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A Full Course Tag Battle! (544)

I thought it was a little dumb that you have to win a battle in order to eat at the Seven Star Restaurant. I thought it was cool how Girafarig and Drifloon got annihilated by Piplup’s Whirlpool. It was also kinda cool that Ash and May kept their halves of the ribbons after all this time.


May seems more confident than before by nature, though I was shocked at how easily her ire was raised. Glaceon wasn't too bad either to me. But I don't think any one element was gratuitously used in this episode.

Pokegirl Fan~

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May was somewhat scary here when Team Rocket stole all the food lol. The Dawn and May interactions were quite nice here and I liked that they teamed up with each other in a tag battle.

Mrs. Oreo

May's and Dawn's interactions were the best part and so was May's anger scene at the Seven Stars restaurant. I was glad that she came back. :)

I loved seeing May's love of food make a comeback hee hee. Mostly I was relieved that her Blaziken got his chance to shine given that before this episode he had only been in one battle in his Blaziken stage. :3


So Haruka rejoined Satoshi's group at Lake Risshi, and it was sweet of her to bring Hikari a Pochama pendant. I liked that Haruka's Eievui had evolved into Glacia off-screen, and the Masato reference was neat. I chuckled when we saw the Rocket-dan stuffing their faces, and Pochama and Bursyamo teaming up against Fuwante and Kirinriki was exhilarating.


I call you honey
The episode was pretty good. Hooray for May's comeback and nice to see that Drew's Roselia evolved and that May's Munchlax is still Munchlax. Those restaurant trainers were weak though.


Given that Haruka and Hikari had only met here for the first time, I'm kind of shocked by how quickly they became friends. It was unnaturally fast, yet still pleasant to witness.


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May getting mad about the food was hilarious and I missed her so much that this episode seemed so good with her in it that nothing else mattered. I liked the battle at the restaurant the most.


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I love that Harley got a mention as he is one of my favourite characters and I thought he would be forgotten after the end of the gen 3 saga.

It was great having May back and seeing her hang out with the gang again. It was call to see May's Blaziken and her newly evolved Glaceon. I'm looking forward to the rest of this story arc. It was cool hearing how Max was doing too and having references to Gen 3 events was cool (the Terracotta city contest)


Alola Shill
May is the best. May is #1! God I love May

Loved how we get actual progress on how May is doing and how the world reacts to her outside the group, this is how you do a companion return. Team updates, reestablishing of her Fire Spin/Bubble Beam combo, and some fun interactions between her, Dawn, and Ash. It’s very sweet how much the ribbon she and Ash won means to her, and I like how they connected that to Dawn’s ribbon from Johanna. Great set-up for the Wallace Cup and a super enjoyable return episode for her