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A Claim To Flame! (268)


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A Claim To Flame!

After getting the Flame, its time for the Silver Conference Qualifiers. Ash is eager to get past them but is dismayed when Gary just ignores him. Will Ash get past the qualifiers?

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Ash and Gary gained a mutual respect for each other in this episode.


Team Awesome
I'm glad that Gary came to Ash's rescue in this episode, and Ash got to carry the torch again (did he do it again in Hoenn? I don't even remember the pictures). I really liked Ash's battle against furret too. Ever since I had furret in Crystal, I've been really fond of the pokemon. At least it and Pikachu both got some serious fighting in. Too bad we didn't get to see more of Phanpy's battle, though, it hadn't really fought well up to that point.


Ash fan girl! Cute!
This was one of my favorite episodes, I guess I just like Ash straped in ropes traped in a closet by Team Rocket, looks major hott on him XD
Animation was good. Wish they'd show this one more often, I miss it =[
Good enough:), Ash and Gary finally gain respect for each other


I have returned.....
Although Ash and Gary are rivals, Ash was saved by Gary after he was tied by Team Rocket. I guess they gained each other's respect.


You will be missed:(
Though it had one of 4Kids many errors when they called Furret a ground type.


You will be missed:(
Though it had one of 4Kids many errors when they called Furret a ground type.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I thought it was nice to see Ash and Gary finally respect one another. It was nicee of Gary to come and help Ash while he was in trouble with Team Rocket. I thought Ash got a little lucky in his first screening battle with Salvador and his Furret. Furret was basically winning the entire match, but Ash made a lucky move by having Pikachu jump on Furret's back. I thought it was cool to see Ash be able to run the torch again like he did in Indigo Plateau.

I noticed an error that Misty said. She said that Furret was a ground type when in reality, it is a normal type.


Silver Conference Qualifiers were great. the battle vs Furret was fine.

and Gary was arrogant, as always.


Let's go to the beach, each.
So, things at the Johto League Silver Conference really picked up right here! Ash signed all of the tedious paperwork to be able to formally compete in the League and he also saw Mr. Goodshow again. I really like Goodshow since he seems good-natured. Ash's battle in the screening round was my favorite part. Furret was never really featured until it battled Ash's Pikachu, and it fought a heard battle I wasn't expecting to see. After that was done, we got to see that Gary and Harrison, Ash's rivals in the League, had made it past that round too. The rest of the episode was quite forgettable though. We saw some main characters watching the opening ceremony of the League and Ash and Gary helping to deliver the Ho-Oh flame, but that was sort of it. 7/10.


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This was an ok episode... It was cool seeing Ash being the final torch runner. Pikachu vs Furret was a very cool battle. Too bad they didn't show much of the other 2 battles. It was great that Gary was helping Ash out, and they gained respect for each other.



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I really liked this episode in a way that it really gave the Silver Conference a good start. It was great to see Gary at the beginning teasing Ash again lol. It was also great to see other recurring characters like Goodshow again. The battle between Pikachu and Furret was really intense for just preliminary standards. I also liked how Gary and Ash got together in the second part and started to have mutual respect for each other. Moments like this made me really miss Gary after he decided to become a Pokémon researcher.
I hated how the dub made Misty refer to Furret as a Ground type Pokemon. But, I will give that Furret some respect. It sure was tough. Well, I was going to do it anyways, I really like Furret. xD


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Good episode, nice to see Gary again and how mature he's become since the last time we saw him. I liked how he became friends with Ash, but they're still rivals. Loved the battle between Pikachu & Furret, it was strong and I liked how there was a sand storm after the electric attack. Mr. Goodshow is funny, but very knowledgeable.