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A dragon PA...

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Ho-Roudon, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Ho-Roudon

    Ho-Roudon Bug Pokémon Fanatic

    Well, here is my crappy attempt at a dragon pixelart. It's modeled after my fakemon, Tempryu.
    Yeah, the shading needs work and the head is weird... it's not my best work, but you can rate it anyways. ^_^

  2. Kinginsoar

    Kinginsoar Advanced Spriter

    Wow, it looks really cool! It's not very bad at all! The head could be a little bigger, but it's awesome!
  3. The arms need to be in another position-no, the body needs to be in a more dramatic position and more detail. It's otherwise fine.
  4. Chaotic Houndoom

    Chaotic Houndoom Dark Trainer

    Looks like a water dragon thing, I like it, that's awesome. x3
  5. Ho-Roudon

    Ho-Roudon Bug Pokémon Fanatic

    Actually, it's an air dragon... ^_^ But I guess it doesn't matter. Anyways...
    It's an Aquoon, a dolphin 'mon. Whoo... :3

  6. Chinese Teletubbie

    Chinese Teletubbie Orange Champion

    Wow that pixel art is reallly giid and so is the sprite but its shading is a but starnge
  7. RisenJade DragonKnightGT

    RisenJade DragonKnightGT Dragon Spriter

    the pixel is amazing exept for the head and the feet.im sure you know all about your mistakes on the head.the feet look really odd.their is a lump on the bottom of the right foot>the left foot should show at least 1 more claw.the aquoon 's tail is oddly shaped and their is too much black on the back as you can se their is a big black dot on the fin.you might want to color more of the outline to make it look more natural otherwise your sprites are great.o yeah and on the pixel art whats with all the light sources coming.i see the lightest shade everywhere on the 4 wings define a light source
  8. Brandon-kun

    Brandon-kun lalalalalalalalalala


    the pixel Art is awesome! I love it!

    Also, the sprite is good! I like it also!
  9. ~*Nobody*~

    ~*Nobody*~ samonsterX

    O...m...g!! That Is Awsome!
  10. silverdragon

    silverdragon ~Squible~

    its cool!!! one of the best pixel arts
  11. Ho-Roudon

    Ho-Roudon Bug Pokémon Fanatic

    Thanks! Yeah, the feet are weird, but I've never been good at drawing feet, of whatever kind... ^_^; Anyways, here's something I whipped up in a couple minutes...
    XD001 Pixelart outline. Feel free to colour it, use it, whatever. It only took like 5 minutes, though, so it's not meh best...

  12. Reubo

    Reubo Yeah, baby!

    Yeah, you definately need to give the arms a new position, but the head needs to be entirely remade. It looks too small and really odd, the position it is in.

    As for your Lugia-Head thing, it looks really awesome. I bet I could whip up some reallly weird shading for it.
  13. Ho-Roudon

    Ho-Roudon Bug Pokémon Fanatic

    Ph34r the horrible attempt at shading!
    I still think it looks weird... XP

  14. Konion Champ

    Konion Champ pwned!

    Actually, the shading isn't half bad! I can't make pixel art:(
  15. .Person.

    .Person. No avatard plz

    It's good. The toung is to small and the back of it is to large. You should still be able to see boath of the top teeth. I love the shading. The shadow of the eye-peice is gread and ends at a blur.
    Other than what I said, it's better than great.
  16. Nevetszero

    Nevetszero Inferno master

    That is wicked! I must say that both are very well done. That Fakemon sprite is wicked too.
  17. jupitol

    jupitol Hybrid pokemon! ^`_^

    You did a shiny of the tepryu one too, didn't you... Anyway, it's bottom right wing looks kind of odd... Possibly you should turn it a bit and put it down so it's slightly behind its leg? I also think you cold make it's tail and head a bit bigger...
    No big crit on Aquoon. It's a dolphin... even if its tail fin is a bit off, no matter.
    I love the XD001, but it might look better if we could see its other top tooth

    Brilliant job, Ho-roudon, keep up the good work ^`_^
  18. .Person.

    .Person. No avatard plz

    I should have talked about this first.
    The fact I think there are no eyes is odd. I think it's better w/out eyes. It's just the color and shape of the wings and head. You gave it character. If I may ask. I'd love to use it on my rpg. I'd give credit and all. (May I recolor it thow?)
    The wings are awsom!The bottom right wing could be rotaded about 10 deg up from the tip. The shading is great and the color sutes the shape.

    It's a better than best job. Keep it up. -_^
  19. *stares in awe for 6 hours*
    that is an awesome pic! if gamefreak decided to make that into a pokemon..... wow.

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