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A Contest-shipping Fic

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by MischeivousSorceress, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Hey! I got inspired by some of you guys writing Contest-shipping fics, so I made one for fun!^^ I really hope you enjoy it, since this is my first time posting one of my fics up. Its small, but its a one-off fic. Anyway, the story goes after May defeated Drew...and yeah, kind of fluffy. Please feel free to tell me what I've done wrong cause I want to improve. Thanks^^

    [PG-Contest-shipping]-"After Tonight"


    A worried expression crossed his face, is this really the end? What now? As expected, he knew it was only a matter of time before she came through, a worthy and spectacular battle indeed. He watched from a distance as friends and fans gave her flowers and chocolates. Drew hesitated, what was he going to give her? A rose? He frowned, as if a rose was good enough, he’d have to think of something quick. Too late, as soon as the crowd vanished, she turned and spotted him standing hopelessly by himself.

    What now?” he thought, feeling a little silly.
    Drew knew too well she’d be upset if he didn’t give her anything, after all, they’ve been rivals for a very long time. May seemed nervous, but just about impatient, waiting for something.

    Waiting for me no doubt” Drew thought again, hands in his pockets.

    May stared after him, a frown beginning to form. She was becoming rather irritated. Drew loved it when she got angry. To him, it’s what made their relationship more or less breathtaking, or in other words, he yearned for her attention. Whether she was raging in fury or giving him a compliment, any kind of reaction was fine by him.

    “So?” May started, snapping almost. “How’d you think I went back there? If you don’t mind me saying, I’ve definitely won fair and square this time!”

    Drew shrugged, “Sure you did” he answered calmly, a smirk forming. May stared at him again, this time her face was anything but nervous. Drew chuckled and walked over to her.

    “You think after all this time I haven’t noticed you?” he asked softly. May seemed startled by his comment, but blushed and turned away, “That’s not what I meant!”

    “Of course it isn’t” he replied, smirking.

    There was a long pause, neither one making any attempt of starting a conversation, wondering what the other was thinking. After a while, Drew finally began; “But that last attack got me by surprise” he said in an affectionate tone. May blushed again, but said nothing, waiting for him to continue.

    “Are you going to let me do all the talking? Or do I?” Drew asked.

    May hesitated; “Is that all?” she whispered. Drew started to feel uneasy, soon he’d have to explain to her that there was more, but of course, this had nothing to do with their battle. He had secretly grown attached to May, this was obvious. He was very sure of his feelings, and May’s for that matter, but it wasn’t fact, not yet.

    “What is it you want me to say?” he asked finally. May looked over at him, smiling.
    “You know; all those roses you gave me? I always knew they weren’t for my pokemon. But I could never be sure; you always said things afterwards that keep me guessing”

    This time, Drew blushed and turned away, May watched him curiously, waiting.

    “May-” he began, eyes closed, feeling an urge to suddenly run away; “What if I sound stupid? What if she laughs? I’m confident about it, but what if?” May was waiting, her sapphire blue eyes watching him with wonder.

    “I-I think you’re a great co-ordinator!” Drew at last told her. May was uncertain how to respond, it didn’t seem like the answer she was looking for, well, not quite. Drew felt this; he knew exactly what she wanted to hear, sort of. He didn’t know how someone like himself can feel so sure, yet unsure…is that even possible?

    May’s expression wouldn’t make up its mind, whether to look cross, or delighted!
    “Thanks” she answered coolly, after much thought. Drew flipped his hair, smirking knowingly. There was no way he was going to make it easy for her either. And it saved him the embarrassment and opportunity to admit his feelings.

    “Of course, that doesn’t make you the best. You’re great, but not fantastic” Drew informed. May raised her eye-brow, “And I suppose you are?” she answered hotly.
    Drew smiled, “You tell me? What do you think of me?” There, he said it, the one question he had been dwelling on for years and had been so confident about, but like May, she kept him guessing as well.

    May turned pink, growling with her hands on her hips.
    “That’s not fair! Don’t you ask me that same question?”

    “Why? I said you were a great co-ordinator didn’t I?” Drew answered arrogantly.
    May paused; “Yeah…but I-” she fiddled with her fingers, wondering what to say next. As Drew waited for an answer, he stared into the ocean, the full moon reflecting on the waves. “It not like you have feelings for me or anything? Right?” he thought, “Or have you finally realised?”

    “I’m…I’m not sure that-” May began stuttering, her words becoming unclear. Suddenly a small crowd of people emerged from out of the pokemon centre.
    One of which carried a Pikachu on his shoulder wearing a cap, the other was tall, tanned and seemed to be the oldest. The last, was of a small boy, no older than 8 years of age. May turned, almost startled to see them.

    “Drew?” the boy wearing the cap spoke first, “So I guess she finally beat you huh?” he said, almost delighted to be saying those words. Drew flipped his hair, annoyed at their presence; he wanted May to him-self.
    “Yeah, so, that doesn’t make her any more special” he told them. Max frowned, “Some things never change” he said quietly. Brock shook his head knowingly,
    “By now, you would have at least thought she was special?” he said a matter-of-factly. Drew made no effort to reply, to Brock’s frustration.
    “Guys, it’s alright!” May told them, but not before facing Drew and giving him an annoyed look; “What do you mean I’m not special?” she asked hotly.

    Drew flipped his hair once again, before turning his back; “I’ve already given what you’ve wanted to hear right?” he said, smiling, but secretly irritated.
    “Drew?” May began slowly, but he was already walking away from her;
    “Whatever you wanted to say can wait till next time, I’m sure you have something on you’re mind” he answered, hands back in his pockets. May watched him go, feeling dissatisfied while secretly fuming with anger on the inside; “He didn’t even give me anything!!” she thought furiously.

    Ash put a hand on her shoulder, “Don’t worry about it! C’mon, let’s get some drinks! I’m sure he thinks you’re worthy. He just doesn’t like to admit it” he said encouragingly. May didn’t answer, what she really wanted to hear was of other importance. Somehow, tonight wasn’t as satisfying as she imagined it to be, or wanted. May wondered if Drew was thinking about it, thinking about what could have been a night to remember. Slowly, but sadly May followed her friends back into the pokemon centre, how was she suppose to know when the next time they will meet? If anything, some would presume there was really no point of meeting again. She defeated Drew, the most worthy co-ordinator of all time. Then she smiled as she remembered something;

    Thank-you Drew, for noticing me…”

    Last edited: Feb 16, 2006
  2. Shatoshi

    Shatoshi Johto Trainer

    that was sweet..........but needs a better title?
  3. Alopec

    Alopec Still Dreaming...

    Aaaw... wow. That was a little sad. I honestly wasn't expecting that type of ending, but it fit very well. Kept everyone in character... I just really wish there was more. ^^; You'd better writer more contestshipping stuff in the future, because I'm officially hooked on your writing.
  4. lara lynx

    lara lynx meow

    Awwwww. Drew's such a b*tch! ;)
    Can't wait to read more from you ^_^
  5. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    O_O *applauds* One of the most well-written CS fics I've read in a while. It's well thought out, plot is good and open - and most importantly, all characters are in-character. The feeling and tone was right smack in my face - excellent.
    I must say...keep writing! ^^
  6. Awww...thanks guys! I'm really glad you liked it!^^ Yeah, about the title...I'll think about that. He,he...but I'll sure to make more in the future! Thanks again for reading it!
  7. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    I really enjoyed that! I was more realistic to what might possibly happen. ^_^ Great plot to add it there as well. Awesome ^^ 10/10

    What's the title? o.o;;; 'After Tonight' or something else?
  8. Yeah..."After Tonight"...I'm not really good with titles, lol, but thankyou for reading it!
  9. Brioche

    Brioche Hippie-Liberal

    Gah! I must reply to every Contestshipping fic on the forums! *replies*

    Wow, that was a nice story. Though I was confused somewhat during certain parts... Whether it was Drew or May who was talking, to be specific. Darn, your idea for a Contestshipping story sounds an awful lot like mine.. *shifty eyes*

    Anyway, I loved the interaction between May and Drew--Drew complimenting her, May waiting, Drew insulting her--The obviousness of their concealed love! The ending was cute too, but hasn't Drew been noticing May? I mean, he's observed her practice with Beautifly; watched her from the sidelines because he hadn't competed, and even stalked her in the Grand Festival! So much attention! >_< I'd give this a 8.5/10.
  10. Thanks for reading it!^^ As for you're question, about Drew noticing May, yes, I agree, he definitly notices her...he tells her this in my fanfic, quote: "You think after all this time I haven't noticed you?" and May blushes...etc. But yes, Drew does notice her, but May thinks otherwise...after all, his never really given her credit on her performances, except for rare occasions, like the end of the Wakana episode, when he says 'two ribbion to go' in an affectionate tone^^ And other times, like giving her roses...but even then, he says its for her pokemon, however its obvious now to everyone, I think, that the roses were for May^^ Again, thanks for reading it^^

    EDIT: I'm also thinking of making a second one of this, since I left a few strings open, he,he...such as Drew still hasn't given her anything for her victory at the GF.^^
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2006

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