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A Chansey Operation (047)


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This was quite an interesting episode! It was cool to see a hospital meant for humans (until this episode, I didn't know if they had them in the Pokemon world o_O). I really enjoyed seeing Ash and co. act like doctors and help out the injured Pokemon. Some parts of the episode were very funny, such as seeing Meowth without his charm and Dodrio with its necks tied together.
That doctor falling in love with Misty was funny. However, that would make that doctor a pedophile... Also nice to see Ash, Misty and Brock as doctors. And the doctor liked Jessie as well. Dr. Proctor getting the needle was great and funny as well. Ash trying to catch the Dodrio was funny, but just sick and heartless.
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Misty is so CUTE in the nurse outfit & Dr Proctor is such a pedo flirting with Misty when she's only 10. But then he was hitting on Nursejoy & then Jessie LOL.


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Man, this episode screamed pedofile paradise. That Doctor was a pure craddle snatcher. My doctor never handled me in that manner.
Anyone, it's funny how Pikachu got the apple stuck in it's throat but it wasn't funny getting it out.


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That Doctor was hilarious. He's working in the hospital COMPLETELY ALONE and he hits on every woman by offering them pizza.

In a later episode we learn that Jessie studied to be a Pokemon nurse. Guess she forgot her training...


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This filler episode synopsis was solid. The character of the day was hilarious - both lazy-wise and how he's like a copycat of Brock. For the rest did I laughed with Chansey getting angry at Meowth for his charm.


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Chansey has always been one of my favourite Pokemon probably from always seeing them with Nurse Joy's
It's good the doctor didn't flirt with Misty, it would have been too weird if he had done that. But, he seems to do that with all pretty women. It was cool to see Arbok and Weezing refuse to battle Chansey, since she had nursed them back to health. Good guys. :)


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A good episode but I didn't know that Pikachu's mouth was big enough for it to fit an entire inside and swallow it. That must be one big mouth.
How did Pikachu manage to fit an entire apple is his mouth?

"Who wants to be my next patient?"
This line sounds like something a deranged serial killer would say. At least to me.


Seeing Pikachu getting his throat hurt by eating apples was random tbh. I liked that Team Rocket's off-screen Pokemon stealing plan was the catalyst for the hospital drama, and I liked seeing Ash and friends playing the roles of doctors after Dr. Procter went to sleep via the anesthetic. Also, Porygon's cameo was pretty cool.


I liked Porygon's cameo lol, and the hospital setting was different so for once I wasn't bored. How the hell did apples hurt Pikachu, though...

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Hee hee the doctor putting his hand in Pikachu's mouth was funny and I liked seeing Ash's group take over the hospital when the doctor was knocked out due to the injection. :3


The TRio doing some stealing off-screen was a good twist except that they got caught as usual and this was where Porygon made a cameo. 7/10

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Hmmm Porygon's cameo appearance here was such a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but I do think it's odd how Porygon was shown here at all given the seizure episode controversy. ^^;


It was interesting how the Rocket-dan stole Pokemon off-screen and ended up in the hospital. Doctor Doc falling asleep after the accidental anesthesia injection was a good way of letting Satoshi and his friends run the hospital in his place, and I liked how Nyasu was worried about his koban charm.
I really liked the way Ash and co. showed some awesome teamwork when they helped cure the injured Pokemon when TR caused a huge truck accident. But even though Team Rocket helped too, they still wanted to take the Pokemon again...

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This is hilarious to watch!