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A gander at the old - Showing of the ancient fics we made

A ways back, Duncan and myself had a PM spam war (Between the youtube wars) where we were getting snippets from old fics to compare which was hilarous. I brought up the idea, hey why not have a thread where people can post a prologue/chapter/snippet of their oldest fics for people to have a laugh at? Went quiet for a while but now here we are.

Feel free to laugh at the 2002 abomination below and post your own "golden" moments of the very old fics you have produced or comment on posted ones though would be prefered if you actually put a reply that was more than OH GOD MY EYES.

This is purely for fun and to cringe at. So up first? Well me. This has had three incarinations since and has been revdeveloped entirely into Overdose which I'm working on right now, just sidetracked by RT.


Sandra and Chargon Prologue

Concrete lay beneath my hands. Walls surround me. Ahead, lights rain down beams of light for as far as I can see. The stars above glitter as their moon rides across the sky. I don’t recognise any of this place. ‘Where am I?’ I question myself. I can’t see anyone, nothing but darkness apart from what the light escapes its grasp. I manage to stand up, wearily.

I try to think about what has happened to cause me to end up here. I draw a blank and it hurts my head to think. The more I try the more the answers stay out of reach.

I can’t understand what is going on. So many questions but no answers appear to their rescue. I appear to be uninjured. Nothing that would explain why my head feels like this.

I chose to try and find answers. I know I am about 5. But everything else about me I don’t know. Now I must find a way to survive at least until I can resolve some of these questions. I am alone in this world. Nothing can change that. At least that is what I think to myself.

3-year gap

I’m still surviving. Barely I must admit. People are constantly after me. Supposedly trying to help. Like I believe that. I think I’ve done pretty well for myself. Yet, the answers I seek are no closer, but maybe even a little further away. Sirens. ‘Not again’ I mutter. Those police cars have been after me for a while now. Trying to ‘help’ me. So I stole some bread. I don’t live off air alone you know.

I sneak back to the same alley it all started in. The sound is closing in fast. I lean back on one of the walls. Trying to keep out of sight. But I don’t think I’ll be as lucky this time. I place the bread behind a dustbin and hide again in the shadows.

But, something strange happens. I fall backwards. ‘How?’ I yell. I was against a brick wall. They don’t just disappear. Good thing I didn’t yell that too. I fall backwards and land on something.

Grass? …………


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Well as there has been no posts I'm gonna put up a more recent fic snippet as a sorda compare to a more modern writing of mine with the trash above:

Of course when even from your smallish table, if all you can see is the sardine movement of people getting just a little too “friendly” with one another, you have to wonder about the sanity of some people cramming themselves in a booze version of a cattle yard. Still, all the better for some random banter is it not as the night grows in age?

‘My bets on one more; if one doesn’t come over soon you’ll be on the floor hunting for peanuts in desperation.’

‘You suck, you can barely hold down one before you’re out of it anyway.’

‘News to me, sides not my fault somebody dragged me out feeling like this is it? Oh and there’s froth on your face. Goatees really don’t suit you.’

‘There is? **** hang on,’ the steadily increasing drunk answers looking rather embarrassed. Snatching up a napkin from who knows where, we don’t reeeeeally want to know, before wiping it off glancing back with the now sodden napkin still in his hand.

‘That got it?’

‘Yeah, shame it didn’t get rid of your face or something in the process,’ Hance replies with a grin much to the look of utter, well the blonde is so out of it that it doesn’t look utter anything to be honest leaning more for mock fury before grumpily downing another mouthful for his third pint.

Thank you years making improvement, though this isn't as terrifying as some art I just posted in Fanart it's still bad.



Wielding Übersaw.
Oh, god, here we go.

“Hey, you. Yeah, you.”
He looked up from his drawing. It was a very creepy man, although Tyler couldn't quite figure out why. Maybe it was his eyes. They appeared as if they were staring into your soul.
“Want to have a battle?” the man questioned. Tyler's heart leaped.
“Sure!” he exclaimed. “I'd love to!”
“Okay....” the man said. “One on one? Winner gets an item?”
“Go, Smeargle!” The man threw out his pokeball. It hit the ground and then released the Smeargle. Growling slightly, it eyed the battlefield.
“Go, Tropius!” Tyler yelled, throwing out his own pokeball. Hitting the ground, it released the huge leafy dinosaur. It roared, and stamped the earth. However, the Smeargle was unfazed.
“Ok, Tropius, Magical Leaf!” He yelled. Rainbow leaves came shooting out of the Tropius' back, following the Smeargle. It ran, but as if guided, the leaves came and sliced the small dog-like creature's back. It let out a low moan of pain.
“Smeargle, Hyper Fang!” The man roared. The Smeargle all of a sudden grew huge buck teeth. This took both Tropius and Tyler by surprise. The Smeargle leaped at the Tropius, fangs bared. Said teeth sank into it's neck, and the leafy dinosaur roared with pain.
“Tropius, shake it off!” Tyler screamed. The Tropius shook it's huge neck and the Smeargle came flying off. “Now, fly up in the air!” He commanded.
The Tropius did as Tyler said. “Now use Stomp!” He yelled. With a nod of it's head, the Tropius dove down, one of its feet enlarged.
“Smeargle, watch out!” the man cried. But it was too late. The gigantic foot squished Smeargle down into the ground.
The Tropius lifted it's foot apprehensively. In the dirt was a very flat and dazed Smeargle. It had quite obviously fainted.
“We win the match!” Tyler exclaimed joyfully. The Tropius let out a happy bellow. “So, what's my prize?”
“Here.” The man flipped a small, yellow gem to Tyler. He eagerly caught it.
“Thanks, mister!” He exclaimed. But the man had already gone...

Psychic oughta remember this piece of garbage. Thank goodness, I revamped it and it's much better.. but that's a story for another day.

Umbreon Ruler

Swim for your life.
I'm so ashamed. My "good" writing looks like some of the "bad" writing posted here. XD

The Professor’s brow furrowed guiltily as he looked around the building, trying to think of a solution. Finally, he eyes were drawn toward the round object in his hands. “Danny wait!” he shouted, running out the door.

“What is it?” Danny asked with hope in his eyes and turning around towards the old man.

“You can have this,” Oak said as he held out the round object. Danny’s face fell as he saw it.

“What's that?” he asked dully, staring tiredly at the gift.

“It’s called a Pokémon egg,” he replied, excitement building in his voice. "Do you know Misty, the gym leader?"

“Of course, who doesn't?” asked the boy, gaining a spark of curiosity.

“Well, we were conducting research on water Pokémon together and she gave me this egg as a gift,” he stated. “I know it doesn't seem like much now, but this egg will hatch and become just as powerful as every other Pokemon out there.”

“I guess so...” he said as he took the egg from Oak. “Thank you.” Then he left the lab and hopped on his bike. 'I better say g'bye to mom before I leave,' he thought.

“One more thing,” Professor Oak said, “Here's your Pokedex.” He handed Danny a small, red, rectangular device. When he saw it, Danny brightened up a little, but not much.

Ick. Now, the same scene, rewritten a couple years later (a few months ago, I think):

Oak smiled and nodded, taking him inside and giving him a seat. “Now just wait there a moment.” He left the room and entered a bright, warm space. It was full of cylindrical glass cases that were capped with gold-painted metal rims. Every last one was empty, it appeared. However, one, hidden on the bottom shelf in the corner, held a small, creamy white egg, that’s only blemish was a tiny black swirl located at the smallest point on the very top of its hard surface.

Lifting it to eye level, the man searched for a label, but found none. After a moment of consideration, he shrugged and took it into the living space, where Danny awaited.

“Here you go!” He handed it to him, staring at his face intently.

The boy took it into his smaller, smoother hand, and blinked at it, then at the professor. “An… an egg?” he asked skeptically. “You’re giving me an egg?”

“Mm-hm.” He nodded proudly. “What do you think?”

“Eh… it’s…” He paused. “Great…” An incredibly phony grin spread across his face. “Thaaanks…”

Seeing his displeasure, he decided to move on to the next formality of receiving a Pokémon. Excusing himself, he hurriedly sifted through several items in his desk drawer, until he found a bright red object. It was rectangular, with smooth edges, and three lights at the top. He opened the hinged plastic door on it, pressed a few buttons experimentally, and then took it to Danny, explaining that it was a Pokédex, a tool used for identifying Pokémon.

Not so much different, but I still like to think I've improved. :p


I can see the future
Yeah, I have only been writing fan fiction for what, a year and a half? But wow, after looking back, there's a huge difference between my first story and the latest stuff I've written.

This is an excerpt from Johto Stories, my fan fiction debut:

The boy rode his bike up the grassy hill. At the top was a single, tall oak tree, its branches spread out wide over the hill. From the hill, it was easy to see where the boy lived, Petalburg City.

This is the perfect place to take a break, he thought.

He dismounted his bike and set it up against the tree. Reaching down to his belt he pulled out two PokeBalls.

“Alright, Cyndaquil. Riolu. Come on out.”

A flash of white light burst out of the two PokeBalls and from that appeared two Pokemon. They opened their eyes and looked around. The weather was beautiful and they realized that their master was taking a break. Both smiled happily. Riolu started climbing the tree, with amazing speed and skill. Cyndaquil, on the other hand, walked over to the shady side of the tree, curled up, and went to sleep. The boy smiled, happy to see that they were enjoying the time outside. Recently, the weather hadn’t been so good and they were stuck inside the house.

He sat down, back against the tree. He was a good-looking kid. He wore an unbuttoned blue shirt over a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He took off his hat and ran his hand through his brown hair. He looked up at the sky. It was fairly clear, with some passing clouds. He watched as a flock of Tailow flew through the clouds. It was days like today that made him become a trainer five years ago. He smiled. This is the life.

Riolu jumped down from the tree. He noticed that Cyndaquil was sleeping. Curiously, he started tip-toeing towards the sleeping Pokemon.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the boy warned, not even taking his eyes away from the sky. He didn’t need to; he knew exactly what Riolu was up to.

Riolu paused for a second, but shrugged it off. He was only a few feet from Cyndaquil. He moved closer, closer, and closer until…


He stepped on a twig.

Suddenly, Cyndaquil’s back flared up with flames as he stood up in anger. Riolu, scared for his life, dove behind the boy and hid; he stuck his head around from behind the boy and watched as Cyndaquil calmed back down and went back to sleep.

The boy smiled. “I warned you didn’t I? Cyndaquil doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s taking a nap.”


Dug up from the deep bowels of the web:

30 years ago, the great pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum arose as a pokemon trainer. The legendaries sensed his great potential and chose him as one of the heroes of legend. Ho-oh flew overhead to mark this occasion. During his training career, he saved the world from calamity a great many times. But he retired nearly twenty years ago. The world of pokemon has changed. Civilization has advanced. Ash has settled down and now lives alone with his wife and two children. The evil that threatened the world has retreated into hiding... for now. We begin our story not on a warm, sunny day with a happy-go-lucky rookie trainer somewhere in the vicinity of Pallet Town, but on a stormy night, in a cave well below the ocean’s surface...

The Beast of the Sea


Drip. Drip. Drip. Besides the occasional screech of a Zubat or scuttle of a Krabby, the drip of leaking rainwater was the only sound that could be heard. Even the pokemon of legend at the cave bottom weren’t making a sound. They were too deep in slumber.

That is, for now at least...

For outside the cave, a small speedboat dared to brave the storm. Most people wouldn’t brave the storm. The pilot of this craft was just too dull to use sense. His name was James. He worked for Team Rocket, hence the blood-red “R” on his black uniform. He turned off the motor and drifted ashore, beaching himself and stopping with an almighty jolt.

James climbed out of his boat, trying to remove it from the sand. After several failed attempts, he kicked the boat in frustration. This, of course, hurt his foot very much. However, it also loosened the boat from the sands and it sat in the water. James quickly climbed aboard and dropped the anchor of the ship into the depths below, stopping the drifting. Not that this would matter to him later.

James stealthily entered the cave, remaining undetected. He kept going for nearly an hour, until he finally hit the cave’s absolute lowest point: the Lugias’ nest. He had waited for this a long time... James took out a small bag and threw all its contents into the air. They looked like small beads, until they connected to each other with energy beams, replicating the same capture rings used by Lawrence III nearly thirty years ago.

The energy discharge caused by the creation of the connecting beams created a great thunderous noise, which immediately woke the nearby Lugia. The two legendary birds took what little flight they could within the confines of the cave, aiming to end this quickly and get back to sleep.

One of them, who was slightly larger and of considerably old age, let loose a thin Hyper Beam and moved it to hit and destroy every last one of the rings created by the man. Meanwhile, the other one, nearing its fully-grown state, dove straight for its attacker and hit him hard with a tremendous headbutt, knocking the man across the room and into the deep pool of water there.

The older bird slowly collapsed onto the ground. The younger one quickly flew over to see if its parent was okay. The older Lugia looked up and gave the younger one the following instructions:

Go to Kanto. In Pallet Town, you will find a boy, fourteen years old. The other legendaries and I have sensed great promise in him. You should sense him, too, when you near him. Transfer some of your powers to him. He will need them in the upcoming calamities.

That was the last that the two would see each other. The younger one wrapped its wing around the older one’s neck, then withdrew it and began to make its way out of the cave. Upon getting out of the cave’s interior, the Lugia took flight eastwardto Pallet.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the vicinity of the Sevii Islands...

A man with glowing red pupils and a sharp brown suit had watched the whole thing on a videophone. Annoyed at his minions’ stupidity, he slammed a glove-covered hand onto the table, rattling his coffee mug among other things. Then someone knocked on the door outside.

“Come in,” he growled. The doorknob turned slowly, and then a slim woman in her mid-twenties with black shoulder-length hair and a black suit with a big blood-red “R” on the back strode into the room and sat in the chair in front of the man.

“Status report, I presume?” he asked, still scowling. The woman frowned.

“Yeah,” she said, “but you seem to be in a worse mood than usual, Gio. What’s up?”

“I just watched James get himself killed on the monitor. What’s more, the healthy one flew away,” Giovanni said. He said this casually, like he didn’t care about someone being killed.

“Well, he was an idiot. It was going to happen eventually,” the woman said, just as simply. “Now, you wanted a report on Project Sigma?”

Giovanni sighed. “Yes, Soara, I would like a report on Sigma.”

Soara smirked. “Nine weeks,” she said, holding up nine fingers, “then you can make as much chaos as you want. Just one set of legs left, but we’re outta stuff to make it with. We need some time for that.”

Giovanni growled deeply. “Raid the other teams’ warehouses. Go take materials from the public. Do whatever you need to, just finish the project and do it now!”

Soara gave Giovanni a sour look, then stood up and sternly said “Watch your temper. It’ll get done, so stop yelling.” She then left the room briskly, not wanting to get caught in the middle of one of his mood swings. She began to think back to the cause of these violent eruptions.

Ever since right before he had ordered the project to be started four years ago, his eyes started glowing and he began acting odd. What’s more, the old coot was near-seventy, but didn’t look or act a day over forty (besides the extreme moodiness).

There must be some sort of cause... Soara thought, but I’ll look into it later. Right now, I need to finish up work. She quickly walked to the elevator, and then pressed a button with an odd symbol in it. The elevator began to move backwards, and then stopped, and then it began moving downward at great speed (for an elevator). The door opened and a great light shone through into the elevator car. Though temporarily blinded, Soara slowly walked into the room ahead...

To be continued...

Gawd. So cliche, using the same expressions multiple times, pointless Asian-sounding names... and this was only four years ago. I have shame.

EDIT: Never mind, Dragonfree wins, er, loses.
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Just me
My first Pokémon fic is worse than yours. >:/ Like, much worse. It revolves completely around the sheer powerfulness of my Sue-legendary-hybrids, has absolutely no sense of writing style and has hilariously bad spelling and grammar, what with being my first attempt at writing anything in English.

It has passages like this:

Molzapart is a pokémon with no weakness. It can, too, do a super effective hit on every type except fire, but with its status, they shouldn’t be a problem. If Articuno were water type, Molzapart would have weakness for electric. If the legendary birds weren’t birds, it would have weakness for ground. You see it almost has weakness for some types. But...I didn’t notice... uh-oh, it has triple wekness for rock-type! Help! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! But, after all, rock-types are slow. Molzapart would just kill them with Blizzard or Ice beam before it could attack Molzapart. No problem, but what about fire/rock type like Maccargo? Doesn’t matter. Molzapart doesn’t need weakness to win in one hit. Forget it, rock-types! Molzapart is much stronger!

And the marvelous logicfail of this:

You know, nearly dead people are given electric shocks on hospitals to turn them to life. And Raikou’s Thunder it much more powerful than Hospital machine’s Thundershock. The little life left in Raikou went with the Thunder straight to the place where Suicune’s water and Entei’s body touched each other and Entei died. A Thunder with some life in it can turn dead pokémon back to life. And that is exactly what happened. Raikou, Entei and Suicune mixed because the Thunder came from one pokémon and it hit two dead ones at a time. And now, Rainteicune was born!

And battles like this:

Alan had his first trainer battle using Rainteicune when Rainteicune had reached level 40 and learned all its attacks. The moveset now was Surf, Rain dance, Thunder and Fire blast. Charlie had reached level 15. The trainer was one of the trainers that had cloned Raikou, Entei and Suicune and his name was Roger. His Raikou, Entei and Suicune were all level 40, just like Rainteicune.

Alan first sent out Charlie to make him gain some experience. Roger, of course, sent out Suicune because water beats fire.

“This won’t work. Charlie, come back! Go, Rainteicune!”

“Rainteicuuuune!” This was of course Rainteicune’s cry.

“Hey! What is that? You’re cheating! Only pokémon can fight in a pokémon battle!”

“This is a pokémon. Look!” And Alan pointed his pokédex at Rainteicune.

“Rainteicune, mystic pokémon. This pokémon was first caught by a young trainer at route 46. It is a mix between Raikou, Entei and Suicune.”

Rainteicune’s data had of course been added to Alan’s pokédex, but Roger’s pokédex only said “no data avaiable”.

“Your pokédex needs to be updated,”Alan said, laughing at Roger’s look inside.

“Okay. Suicune – Rain dance!”

“Rainteicune – Thunder!”


“Rain... tei...CUUUUUNE!”

And Suicune was off.

“Charlie, it’s your turn!”

“Go! Entei!

Entei knows Stomp. Charlie could never survive that.

“Charlie, come back! Go! Rainteicune!”

“Entei – Stomp!”

“Rainteicune – Surf!”



And Entei was off, but Rainteicune had only half of its health.

“Charlie, beat that one!”

“Go! Raikou!”

“Charlie – Flamethrower!”

“Raikou –Spark!”

“Charman der!”


Charlie hit Raikou, but became paralyzed.

“Oh no! Charlie, come back! Go! Rainteicune!”

“Raikou – Thunder!”

“Rainteicune – Fire blast!”

“Rai... KOU!”


Rainteicune went down to 2 Hit Points, but Raikou fainted.

“Okay, thanks for the match… gotta go!”

Beat that.

Ace Kenshader

Dreaming sexy
Well this is a first XD (Well here anyway), never thought I'd see the day when we would bring up our old writings in a competition to see who was more lousier then *acts like a geezer* :I.

Anyways, while I did delete most of the old writings I did; I still have the document of that old entry story I did for that Legendary Pokemon contest back at the end of 2006 which apparently had the lowest score out of all the other participants... I'm a bad writer 8C.

“Rukias, it’s terrible. The enemies have breached the island, our soldiers and the fighting pokemon are dying from the onslaught of the Dyinka army, and Emperor Tyan is at the village, forcing our people to tell him where the orb is, and…” Grace couldn’t finish her sentence, because Rukias moaned in pain yet again. Grace couldn’t understand, she thought that it looked like the emperor had missed death from the fallen pillar, and he was fine. But he was far away from being fine. As Grace looked down further the emperor’s body, she made a horrifying discovery. Rukia’s legs are pinned down underneath the pillar, the blood circulation to his legs are being forcefully cut off by 4 tonnes of concrete and stone. “Emperor, your trapped, let me help you get free before you lose your legs.”

Since Grace didn’t have any pokemon with her, she had to lift the heavy pillar all by herself. She knows that she has nowhere close the strength she needed to lift the pillar, but she kept trying, to save her emperor. Then the emperor pushed her back saying weakly, “Don’t waste your strength Grace… I’m done for, you can’t save me. Go… Run, get to the orb before Tyan does, call for Kyogre, and save the islands before this war destroys life on Nuvando and Dyinka.”

“I won’t,” Grace told the emperor, refusing his command. “I won’t leave you Rukias!!!” She kept lifting with all her strength, but all of that strength was no luck. The pillar was stuck on top of Rukiases legs like super glue.

“You have to,” Rukias yelled at the young woman. “If you don’t, Tyan will kill both you and I once he finds out the orb am in the Sea tap cavern that’s behind the palace!!! It‘s the only way for you to become emperor of the two islands so that there can be peace between our island and Dyinka.” He then yelled out. “Crawdaunt, Vaporeon!!! Come here!!!”

Grace ran towards the chest before Tyan even had a chest to get up, and opened the chest. There, lying on the blue silk that’s bundled up into a scrunched ball at the bottom of the chest was a blue orb that had ancient carvings of the leviathan pokemon, surrounded by waves of crystal clear water. It was the treasure that Rukias wanted Grace to get before Tyan laid his tainted fingers on it. “Finally,” Grace said as he looks out into the opening at the other side of the room that had the view of the entire ocean, which was like a sort of balcony, “Can you see this Rukias? If you’re up there in heaven, then I guess you failed to protect me, but I won’t fail to save the islands for you and the inhabitants.”

Grace placed her hands around the orb as gently as if it were made out of thin glass, and gently picked it up. She then runs toward the balcony, but Tyan had quick movements on his hands, and grabbed Grace on the right foot. “You think I’m going to let you summon Kyogre you little brat?” Tyan yelled in anger as he pulled Grace as fast like a Seviper striking on its prey “Think again!!!”

Grace fell hard onto the floor, scraping her right knee so bad that a lot of skin is missing from it. It bled really badly, and the pain was tremendous for the young girl to take. She yelped in pain like an injured Vulpix and accidentally let go of the orb. She saw in horror as it flown through the air and landed a few feet from the edge of the balcony. If she doesn’t get to it in time in time, the blue crystal ball will roll over the edge and fall into the ocean. She then remembered Rukias’s Crawdaunt that came to her aid and snapped Tyan’s foot. She looked at the lobster pokemon who is side walking towards her to aid her “Cradawnt,” she yelled for the pokemon. “Please retrieve the orb before it falls over into the ocean!!!”

The figure that risen itself from the ocean depths was a giant orca like pokemon, with large blue fins, red markings all over it’s body, small yellow eyes that strike the soul of anybody who stares into it, and a tail that looks like it came from a legendary bird pokemon. There was no mistake about it, Grace had managed to use the right words, and summon the legendary pokemon of the sea, Kyogre. A voice ranged throughout the entire room. “Who calls me from my aquatic rest?”

Grace took a step forward to reveal herself to the ocean leviathan, “It was I who called you Kyogre,” the pokemon looked at Grace with those amber eyes. At first Grace gulped in fear, but she took a deep breath and explained everything to Kyogre, “my name is Grace Fyoja, a servant of Emperor Rukias, ruler of Nuvando. I have called you because it was a direct order from Rukias himself, and we need your help. Great pokemon of the sea, the two islands are collapsing into the oceans from this war that slaughtered the people and pokemon alike. The corrupt emperor Tyan has already been killed, so there’s no need to worry of another war, but I’m begging for your help to stop this war from progressing further into oblivion. Please Kyogre, I am begging you.”

Kyogre just stared at Grace, showing no emotion. It then said to Grace, “Alright then, get onto my back.” Kyogre lowered itself deeper into the ocean, about 5 feet deeper so that Grace could get onto it. Grace jumped onto Kyogre and hold on to its left fin. “Now hold on Grace, because this is going to be one bumpy ride.”

Mentioning the names at the start of every paragraph; yeah, not one of the smartest moves I ever made lol.

Now I don't know if I'll win at being the worst, but hey; it's nice to share your old abysmal work.~
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There was a child here. They're gone now.
While I don't really write fanfiction any more, I must come to show off a certain naive eleven-year-old's terrible story, blindly believing she was wonderful. She had an original (sort of) idea, but only wrote like one and a half pages. I don't know why I still have it, and the logic is insane and devices cliche.

“Haul it up onta da ship!” yelled a loud, gruff voice. The egg in the box rolled uncontrollably. Team Allothem (Team Rocket, Team Magma and Team Aqua) had terrorized the small island region called Taidoe, and stole some native Pokemon and eggs. Who knew what they were?

“Stealing the S.S. Takya was an excellent idea, Archie!” exclaimed Giovanni, the leader of Team Allothem, and previously Team Rocket.

“It’s my speciallity, Boss! Don’t thank me. And I still hate Maxie.” Replied Archie, Co-boss and previously boss of Team Aqua. “I think to go to Johto. I gotta get me a Feraligatr!”

“Right then, to Johto! True, I’ve got to see if I could evolve my Golbat. It only happens there.”


Hounder saw a new ship. That’s weird, he thought. I’d know if a new boat would come, I read the ship schedule! Unless… He ran to Captain Firm (Captain Stern’s cousin [I didn't get the boat reference at time of writing]), barking. “Houn! Houn! Dou-er!”

“Whoa there, Hounder. What’s up?” then he saw the ship. “That’s odd. There’s no ships scheduled… Holy Miltank, it’s Team Allothem!” He brought out his Pokegear. “Officer Jenny’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Olivine police crew, we have an unidentified ship. Come immediately!”

Wonder why it’s here…?


“You’re under arrest!” Yelled officer Jenny 8. She did it out of habit, because the Allothem members were still on the boat.

Suddenly, there was a burst of light, and the S.S. Takya exploded.

“Look Mummy, fireworks! Is it Cracker Night?” Asked a little girl.


The red and yellow egg went flying through the air and landed on top of a Tyranitar. Hmm. Nah… wrong colours. Blue’s better. Now, purple, that’s the tastiest.

Hellooooo down below! Called out Draigir the Dragonite. Oh dear. Ty, were you gonna eat it?

Nup. Red is spicy, and yellow is bitter. Blergh!

I better take care of it. See ya!

Draigir took off with the small egg in his claws. Now, where is Mt Silver? Ah. Alright, where is Canyon Gold?
That's it, fortunately. Please, please, don't hold back with your laughter. Why... did... I... suck... so... bad...?
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Chapter 1: The beginning of a new journey!

Matt wakes up in the morning. he is really excited about getting his 1st pokemon today.(He lives in Canalave City)
Matt:I am so excited, today I am getting my first pokemon. I should be heading over to my Uncle Byron's pokemon gym now, he said that he picked out my starting pokemon himself. (he gets dressed and starts to head over to his uncle Byron's gym)
Mom: Oh, Matt you forgot your pokedex and your five pokeballs.
Matt: Thanks Mom! I thought I was missing something.
Matt heads over to the pokemon gym. when he gets there he finds his uncle Byron waiting for him.,
Byron: Hi buddy! Are you ready for your pokemon journey? Even better, have you decided on contests or gyms.
Matt: I have decided on contests, Byron. I hope you don't mond.
Byron:Oh, I definitely don't mind. But remember Matt, practice hard and take care of your pokemon well, alright.
Matt: Yes, Uncle.
Byron: Alright, then here you go.
Byron handed Matt the pokeball.
Matt: Thank you uncle, lets see what pokemon it is.
Throws up the pokeball and...
What now? No one can beat that...

And, at the forum where I posted this, they actually didn't lock it or close it. People actually liked it lol.


Didn't say we HAD to post Pokemon fanfics. =P

Not really Pokemon related but...Hamtaro Fanfiction. Enjoy the sheer fail inducing first look at my first attempt at a fanfic.

Part 1: the quest begins

Long ago in the year 1000 A.D, there was a weapon that can produce massive destruction to any foe. One man has wielded the sword and stopped countless villains. Now 1000 years later that same warrior will wield that same blade, which is now called..the ultima weapon.

Now we see a hamster, wandering with a wounded arm and getting lost on every turn

???-man, why did my human abandon me. What did I do to her

he stops as his wound is getting worse

???-dammit, why did this happen

and at that moment, he fell on the ground

???-Why..did this happen..I wish..I..wasn't..alone.

at that moment, he collapsed.

Meanwhile, bijou was walking around collecting sunflower seeds for the ham- hams

Bijou-hmm..this one looks nice

Then bijou notices something


She goes over to a nearby tree and notices a hamster

Bijou-huh..what happened to you

She found the same wounded hamster that was at the beginning.

To be continued

Spot the problems, will ya? xD


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Dear lord.

The very first fanfiction that I had ever posted on the internet was not a Pokemon fic, but rather a Neopets one, called "The Immortal Toast".

Rain poured down from the skies, thunder boomed and lightning crashed. Pets and owners usually think storms like these are just annoying and scare little pets at night. Some think that it's a great chance to make hot chocolate, sit around the fireplace, bonding with friends and family.

Others like me however, would see a storm like this as a perfect opportunity for something much, much more diabolical.

Electricity crackled outside the shed. I only needed one thunderbolt. Just one thunderbolt striking the makeshift lightning rod and my plan will be complete.

I gazed outside waiting for that fateful moment. Any second now, I thought. The lightning drew ever closer to the rod. I stood there watching and waiting patiently, until...


Electricity ran down the rod, through the wires and then into my beloved work. A blast of energy burst out of it, illuminating the entire room.

"Bwahaha! It is finally finished!" I laughed manically as lightning crashed behind me.

I strode over to my creation, and held it in my hands with a face full of delight. All would be known the next day...

Early the next morning, I tiptoed silently downstairs with my hand behind my back. When I arrived in the living room, I found three of my pets fast asleep on the sofa. After pulling out a whistle from my pocket, I put it in my mouth and blew as hard as I could.

My pets immediately jumped up at the sound. I thought by the looks of it, my fire Krawk was going to hit his head on the ceiling after jumping up so high. My starry Shoyru was trying to catch his breath, and my baby Bori’s eyes were about as wide as saucers.

“Bluey! What gives?” Marik, my Krawk, groaned.

“Sorry.” I replied. I admit, it was sort of a mean thing to do. “I just wanted to show you something I’ve been working on.”

I looked around the room, knowing that something was missing. “Where’s Sunlight, by the way?”

“He must’ve gone back upstairs.” my Bori Moonlight, replied.

“Oh, well. I’ll show him later. But believe me! This will be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen!” I exclaimed.

“Well, then what is it?” Moonlight asked, sitting up straight.

“Ta-da!” I shouted pulling my creation from behind my back. “Isn’t it awesome?”

My pets just stared at me for a few seconds. Their jaws hung open and their eyebrows were raised. I think they were quite amazed.

After a few moments of awed silence, my Shoyru, named Starlight, finally spoke up, “It’s... a piece of.... toast.”

“Not just any toast!” I said, waving my finger. “This is the Immortal Toast!”

"The... Immortal Toast?" Moonlight asked me with a cocked eyebrow.

I nodded my head excitedly when I heard Marik whisper, "Yep. You're insane."

"I've been working on the final touches on this all night! You see, I had an idea a couple of days ago when I wanted a sandwich and found the bread to be all moldy. Then at that moment I thought, 'Why don't I create a piece of bread that never molds or goes bad?' So I began to create the piece of toast that would revolutionize the way pets and owners would look at bread! And it's finally done!" I explained.

My pets continued to stare at me in silence. Then they turned their intention to the Immortal Toast, which I held proudly in my hands.

I'm not lying when I say that the Immortal Toast is a fine piece of work. It was shaped like an everyday piece of bread. But that's where the normality ends. It was covered in a shiny gold color that glowed when the sun hit it just right.

"Now I don't want anyone stealing this, so I'll be sure to keep this behind a nice glass box." I said, rubbing my hand on my creation.

I placed the Immortal Toast on a warm red cushion inside an expensive glass box. I then strode over to the coat hanger and put on my favorite blue coat that I wore almost all the time.

"Where are you going?" Starlight asked, still having a face full of amazement.

"Creating the perfect piece of toast certainly works up an appetite. I'm going out to the Food Shop to get a few snacks. Could you guys stay down here and keep an eye on the Immortal Toast for me?" I trusted them with a great responsibility. (Hey, something like the Immortal Toast must be kept safe, right?)

"Uh, yeah. We'll be sure to guard your precious bread." Marik seemed to promise with a smart tone.

"I knew I could count on you guys! I also have a few other errands I need to do. So I'll see you guys in about an hour!" I told them as I began to walk out the door.

As I was leaving, I caught a glimpse of my pets waving goodbye to me with rather weird and suspicious smiles.

Meh. I guess it was nothing.

Yeah... Allow me to clear some stuff up. On Neopets, I belong to a Pokemon Guild. It's one of the most off-topic guilds you will ever see. We talk about pretty much everything BUT Pokemon. Well, in my guild, we would have daily "Pwn Wars", which is nothing but pure sugar-induced craziness.

One of my weapons during these wars was a piece of toast. Another member had a brillant plan to eat the toast in order to defeat me. That's when I said, "That won't work! The toast is immortal!" And thus, The Immortal Toast was concieved. So in other words, the entire fic was spawned from a role-play on steroids. (Then again, so is my user name here on SPPF...)

Back then, I thought that fic was the greatest thing since sliced bread. (Pun intended) But now... ugh. I can hardly go though the thing without cringing. And seeing as how it made it into the Neopian Times (Which is pretty much a online newspaper where members send in fanfics, and the staff chooses which ones get in.), it makes me question the standards The Neopets Team sets when accepting entries...

The funny thing about this fic? I wrote this about six months before I wrote The Bonds That Break, my Pokemon fic here. I really must've kicked myself and my writing skills in the *** during that time.

Part One

Part Two
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Dear Mew. Must I?

...Well, okay. Fine. I know it was terrible, and yes, this was the entire story. Let's hope the fic I'm seriously procrastinating on posting here rewriting will be better...

[NOTE: I wrote this in late July of 2007.]
Yamikarasu got out of bed. Her Murkrow pecked at her head. She had gotten this Murkrow, whom she named Nightwitch, from her mother on her tenth birthday. She got out of bed, already wearing her shirt and pants. She had on a black tee shirt, with a white-out of a Murkrow spreading its wings, and some blue jeans, with a few holes patched with black patches shaped like feathers. She put on her dark gray trenchcoat, inserted her wool Murkrow-crest hat into her bag, and went downstairs; Nightwitch perched loyally on her shoulder-length naturally curly brown hair. She adjusted her sand-colored glasses, and went into the kitchen.
“YAMIKARASU!” Her mother said when Yamikarasu asked her how she looked. “Are you still wearing that silly trenchcoat?” She rolled her eyes and dived for the trenchcoat. Nightwitch flew up in front of her, a protective glance in her red eyes. Nightwitch cawed, startling Yamikarasu’s mom.
“Yes, I am still wearing the trenchcoat!” She grabbed an apple from the basket, washed it off, and exited their home in the bustling Hearthome City. As she made her way to the bus stop, Nightwitch again perched on her head, a kid, seven years old or so, adjusted his thick black glasses and pointed at Yamikarasu. He snorted and then said, “Hey, you! You should put your Murkrow in its Pokeball!” The kid smirked, his yellow shirt and blue jean shorts rippling slightly in the wind.Yamikarasu turned her body, standing at her full height of five feet (Yes, she is ten) and replied, “Well, Buster, Nightwitch gets into a crazy rage when I put her in her ball. Shall I demonstrate?” She waved the ball in the air. “Didn’t think so.” She swished around, and continued towards the bus stop.
After obtaining her Pokedex, Yamikarasu continued along the path from Sandgem Town, where new trainers register themselves. As she continued along, Nightwitch noticed something catch a shine in the grass. Murkrows were natural treasure hunters, after all. She swooped down to the shiny spot, and Yamikarasu followed. It was a Wurmple, holding some Silver powder. “Well, Nightwitch, we’re in for our first Pokemon battle!” Yamikarasu grinned. Nightwitch, use Tackle!” Nightwitch soared towards the Wurmple, and hit it square in the forehead. The Wurmple was panting slightly, which meant she was probably in the yellow zone. “Okay, Nightwitch one mo- oh, dang it.” A whole swarm of enraged Dustoxes soared up from the grass. They all closed in on her…wait! Why didn’t she feel the wind blown up by the Dustox swarm? She opened her eyes to see a boy Trainer standing beside a Garchomp. Before she could thank him, he swiveled and walked away towards Lake Valor. Unfortunately, he had KO’ed the Wurmple too, so she couldn’t catch it.
She was in Eterna Forest. No sign of a pokemon yet…but wait! A flash of red had appeared from one of the patches of tall grass. She made a run for the shaking patch – a Kricketot! It was ready to flee if somebody popped its personal bubble. Yamikarasu must have spent half an hour searching for the Kricketot, and creating quite a mob of enraged Bunearies running after her – finally, she lost the mob and found the Kricketot peeking out of a clump of tall grass. The little bug Pokemon walked out into the clearing, a determined glint in its little beady black eyes. By now, Nightwitch had learned another attack, Peck. Yamikarasu decided to test out her new attack. “Nightwitch! Lead her into the grass!” Nightwitch flew low into the grass. The Kricketot perused her – Just as Yamikarasu had planned. “Swoosh!” Yamikarasu commanded. She had a clever idea of teaching a pokemon its moves both by the name of the move and a codeword. This one meant ‘sneaky Tackle’, meaning Nightwitch would sneak up on the enemy and tackle it. Nightwitch didn’t quite get this. She sighed. “Tackle! Swoosh!” She commanded, and Nightwitch understood: She got the Kricketot right in the back of the head, knocking them both out of the tall grass back into the clearing. The Kricketot stumbled, but then made a mad dash for Nightwitch, gaining power for its Head butt as it soared across the lush green grassy clearing. It caught Nightwitch just before she flew into the air. Using its antennae, the Kricketot poked and prodded Nightwitch with all the power its little body could muster. As the dueling Pokemon made impact with the ground once more, Yamikarasu noticed that both of the dueling pokemon looked pretty hurt, because there were a few scratches here and there. Nightwitch tackled it again, and that put it in capture range. “Go, Pokeball!” She said as the red-and-white orb flew towards the injured pokemon. The little Kricketot rolled out of the way; the pokeball hit nothing but grass. Nightwitch, seeing what happened, brought the pokeball back to Yamikarasu. Se threw the pokeball again, this time and underhand swing. Yamikarasu and Nightwitch focused on it: Will she recruit the first member of her soon-to-be power team? The Pokeball soared across the clearing, and as the red and white ball opened up at the hinges, the famous red light sucked up the Kriketot, wiggling frantically…

Now, before you think, "Giratina, you wrote an entire fic around catching a Kricketot? And didn't even tell us how it ended?" allow me to tell you that catching a Kricketot was all that was required. It was some sort of forum game where people wrote fics about catching Pokémon and mods would grade it to see if it was good enough to 'catch' the Pokémon or not.

I caught it. O -O
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*cringes at thread* Must I relive this?

But anyway, I've definately improved since 2006. Here's the first chapter from my first fic, The Battle for Friendship, for those who don't remember reading/seeing it in the day. I just shiver at how it's worded. But even so, the fic was still original, began improving half-way through the story, and my readers enjoyed it and wanted a sequel from me, so I still cherish it.

Chapter One: The Message

Mia sighed as she got out of bed. She went over to her window and perched outside. In case you're wondering, Mia isn't a human. No, humans have been banished away from the forest for many millennium due to a certain accident that was considered a crime. Mia was a Pokémon, a Mew. Her kind and several others have been cast away as Outsiders after the ambush. They lived in only one spot, away from human civilization and the other Pokémon.

Mia's long, skinny tail swayed in the breeze and she shivered under all of her microscopic hair. Her cerulean eyes shone like the morning sky, her cat-like ears twitched as the wind kissed them. Mia wrapped her stubby arms around her knees as she kept her rabbit-like feet close to her chest to keep warm and to fit on the sill.

Mia knew she would get in trouble from her mother, Bree, if she caught her sitting like that, but Mia didn't care. All she cared about was that she is a part of a huge war and she is an Outsider. Her only friends were Kitty and Tina along with Penny, a Pikachu, before she moved away.

Mia sighed again. Even though she's been in the world for twelve years, she knew she'd be long gone before the war would end. She wished she could just help change the way the world was, but only the humans did. Every day, she'd hear their leader, a Hariyama named Tristan, tell the small military about the reports of the war. This upset her so much, she has been known to cry herself to sleep.

Mia got off the windowsill and drifted to her desk. She pulled out her diary from a drawer and gazed sadly at it before throwing it against the wall where it crumpled into a heap. She had gotten it a few years ago from her mother to see if writing down her feelings would help, but it made it worse. Mia zipped out of her room, slamming the door.

"Mia!" she heard her mother say. "Can you please stop doing that in the mornings?"

Mia didn't answer. Pouting, she went into the kitchen and sat at the table and waited for her mother. Bree at once came in and sat next to her daughter. "Honey, what's wrong?" she asked softly.

Mia ignored her and gazed at a picture of another Mew that hung on the doorway. Bree followed her stare and sighed. "Does it have anything to do with your father?"

Mia sighed. "No, it's not." Her father had gone over to both the humans and Pokémon to try and teach them about compassion, for several years. One day, though, he didn't return. She remembered Tristan telling her mother he was shot in the head and was killed instantly. Mia hadn't gotten over it since then.
"It has something to do with the war, right?" Bree then said.

"Mom, when will it end?" Mia asked. "When will peace be brought onto the world again?"

"Oh Mia," her mother sighed, "you ask this every week and I keep saying that I don't know. Wars may last for many years, and this happens to be in that category."

"May I be excused to go outside?"

Bree gazed sadly at Mia and slowly nodded. Mia left through the open window and disappeared around the corner. She looked everywhere for any signs of someone coming, holding hopefully good news. In the past, Mia had no luck. But today she saw one of the fire-dogs rushing towards the building where Tristan was known to dwell. It was one of the Arcanine messengers. Excited and filled to the brim with hope, Mia flew towards the leader's house.

Shortly upon arrival, the fire-dog approached a sumo-wrestler-like creature. Mia silently darted into the Hariyama's bushes to eavesdrop. "What news have you brought?" Tristan asked the Arcanine.

"It's actually a notice," he said. "It's from the humans. They want us to spy on—"

"We won't accept it," Tristan interrupted.

"There's more," the Arcanine continued. "They want us to keep an eye out for a lost girl in the forest. She's run away from home and they're worried."

"Why'd she do that, the foolish girl?"

"It's unknown, but a note's been found mentioning something about no 'small companions' in the area."

"We'll keep an eye out," Tristan said, glancing around his surroundings, making Mia duck lower. "Is there a punishment?"

"They'll be doing that," the messenger said.

"What's she look like in case we mistaken the girl for a spy," Tristan inquired, hanging onto every word.

"She's a twelve-year-old red-head girl with light violet eyes and was last seen wearing a blue shirt, earrings, a skirt with red shorts, a lilac fanny-pack and magenta sandals," the Arcanine described.

"As soon as we find her, we'll return the child," the Hariyama said.

"They want her back within two weeks," the messenger resumed. "If not, then... they'll come in mobs and destroy everything until she's back home."

"What's her name?"

"They wouldn't tell me."

Tristan scoffed. "Figures."

"And she must be alive and unharmed. If she's been harmed or eaten in any way, then they'll attack."

"Eat her? What do they think we are, man-eating machines?" Tristan exclaimed. Mia made a face.

"Well, anyway, they want her back before dawn the start of the third week," the Arcanine concluded. "I'll be back by then for the girl." He then turned around and sped off. Tristan trudged back inside to spread the notice.

Mia flew back home, disappointed and scared. They only have two weeks to find a young girl, or they're done for. She darted back into her window and picked up her diary. Opening to the previous entry, she produced a pen in thin air and wrote briefly:

Sunday, August seventeenth

Found out from an Arcanine messenger about a young girl missing. Will write more after I uncover more details.

Mia closed it and sighed. "I hope that girl is found soon," she whispered to herself. She put away her diary and went downstairs for the day.

*twitches* Yeah... Every paragraph and/or sentence had "Mia" starting it. Ick. At least I've gotten better when it came to the sequel. And thank goodness for that, the sequel was going to be similar to that style of writing, though with longer chapters.

I'm actually planning on rewriting it to post on FF.net one of these days. And this time, it won't be three pages long per chapter, and I'll explain everything to the last detail.

And that's my walk down memory lane. (I could put up an old one-shot, but it's fics only so... *shrug* Can't help that.)

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I guess I finally had to do it.

It was like, one of my first stories- no no not my first, but, it was one of my first. Especially for one written on the internet. I think if I remember right, I knew the basics, that you needed to describe and characters needed personality.

But again I was young.

And stupid.

I still find it funny when some people try and use such an ancient story against me sometimes. Omg liek ur rage gaem.

And oh god it was a SONG FICTION TOO XD

Hm strange I thought it was still up on fanfiction.

Huuuurrrrduuuuurrrr moment here.

Oh god. Oh god. I got a good one just the name, oh my lord what the **** was I thinking ahahahaha.

Final Tactics said:
Sephinraph sighed for the tenth time that day as she finaly finished getting the darn lock mechanisim to work in unlocking and letting the door open. Just because she could use her psychic powers for an extended time with weak projects such as unlocking doors, it still took alot out of her and the young woman was forced to lean against the cool metal and relax for a few moments. Strawberry blond hair fell over her face and Sephinraph let out yet another sigh while attempting to force the short hair to stay in place. Sephinraph wasn't even her real name. Once it had been Stephine Sky, but with all the tests and changes that she'd been forced to under go, her name had been changed. As her life had been.

But now was not the time for moping about. Now was the time for escape. Gritting her teeth as she pulled on the reserves of the last of her psyche power for the day (if not week) and felt for the object she needed to trigger. After testing lightly on a few things she found what was needed and gave a damn hard tug. A Fzzit followed soon after and everything became pitch black for around five seconds. Then the emergency lights flickered on; Drowning everything and person in harsh red light and an evil sounding siren alerting that something was going on. A few people panicked, some screamed. Some even fainted. But there was nothing really wrong.

Save the fact that their first test subject was breaking out and trying to escape with a few others they had been working the longest on.

Cracking the door open slowly and wincing as it groaned, Sephinraph sighed as she took in the sight of an empty corridor before darting out from the room and shut the door behind her. Turning around slowly, and steading herself when she wobbled from the effort, Sephinraph took off in the direction she hoped was the correct one.

Oh my lord XD


Oh lord.

I did try.


Quoting it just .. wouldn't do it justice.

Please let the link stay in my post.

Oh lord it hurts to read this, and it hurts cause I know I tried so ****ing hard XD

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Psh, no one can beat the cheesefest I wrote back in 2001. It contained the first and only Mary Sue I ever wrote, and it was baaaaaaad...

Link for the brave.

Here's the craptastic summary of 'Making Two Dreams Come True':

Woman aren't allowed to have Pokemon, but 13 year old Katie joins her dear long friend Kevin in a Pokemon journey. A tragic accident happens, and Katie now has to fufill an impossible dream. First fic! R&R! (Chapter 3 up)

And here's a wonderful snippet of the *cough* drama...

“ Who’s there?” Kevin said trying to sound brave but showed some fear in his blue eyes.

Out of the bushes came out something furry, big claws, razor sharp teeth and a yellow circle around its belly. It was an Ursaring. Katie gasped, she read about the Ursarings. They were vicious Pokemon that attacked humans for no reason at all and the feared nothing. Suddenly the Ursaring leapt at Kevin.

“LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!” Katie cried.

Kevin didn’t have time to react as the Ursaring leapt at him. The Ursaring lunged at his chest and began slashing him. Pain. That was all Kevin felt as he screamed for help.


Kevin screamed for help.

Katie couldn’t do anything. She didn’t have a Pokemon and she had no weapons with her. She just stared at the boy who she loved being slashed by an Ursaring. She felt a great pain . Sorrow. Sadness. She couldn’t take it any longer.

“KEEEEEEEEVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as she cried.

As she said this, the heart shaped necklace around Katie’s neck started to glow an eerie blue. As Katie watched in awe the necklace’s glow was starting to scare the Ursaring , as the necklace started to glow more the Ursaring ran away scared leaving bloody footprints in its path. That’s when the necklace stopped glowing and returned to being normal. Katie was in shock but just for a second as she saw Kevin layng on the ground.

“Kevin!!!!!!!!” Katie screamed as she went over to Kevin.

“Ka-ka-Katie is-is that you?” Kevin replied, he was still alive but barely. His chest was covered in blood and his arms were scratched all over. His head had a deep cut and blood was seeping out of it slowly. As Katie heard him she bent down and cradled his head in her arms. She tried very hard not to cry and said:

“Kevin, hang on I’m going to get help” more tears shed as she said that.

“N-n-no Ka-Katie it-it’s t-too la-late for me” he stuttered.

“Don’t say that Kevin you have to keep hopes up” she said reassuringly but still crying.

“Katie! Li-listen to-to me!” Kevin replied trying to lift his head.

“Kevin save your strength!” she said but Kevin had a purpose.

“Ka-Katie I-I want y-y-you t-to ha-have this” he said and with every ounce of strength that he had he grabbed the only pokeball that he had in his belt and placed it on Katie’s hand.

“Wh-what’s this Kevin?” she stuttered surprised at Kevin’s actions.

“Katie ma-make my dre-dream come tr-true, OUR dr-dream!” he said coughing up blood.

“Kevin! Please…” she said tearfully. She squeezed his hand tighter letting more tears fall on his cheek.

“Katie pro-promise me!” Kevin said trying to stand up but he was weak so he stayed down on the ground.

“Kevin, b-b-bu-but…” she was interrupted by Kevin.

“Please Katie Ple-please…”he pleaded.

“Ok, I-I promise” she said as she hugged him tighter.

“Thanks Katie” he said as he smiled. But then he began to cough up blood and he knew it was almost time to go.

“Kevin please don’t leave me!!!!” she said crying and looking in his blue sapphire eyes for one last time.

“Bye Katie, I love you” he said in a whisper as he breathed one last breath and closed his eyes. He was gone.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she cried out as she was crying on the boy’s shoulder. She cried for a very long time and hugged the boy that she loved. She felt lonely and she also felt the world had ended for her.

Terrible...it's really the only fic I'm ashamed of ever writing.