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A friendly discussion about friendship

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I occasionally get a request from a newbie member I've never even seen before. Those are the kind of requests I turn down - ones from people who've never said a single word to me. All you have to do to get on my friend list, really, is have a conversation with me. It needn't even be through VM or PM; in-thread chatting works too.

Speaking of Dattebayo, I miss him. He was a pleasure to talk to.
Funnily enough Dattebayo's on my facebook friends list. I have just a handful of serebii friends on facebook. With the serebii exception I only accept friends who I know in real life, and have had a few conversations with. I barely ever add people first, unless it's a really obvious addition like a best friend irl who's only just joined the site. I do have quite a few friends, mainly because I've moved a couple of times now and I've got a broad base of acquaintances.

I have a warm relationship with all my contacts online, with the notable exception of a couple of family members who add me on sites and then pointedly ignore me/don't get along with me. But I'll be seeing them at weddings and funerals so I don't want to cause friction over facebook, and besides, family is family.

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Unless the person who sends me a friend request is someone who has proven to me that they are evil, I accept all friend requests, as I don't like rejecting them for some reasons. Friendship on forums mean nothing to me though.


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I only accept SPPf friend requests from members I'm actually friendly with. I'm mostly the same with Facebook, though if I just met an old friend on the street and they send me a friend request, I usually won't say no. I almost never add internet friends on my Facebook, though.

I'm also just not someone who likes/takes pride in having huge friend lists. :p



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I don't normally reject a friend request on Serebii. Only if it's someone I have never talked to before or have a general distaste for. There's not many in the second category, but there are a select few. Facebook is completely different. I hardly accept any of the friend requests I get there. Because many people I know are quite undesirable in my opinion. Read: if I'm aware that you smoke underage, drink underage, do drugs, sleep around, (etc.), 99.99% of the time you are not ending up on my friends list.

EDIT: Oh, I just realized someone mentioned Dattebayo. He was on my friends list before he got banned. Then I accidentally unchecked his name from my friends list because oversensitive touchpad on my old laptop was oversensitive a few days after he was banned.
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Meh, I don't use Facebook. When it comes to different forums I visit though, I'll usually accept a friend request from someone I've had a friendly conversation with. I usually don't if I've never heard of that person before, but I'm willing to get to know almost anyone


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I've made many great friendships online and have met with many of them in real life. Though I've met none on this site. I will almost always accept a friend request but I am reluctant to start or engage in conversation with a stranger. I prefer to get to know people through the forums and see how they handle other people and then I may talk with them privately after a while.


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On serebii, I'll just accept pretty much anyone. :/

I don't, won't, and don't care to know who you are, and likely vice versa.
On the forums, I accept anyone that isn't suspicious (as in: just joined a few minutes ago, bad/rude poster, etc). On Facebook, I accept anyone that I've seen or heard of. Or if they have a lot of mutual friends. I reject friend requests from people I've only met online, though.


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I accept pretty much everyone, unless your a convicted sex offender or serial killer, and sometimes even then.


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As a general rule, I don't accept random friend requests, mostly because I find them annoying and rather meaningless. But just because I don't accept random requests, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good conversation with anyone.

As for privacy settings and the like, I will usually keep my profile more private, and less things filled mostly because it is the internet, and the less people know about my personal life, the better.
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I accept friend requests but I don't come on here often enough to make friends. I prefer knowing people irl


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Friends, eh?

...man, back in the day I had some real friends. I went on this forum that had every stripe of Pokemon Trainer. Smogonite, casual, rabid Yaoi Fangirl, 13-year-old...I knew all of them, and we were great friends.


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People I have talked to enough to internet-like them, I usually don't go out of my way to add people though.


On Facebook, i generally add people who I can actually remember meeting them irl. There's a few exceptions with people who I have a mutual friend with but have had a good online conversation with.

Here I choose people generally who I've chatted with in thread and liked them. I don't really reject requests but I'm not going to try and add everyone to look like I know everyone as I don't need to.


I am picky about choosing friends.

Firstly as this is a forum, anyone can see what I typed. So I only set my profile to be viewed only by friends. I do not want posts by random people posting nonsenses and trolling on my wall.

I am a friend seeker. Like real life, I have a preference for making friends.

Those who are annoying goes to my ignore list.
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