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A FireRed Team for the Elite 4?

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by CarlosPMC, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. CarlosPMC

    CarlosPMC Pokemon Master

    Hello guys. I would like to get my FireRed team rated. Not going competitive, so no EV training. I am currently at Lt. Surge, but I'll tell you my plans.

    Goal: Destroying anything; at least level 57
    Nature: Hardy
    Ability: Blaze
    Steel Wing(For Rock Types)
    Dragon Claw

    Goal: A solid pokemon while very versatile; at least level 55
    Nature: Mild
    Ability: Static
    Item: None
    Iron Tail
    Brick Break

    Nidoking(Not the best moveset, but i'm doing it with the available tms and coverages)
    Goal: Same as Charizard; at least level 56-57
    Nature: Bashful
    Ability: Poison Point
    Item: None
    Shadow ball
    Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Flamethrower(Tell me)

    Goal: Surfer and an Ice user for Lance; at least level 56
    Nature: ??? (Preferably a special boosting one)
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Item: Chesto Berry
    Ice Beam

    Goal: Awesome Ice type and Vaporeons backup for Lance; at least level 54
    Nature: ???(Preferably a special boosting one)
    Ability: Forewarn
    Item: Quick Claw
    Ice Punch
    Water Pulse(Coverage is good)
    Lovely Kiss (Or whaatever its exclusive move is called)

    Goal: To wreck anything with its high offense; at least level 55
    Nature: ??? (Preferably a physical boosting one)
    Ability: Limber
    Mega Kick
    Hi Jump Kick

    My current team at gym 3

    Charmeleon level 23
    Nature: Hardy
    Ability: Blaze
    Metal Claw

    Nidoking level 22
    Nature: Bashful
    Ability: Poison Point
    Double Kick
    Focus Energy
    Horn Attack

    Pikachu level 22
    Nature: Mild
    Ability: Static
    Item: None

    So tell me. Any improvements? The team of unevolved weak pokemon are what I am currently at. This is my tenth run of the game, this time with planning. Not concerned with the Sevii Islands, it never has worried me.
  2. Kikkoman

    Kikkoman Well-Known Member

    Just quickly, I appreciate that you probably can't get more than one of particular TMs, like Shadow Ball and Earthquake - it does stink, I know =P Also, keep in mind that, really, it's in-game, so you'll be able to get through whatever battles you need to if you have a good *enough* team =) High levels will work the best, and powerful moves. I don't have time to go through all your Pokemon individually, but just quickly:
    -You should give Earthquake to Nidoking over Hitmonlee any day. STAB makes it much better used on Nidoking than Hitmonlee (of course, you could always breed it so you have multiple EQs if you wanted to, though). Replace Shadow Ball on Nidoking with EQ instead.
    -As for Hitmonlee, Mega Kick, while powerful, is highly inaccurate, so giving Hitmonlee Return will be much safer, while still fairly comparable in strength (102 at full happiness). Also, in lieu of Earthquake, why not give it Rock Slide instead; it could give you some useful flinches. It's not as strong, but it does work well with the Flying types that Fighting is weak against. Rock Slide can be taught by a tutor near the end of the Rock Tunnel.
    -(This applies to all your Pokemon): It's worth seeing what type of Hidden Power they each have, and how strong it is/seems to be. That can give you some interesting coverage options.
    -Jynx can use Ice Beam, so give it that. I'm sure you can get multiple Ice Beam TMs.

    There's a little bit of help! =)

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