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A Fallen Angel's Humble Abode: A rng shop with events, shinies, and a little breeding

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Icarus©, Feb 23, 2013.


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  1. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    Pic by Shade2000~
    Hello and welcome to my humble abode where i sell Custom Rng's, events, and Shiny/Flawless Pokemon. *Bows*

    Acknowledgements/Awesome shop owners
    Hiyy, Great guy and friend, clones for me, asks for my events, i ask for his events >.> one day our shops will be exactly the same ^^ lol His shop here

    Bictac-Has loads of pokemons, as well as a worker(eeveelover) who rngs for him! Come here for the rngs though. His shop here

    Dizzycobramew- Great guy and shop owner ^^. He's always happy for Shiny spindas, so if you have one, he'd be glad to see ya. His shop here

    Pokechamp- Again, awesome fellow shop owner. He's a great help to new event collectors (or i think based from all the acknowledgements concerning him ^^) His shop here

    Blueumbreon- A budding shop owner, and fellow member of The Hoenn Triangle! Look at his shop and help further his collection! His shop here
    Banned Peeps
    Ninth-For repeatedly breaking the rules and pissing me off ^^"
    Before we go any further however, I have some rules (just a little.... Sorry ^^") to set down.
    1) Follow All Serebii Rules. This should be easy enough, as you should already know these already.
    2) Have some common sense. Don't offer me hacks and such, among other things.
    3) Be Polite. Being polite help you immensely in getting the trade you want.
    4) Be Patient. Sometimes I may get to your RNG right away, but i promise i have not forgotten.
    5)Also, before a trade, name all details about your Pokemon, such as if it has been cloned or not. So I know what I'm dealing with.
    +For more details for a pokemon, pm me
    51/2) In your request please post with this format
    Hello Fallen Icarus!
    I would like ________ (if you are requesting an rng please put everything you want in that rng here)from your shop
    For this I am offering _________.
    This pokemon is not public on pokecheck.
    This pokemon has _______nature, and _____ivs(if known)
    This pokemon is UT, and has not been touched in any way shape or form.
    I promise this not a hack

    I promise the pokemon i recieve will be non redis on my shop as i will recieve it as semi-redis, and that it will not be public on pokecheck.
    I (name here), will take full responsibility if I happen to break any of these rules.

    The bolded part may be skipped if you have a shop. You may simply say CMT
    8) Please only post your request on the thread and what your offering. All negotiations should be taken to vms and pms
    9) When you're done, feel free to rate how your experience at my shop was
    10)Don't feel bad if I don't take your request.
    Also, please keep in mind that some of my events are more valuable then others, so again, please don't cry if i don't take the trade D:

    That's all for now, so lets get the pokemon!

    I accept Clone for Clone.
    Custom Rng's
    You may ask for all you wish, however, don't make it too complicated, or i may have to ask for you to make it almost flawless.
    Unless your pokemon is mixed, needs a specific hp, or for some weird reason needs flawless
    I will ask you to take off the stat you dont need. For example: Heracross's spatk. Heracross will never use Spatk.
    This is just to make finding seeds easier, especially if you made it complicated.
    There will be only 5 rngs every Saturday
    I will accept Clones as I now clone these.
    Random Shinies, Flawless Pokemon, Past Rng's
    *NOTE* not all information is present here, if interested just ask in your request,
    Also these were mostly rng'ed by me

    Swoobat LV.38 Careful Shiny

    Durant LV38 Serious Shiny

    Scraggy LV30 Sassy Flawless

    Chandelure LV 41 Timid Shiny

    Litwick LV 27 Modest Flawless

    Name: litwick
    Gender: female
    Shiny: Yes
    Ability: flash fire
    Nature: timid
    Iv spread: 31/?/31/31/31/31

    Deerling LV1 Adamant Shiny
    Flawless in Hp, Atk, Spd
    Chlorophyll Female Named Faline

    IV's:flawless in hp, atk, and spd
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Gender: Male
    EV'd or UT: UT
    Shiny/Not Shiny: shiny
    Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Night Slash

    deerling shiny jolly male ability sap sipper egg moves baton pass, agility-flawless cept spatk

    Shiny flawless (cept atk)
    Egg moves: Earth Power, Dark Pulse

    Tepig- Adamant Nature
    Shiny flawless(cept spatk)
    Egg moves: Superpower, Overheat
    Blaze ability

    Larvesta-bold nature
    Shiny flawless (cept atk)
    Egg moves: n/a has substitute though ^^"
    Flame body ability

    Scraggy-careful nature
    Shiny flawless (cept spatk)
    Egg moves:none
    Moxie ability

    Shellos- Bold Nature
    Shiny with best HP grass ivs, Egg moves Counter and Mirror Coat
    Storm drain Ability-nicknamed but can be changed back.

    Chimchar-Adamant Nature
    Shiny Flawless (cept special atk)
    Egg moves: Fake out, Encore, Heat wave
    Blaze ability

    Shiny Roserade
    Lv 24- Mild Nature

    flawless shiny timid feebas cept in atk

    Shiny flawless ev trained Latios Lv. 100 Timid

    Shiny Sableye
    Careful nature with almost flawless ivs evs (cept unknown spatk)
    Prankster DW ability

    shiny tyrogue adamant with 31 iv's in all areas cept spatk

    shiny careful Tyrogue with egg moves Hi Jump Kick, Bullet Punch with flawless cept spatk

    natu shiny calm male ability magic bounce-flawless cept atk

    Steelix nicknamed STAHLOS
    Shiny- calm nature

    Pokemon: Houndour
    IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/30
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Gender: Any
    EV'd or UT: UT
    Shiny/Not Shiny:Shiny
    Moves:Hp Ice

    vulpix shiny timid male ability drought iv's best spread for HP Ice egg moves-hypnosis

    Gyrados LV 31 Quiet Shiny

    Shiny almost flawless (30 in spatk) Scyther-Adamant Technician

    Gastley Timid Nature
    Almost flawless (unknown atk but everything else flawless)

    Nickname (if applicable): Seahorse (can be changed)
    IV's: 31 30 31 30 31 30 (hidden power fire 70)
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Gender: male
    EV'd or UT: UT
    Shiny/Not Shiny: yes
    Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Hidden power fire (70), muddy water.

    shiny flawless(cept atk) timid voltorb

    Brave Nature
    Nickname: Nightfire(Can be changed)
    Egg moves:
    Dragon Rush
    Shiny/not Shiny: Shiny

    Cubone-Adamant Nature
    Shiny Flawless(cept spatk)
    Lightningrod ability

    Eevee- Timid Nature
    Shiny 31/30/31/30/31/30 spread hp fire
    Moves: shadow ball, hp fire
    Adaptability ability

    Shiny Omanyte-Lv 20
    Hasty Nature
    Events: All the events i've collected >.>
    *-events i have obtained myself. #-DW events with proo
    DW Arceus *#

    DW gothorita *# x2 (one was not obtained by me but has proof)

    DW Togekiss *#

    DW Mamoswine *#

    DW Bannette *#

    DW Croagunk *#

    DW Porygon *#

    DW espeon

    DW scizor

    DW turtwig

    DW chimchar

    DW piplup

    DW Torchic

    DW Bulbasaur

    DW Squirtle

    DW Blissey x2 natures

    DW Tyranitar #

    DW Garchomp #

    DW Japanese Dragonite #

    DW Korean Togekiss #

    DW Charmander

    Extremespeed Pikachu

    DW Pika

    Singing Pika

    Satoshi Pika

    10 aniv pika

    Ash's Pika

    PKTOPIA Pika

    Festival(Pokemon Center) Pika

    WORLD Pika

    Nintendo Zone Pika

    Korean Character Fair Pika

    DR Palkia

    DR Lugia

    DR Landorus

    DR Thundurus

    DR Tornadus

    Haley's Mew

    Feb2012 Mewtwo *

    Movie Victini *

    Plasma Genesect

    2012May Darkrai *

    Movie Zekrom *

    Winter2013 Keldeo *

    2013 GameStop Meleotta * (not yet obtained)

    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi x2 natures

    Sinjoh Ruins Giratina, Dialga, Palkia (all shiny)

    Shiny Oak's letter Shaymin

    NWU Manaphy

    All three WIN2011 Shiny legendary dogs
    (Suicuine, Entei, Raikou)

    Shiny Gamestop Pichu

    Wes's Shiny Bayleaf (Colloseum)

    Shiny Member card Darkai

    Jap Meloetta

    Jungle Tours Celebi

    Shiny Searcher Piplup

    Nobunga's Raquaza

    PC Kyogre

    Shiny Eppie Mew

    Carlita's Hydreigon

    Junita's Golurk

    PC Nagoya Magikarp Lv.99

    Nagashima Spa Fossil Aerodactyl

    Korean Cinema Celebi

    NOK Regigigas

    NOK manaphy

    NOK mew

    Korean Character Fair Shaymin

    NOK darkrai

    NOK raquaza

    NOK deoxys

    Korean Cinema Meleotta

    Korean Cinema Arceus

    Shinsaegae Munchlax

    Shinsaegae Feebas

    Korean Battle series Arcanine

    Korean Home plus Darkrai

    Korean Plasma Genesect

    Korean Station Zoroak

    Korean Strongest Return Mewtwo

    Han Gui's Movie 11 Zekrom

    Han Gui's Movie 11 Victini

    PCNY/PCJP pokemon... Only ft for Other PCNY/PCJP pokemon

    PCNY Flygon

    PCNY Milotic

    PCNY Salamance

    PCNY Seviper

    PCJP Poliwag

    PCJP Ralts NFT

    PCJP Bagon NFT

    Pending Trades
    Jirachi-2 Rng'ed Deino for Jirachi
    Dizzy's 1 rng for DW charmander
    Lucario's 1 rng for VGC shiny milotic
    Bictac's DW treeko for my shiny almost flawless tyrogue
    Gastly and scraggy for 2 Pikachus=Ninetails
    Bictac's 3 pokemon for my 3 rngs
    Threexl's 1 pokemon for my 1 rng
    Emiko's 1 pokemon for my 1 rng
    Pending Rng's
    none :D
    For Custom Rngs:I only want DW events i dont have, and
    PCJP/PCNY pokemon
    Also looking for unused DW walmart starter codes
    If offering a pokemon that is not a want , it must be one of these things
    a) Uncloned and self obtained
    b) Extremely rare event
    Or just make an offer. If its good enough, ill take it

    For everything else: Events i don't have
    Shiny flawless legendaries


    SEMI REDIS GUYS!!!!! THAT MEANS THAT ON YOUR SHOP MY POKEMON WILL BE NON REDIS >.> <---this may change. I may make my pokemon sem-semi-redis (it will be semi redis in your shop) I feel like it restricts your ability to trade them too much

    I'll be doing a Giveaway of my Shiny rng mess-ups ^^"
    Stay tuned!

    Since I'm bored I'm reopening my shop fully. Yay.
    RNGS Ready to Pick up
    Lucario's 1
    Dizzy's 1
    Bictac's 3
    Threexl's 1
    Emiko's 3
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  2. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    Hey. Nice shop. Can you rng a flawless adamant shiny mudkip?
  3. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    @Oarfish Sure. Whats your offer?
  4. Croze

    Croze Sick of Bigotry

    Hello sir, I noticed you don't have a win2013 Keldeo in your list, I have a Lax UT one, would you be willing to rng me a:

    Pokemon: West sea (pink) Shellos
    Nick Name: X-cutioner
    Egg Moves: Mirror coat, Clear smog
    Individual Values (IV): 30/31/31/31/30/31
    Hidden Power: Grass ^(I believe those are the best Iv's for grass)
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Storm drain
    Shiny: Yes
  5. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    can u rng a natu, deerling, vulpix? can offer anything in my shop, if u find anything i can give rest of details on them
  6. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    Anything from my shop.
  7. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    @croze im terribly sorry but i have one. Its nft as of now, so i didn't put it up.
    Sorry... D:

    K but you migh have to wait till next saturday for your rngs though. I'm on a tight schedule
    I like your PC kyogre, your shiny ev trained Latios, and shiny timid Giratina

    D: all your events and legendaries i have....
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  8. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    ok no prob, we can discuss further next saturday
  9. Croze

    Croze Sick of Bigotry

    Understood sir, You should at least put up all of your events even if they are NFT so people will know what it is you have and do not have and can make an offer accordingly.
    - Thank you for your time.
  10. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    @Croze thanks for the suggestion

    You can pm me the details today and if i have time i may finish yours today as well
  11. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    Oh well. My friend is getting me a mudkip for free anyways.
  12. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    @sorry bout that oarfish
  13. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    It is fine.
  14. Pokemon_Champ

    Pokemon_Champ PKMN Trainer

    Hi dude. First of all awesome shop. Secondly let me know when you're on so we can trade. Your shiny Throh for my shiny BW searcher Piplup
  15. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    @Poke Champ

    We can trade now
  16. Pokemon_Champ

    Pokemon_Champ PKMN Trainer

    Hi there. I see you have one more spot in your shop. I'd like a shiny tyrogue adamant with 31 iv's in all areas. If that's a bit difficult forget the sp atk. Offering anything in my shop. I have a pretty large collection of events, take your pick.

    Btw if i'm allowed two requests i'd also like a flawless shiny feebas. If that's too much no problem
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2013
  17. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    @ Pokechamp-- sure. ill take both your request.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2013
  18. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    Added Shade's Picture to shop and added new cloner named Spaceman
  19. Adaptable Porygon-Z

    Adaptable Porygon-Z Well-Known Member

    Would you be able to rng me a:
    Name: litwick
    Gender: female
    Shiny: doesnt have to be, but would be nice:)
    Hidden power, ice
    Ability: flash fire
    Nature: timid
    Iv spread: 31/?/31/31/31/31

    Hopefully this is possible. I can offer the shiny beasts, or azumarill( not flawless, but shiny) :D
  20. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    Ill take raiku. You'll be on for next week.
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