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-Fangirls. Finally, some recognition. Not for Drew and may, but for us fangirls.
-"Surrender now and do me a favor or I'll have to fight."
-This is the first time in like 100 episodes that Wobbuffett has moved.
-"Thanks, Wobbuffett needed a bath!" "Waaaabuffett!"


Masquerain's Bubble attack looked pretty cool! I'm glad to see for myself the difference between Bubble and Bubblebeam.

Brock wasn't too out of control with the love thing, I noticed.

Isn't Wobbuffet supposed to return the attack back to its opponent? That confused me.

The Trainer's Choice was the best part of the episode. Just as I thought they couldn't screw up evolutions...

Waterstar Misty

I really liked this ep,it was weird,but funny. The voice for Masquerain was pretty good, as for the way they pronounced masquerain's name, I kinda liked it I was pronounced it differently, the fangirls were uhh interesting. When that man at the contest said " My point? You can't enter 'cause you never won a single ribbon" that was too funny and Jessie searching for a ribbon.
The trainers choice, at first it got me, I thought at first it did have a pre-evolved form and then I remembered it didn't, but the TC really doesn't bother me that much. It took me a while to realize, that they said Skitty was in the Fall Arbor contest, when Beautifly was the pokemon who won it.
Pikachu really seemed to really like Sandra.
The TR motto was funny, 'caused Jessie seemed to be the only one who got into it and when TR got blasted off by water pulse I loved when Moewth and James said " Ungrateful twerps are the worst kind".

My rating: 8/10
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So, Drew got under May's skin and she decided to use Bulbasaur. [SPOIL]A stupid decision that will cost her royally in the next episode.[/SPOIL]

The motto was funny. Meowth and James were borderline depressed. Then Jessie asked the twerps to put them out of their misery. Have they at last been broken. *Looks at future episodes.* Dang it. :mad:

I was wondering when they were going to get into the requirement system.

An okay episode but lackluster in plot after the gems of the past two weeks.

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7.9 out of 10


This was a pretty boring episode. A rather standard plot that didn't have too many surprises... At least Wobbuffet actually did something (though the attacks didn't return like they're supposed to). The scenes with May and Drew were good (maybe I'm becoming a contestshipper, I dunno) and I liked Brock's "Turnip Theif" line. Other than that, it was a rather dull episode. I'd take a stab at TC, but everyone else has done so quite well already.


I think they might have been going on a rumor from the game; if you update Arbok it will evolve into Seviper.

In my opinion, Seviper looks more like an evolved Ekans.

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I just keeping Octo
Considering Rattle Snakes are Vipers it would make sense. However why would a Cobra evolve into a viper? Oi that one sucked. I thought the type matching was bad this one was let's see how stupid will can really be.


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Jonouchi said:
I also noticed that the (previously mentioned in another topic) Mysterious guy was in this episode, but was wearing different clothing (I swear, it looks just like him)
I thought I saw the Mystery guy, too. He was wearing a different colored sweatshirt, I think, but he had the long brown hair.

Anyway, this episode was okay. TC was terrible. It never bothers me when they make a mistake with it that much, but it is pretty sad that they have to continue to mislead any gullible fans out there with their misinformed Trainer's Choices. I mean come on, Arbok evolves into Seviper? If you've never seen the Pokemon before, that might make sense, but 4kids really needs to get their act together about this. :/

Brock's line of "Turnip Thief" was nice. And so was Jessie's "Wobbufet needed a bath," and the other line about giving Meowth and James.

I was just thinking that Wobbufet wasn't doing much besides serving as extra comic relief right before it started using its Counter and Mirror Coat attacks (or rather, only Counter, since they rarely mention Mirror Coat).

I'll rate this episode 7/10, like a gazillion episodes preceding this one. >_>

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Brocksketchum said:
Brock wasn't too out of control with the love thing, I noticed.
Probably didn't want to risk finding out she was married or something, not to mention she had a kid, a bit more of a woman than Brock usually goes for. One does have to love her comments though, that Brock will one day be in high demand among women for his household skills. ^_^

Isn't Wobbuffet supposed to return the attack back to its opponent? That confused me.
They never named what move it was using, but although it looked like its normal Counter/Mirror Coat, it behaved just like Safeguard in the anime, which just blocks the attack. So I say it was using Safeguard, as that is a move Wobbuffet learns.

I loved Drew in this episode, he just has so much more charisma than Gary, and a way of goading May without actually being outright mean. He also doesn't care about fans or popularity much, unlie Gary did for a while. I loved how he just smiled and flicked his hair before walking off after the fan girls deserted him.

How do you think they got a hold of those Norman and Drew action figures/statues?

Poor Ash... what's it gonna take before more people recognize him? He should be among the handsome young trainers in that book!

Other pluses:

Cute scenes of May getting an inflated ego.

Cute scene of the Coordinator mother getting stagefright.

Masquerain had a great voice.


I once had faith in "Trainer's Choice" but error after error has made me wish they'd just go back to only "Who's that Pokemon" or more ideally do away with both and put in some Oak Pokemon lectures from Japan.

The whole scene with TR getting blasted off by Water Pulse left me confused. What exactly did the little girl whisper when asking her mom to use Water Pulse? Did she intend to blast them off or just put out the fiery balloon and TR's bad luck interfered?


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I think she reminded her mom that Water Pulse might be the best way to get rid of them. She seems to be a pretty smart kid, after all.

*copies and pastes comments from elsewhere*

Heh, I loved TR's motto:

Savannah: Hey, those aren't yours!
Jessie: Prepare for trouble, they are today!
James: If you can't win 'em, steal 'em, that's what we always say!
Jessie: To protect my entry status from devastation!
James: To allow a certain contestant to complete her registration...
Jessie: To denounce the evils of losing, that's true!
James: To extend her winning streak from zero to two...
Jessie: Jessie!
James: And James...
Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
James: Surrender now, do me a favor, or I'll have to fight.
Jessie: This contest will have a cute winner by tonight!

As far as the name changes go:
Ruibosu -> Rubello (mentioned)
Tsukiko -> Savannah
Hoshika -> Sandra

Nice job with the names, 4Kids.

I agree with whoever commented on Savannah's and Sandra's relationship. Sandra's a cute kid too. She's embarrassed by her mom's antics with the fan club, but obviously loves her dearly, and seems mature for her age too.


hay guys, you know that vegetable that brock called a "turnip"? it looked more like a parsnip to me :\


Wobbuffet uses Safeguard for the first time, and on its own, too! I wonder if it'll use Destiny Bond?

Great episode. I can't believe the fangirls didn't recognize Ash. Hello? Top 16 in Kanto, CHAMPION IN ORANGE ISLANDS, top 8 in Johto? THE CHOSEN ONE?


This episode was pretty bad, but not as bad as Me, Myself, and Time! It was kind of boring throughout the whole episode, and the only cool part was when Shuu's Masquerain did that Bubble/Moonlight thing. It looked awesome, a lot better then May's Beautifly Silver Wind thing.



While I was watching, I noticed that during the break, when they asked 'Which Pokemon evolves into Seviper' that none of the choices evolve into Seviper, because there is NO Pokemon that evolves into Seviper. When they returned, I was surprised to find out that it was Arbok that evolves into Seviper. I was confused. I checked this out on serebii.net, only to find that this isn't true! Who went wrong?


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CharZard said:
While I was watching, I noticed that during the break, when they asked 'Which Pokemon evolves into Seviper' that none of the choices evolve into Seviper, because there is NO Pokemon that evolves into Seviper. When they returned, I was surprised to find out that it was Arbok that evolves into Seviper. I was confused. I checked this out on serebii.net, only to find that this isn't true! Who went wrong?
4Kids went wrong, of course. They mess up the TC quite often, actually, but never like they did with this episode. Seviper has no evolutions, nor does it have pre-evolutions (as of today). And Arbok doesn't evolve. Like I said, 4Kids just botched things up, probably out of lack of research. :/

Edit: By the way, CharZard, I can tell you haven't read any/most of the previous posts in this thread; over half the people who have posted probably mentioned this incident. :p


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I don't really have a lot to say about the episode, since the next one was so much more interesting, but I've gotta say it's always a pleasure to see Drew in an episode. These two contest episodes may not have had as many contestshipping hints, but I still love the interaction between May and Drew. Savannah was a great guest character for the episode. Also, I love the scene where that mothers club clustered around Drew, then May. That was hilarious, especially when Drew got nervous. :D

Okay, now how can I have watched this episode and forgotten about Wobbie's safeguard attacks? That was AWESOME!!! :D At least I watched the episode a second time the other night, so it's fresher in my memory. I loved Jessie calling him the "king of deflection" too. ;) Too bad Wobbuffet hardly "attacks" anymore (at least I know from the captioning thread that he does safeguard again in "Rollout Loving Donphan"), he's been Team Rocket's most awesome fighter.
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YTV just aired that episode today at noon..
An awesome episode! Here are a few scenes I like from that episode:
~When Drew made his appearance
~When he was surrounded by the fan girls..His expressions were funny
~The conversation between May and Drew that evening
Overall, I give a rating 9/10 for the episode...^^


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This episode was one of my favorites of the entire Hoenn saga...I also knew i was going to love this one.

-OMG Wobbuffet is useful?
-The little girl and her mom's relationship was cute
-May and Drew (contestshippyness) wonder that I enjoyed both times they spoke to each other.
-Drew in general - I loved his expressions...we've never seen him under pressure or sweat, so it was funny and adorable. My favorite part of the whole episode was the following:
Fangirl - Can I have your autograph?
Drew - No, I don't do that...(flicks hair)
Encyclopika - XD AHHHHH!!!! Kawaii!
-Lairon's voice was great...I've never been so impressed with a dubbed voice.
-The fangirls were hilarious.

-Masquerain's voice disappointed me because it didn't sound male...in the end I convinced myself that all bug pokemon have high voices, which is a fact for the smaller ones, which Masquerain is a part of.
-The TC - when they asked the question I was like "Oh, it must be a trick question" and thought that was clever of them. Then when they said Seviper I'm like "You lazy bast*rds!" I'm starting to think 4kids has new staff or something because they never made this stupid of mistakes before. This one was just, dumb!

I give it a 10/10, even with the negitives because they weren't that bad and didn't intereupt my enjoyment so much. A very great episode! And I so agree with what you said Pokemon Fan about Drew. I find him to be better at being a rival than Gary was. There's a difference between rival and bully, and I found Gary to be a bully up until the end.