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A friendly discussion about friendship

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A few days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting discussion about how people handle friendship and friend requests on SPPf. Some will accept random friend requests even if they don't know the person, while others shut down their profiles completely and expect people to befriend them through various forums. Some people prefer to be left alone.

I'd like to hear your viewpoints on the matter. What does friendship and profile privacy mean to you?
like, friendship on the internet as a whole, or social networking sites only?
I meant SPPf, but I guess this could apply to the whole interwebs.


Maiden of the forest
Well, when I first join a site (like how I just joined here, basically), i'll accept pretty much any request as long as it's not a spambot. I'm much more open and eager to making friends since as a newbie, I haven't got any.

As time goes on and I integrate myself into the community, i'll leave my profile open for messages but i'm selective in who I accept. I'm a more reserved person, so i'll probably only add people i've at least talked to a bit. I'm not the kind of person that only adds best friends or something like that.

I feel like that's kind of a snotty way to do it, but while i'm not friends with everyone I like to think i'm approachable and friendly, unless you're a really mean/rude person or you have incredibly poor grammar. I can get along with just about everyone.

On the matter of communicating, I don't have any form of communication outside of forums, but I probably wouldn't give that information out to many people even if I did, maybe my closest friends.


Not a tool
I don't usually think of the friend request function as all that meaningful, probably because this is the internet.
Well put

Anyway, I don't accept friend requests from people whom I haven't had more than superficial contact with. If someone has traded with me, battled me in SSBB, engaged in enlightening conversation with me, or the like, then I'll befriend them.


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I really never care about people I invite on sites as this..usually just do it because I'm bored and want to talk to somebody :/


I don't really care for friendships online but I have started to accept random friend requests since they're pretty meaningless to me anyway. I have added a few people over the years but they are exceptions since I enjoy reading their posts or whatever.


TCG Trainer
I used to have a friend online in high school. Once I got into College, he really just wanted me to troll around with him though, so I kinda dropped it.

I'll be completely honest; I greatly prefer the face to face contact of a friend than the online ones. So I usually take friend requests on places like Sppf with a grain of salt. There are a few times though when a certain member I can say "You could be a bro if we ever met", and then I'll friend request them. But other than that I don't really care much for it.

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I like people...but not crazy people. so most people i accept.


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Usually, I'll accept pretty much anyone, even if it's a complete stranger. Giving them friend requests would actually help to create more conversations between you and them. It's just what I think, personally. Giving random friend requests to people is alright, as long as they're trying to be involved with you a lot, like with constant discussions and battling.

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When I first joined, while I didn't send much requests, I accepted any that came my way. As time went on, I stopped accepting random requests. However, I would tell the person who sent it to start a chat with me if they wish for me to accept the request. But even then, I rarely send another request.

But honestly, it shouldn't matter if they're a Serebii friend or not. If I can keep up a frequent chat with someone, then it's good enough for me. Like the post counts, the number of friends doesn't mean anything or determines how much respect one gets. Some good members don't have a lot of friends, high post counts, or both, because they are willing to give good advice and aren't nasty to other people without letting those optional traits bother them.


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I also send friend requests to people whom I respect. Like that one cool guy who never posts anymore, ParadoxWithinAParadox. Wherever he is, I know he's probably watching and smiling from afar.


So 1991
I used to accept friend requests from anyone, but now I only accept them from established SPPF members, particularly ones I respect. I don't get many requests anyway because I am rather unfriendly. I also never send friend requests.

I don't really care much about making friends online, but I am not opposed to it if someone is interesting enough.


You are next.
internet in general- only add people as friend if i see them a lot, in some games, will temporarily add someone i acquaint with

SPPf- only if I see their posts a lot and like them

facebook- only friends or people i want to keep connection with. acquaintance usually are sorted into the acquaintance list and never see again or never added


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Well, I never send friend requests, and I very rarely initiate actual conversations with people (unless you count replying to individual posts in threads, but that's different) and even when I do, it's basically only with people I already know well. If somebody feels like putting the effort in to talk to me, though, I'll generally reply and try to keep the conversation going, and I certainly don't prevent whoever from doing so by closing my profile or PMs or what-have-you. Also, for a long while I was trying to keep my friend list down to a specific number, so I've unfriended quite a few people on that arbitrary basis, and I now kinda feel bad about it. So, if anyone I did that to actually noticed and actually cared, I am deeply, truly, profoundly sorry. Oh, and I don't accept random friend requests, either. All of the people on my list are either people I truly like, or people whose requests I thought would be funny to accept.

Well put

Anyway, I don't accept friend requests from people whom I haven't had more than superficial contact with. If someone has traded with me, battled me in SSBB, engaged in enlightening conversation with me, or the like, then I'll befriend them.
Oh, that's the other category of people who made it onto my friend list, although the only ones I actually accepted (I think) were people I respected and/or liked. Most of them probably were purged by my headcount limit, though. We should totally Brawl sometime btw it would BE AWESOMEffffffff
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