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A Gijinka RP by DestinyCera (all welcome)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by DestinyCera, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. DestinyCera

    DestinyCera All around Melee fighter!!

    *a lone, sun-kissed skinned female is on a beach-like sandy coast, half in the surf...slowly, she opens her eyes* Where...am I ?... *looks around, is near the coast of Cyllage City in Kalos* Why... *holds her head* Hurts... *opens her rainbow-colored eyes wide* The others?! *looks around, sees no one* ...I'm alone... *stands, is about 5'11" - on the tall side for a female human, which she looks like despite her eye coloration...until someone looks at her back and sees Yanma wings coming from there. However, at the moment, they are hidden by her soaked brown vest. Her long indigo ankle-length skirt was equally soaked, clinging to her legs* ...hello? *starts shivering from both the chill of the water/wind and from fear...she grew up on a small island off the Kalos coast...but it had been attacked...by pure humans scared of the hybrid experiments going on there...she had been the main target being an on-going experiment to combine ALL 18 types into one form. Thankfully only the Yanma wings were visible on her in neutral form...it was her eyes that showed the different typings at all times* ...what do I do now...?

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