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A Couple Shinies

Haves (All Legit):

Shiny Aerodactyl (Lv22)
Shiny Drifloon (Lv22)
Shiny Cresslia (Lv50 Serious)
Shiny Eevee (Lv5 Naghty, Lv1 Modest)
Shiny Shellder (Lv5 Jolly)
Shiny Girafarig (Lv27)
Shiny Hondour (Lv5)
Shiny Aipom (Lv 34)
Shiny Pikachu (Lv 25)
Shiny Zangoose (Lv26)
Shiny Lotad (Lv3)
Shiny Trapinch (lv21)
Shiny Digglet (Lv15)
Shiny Unknown (Lv25)
Shiny Bulbasaur (Lv5)
Shiny Ditto (Lv50)
Shiny Volbeat (Lv14)
Shiny Miosdreavus (Lv5)
SHiny Ghastly (Lv17)
Shiny Snorlax (Lv30)
Shiny Rayquaza (Lv70)
Shiny Latias (Lv40)


Shiny 10th Anniversary Celebi
Pokemon caught/hatched in Sinnoh
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New Member
Shiny 10th Anniversary Celebi
I have it what can I get for it?
Intrnd - Ditto or Unknown for the Celebi?

PkmnTofu - Don't see anything I need sry

HomeSlice - What do you want?


New Member
Shiny Aerodactyl (Lv22) is this ok?


If I included a masterball, could I get both? I should mention, just in case, that the celebi is not shiny.
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<< Rawr!!!
You skiped me!

Deoxys (birth Island)
Lugia (Navel Rock)
Mew (far away island)
Ho-Oh (Navel Rock)

One holding a Master Ball

for Any of your shiny (hopefully misdreavus or pikachu)

Poke gal

I have 4 male piplup that all know hydro pump, for your shiny evee, rayquazza, and/or latias?


Well-Known Member
i ahve the 10th annivasry celebi in shiny

Sceptile of Stealth

Poison Master
I'm quite interested in that shiny Misdreavus you have. May I know what nature it is before I put up offers?


Shiny Lover xD
I´m interested in ur lvl1 modest eevee if its male i have to offer:
Shiny metagross
Shiny Girafarig
Shiny bellossom
Shiny Charizard

Im also interested in ur drifloon and houndour if both male