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A Double Team Turnover! (Part Two) (565)

Mrs. Oreo

It was cute seeing Dawn hold Croagunk and Cynthia grab Chimchar's hand in the pokemon center. I wish that Jupiter had done more, but at least we got to see Team Galactic steal the Lustrous Orb.
I was bummed out that we didn't see Charon debut here, but my favorite moment was when Cyrus was wearing his Team Galactic boss outfit. :)
I felt sorry for Saturn at the end. He was all sad and hanging his head and looking ashamed of himself. Poor Saturn. Also, it was pretty cool how his Toxicroak practically killed Brock's Croagunk.


I appreciated how proactive Shirona was during this episode, such as when she used her Gablias and Toritodon against the Ginga-dan's swarm of Golbat. Seeing Gureggru injured felt bizarre since he always seemed untouchable, and I chuckled when I saw the White Orb in Muskippa's mouth. Akagi getting mad at the Rocket-dan trio was entertaining as well, and I loved seeing him in his Ginga-dan uniform at the end.


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Cynthia debuted her Gastrodon and from Mars we saw Purugly. I liked the touching scene between Ash and Chimchar and it seems that the production team had planned this out more than any of the previous Galactic episodes.


Akagi conspiring right behind Shirona's back was intriguing to me in retrospect, because his odd behavior should've raised a few alarms in Shirona's head, yet apparently she didn't suspect him.


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Cyrus looked so dashing in his crisp suit but his speeches and facial expressions made him too really scary.

I thought it was a cool twist that he was trying to blend into the group even though he was behind the attack on the ruins of Celestic Town.


Call of Fate
Good episode. I felt sad for Chimchar when he took a Poison Jab for Pikachu. I liked it when Cynthia comforted him in the Pokemon Centre.