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A Gruff Act To Follow (484)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl' started by Serebii, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    A Gruff Act To Follow

    It's finally time for Ash's battle against Roark. In a 3 VS 3 Match, Ash faces a tough challenge for his first Sinnoh Gym Battle. Will Ash be able to beat Roark or will he fall flat on the hard rock?

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    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2007
  2. Weav-vile

    Weav-vile Totally!

    Still gotta see it to make my final conclusions, but I think it's gonna be fine. But... Ash's battle cannot surpass Shinji's, 'cause his was way so tense and full of crazyness, oh yeah.

    - Nozomi
  3. Eerie Fuwante

    Eerie Fuwante Wasting my time

    This was weird. the episode was Zugaidos vs. Pikachu but it sounded more like: Everyone vs. Zugaidos! Surprising Onix!?. Yeah, Pikachu actually losing to ONIX was just ridiculous. Could've atleast lost to another fossil pokemon that Hyouta doesn't have in the game like Kabutops.

    Atleast Naetle defeated Zugaidos.
  4. Onijon

    Onijon Pocchama Trainer

    Pikachu VS Onix was nostalgic
  5. Pokemon Fan

    Pokemon Fan Knuckle Trainer

    Pikachu losing to Onix made more sense than losing to a Kabutops might have (assuming they paid attention to its Water type). Plus that Screech Onix used looked incredible (I like how the anime adds effects to moves like Screech and Tail Whip at times).

    The animation was excellent and there were a few neat strategies used. I especially liked many of the explosions (you could feel real force behind them so they didn't look so silly) from attacks colliding.

    Pikachu's use of its lightning to blast boulders at Onix and thus hurt it was quite a nice touch. Naetle's endurance against the Flamethrower and proceeding to blast Zugaidos unconscious also was quite good.

    Though I will note, Pikachu sure misused its power at one point in the episode. I mean when Shinji was leaving and Pikachu got upset and released that gigantic Thunder that had Shinji wide-eyed and speechless, if it had actually hit Zugaidos with that attack it probably would have won, leaving Naetle in a better position to take on Onix and Geodude. But, past is past...

    Really, considering we just saw these pokemon fight in the previous episode, I didn't find the battle boring at all. Ash's pokemon had a very different range of attacks to use and Hyouta's responded with their own variations.

    On another note, I am loving the crazy quirks Mukkubird has. Its disappointment and shame at not being chosen for the gym battle was hilarious and leads me to wonder if it will have an equally over-the-top reaction when it does get chosen for a gym battle.

    Sadly, next episode seems to have rather ugly art, but at least that raises the chance of the rematch episode having better art. Rampard deserves to at least be drawn decently.

    Mukkubird: "NOOOO! I thought... I thought the newly evolved Pokemon always gets used in the next gym battle..." *hangs head and leans against column in shame*
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2007
  6. MechaBulba

    MechaBulba King of the Monsters

    I have only seen the episode pictures and i far as i can see we did not even see Old geodude in battle? They could have at least had Aipom knock it out with a powerful focus punch.

    I loved Mukubirds shock at not being choosen. I would love to know what ash or the girl (4get sp) said to him.

    Also two other questions.
    1. I heard that Shinji traded Azumaril! Who for? was it Mukurow or do we not know?
    2. Wat attack was Aipom doing when rolled up in an unrealistic perfect ball?
  7. FireFalcon

    FireFalcon hear 'm roar

    1. shinji hasn't traded azumarril, he just gave it away to a boy

    2. i thought it was focus punch
  8. Celebitwo

    Celebitwo Celebi Clone

    when did that happen?
  9. BugLoverCody

    BugLoverCody Drowns in Cultness

    I just saw the episode. I liked it, though I liked the ShinjiVSHyouta episode more. Ash's battle was more realistic though.

    I felt sorry about poor Mukkubird (which seems to have self-confidence problems lol). Hyouta used a good strategy this time, cause he sent his powerhouse out first, to tire Ash's Pokemon. The most stupid thing Ash did was that he sent Aipom out first. Aipom should have been used agains a Pokemon of its size, like Geodude.

    I think Ash should have tired Zugaidosu with Pikachu, then finish it of with Naetoru. Pikachu and Naetoru could defeat Onix, and then Aipom could defeat Geodude. But, anyways, Hyouta was smarter so he deserved to win.

    I was really mad at Shinji in this episode. This guy is really snobbish! I mean, what is his problem? I used to like him up until I saw this episode. He really shall lose once so that he gets to know what it feels like.

  10. Ash6K

    Ash6K 8D

    Saw the pics! Mukkubird=hilarious! I've never seen a pokemon feel neglected before in Ash's team. Mukkubird has shown me that! Oh...poor Mukkubird. Anyway, I like the battle. I'm glad Zugaidosu didn't finish all of Ash's pokemon and that Naetle beat it. As for Onix, I'm glad it beat Pikachu. I mean I like Pika, but an Onix and/or a Geodude needs some wins here.
  11. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    Mukkubird, I friggin' love you! The battle seems OK, I'm happy that Onix was the unexpected winner.
  12. Weav-vile

    Weav-vile Totally!

    Having watched the whole episode, gotta discharge my favourite parts of it. Yep, here =P

    Well, overral I was pretty surprised with this one. Losts of funny moments, lots of really good animation, lots of good writing and good plot too.

    From the beginning, the episode already made me like it. Hikari almost attacking Shinji and turning into an evil creature? That's hawt, wow! By the way, does anybody know why did she get so nervous? What did Shinji tell her? And talking about the man, looks like he indeed gave its Azumarill to a boy. Yeah, now he's gaving his own [weak?] pokés to people too.

    Another Hikari's [and only other?] moment I liked was the one in which she consoled Mukkubado with her "Daijobu, daijobu!" (Cute!) when the thing became to act all down 'cause Ash didn't chose it for the gym battle. My, I love this bird, btw xD

    That Team Rocket museum's tour was totally LOL too! C'mon, Meowth was dressed up like a crazy scientist... I loved its eyes, really xD
    And not forgetting about Wobbuffet! Haha, its clothes were so funny too, goshhh!
    And surprise, Armaldo! Yeah, the thing scared the hell outta Jesse... That was funny to watch too.
    And looks like they're planing something [old news?]... Something kewl, hell yeahhh!

    And, oh, what city is that? I mean, I know it's Kurogane city, and I've already said that I loved it before, but... It's amazing! That sun, that lab, that Poké center, that gym... My God, they never had worked so hard in a city like they did this time from what I can remember. It's amazing to see that scenario... Awww. ^.^

    I'm happy to see some cool stuff like that happening in D/P series, 'cause it reminds me of Kanto (dunno why, but it does). This episode proved the team is still good, and can make a real good episode like they used to do like years (many one) ago.

    About Ash's battle, it was better than I thought it'd be. The good animation just made it more cool to see, and, like someone already said, even though we've already seem Hyouta battling recently, it was worthing seeing; Ash's pokémon had different strategies and moves, and Hyouta's too. Onix' Screech was indeed cool to see either.
    And no, I don't think there's something wrong with Ash losing his first Shinou gym battle, really. Things happen, and we all gotta accept them. We have no choice, anyway, do we? :p

    And that's that, really good episode. Gotta say I can't wait 'till next week, I think things're gonna be outta control, and that means it'll rock, of course : D

    - Nozomi
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2007
  13. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    We've been seeing this quality of writing for the last 4 years now. The D/P series has been on par with AG for the most part, aside from some more redundant segments, (another coordinator, another grass type).

    To say that the team has finally made a good series again when Battle Frontier was considered the best saga in the shows history as well as Hoenn, which brought back the magic of the original Kanto and did a three-year saga right again is absurd.

    It would be nice if the people who barely payed any attention to AG in the first place would stop fanboying the D/P series, we've seen this type of comedy and/or characerisation for the last 4 years. Its pretty much proof you didn't pay attention to AG at all.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2007
  14. Weav-vile

    Weav-vile Totally!

    First of all, this is a thread to discuss the episode in question itself. But since I've been just said to didn't watch AG (which I watched entirely), I'll give myself a right of answer.

    Look, Battle Frontier was indeed a good series, but it had nothing to do with good old Kanto. But it was still good, and imho "Spurt!" is the best opening ever.
    But, hey, Ag back to Hoenn was boring (most part of it).
    There was always happening the same damn thing, always. Nothing changed, they were always helping out a character to introduce to the series new pokémon, a thing we don't see happening in D/P.
    And I know you're a May fan, and I like her a lot too, but... May's just another girl - like Hikari is. We can do nothing against Hoenn's boring plot. Just because she started with the Contest thing, it doesn't mean she's a godess or something. Contest aren't ORIGINAL at all, they just showed some appealings the games brought with the same old way to battle we're used to. That's how I see it.
    Drew? Drew was nothing new too. He's just a Gary 2, but a bishonen one.
    Max was there just to remind us that it was a show for kids, he did nothing new or constructive, just nothing.
    In Battle Frontier, however, the writers fixed the whole thing, they gice the show action.
    And now DP is getting even better, but it can still be bad as Hoenn was (I really hope it not to be, but, like I always say, anything can happen).
    But... You? I've read all the episode discussion threads, and all you did in the beginning of this series was criticize it because May was gone and you failed to accept that. Funny how you always say Misty's fans fail to accept she's gone... How things are.
    But then, when you saw that this series was getting really good, you stopped arguing with everyone else and just accepted things like they are.
    So, Cyber, why would you be back with those boring discussions again? It won't take anyone anywhere... =/
    So just stop it, with me or with anyone else.
    Let's move one and accept the opinion of others, ok?

    - Nozomi
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2007

    PANCAKE I can't smile :|

    Wow! What a fantastic battle! The best thing about it was the attack collisions. Reminiscant Headbutt and Volt Tackle hitting head to head was great. Even Naetoru was gaining points with me for those razor leaf hits. Pikachu also made good use of thunderbolt to tear the gym floor up and pummel Onix with boulders. That beats cheap electric/ground wins any day of the week.

    Poor Aipom was getting the snot beat out of him. It was sent flying back into Ash's hands with enough force to put them both on the ground. The use of double team dodging flamethrower sure was purdy, as was swift attack.

    For those asking about Geodude, forget that grey galoot! It's services werent needed for the battle. Hyouta wiped that gym floor clean with just 2 of his Pokemon, and I'm GLAD Onix was second choice. Speaking of Onix, screech looked amazing. I loved how the power was turned up from a low tone, making Pikapancakes!

    On a final note, Shinji's facial expressions were hilarious. The way he was watching Ash use effective stratigies was golden. The guy looked like he ate a couple packages of Sour Patch Kids. Also, I thought it was a nice touch of character for him to give away Azumaril to that kid. Not in a kind suger-plums chairty donation way, but in a very selfish unpatient one. He wanted nothing more to do with the thing, so he just gave it away. He got nothing in return. Just wanted to be rid of it.

    9/10 for me on this eppy.

    Last edited: Jan 19, 2007
  16. -Can't really blame Shinji for giving away Azumarill...the bunny did NOT do well last episode.

    -Poor Mukubird...makes me wonder if that blow to the head made it forget its weakness to Rock?

    -Zugaidos' KO look was hilarious and cute at the same time.@_@

    -Meowth's costume strangely resembles the professor in the Porygon episode.o_0

    -Onix: GaROOOOAAAR!*uses Screech*
    Pikachu:*thinks* I think this is payback for Pewter Cityyyyy~:eek:*gets KOed*
  17. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    I agree with him, people is fanboying/girling(that word exists?) D/P. And if not a lot of d/P pokemon are shown with the filler character is because there are so few of them.
  18. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    You obviously don't remember Hoenn very well. It was a complete fresh start where the writers changed their writing style completely, they made the fillers generally funny and actually had strong continuity throughout most of it. The whole Dewford training arc was absolutely amazing, and the episodes leading up to Rustboro were good too. I'm not going to go into later Hoenn because I want to see what Shinou does first.

    What you're talking about is the Johto series, where the writers stuck to boring by-the-books filler with nothing exciting happening. Shinou is repeating the Hoenn formula, we have the same type of episodes but you barely paid any attention to Hoenn since you don't seem to remember anything about it.

    What exactly was boring about it? Go scan down the episode list on the site, we had fantastic episodes all in a row with only a few bad episodes in between.

    Introducing a second major story arc and a female protagonist that actually DID something helped the show tremendously. Contests got the show out of the rut it was in by showing a female do what Ash does, and this continues with Hikari in D/P.

    LOL, no. All the "action" started back in early AG. The whole emphasis on AG was training and battles, where are you getting your facts from?

    I like D/P a lot, the only bad episode was the Naetle capture ep. That doesn't mean I'm going to automatically pretend its the best thing ever, when we've seen the same stuff for the last 4 years. If you want to pretend a series with actual continuity, character development and depth was bad, then be my guest. You're only fooling yourself, especially when you say Drew is Gary 2 but Shinji isn't. LOL.

    I'd accept your opinion if you actually detailed facts. You only give me vague details about Hoenn which is proof you didn't pay any attention to it. Its gotten very annoying when people act like D/P is godly when its not doing anything different than AG, and I've noticed this from several other Misty fans as well, its downright pathetic.
  19. masukippa

    masukippa Well-Known Member


    could someone put up a link to see the episode? i can't find one anywhere (and don't say the pictures on SPP)
  20. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    We're not allowed to say where to get the eps from, although you can PM someone to ask above I guess.

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