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A Few of My Sprites

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Kabutopzilla, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Kabutopzilla

    Kabutopzilla En Prócsem

    First off, let's make this clear. I'm not the best spriter.

    Yeah, that's it.

    These are just a few splices...

    My newest one:


    But it's clearly not my best. Even I agree with this; I just wanted to see a Kabutops/Omastar splice, and everyone who tried when I requested one (this is at another forum, so I'm not talking about anyone here) either failed or complained that it wasn't possible. So, I made it.



    Here is a Charmander/Dratini evolution line:

    http://i36.*******.com/2mm5mvo.png - Dratinimander

    http://i38.*******.com/2ppiw53.png - Dragonameleon

    http://i37.*******.com/24vi9ky.png - A crappy sprite Dragonitezard

    Here are a few Blaziken splices, requested by a fan of Blaziken.




    That's it for now...

    Any criticism/feedback?
  2. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Not bad ^_^ might wanna work on the dragonite/charizard though, looks kinda rushed. That dratini/charmander is really cute though
  3. Alder

    Alder Come at me bro

    Some fo them are good, some are bad. Some are saved as JPG, BMP or GIF, I can't tell teh difference--just that it's not PNG (PNG=PwNaGe, remember that). PNG will give you the best image quality.

    Kabutops/Omastar, while simple, is one of the best here. Your sprites are very Copy+Paste, such as Pikachu's tail on Charizard and Dratini's on Charmander. Really all you needed to do was take the flame off of Charmander's tail and recolor blue. Pikachu's tail you could've scratched, it just looks glued-on and unattached on Charizard.

    Dragomeleon is actualyl really good. Dragozard is rushed, as Killer Squirtle said.

    Your Blazikens are squashed. The Hoenn starters' final evos fusion is very very crowded and CP, a horrible combination. Also, even when CP fusing, you need to scratch at least the shading. The outline shading pattern on Swampert's arm is different from the rest of the parts in there.

    Also, never, never, NEVER go as far in CPing as to Copy and Paste the eyes onto a splice. It's liek most head-swapping--it just doesn't work. On rare occasion, it might, but definitely not here.

    You Raikou/Blaziken is the best Blaziken here, I love the angular face

    The Feraligatr is between teh awesomeness of the Raikou and the failure of teh HOenn starters. For the spikes, at least scratch teh bases so tehy fit properly, especially with the kneecap--it just looks liek you taped a rock onto Blaziken's knee. I do love how the arms grow into huge claws.

    That shoudl be enough to get you started.
  4. Pokemaniac Erika

    Pokemaniac Erika All aboard!

    The tail looks like a.. copy-paste sprite, and it's not good.
  5. pika3

    pika3 Snowball attack, go!

    I agree with most of what has been said, so I won't say the same thing. I however very much like your Lucario/Mewtwo, it is your best one.

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