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A Crasher Course in Power (551)


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This episode was very cool. It was cool to see Buizel be the major role in this Gym Battle. It was interesting to see that Quagsire knew Sludge Bomb and Ice Beam, to be able to counter Grass-Type Pokemon. 2nd Gym Battle in a row Ash didn't lose any Pokemon in the battle. Turtwig vs Quagsire was very disappointing... It would've been a lot better to see Turtwig take Quagsire down. It was cool to see Buizel take down Quagsire and it's big rival Floatzel. The way Buizel defeated Floatzel was so clever. It was cool to see Pikachu take down Gyrados. Even though Pikachu and Buizel had an arguement before the battle, when Pikachu's back was frozen by Ice Beam, Buizel was a good sport and used Water Gun to break the ice off. It was cool to see Buizel use Ice-Aqua Jet to defeat Quagsire. It was cool to see Pikachu's Volt Tackle be the move that finishes Gyrados off. It was cool to see Ice Fang for the 1st time, used by Floatzel.



I laughed when Wobbuffet gave Jessie a mud massage at the Great Marsh. Anyway, I loved seeing Buizel pumped up for the Gym battle and seeing him getting shocked accidentally by Pikachu was dramatic. I loved how Pikachu slayed Crasher Wake's Gyarados so easily, and Buizel using the Ice Aqua Jet against Quagsire was awesome.


So basically Crasher Wake was a weak GL who couldn't even take out one of Ash's mons. Lame, but I liked Crasher Wake's Floatzel. :cool:


So Ash won against Wake without any of his Pokemon fainting which was amazing for him. This was Sinnoh's 2nd best Gym match to me. 8/10

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Wow Ash won against Crasher Wake pretty easily, which was a nice change ha ha. I liked seeing Buizel form a rivalry with Floatzel as well, plus Team Rocket's scenes at the marsh were funny.
I was glad that Ash was starting to use his head and choosing Pokemon that had advantages against his opponent's types, it really showed his growth. Buizel did fantastic in this match and I liked this battle. :p


Gyarados didn't stand a chance. Two double weaknesses in row. I did feel Ash won a bit too easily, but it happens all the time in the games. The whole Pikachu/Buizel rivalry thing felt a bit forced though. I don't remember them having a problem getting along before. Overall, it was an okay, though forgettable, episode. Too bad, I think Wake's a great character.
I didn't think Team Rocket was even needed here. I mean what was their purpose when they were just tanning at the Great Marsh? Ash versus Crasher Wake was amazing though, it was about darn time that we saw Ash dominate a Sinnoh Gym.


I chuckled watching the Rocket-dan hanging out in the Great Marsh, and seeing Nyasu fall in the mud was amusing, too. Buoysel needed an attitude adjustment since he seemed too fired up, but thankfully Maxi's Flowsel provided him with a challenge. The Nomose Gym match itself was good, especially since none of Satoshi's Pokemon lost. I loved seeing Maxi's Nuoh battle.


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The writers surprised me big time. Ash finally wipes out a Sinnoh Gym Leader's whole team without losing a single Pokemon and in a fair way too. Pikachu's final attack against Gyarados looked gnarly.


Flowsel versus Buoysel was entertaining, yet I feel like Naetle got the short end of the stick in this Gym by doing very little in spite of his type advantage, which is a darn shame.


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Crasher Wake getting beaten by Ash so easily made me curious if the writers were trying to fix their mistake with Maylene since that match ended up being a tie.

Crasher's Floatzel made me wish that Ash's Buizel would evolve one day but we know that won't happen.


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It was nice to see Team Rocket relaxing for once and not being up to their usual schemes but I did miss them throughout the episode.

This gym battle was cool and Ash did so well, it's nice to see him getting a strong win.

I'm glad Buizel made up with Pikachu by the end.

It was funny when Crasher Wake was standing by Ash as he is so huge in comparison