fashion, the right intent is there. It finally comes to the pt where Piplup battles Mamoswine, losing pretty badly. That's a pretty nice scene, too, in that it shows Piplup is Dawn's most trusted pokemon not because of its power (Mamoswine is definitely stronger), but b/c of how much it cares for her (I liked this battle so much more than Piplup's battle against Buizel when Dawn caught Buizel). Dawn picks up the KO'd Piplup and tells it that she appreciates how hard it tried all episode long, which is what I suppose we all wonder about sometimes-whether the things we do are really noticed by anybody. Dawn did notice (Ash and Brock did as well-all three sighed when Piplup was pushing Piloswine to the circle), and what's really special about that is that Piplup did not do any of this as a show for Dawn. It felt like it was its responsibility to do, b/c Pikachu does the same type of thing for Ash.

Dawn is pretty downbeat about how Piloswine/Mamoswine doesn't listen to her, and again she's nearly drawn to tears. But I think, in front of Piloswine/Mamoswine, she's careful not to look overly depressed. There's a great deal of sighing b/c she realizes Piloswine/Mamoswine isn't listening to her at all; and really, the impression I got watching this episode is that Piloswine/Mamoswine didn't do a ton of thinking. But once Dawn starts feeling that Piloswine/Mamoswine is at least listening to the words she's saying (in future episodes), she reverts back to the way she started off this episode: giving a little laugh when Piloswine doesn't listen to her command, and continuing on-as if she's confident that Piloswine will eventually listen to her.

In private, though, Dawn is quite troubled and looks to Ash (I'm tearing up a little thinking that it wasn't long ago that people were ASKING Ash for advice) and Brock for help on what to do. They tell her to remain patient and to keep at it. That's the encouragement she needs, and there's no repeat of the Pachirisu episode from way at the beginning of the region. Dawn has really developed trust in Ash and Brock in that she consults them first before doing anything (unlike in the Pachirisu episode). Her conviction to see things through with Mamoswine is also noteworthy in that this is a much tougher test for Dawn. Pachirisu really did like Dawn; much of its antics were just out of playfulness, which Dawn misinterpreted. Here, there is a real problem, and Dawn is definitely going to have form a friendship out of nothing, since there's definitely no natural affection in this episode.

And poor Gliscor! But it's attitude is really admirable. It's again overlooked by Ash in favor of another pokemon when it comes to battling Piloswine (Brock notes it, but doesn't say anything), and again it has to come to the rescue when that pokemon, Grotle this time, is put in a tough spot. Gliscor is hit itself, though, and uses Fire Fang for the first time to get out of trouble (with Ash wondering when it learned Fire Fang-maybe Gliscor has been doing some training on its own, and wanted to show Ash that it had learned it-I can imagine, can't I? Ha ha.). But instead of attacking Piloswine right off the bat with Fire Fang, it decides to help Grotle; and it's that type of friendship that's really nice to see, making this group of pokemon really tight-knit.

2 episodes in a row with real training in them. I like it.

Edit: But I don't like the really poor grammar in this review. That was terrible to read; sorry about that, and I hope it's fixed now.
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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Pilowswine evolve into Mamoswine. Mamoswine is huge! It was cool how they showed that Piloswine had to learn Ancientpower and then was able to evolve. It was great to see Gliscor finally learn Fire Fang, it would be very useful for the Steel-Type Gym. Interesting how Mamoswine refused to listen to Dawn in this episode, I'm not surprised really. TR looked weird in the rocker-looking outfits...

Where I live, this episode played WAY too many times last year......


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This episode was alright. Glad Piloswne evolved, I love Mamoswine, I didn't like how it evolved over a short period of time though,kinda like Charmeleon to Charizard, It also acts like Charizard which is a pain.Also Glscor learned Fire fang, that would be good for the next gym.

Mamoswine was freaky.

TheEpicGoomba- Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine when it learns AncientPower, if I remember. Piloswine can learn that move right after it evolves from Swinub, so Piloswine didn't evolve too early.


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Mamoswine was freaky.

TheEpicGoomba- Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine when it learns AncientPower, if I remember. Piloswine can learn that move right after it evolves from Swinub, so Piloswine didn't evolve too early.

I know that,But personally I think it was too quick. I would of liked it better if it didn't just learn it straigt away.