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A Double Dilemma (344)


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I think those citizens are jealous because they don't like Ash. If they were bullying Ash I would say "HEY LEAVE HIM ALONE!". I say it's the worst episode.
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The fact that Masato and Haruka became instant celebrities because their dad was the Touka City Gym Leader was amusing, and Musashi and Kojirou dressing up as Mitsuko and Senri was funny. I loved watching how the citizens of the town kept obsessing over Satoshi and Haruka, and Juptile versus Golduck was great.


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Funny episode. The local citizens are really weird, they're so focused on Norman and his family. Team Rocket was funny as well, and even though they did good with the disguises, Wobbuffet was a little off. As for Meowth? Clearly it's a Pokémon, not a human being. Those citizens can be dumb sometimes.


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In their defense, the town's citizens falling for the Rocket-dan's obvious disguises is no worse than when Satoshi and his friends do the same thing on a regular basis.

From what I remember, the twerps at least tend to draw the line with disguises of people they know. They're not THAT dumb.....usually.

You'd think the town would pinpoint a fraud in a flash given how obsessed they are with Norman. :p


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I wish that the town's citizens could have given Ash a little more respect during the battle, it's not fair that they declared May the winner just because her attack hit Ash and not his Pokemon.


I wish that the town's citizens could have given Ash a little more respect during the battle, it's not fair that they declared May the winner just because her attack hit Ash and not his Pokemon.

Well they had shown that they were slightly biased in Haruka's favor since she was Senri's daughter and therefore almost like a celebrity.


Oh god, I remember hating May after this episode when I first watched it. This Episode made me hate and despise May. The way Ash was treated here, oh god, poor guy.
The citizens obsessing over May and Max... wtf?? How are people in a city obsessed with Norman when the other cities with gym leaders people dont really care. Meowth and Wobbuffet cosplaying as May and Max was funny. God those people are dumb af to not recognize Wobbuffet as an imposter.


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Reviewing the Pokémon anime in 10 words or less:
"Thankfully North Petalbourg is not a city in the games"

Episode: 1/10

That's too generous, this is by far the wort episode of AG. Literally 20 minutes of torcher for ash. And are people of that city that idiot who couldn't tell the difference between a person and meowth.


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I do wonder if that mean spiritedness was intentional though. I mean it's not like Kanto sometimes was, we were MEANT to think these guys are dumb jerks.

It almost feels like a send up of toxic fandoms, dumb standoffish fanboys that are so aggressive that they attack their idols' competition (even when they themselves hold no personal grudge against them) and use ridiculous loopholes to get the result they want. Feels prophetic given what Ash would suffer from the real world fanbase later on.

It's kinda funny how they're treated as among the few people Ash can't redeem and fall for disguises even the twerps would feel were beneath their intellect. Like the franchise is making apparent that they don't welcome THOSE kinds of fans.

I'm not positive this was all intentional, fourth wall humour aside, the show isn't known for being that meta (I think that SM episode with Rotom joining a show is about it for leaning on what the production puts up with). In terms of basic plot, it is an interesting hard truth either way, that there's just some people you can't win over.
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Worse episode ever! Norman's fans were extremely annoying, and it didn't help matters that they never came to even respect Ash, not even after he literally saved Torchic. Meowth as May and Wobbuffet as Max was even more ridiculous, and yet the fans were so obsessed with Norman's family that they failed to see through the disguises. Horrendous.


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A dumb and pointless episode. Meowth as May and Wobbuffet as Max were just ridiculous, and the Norman fans were so annoying, especially since they have never grown to respect Ash.