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A Fan With A Plan! (353)



Got to saw this ep today here in Canada. Top three errors I have found in this episode are:

1) Arbok evolves into Seviper (already known by all)
2) May exclaimed she won the Fallarbor Contest with Skitty when it was BEAUTIFLY who won the Contest.
3) I found it strange that Bulbasaur's Razor Leaf was able to cancel out a Flareon's Flamethrower.

Other than those three idiotic things, this episode was preety good.

I'd give it a 7.2/10

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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twas a good ep

I loved Lairon and Flareon!

but the trainer's choice was messed up like all of them



Transducer said:
2) May exclaimed she won the Fallarbor Contest with Skitty when it was BEAUTIFLY who won the Contest.
Did she say that? I have the episode on tape and I didn't hear she say anything about the Fallarbor Contest...
She only mentioned something about the Verdeanturf Contest...


It's been almost two entire seasons since Wobbuffet actually did an attack. I think the last time it battled was in "A Poached Ego". As for the trainer's choice, they probably forgot what happened in that episode and thought Jessie's Arbok just evolved into a Seviper.

WaterDragon trainer

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In R/S, Masquerain had a fairly awesome "battle cry". I really expected Masquerain to sound cool(sort of like Steelix had a cool "battle cry" in G/S/C and wound up sounding cool in the anime). In this episode, Masquerain didn't sound awesome at all! But I guess the company wanted Masquerain to sound the way it did.

Ashy Boy

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Stealing May's and Savannah's ribbons was bad enough, but Jessie's character in this episode was totally revolting. I kinda feel sorry for James and Meowth as they weren't at all interested in stealing ribbons as much as Jessie was. She almost got away with it and wasn't willing to give them back (even though eventually she did). I'd say this episode was the worst all because of Jessie and her pride.
Arbok --> Seviper o_O. Other then that, this episode was alright.;)
This was an okay episode. It was nice to see that Wobbufet did some action. And I liked the dub names like Rubella, Lairon, and Flaron.

And the Trainers Choice, it just proves that 4Kids doesn't know squat about Pokemon and could care less. All they care about is the money.


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overall i liked this episode the most out of almost all the recent episodes the mother and daughter were cute and there was quite possibly the funniest momement in pokemon history (not that it was intentional)


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Not a pretty bad episode, but all that I can easily remember is that ridiculous Trainer's Choice. Arbok to Seviper; False. ugh...


I was a great episode. and even Wobbufet did some action.



Yay finally we arrive at the location of May's next Contest competition! We haven't seen any Contest action since the Verdenturf Convention. Loved that Drew appeared and that May was trying to get his attention by showing off her two ribbons although I think Drew still had more. Then he got swamped by a crowd of his adoring fans, it was like something out of a Shipping fic :p

Then we met one the COTD, an older lady who seemed to be interested in Contests as well as possibly May's dad Norman. It was funny to see those other fangirls approach May just to admire Norman. Seeing May and the lady getting to know each was interesting, it was the typical backstory before the major Contest. The scene with Borck imagining himself cooking for pretty girls was a riot! He's always thinking such odd thoughts. I was interested in the COTD lady's team which consisted of Flareon and Lairon; two Pokemon that were distinct opposites.

Watching Drew practicing at night with his new Masquerain was interesting since it knew an awesome Water based appeal. Team Rocket interfered right when May was about to practice with her newly caught Bulbasaur which kind of ticked me off since they always appear at the worst times. It took a combination of Pikachu, Lombre, Mudkip, Bulbasaur, and Flareon to send them packing and the episode ended with no drama. I was disappointed. 7/10


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This episode was 'meh'.

I was enjoying the battle between May and the COTD until TR stole their ribbons, but that was about it.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Masquerain and Lairon for the 1st time, very cool Pokemon! This was the episode with the weird TC - Arbok evolving into Seviper... It was cool to see Flareon again. Savannah looks to be a great opponent for May in the Contest. It was interesting and different to see TR trying to steal others' ribbons instead of Pokemon for a change. It was definitely odd that May said she won the Fallarbor town contest with Skitty instead of Beautifly.



Well, this was an okay episode. The MFP or whatever they were called weren't as annoying as I thought that they would be. This really wasn't a memorable episode even though it introduced the Grand Festival rules.


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Strange that I never seen this episode before. I think that around the time this episode got aired, I missed a lot of episodes that aired and therefore lost touch where the anime was. I actually enjoyed this episode a lot and I thought this MFP and Drew were both cool and enjoyable to watch. I always enjoyed the prequels to contests episodes - they are or interesting or comic, and in this case, they are both.
I swear, if Drew doesn't stop doing that thing with his hair, I'm going to break all his arms!
I'm exaggerating, obviously. But seriously, that hair flick he does irritates me a bit.

Okay, so this was the episode with the (in)famous "Arbok evolves in to Seviper" mistake.

Just like the people who can't let it go that Misty won't ever return to the show as a permanent, main character, people need to let this episodes TC mistake go, as well.
It's probably the only one (so far, I'm not done AG yet) of these TC mistakes people seem to go all "BRING ME THE HEAD OF EVERY EMPLOYEE WHO WORKS FOR 4KIDS! THEY'LL PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!"

Yeah, I agree, it's a big mistake to make, but it's really nothing to lose your marbles over.

Sorry for the rant.