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A Cacturne For The Worse! (380)


I loved how Harley placed a photo of May in his little hit list-esque book; he was vindictive from the start and I loved it. Hayley's Cacturne's Bullet Seed appeal slayed and I laughed at Max's story about May and the Tentacool being recorded by Harley to sabotage May. Seeing Bulbasaur slay Cacturne was a surprise, but I was just glad that May won her fourth ribbon.

Mrs. Oreo

Harley was great here with his Cacturne and tape recorder strategy when he was losing to May. Even tho his talk with Max about May's Tentacool fiasco was messed up, I liked how Harley used tricky methods. :3


Harley was an outrageous person but in a good way. His Cacturne was powerful and I like how Harley was crafty and would do anything to win a ribbon. 8/10
I didn't enjoy Harley when I saw him here because he seemed really prissy and plain rude + his Cacturne clothing made him look like a caricature.
Omg, Harley was so campy. And his Cacturne has such a great dub voice. I thought the story about Caroline trying to catch May because she thought she was a Tentacool was hilarious. I think Harley is such a jerk, but he's a great character.~

Pokegirl Fan~

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Harley was great and sneaky in this; it was hilarious yet infuriating how he got Max to tell a story about May and Tentacool and her fear of them.
I feel that May got a cheap win here though and won only because of plot armor.


I enjoyed meeting Harley, and I thought he was really funny. I loved his interesting comments he made toward May. The contest itself was really good. Although, I hated what Harley did to May, with that recording of Max and everything.


The fact that Harley's outfit was so heavily Noctus themed makes me wonder if he was originally meant to be a one-time character since he had a gimmick. As for the Contest itself, I thought that both Haruka and Harley had mediocre opponents, but their match together was good. I loved Harley's tape recorder sabotage as well.


Yeah, what was up with them fighting an Azurill and a Surskit?

It just caught me by surprise that this was Haruka's fourth Houen Contest, and yet she was facing an Ametama of all things in the preliminary round. The Ruriri trainer wasn't much better, either. You'd think that at this point in the region, the various Pokemon Coordinators would've had much stronger Pokemon.


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I really liked this episode. From what I've heard of Harley's Japanese voice his dubbed one wasn't bad and it made me like his character even more than I did before.


Looking back, I don't quite understand why Haruka was so embarrassed when Masato's story about the Menokurage was revealed since it didn't sound particularly bad.


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Harley was like the Poke version of one of the RuPaul drag queens and I loved it. He was smart to use Max's secret confession of May's Tentacool phobia to his advantage.

I thought May deserved to lose instead of her winning against Cacturne but whatever it was a good contest still.
Harley is a weirdo, and I thought he sounded more gay. Cacturne is cool. It's so stalkerish that he put a picture of here in his book, and super weird how he had a crossbones and skull symbol and told lies and humiliated her on purpose.