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A Chansey Operation (047)

PMC Elite Steven

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I liked this filler episode. Having a human hospital treat injured pokemon was an interesting twist, but there are a few things I don't get.
First of all, I heard Dr. Proctor mentioning that they're weren't enough doctors or nurses to help, so the twerps had to pitch in, but in the rest of the episode I never saw in other doctors or nurses, not even a cameo...wierd?
Also, how can a human hospital in Japan be closed? Last time a checked, Japan is a very heavily populated area and no matter what day it is, wouldn't there be at least one medical emergency. After all, that town they were in did look pretty big.
Where'd all the Chanseys come from? The pokemon center was busy, so they couldn't have possibly loaned out any of their Chanseys, so does that mean that those Chanseys actually work in the hospital and help treat the humans? I wonder if softboiled would even work on a human...

Actually, IMO the english dub did do a good job with more of the "charm puns" than you think. The first one with "I'll pay any price." and rice was spot on. I'm not sure about the game, but I think its name sounded similar to the word "rice" or something...apparently its called "go" in japan. Also, Meowth said "I want my charm, PLEASE!", the words "police" and "please" do sound similar if spoken really fast or loud. The only one that didn't make sense was with the raticate.
It was fun seeing TR and the twerps working together in the episode, as this is one of the few episodes that it happens. These "working together" episodes continually reinforce my belief that Jessie, James, and Meowth could have been nice guys if some of the circumstances in their pasts were different.
LOL, this one of the few episodes where a guy actually finds Jessie attractive and wants to date her! Most are turned off by her obnoxiousness and short temper, so it was pretty surprising when Dr. Proctor actually asked her out for pizza.
That was funny when Ash tried to capture the Dodrio but Brock stopped him.
I think I'm in agreement with 4kids editing of the needle in the arm scene, as the uncut one, which I've seen, probably would have frightened most of the younger viewers and older ones with bellanophobia (fear of needles and/or other sharp objects).
I makes me think, how could Pikachu have possible gotten a whole apple in its throat like that? I mean, I didn't think its mouth could open that big, and even after the apple was in, why did Pikachu not suffocate...oh wait, that's right, this is pokemon, and NOBODY DIES IN POKEMON! It's the most sacred in unwritten rule of the anime, RPGs, and the world of pokemon in general...not sure about the manga though...
Boy, Dr. Proctor was fast with that scapel...makes me think of what kind of "training" he actually got in medical school...
Well, all in all, this is a pretty entertaining filler, and I never pass up a chance to see it.

-Steven, PMC Elite


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this episode was so boring


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A good episode, I enjoyed seeing the gang do something other than battling and actually help out, also seeing Misty in her nurse outfit was really nice she look very cute in it, I wonder if she got to keep it?


This was a fun episode. I just rewatched it for the first time in a while yesterday. The charm jokes were funny. Unfortunately this episode would proabably be banned these days due to child pornography laws because the dr was hitting on Misty who's only 10 years old.


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This episode was pretty good. I felt bad for Pikachu when it was choking on that apple.


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Dr. Proctor. Epic lulz of a name. But other than that, it was a rather boring episode. But the intensity made it better.
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an electric mouse choking on an apple, what an idea if you ask me, kin a normal case these things are way too big for a pikachu but what is normal. it was a good episode.


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No other episode has been quite like it though...Jame's needle was a bit disturbing but other than that it was a decent episode. 7.5/10


A painful episode, but more exciting than ever! I really liked the way Ash and his friends showed some awesome teamwork when they helped cure the injured Pokemon when Team Rocket caused a huge truck accident, causing to hurt them. Even if Team Rocket helped too, they still wanted to take the Pokemon again so they can injure them like before? They blasted off for that.


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That doctor was odd... haha. I love the video-phone's ringtone. I want it.

I cringed when that doctor got hit with the needle. *shudders*

Meowth without his charm... aww! So cute! Ash & co did great work as assistants, as did Team Rocket... well, for a while. Their catcher-gurneys were pretty neat. I wish they'd bring that back, haha. All-in-all a decent episode.


Funny episode.... the doctor was strange..

And Misty was like a nurse...it was great.


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This wasn't Filler was it? It was odd in some parts though haha. The episode was good, something new other than battles and new Pokemon being met. I liked the doctor's voice, it was to die for. I believe that was also Crasher Wake's VA. Anyway, I like how Team Rocket attempted to help the Pokemon that got injured, even if they weren't so keen on helping. A good 8/10.
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I question that doctor's medical experience. He tries to fix everything with super glue.


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This wasn't Filler was it?

It was great, something new other than battles and new Pokemon being met. I liked the doctor's voice, it was to die for. I believe that was also Crasher Wake's VA.

Anyway, like how Team Rocket attempted to help the Pokemon that got injured. A good 8/10

About the voices... I remember the voice of Chansey saying its name the whole friggin time when it got upset with Meowth's coin :p

Also, when Cyber brought his thread up about Brock, this is obviously the first time Brock ever acted as a straight up doctor.. He even had to coat to prove it! :p

This was a filler.. But the Kanto fillers are just so memorable that it just doesn't matter. Anyway it was hard to discern filler from none filler back then.. Pokemon just randomly used moves at random in Kanto.. Such as Pidgeotto randomly knowing Double Edge in Viridian.

I question that doctor's medical experience. He tries to fix everything with super glue.

Lol.. so true.. but considering that you can even fix a broken heart with super glue.. Why not?


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Dr. Proctor was totally hot, but creepy for hitting on 12 year old Misty. Apparently Misty gets hit on by hot, pedophilic, 20-something year old men alot (a.k.a. Danny from the Orange Islands).


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This was 1 of the better filler episodes. Seeing Weezing and Arbok refuse to fight after their lives were saved was very cool. It was great seeing how all of the pokemon were being treated. The puns when Meowth lost his charm were really funny.