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A Fire Battle! Marowak Shows Up! (977)


Kanto is love. Kanto is life.
Really liked episode. Wish all of SM episodes are like this.. This is almost on same level as Mega vs Z move episode.


Paladin of the Snow Queen
And so, another of SM's less memorable episodes has come to pass in the dub. I've come to expect SM episodes to feel unique, and this one just doesn't give off the vibe that almost all SM episodes do. Still, I'd say a couple of mediocre episodes and 1 awful one (SM06) isn't an awful track record when they're 40 some episodes in.


So the main thing that happened here was that Kaki caught the Alolan Garagara, which I knew would happen, but I wasn't fond of Garagara's fiery personality. At least the Wela Volcano setting looked gorgeous, and I enjoyed seeing Satoshi versus Kaki, and Bakugames versus Garagara at the end.
*when Marowak stole the crown*
Olivia: I must retrieve it!
Kukui: No, wait! You have to calm down the crowd!

Retrieving the crown will calm down the crowd, you idiot. And besides, there wasn't any chaos on the scene. Just an acrobatic Marowak.

Pretty decent episode. The comedy wasn't so forced down our throats unlike the previous episode. Kiawe at last has his signature Pokemon...but doesn't have the spirit to dance with it.

...They should have showed Litten getting a power boost. The other Pokemon did, so why not him?


In hindsight, I wish that this episode had been set up differently and had involved the Firium Z somehow given the Wela Volcano Park setting. Satoshi could've gotten one in this episode, which would've killed two birds with one stone. Not that I was against Kaki getting development by himself, but both things could've happened had the pacing been different.