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A Friend In Deed! (080)

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Serebii, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    A Friend in Deed!

    After Beating the 4th Round, Ash has to prepare for the finals...only 16 trainers left, Ash is anxious...however he meets a trainer called Richie who also go through. They both fall for a scheme of Team Rockets and have their Pokemon stolen, can they get them back?

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  2. Psychic Venusaur

    Psychic Venusaur Pokemon Master

    This is currently the only thread in this section with no posts, so I'll say something.

    I like how Richie tackled Ash to save him, and then Ash knocked him off of him.

    If Team Rocket never took breaks after heists, they'd probably have accomplished something, like in this episode.

  3. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    Hmm... I never cared for the Richie saga. He was too boring as a character.
  4. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    For the life of me, I still cannot understand why people don't like Richie. Sure he's got odd names for his pokemon (though I liked Cruise the pupitar later), and yes he's had some of the same pokemon as Ash, but really, I think he's a great character. I can see why people don't like Tracey (though I like him) and Casey (ditto), but why people don't like Richie just puzzles me. I think he really has a great rapport with Ash in this episode, and I liked how they worked together to get their pokemon back and the others'.

    I also liked Team Rocket in this episode. Sure they were stealing all the pokeballs and everything, but they really fought as hard as they could to try and win this time. I liked how James did "turn attack". LOL :D
  5. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    ^It is because he beat Ash. If Richie lost, there would be more Richie fans. Plus some people don't like how "close" they got.
  6. charizard trainer #1

    charizard trainer #1 Ready to lose???

    Richie was boring but like articuno_trumps_all said: its because he won against Ash. Ash should've won and secondly he bowed out of the tournament when he deserved to go further one step.

    Anyway, this episode was meh to me. Sure it had character developement but this was the first episode where i got bored- the next time would be johto. However, in saying that it opened up a new rival for Ash in future days. Lets hope the writers use him...
  7. Rufinito18

    Rufinito18 mE Entertainment

    I hate Ritchie. Ash lost to him agaisnt him in the cheapest way
    (Charizard). Plus, he annoyed the hell out of me. His voice as well as his pokemon with stupid names. He had (before pupitar) the same pokemon as Ash. That just annoyed the hell out of me. He's the Ash Clone, not May.

    1.A pikachu on his shoulder.
    2.A butterfree ( THAT got me mad)
    3.A charmander
    4.A taillow

    For god's sake, it's ridiculous

  8. charizard trainer #1

    charizard trainer #1 Ready to lose???

    ^^ i feel the same way but i never hold a grudge. Richie wasn't unique like Gary, Morrison and Harrison. I think he was the worst of all Ash's rivals. But then again, if Ash defeated him then i guess my whole opinion on richie would change. We haven't seen richie since that special and he seems behind Ash- tailow, charmeleon, pupitar, etc.

    JONNO.FRESH Well-Known Member

    I liked this episode. I Like Richie and thought he was a kool character even though he is an Ash Clone. Guess the writers couldnt think of a good team line up for him and decided to rip ash's team
  10. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    But Richie was unique in his personality. Who cares what pokemon he uses. And as for the behind comment, you have to admit that Charizard rushed through his evolution. You say behind Ash, I say taking the time he needs to actually have a good team.
  11. tmp1114

    tmp1114 Marsh Trainer

    serebii when you going to put up the pictures.
  12. charizard trainer #1

    charizard trainer #1 Ready to lose???

    Oh definetly but what i meant is that so far (up till richie's chronicles episode) it seems Ash is stronger but we don't know all of Richie's team. As for their match back in season 1, Ash arrived late for the match (we all know why) and pigeoto was tired, muk and kingler were at oak's and all he had was bulba and charizard after he lost squirtle and pikachu. Ash didn't have time to prepare for the match and that is the major reason why he lost. Thats why richie is really disiked by some people.
  13. Pacman

    Pacman Well-Known Member

    I remember this. It was OK. Richie was kind of annoying, and so was TR.
  14. Battra

    Battra Well-Known Member

    Ah the 1st appearance of Richie a favorite of mine even more then Ash since Richie seems to be a jack of all trades in stead of being an Ash clone. I like how he gives his Pokemon nicknames instead of just calling them by their regular names it sets him apart from most other trainers. To bad Richie doesn't show up more in the series or with some traveling companions cause i'd really like to see more of him and his Pokemon team.
  15. TheShark

    TheShark shark

    a friend in deed

    After seeing this episode again today during the CN marathon (I thought it was horrible the first time around back then), another thing irks me: why Ash wouldn't have saved Squirtle for Richie's Charmander rather than wasting it on Butterfree since he knew the three Pokemon Richie always uses. He could have used Bulbasaur on Butterfree, or Pikachu for that matter even though he didn't know of it could battle or not.
  16. mystkmastkal

    mystkmastkal Well-Known Member

    does CN have a marathon of pokemon every monday?
  17. TheShark

    TheShark shark

    CN marathons

    They have been in recent weeks, I'm not sure how long it has been lasting.
  18. This episode's best line comes from Jessie, in the form of: 'If you'd just give your pokéballs to this official looking man with the moustache...' That was a good line.
    TR have been bugging the whole of the competition, screwing around during matches, so surely, every trainer competing should know who they are, and I would've thought one of them would have enough sense to recognise them...
    Also, who the hell battles with a Magikarp, eh? Unless it is a similar one to the DP episode 'Ya see we want an evolution', or has similar tactics to Jeannette's Bellsprout, that trainer isn't going much further in the competition...
  19. Hooray4Homestar

    Hooray4Homestar Don't die, ketchup!

    I just barely remember this episode. And I honestly didn't like it. Richie wasn't that interesting.
  20. dagon22

    dagon22 Charmander master!

    I liked Richie. I think it shows that some people use the same pokemon. Like when you start the game, you find caterpie in the woods and pidgey in the grass. I like how Richies pikachu had a little thing of hair stiking up. And I was glad that Richie had a charmander. And instead of skipping charmeleon, he had it an other time we saw him. Maybe if we see him again, he'll have a charizard. I would be happy if he had a charmander still. It would be nice to know where he came from though.

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