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A Date in Gracedia [Max/Vivi Winstrate/Bonnie/Mira, one-shot, K]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Pikachu Fan Number Nine, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Fandom: Pokemon

    Shipping: Max/Masato X Vivi Winstrate/Aki Kachinuki X Bonnie/Eureka X Mira/Miru

    Rating: K

    Notes: A dare from WolfeyStar. I didn't use just any field of flowers - I used Gracidea from the 11th movie. And I went with a polyship I support because I don't write enough polyship fics.

    (count: 1,000 words exactly)

    "Here we are girls, isn't it romantic?" Max arrived with his three dates, Bonnie, Mira and Vivi Winstrate to Gracidea to have a picnic.

    "Wow, this place is beautiful Max, who would have thought there was such beauty here?" Bonnie said.

    "I can see some Shaymin here already, aren't they cute?" asked Vivi.

    "I've heard so much about this place, but this is the first time I've actually been here. Now, let's get to eating" said Mira.

    Bonnie's brother Clemont and his girlfriend Serena prepared a nice lunch for the four, such was the specialty of Kalos and its inhabitants.

    "My friend Ash has been here before, he witnessed a ceremony in which many Shaymin transform into their Sky Forme and fly away to start a garden like this in another place" Max said.

    Bonnie said, "that's amazing" as she and her Dedenne went over to the nearby flower field to pick some flowers, which were also called Gracidea.

    Mira said, "good idea Bonnie, let's all pick some flowers to take home with us" and picked some flowers from the field as well.

    Vivi said, "I'm gonna take some flowers home too" and went over and picked some flowers herself.

    Max after he finished eating, picked some flowers for himself just like the others did.

    In the background, the Shaymin were in the area for a reason. Indeed, they were going to transform into their Sky Forme and fly away to start a new Gracidea garden somewhere else.

    Meanwhile, Max and his dates took pictures of the area to keep as souvenirs. Max said, "take a look at that glacier!" and everyone turned to look at the glacier. They took pictures of it.

    Next they looked up at the mountain and saw a temple. They climbed the mountain, with a little help from Mira's Abra, merely using Teleport, and went inside the temple.

    There they saw a sleeping Regigigas. It was the same Regigigas who saved the day back when Ash, Dawn and Brock were in the area several years back.

    They teleported back outside just in time to see the ceremony. It was quite the sight to see for the four of them. Ash, Brock and Dawn got to see this years ago. Now it was their turn to see it. This turned out to be quite the picnic for Max, Bonnie, Mira, and Vivi.

    They had quite a story to tell everyone when they got back home.

    "Max, this was the best date ever, I can't wait to see how you top this one. How are you gonna top this one?" Bonnie said.

    Mira followed with "it's gonna be pretty hard to top seeing a Shaymin transformation ceremony, so come up with something really good Max, something that will exceed all expectations."

    Vivi concurred, "I'm sure you can top this, I have faith in you Max, surely you already have something planned for us all for our next date? What is it I don't like surprises that much you know."

    Max said, "well, we're going on vacation to New York City, we're gonna see one of the biggest cities in the world. Everyone wants to go there at some point in their lives, so what do you think?"

    The girls were all excited at the prospect of going to New York City. But for now, the date at Gracidea was to conclude with a campout for one night. Max brought everything needed to camp out.

    Max said, "today isn't quite over girls though, we're camping the night out!"

    Bonnie said, "this day just keeps getting better, I even see you bought camping gear Max."

    Mira said, "it's all here, as clear as day, tents, sleeping bags, fuel for campfires, all we need to camp out the night here at Gracidea."

    Vivi said, "I've never been camping before Max, this is surely going to be exciting. What are we going to do?"

    Max said, "I got the latest best-selling books for me to read to you. How does 'A Dog's Purpose' sound to you girls?"

    They all said it would be a good read for the night. They could also listen to music on a portable radio with batteries Max brought with him.

    As night fell, Max and his girlfriends cooked stuff like s'mores on the campfire. This was surely a date for everyone involved to remember.

    When everyone went to sleep that night, they all had dreams about the ceremony they saw today. They were really pleasant dreams.

    They also had dreams of what they would do when they were all grown up. They had only become adolescents by now, but they still had a lot of things to thing about for their future and what it could bring to them.

    When morning came the next day, everyone woke up, and realized it was just about time to leave Gracidea.

    Max said, "well, it's time we bid farewell to Gracidea, we sure had a good time here didn't we?"

    Bonnie said, "we sure did Max, maybe we can come here again someday?"

    Mira said, "I'd love to witness another one of these ceremonies involving the Shaymin. It was quite the spectacle."

    Vivi said, "we should come back here sometime in the future. The Shaymin are so cute and cuddly. I wish I had one for my own."

    On cue, two Charizard flew in.

    Max said, "it's Ash and Alain's Charizard. They are here to pick us up and take us home."

    Max and the girls packed everything up before hopping on the two Charizard which took them back to Lumiose City.

    It was quite amazing how the two Charizard could fly those long distances.

    But anyway, this was a day Max and his girlfriends would never forget. Soon though, New York City awaited the four of them. This time around they would be taking a plane. Thankfully none of them had a fear of planes. They were ready to take on anything as far as romantic getaways went.
  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    The two Charizards coming in to pick them up was an awesome and sweet touch. I think you did a good job bringing in the Gracedia flower into this. It makes me wonder where they're going and where they will end up next.

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