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A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness! (927)


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Funny episode, but nothing out of the ordinary here. It's a bit odd they kept the N on Meowth's helmet instead of changing it to M to reflect the first letter of its name. I know that Meowth's name in Japanese is Nyarth, but still.

TPCI aren't as intricate as 4Kids, they don't put that extra effort into localising the animation. That can be considered a good or bad thing at times, we've yet to see any rolling sandwiches or characters getting drunk off of milk in the TPCI dub. :p

It seemed they didn't improvise with a few Japanese pun gags that well either.

random question I doubt anyone would know but apparently the diamond and pearl motto theme plays in this ep but didn't play in the dub. I went to the Japanese version and watched the motto and it was the same xyz motto theme. So where did it play?

It plays as they are explaining their new mech to the twerps afterwards. Shame the dub didn't use it, given how often it played in Unova I thought they had some sort of affinity for it.
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A gadget festival, I like the sound of that! There must have been a person off screen handing out waiver forms to keep the organizers from getting sued. Some of those rooms looked really dangerous and how in the world did the scalding hot tea room get green lit?

Clemont and James being on the same wave length was kind of cool.

Even though I think they could have done more with the gadget theme, I'd say it was a pretty good episode.
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Decent filler episode. Team Rocket were hilarious, though. Interesting change to see Clemont narrate the ending of the episode. I was hoping the original narrator would comment about that.
I feel like this episode was made to serve as foreshadowing for the Magearna movie, except that it wasted time showing off Chespin and Pancham's annoying scuffles...again.


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Pretty hilarious filler episode. The berry-crushing invention at the start, and Serena's savage takedown of it made me lol.

I think that, in hindsight, we should have just gotten another league episode instead of this one to show more of Ash's battles instead of the just the highlights until Sawyer's battle. Not sure why we needed a filler like this when the League was so much shorter than it needed to be. But again, hindsight is 20/20, and I don't know if there was a previous discussion of this. Just my opinion.

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Not too bad of an episode as I liked the ingenuity of the gadgets and some tricks especially with the tea-serving robot scalding anyone who is close enough when it's trying to serve tea and Chespin fighting over with Pancham because I've haven't seen that rivalry in ages. It was nice for Clemont to take the role of the narrator at the end of the episode but however I'd like to see more of the piano gadget and more of so from the giant Meowth gadget.


For a pre-League episode, this one sure seemed upbeat and full of wacky antics. I wasn't pleased to see even more of Yancham and Harimaron's petty fighting, yet the mechanical setting was wonderful, and I loved how enthusiastic Citron was in this episode.
It was a nice episode, but I do wonder what exactly is its purpose right now. I can understand not wanting to jump immediately from Goodra's village to Lumiose, but the writers only had a few weeks to pace these things out well. And I second the strange tendency of forced Pokemon feuds. It would actually be an interesting change of pace if Pikachu had some sort of rivalry with another one of the group's Pokemon, even if that's not really his style.


grusha and iono supremacy
-This is the only time you’ll see Clemont going ahead of his friends. For SCIENCE!

-Even when he’s being a total nerd, he’s still adorable. Clemont supremacy!

-It’s times like these (Serena, Clemont, and Ash watching the ball drop exhibition) that I remember that they’re kids. They may be adorable, genius, and great with battles, but they really are just kids. It’s great.

-Clemont yells at his friends to have fun for a solid thirty seconds!

“You want to know why this is a science fair and not a science snooze? Because it’s about having fun! Fun, I say!”

-Team Rocket arguing semantics!

-What exactly do TR plan to do with Pikachu? We know they try to steal him at least once per episode. But what’s their goal? Will they stuff him and present him as a trophy to Giovanni? Or leave him in a cage for Meowth to torment? Or something else entirely?

-Clemont’s maniacal laughter as he leads his friends through the rooms is hilarious. He’s enjoying perplexing his friends immensely.

-Chespin pushing Pancham down the pinball thing. Friendship goals.

-“You see, walls can be opened like this.”

James is so dramatic. I love him.


as your friend just got splashed with probably scalding hot tea…

-I loved how this episode portrayed the Pokémon going through the escape rooms. It shows their dynamics and personalities, like Pancham and Chespin always arguing with and teasing each other, and Pikachu wondering why he puts up with those two.

-Clemont is pretty strong to be able to lift up TR’s Poké Ball suction thing.

-James and Clemont are a lot alike.