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A Full Course Tag Battle! (544)


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I love this episode, it was nice to see May again =)


May's pokemon were cool, i loved to see her again...
And the battle vs Snorlax and Munchlax was too easy...


Really? May didn't know that the restaurant charges you for the food with a pre-course tag battle? Come on now, what kind of restaurant does that to begin with? I swear they'll come up with any excuse to showcase a battle :p

I liked that the boys battled for their share and that the girls fought for their share. It was fair. I loved the double Munchlax's in this episode, all so they could find the missing food. Though May was a little too hungry :/

Good Filler to remind us of why we all liked May to begin with. 6/10


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I'm glad May came back and it was great to see Blaziken in action again. I like that May and Dawn teamed up to battle and their battle was good but Ash and Brocks was way too short. This was a nice episode.

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Good episode as well, I found it funny when May was furious with all the food gone (Dark May lol), she really loves her food doesn't she. I liked hearing about Harley and Drew and even Max, and good that Eevee evolved not to mention the rest of her Pokemon evolving, loved seeing Blaziken again and Dawn/May teaming up.

Snorlax and Munchlax was quite weak getting destroyed like that, I guess the trainer before them might have been weaker too. I also liked the double Ice beam by Glaceon and Buneary.

I wonder if Dawn somehow gotten inspired by May's Johto ribbions and at the end of the region she decides to leave for Johto (But I am guessing she will leave for Hoenn).


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I really like how close and friendly May and Ash are shown to be, which is felt all the more b/c it contrasts with some of the teasing that goes on b/w May and Brock. Near the end, May and Ash pull out their halves of the ribbon they split when they tied at the Battle Frontier's concluding contest, and May talks about how it has encouraged her b/c it reminds her of the things she learned from Ash. I honestly think May is being a little generous if, as Brock explains to Dawn, this means she's greatly appreciative of Ash's teachings when she was a starting coordinator, since I personally believe Ash was learning many things himself in Hoenn and the Battle Frontier. Ash's Hoenn journey, to me, was his learning how to be a better trainer w/o relying so much on his best pokemon, like Charizard and Snorlax and etc. The fact that he finished at the Hoenn league with the same result as his Jhoto experience using the same 6 pokemon throughout the tournament and who were, I feel, largely an underpowered group for a league experience was a step forward for him; he was learning to think more strategically. Then, the Battle Frontier really took things to another level for Ash and pretty much finalized the way he likes to battle. And May was there throughout all that time; so, the way I like to think of things, May and Ash grew together and became the accomplished trainers they are now. In fact, it sort of feels like May has surpassed Ash in terms of popularity, from the way Dawn talks about her. At the beginning scene, Dawn tells Piplup they are going to meet the coordinator who Ash and Brock traveled with, which is a fair enough introduction. But when Dawn meets May, she has a little fun by calling May the princess of Hoenn. That's a pretty big compliment, and it's not like May denies she's called that. (Shrugging) This could all be a dub thing, but wow, May has really blossomed if she has that sort of recognition. And that goes back to the ribbon May shares with Ash. They grew together, and on trainer experience and technique, I would honestly say May could hold her own against Ash in battle. And the only reason I say this is b/c, looking at all the battles Ash and Dawn have had in Sinnoh, I feel like the writers have gone out of their way to make the fact that Ash is a much more experienced trainer than Dawn very clear. I don't think that's quite the case with May and Ash. There's a different sort of respect b/w them: they're much more on equal terms in terms of trainer skill, and that's one part of the significance of their ribbon, I feel.
There I go, getting off on a tangent. What I wanted to bring up with the popularity thing with May is that Dawn is really in the dark about many of Ash's achievements. Definitely the Battle Frontier is one of them, but there's also the contest he "won" (she doesn't know of the ribbon), and a few of his experiences against other gym leaders. She's okay not knowing, for whatever reason; she appears to be comfortable thinking of him as a skillful trainer, and that's enough. It's quite amazing, when considering how she knows Brock was a gym leader and seems to have an inkling of May's experiences. To me, this shows how Ash has so much confidence in himself that he doesn't need to bring these things up until there's a reason to. You know, I think this was started way back when Ash introduced himself to Dawn, and it's been kept that way.

With all of this said, the fact that May cares so much for that ribbon is heartwarming and wonderful for the friendship/experiences it represents. Dawn brings out her own memento, which is her Mom's contest ribbon. And here it is: the difference in May's and Dawn's storylines. Remember way back at the start of Hoenn, May felt some pressure to take the gym challenge b/c her father was a gym leader, but the truth was she never really was that interested in doing gyms. She saw contests and enjoyed the idea behind them so much that she decided she wanted to be a coordinator instead; when she told her parents, they told her she should definitely go for it. By making this sort of tough, soul-searching decision about what she wanted to do, May established herself immediately as a very strong character; I don't think, from what I remember, that she ever felt that she should succeed b/c of her father's skill as a gym leader. In fact, I think that Max was the one of the two who truly felt that pressure in the way he looked at things. May was too strong of a person to be bothered by that, and that was shown from the beginning with her decisiveness in following her own dream instead of what her parents or maybe even the people of her town expected of her. Dawn is completely, completely different. Dawn likes contests, but the best she can hope to do is follow in her mother's footsteps. And that's fine; that's what she really wants to do, to be a skillful coordinator like her mother. That's why she hangs on to her mother's ribbon, as a good luck charm. But if it's a good luck charm, it's also a burden. It's keeping her from being her own person, in a way. This is a central storyline of Sinnoh: Dawn becoming her own person, and sort of stepping outside her mother's shadow and getting real confidence based on her own experiences. This what Dawn's mother is trying to teach Dawn by having her talk to her friends after contest victories and defeats, and things like that. May's ribbon that she shares with Ash is her own experience; Dawn's good luck ribbon is her mother's experience.

Okay, one more thought to finish this review, and that's how much confidence Ash has in May to help Dawn feel better. Judging from Dawn's reaction when Ash lets her know that he told May about her contest travels, she's not exactly thrilled that he did that (not that she's mad). Ash obviously talked to Brock before doing this, since he knows as well, and this all again shows that the two have been aware of how Dawn's been feeling, and really just giving her time. And May does a tremendous job of helping Dawn to feel better (although showing 3 ribbons is maybe not the best way to say that Jhoto has been filled with disasters, but Dawn is happy anyway). I think May has the 3rd biggest influence on Dawn's development, behind Ash and Zoey. And well, I'll look at that a little more in the next few episodes. Really, the best thing about this episode is Ash and May, so May and Dawn can wait a little until next time.
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I heard that Haruka's Theme was somewhere in the dub of the episode. I don't see it. Anyone tell me where it was? Unless it was just an instrumental.
Was this the first anime appearance of Glaceon?
Or did it have at least one other appearance?

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May's going to make the wallace cup even more exciting!


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"Your expiration date has past my dear!" Loved that line!


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see May back again. Her new outfit looks really cool, not as good as the original, but still cool. It was odd to see TR so big and chowing down food at the same time. It was cool to see Glaceon for the 1st time. Glaceon is so cute! My favorite DP evolution of Eevee, and 2nd favorite evolution altogether of Eevee. It was cool to see May and Dawn do a Double Battle together. The Fire+Water Fusion combo was really cool, even though it really hit Drifloon hard. May's reaction to the food being gone was hilarious.



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What a cute Glaceon and we see here that Dawn is aware of Max, I really think he should have appeared with his big sister because they're a set. Lol Dawn's like "May can I be on your team? fangirling a lil.


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I want to battle May and Dawn! First off, they need a lot of explanation about combo moves. Ice ball is awesome though. Maybe Rocko and I will enter the Wallace Cup in the Unova Region this October!


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The tag battle with Takeshi and Satoshi is too short. One hit KO is unsatisfactory in my opinion especially Takeshi rarely battles. Both tag battles with Haruka and Hikari was decent and a good interaction between Bursyamo and Pochama but it is quite strange to have one final form and one did not evolve to make a combination. Haruka's rage for food being stolen is hilarious. I would like to see Haruka come back in the future, even during the side stories is good enough.

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Pretty great episode. May returns and meets Dawn and both seem to get along great. Ash and Brock team up and win easily and before May and Dawn could have their battle Team Rocket appears and steals the food. The way May reacts is hilarious and Dawn says a nice little joke about May turning into a fire type which makes me laugh. Team Rocket eating like pigs also made me laugh and eventually blast off after May and Dawn battle them and take the food back. May and Dawn then finally have their battle while waiting for the food to get ready. May's awesome fire and water combo returns and the girls team work seems flawless. To top it off they give each other Dawn's "high touch". Probably one of the best DP episodes overall as I give it 10/10.


The tag battle with Takeshi and Satoshi is too short. One hit KO is unsatisfactory in my opinion especially Takeshi rarely battles. Both tag battles with Haruka and Hikari was decent and a good interaction between Bursyamo and Pochama but it is quite strange to have one final form and one did not evolve to make a combination. Haruka's rage for food being stolen is hilarious. I would like to see Haruka come back in the future, even during the side stories is good enough.

I agree about Ash and Brock's battle. I know that May and Dawn teaming up was basically the main event and all anyway, but I wanted Brock to at least get more battle screen-time.


How lame that May's Munchlax hadn't evolved yet. Her battling with her Blaziken again was epic, though. I also liked the souvenirs.


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"Your expiration date has past my dear!" Loved that line!

Lol I love that line too.

I though this was a great episode. I loved the May and Dawn interactions and that they played May's theme. Also Brock was a little ungrateful after getting his gift from May.

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I thought that May coming back on a boat was odd cuz Lake Valor was obviously a lake, not a sea. ^^; I was happy to see May's Glaceon however, plus the Max, Drew and Harley references as well. :3
May's and Dawn's interactions were the best part and so was May's anger scene at the Seven Stars restaurant. I was glad that she came back. :)