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A Breed Stampede (574)


For all the similarities drawn between Ash's Charizard and Dawn's Mamoswine, the latter has an episode that we could have used.

Don't get me wrong, Charizard Chills to me is a satisfying ending to Ash's struggle to gain obedience from his Pokemon, but we never got an episode back in the day where Ash would actually attempted to work on his friendship with his out of control Fire Type. Just promises to improve on his battling skills or letting Charmeleon/Charizard out in good faith. Wouldn't even need to be a successful attempt, just actually have Ash actively working to get his Pokemon to respect him prior to Charizard Chills.
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This was an Intersting episode, I liked when Ash saved Dawn from Piloswine when he was coming to tackle her. It's funny when Piloswine chasing Ash and Dawn, Gliscor learning Fire Fang and Screech in the same episode was great! .Haha, Team Rocket got blasted off after Dawn's Piloswine evolved into Mamoswine! It's nice that Dawn got a storng (and disobedient) member in her team. Seeing Mamoswine reminded me of Ash's Charizard, who was disobedient too.


I really liked getting updates on Kenny and Nando's Contest wins here. I cackled madly when Piplup followed Piloswine into that hole, and seeing Happiny stop Piloswine from charging around was cool. I actually felt bad for Team Rocket having their snack eaten by Piloswine, but their obstacle course scheme was pretty complex and original for them.


So Piloswine was acting out and being like Charizard and as a reward for being a disobedient Pokemon it also evolved into Mamoswine. 5/10

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It was funny seeing Piloswine freeze Team Rocket and eat their food ha ha. Seeing Piloswine evolve and then charge toward Ash's group as a Mamoswine was kind of frightening however. ^^;
Glad that Dawn's Piloswine evolved since I love Mamoswine. I didn't like how it evolved over a short period of time though, kinda like Charmeleon to Charizard. It also acted like Charizard, which is a damn shame. :c


Interesting to have Ash and Brock choose Grotle and Croagunk as the Pokémon they feel they need to bond with. I figure that Ash just wants to help Grotle adjust to its new size by going around an obstacle course.
Actually it seemed reasonable to me cuz Ash was going to challenge the Canalave gym soon, which specialized in steel types. So Gliscor getting Fire Fang here was quick, but also good foreshadowing. ^^

Tbh, since this was Piloswine's focus episode, I can see why Gliscor getting a new attack seemed unneeded. It's as if Dawn couldn't get an episode without Ash or his Pokemon butting in somehow.


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Good episode in most areas. Cool to see Gliscor learning Fire Fang and Piloswine/Mamoswine becoming Charizard 2.0. Also, I bet that sponge cake Team Rocket made looks delicious.


Good episode in most areas. Cool to see Gliscor learning Fire Fang and Piloswine/Mamoswine becoming Charizard 2.0. Also, I bet that sponge cake Team Rocket made looks delicious.

Glion's new move in this episode seemed way too convenient, however. It was so blatantly contrived to justify him battling in the Mio Gym soon.


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Uh what is it with DP rushing through evolutions so much? First Jessie's Yanmega, then Ash's Gliscor and now Dawn's Mamoswine. For Mamoswine's case, I can only imagine that it is to make him the second Charizard.


Looking back, it's a shame how Inomoo's evolution here came about due to the Rocket-dan's scheme, which was exactly how he had evolved from Urimoo five episodes prior to this one.
I was glad to see Nando making his long awaited cameo and he has four ribbons now. Kenny was mentioned too, but I don't really care too much about him. Dawn actually deciding to use Piloswine was a nice gesture. I honestly think that using it as a Swinub during the appeal round of a past Contest might have been a better idea though. And Piloswine didn't do a thing that Dawn said to it, then it suddenly learns Ancient Power out of nowhere.


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Mamoswine is literally like the new Charizard when Ash had a hard time making it obey him. I have to wonder why doesn't Ash tell Dawn that he used to have a Pokemon like Charizard that didn't always obey him?