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A Faux Oak Finish (607)

James dressed as oak just like in one of the old episode.
And I like this episode.
love Politoad and Lombre Ludicolo.


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loved the duel between Crogunk and Politoed. But the episode was ok... though I was really tired might be why I did not think it was too great...
and CW seems to have just given up working on getting their episodes on widescreen for SD TV's :(


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The only thing I liked was when Piplup failed to lead and sank in the sand so Dawn went over there and picked him up to stop him from being stupid again.


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I think this was one of the worst fillers in recent memory. The best bit was Croagunk stepping in calmly and coolly when Piplup couldn't navigate the marsh, and even then that's a pretty small saving grace.

Not even the inclusion of such a character as Professor Oak could save this episode from mundanity. That, of course, is mainly because they've been destroying the professor as a character for a while now, which is my first objection to this episode. The poetry thing may have started as a neat extra facet of Oak's personality, but they've hyped it up to being his only prominent trait now. (And his poems aren't even interesting!) And since when is Oak the sort of man to go wandering off into a marsh when he has an important professional meeting to get to? The Professor Oak we were introduced to when the series began was a wise, punctual, professional man who put up with little nonsense and caused even less. And then the way he solved Tyranitar's problem - merely by looking at its face... that might be believable, though we should have seen more of Oak's skills than that cop-out solution. The worst part was 'merging his heart' with Tyranitar's or whatever it was. Oak is a professor; a scientist! He has been a force for the objective and academic inspection of Pokemon since the first episode (they gave his conference a purely jargonesque title, credit to them, but it was an empty gesture). To be compassionate to Pokemon is one thing, but the show has been spouting off an awful lot of its friendship/hearts/soul-melding/transcendental sort of message in the later seasons, and frankly, we should get something a lot more concrete and scientific from the Pokemon professors, especially from Oak, the foremost international academic of them all.

Croagunk's battle with Politoed: the cliche "slowmo single swipe" scene, and that was it. The proof of Oak's veracity was another cliche: the "thorn in the paw" test with Tyranitar. Another instance of evolution solving a Pokemon's problem, like they did with Gliscor. Team Rocket didn't even have its usual elaborate Pokemon-stealing plot; they just sprang the idea on James in the spur of the moment.

All in all, this was just a very lazy filler. They did nothing to make the episode memorable or worthwhile.


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Couldn't agree more with Profesco. It was a dull episode indeed. In my point of view, this was the most boring episode I've seen in months.

There wasn't much going on here. The only part I found interesting was James acting up as Prof. Oak. I'm surprised how they can dress up James like that. He had me fooled.

Everything else.... meh, not good.



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It was ok but like some of you said it was an imbetween filler before the festival starts. Now that the festival has started things should be getting better. Although I enjoyed Crogunk beating up that politoad hehe that was quite funny and the argument between James and the real professor oak. Apart from that it was a little unintresting


I thought it was Filler too, but I didn't think it was all that bad. At least not as bad as the Johto Fillers.

We got Oak didn't we? People had been begging to see him in Sinnoh...


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I have to say, although I love Jimmi Zoppi's work as James, he just wasn't as good a Professor Oak imitator as Eric Stuart was in "Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up". ES sounded uncannily like Professor Oak. JZ just sounded like... an old James. I did find it cool that the episode features the show's first-ever completely solo motto (or at least human one, as Meowth did a very short one in "Island of the Giant Pokekmon").

Apart from that the episode wasn't that great, but at least I got to see a few favorite pokemon from the past- politoed, lombre, and ludicolo. :D


I have to say, although I love Jimmi Zoppi's work as James, he just wasn't as good a Professor Oak imitator as Eric Stuart was in "Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up".

I agree. Maybe it wasn't so good because Jimmy Zoppi (Billy Beach) voices James and Oak anyway? He voices every other male character :/

I noticed that they used Eric Stuart's Ludicolo voice. Was that just stock footage or did he return for that part?


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I liked the Croagunk vs Politoad match, Lombre evolution, and Tyranitar appearance, but that was about it. Alright episode.
Tyranitar <3

Sadly, the only really good part of the episode.

Yep, pretty much.


Oh, yeah, it was also awesome to see Professor Oak in the flesh again. By "in the flesh" I mean not through a computer screen this time.

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Great to see James's prof.Oak disguise.... but missed Jessie as Dj Mary


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This episode was ok... It was funny when Piplup kept trying to lead the way through the March, but ended up sinking every time and needing to be rescued. It was cool that Croagunk had to be the one to lead the way, which makes sense. The funny Oak disguise was back for James, and it worked for a limited amount of time. It was cool to see a Tyranitar for the 1st time in awhile, odd that it belongs to such a young kid. Politoad vs Croagunk was disappointing...



The Piplup falling into the mud gag got old quick but I liked James's fake Oak scheme since we hadn't see it in a while. 7/10

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I liked seeing professor Oak again o and James dressing up as him was funny. I liked how Piplup got frozen and how Pikachu had to break him free, plus Lombre evolving and becoming happy was nice. :3
My favorite scene was when we saw Politoad against Croagunk and also watching James fake acting as Oak was a nice callback as well.