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A Heart Torn Three Ways (pokeshipping, advanceshipping, pearlshipping - PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by rowly, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    Hi, I'm realitively new here (at serebii), but not at the great art of writing, so I decided to try my hand at writing a shipping fic (which i am a newb at) :D
    I've read a few of the shipping fics around here and decided to write one myself... but enough about me, you came here for the fic after all!
    This fic is rated: PG-13
    This fic includes: Pokeshipping
    and (very little) Specialshipping (sorry, this one couldn't fit in the title)
    Don't be afraid to review, good or bad, it's feedback that makes a writer better!


    The sun shone brightly on the small, tropical island. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, a perfect day to be outside in the sun. The wind blew gently through the many palm trees, which grew in abundance all throughout the island.

    Ash Ketchum, now a well-seasoned Pokemon trainer, recognized around the world as the champion of the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh leagues, sat on the pristine, white beach and watched all of his Pokemon frolic in the sand or along the water’s surface.

    Long gone were his days of traveling the world with his companions. In fact, it had been four years since he had won the Sinnoh league, the last region that he had conquered, and decided that he would settle down in the Orange Islands. He had been the youngest person ever to become the champion of the four major regions, accomplishing this feat at a mere 16 years of age.

    However, as soon as Ash had beaten the Sinnoh league, he was forced into the media’s spotlight. Ash had been given interview after interview until he felt that he had given away every last piece of information that he knew. Then, he was sent on a long tour around the four regions by his many “managers” who advised him to spend at least a week in each city. The young champion reluctantly agreed to such a long stint of traveling, since he knew that he would no longer be traveling after finishing his tour, he needed to get a last look at all of the different regions before settling down.

    After two long years of traveling all over the four regions, Ash decided to hold a press conference with the media, declaring that he would no longer be traveling and would settle down, much to the dismay of his many fans. He also didn’t tell the public where he was going, since he hated the thought of a crowd of adoring fans swarming onto his tiny island.

    During the last two years on the island, Ash had been relaxing with his Pokemon, finally enjoying his long awaited retirement from the public’s eye. Only a handful of people had been told where he was, mostly his closest friends and relatives. During the first year or so after his retirement, his friends came to see him regularly, but recently, the visits to his island had become more sporadic and random, instilling a sense of solitude in the champion.

    Ash was reminiscing over his past accomplishments, when he realized that the sun was slowly setting over the vast sea, turning it into a spectacle of red, purple, and orange lights. Though it was a beautiful sight, he had seen it before, in fact, he had seen it every night for the past two years. Ash quietly sighed to himself, the novelty of being alone on a beautiful island with no one but his faithful Pokemon had long ago worn away. He yearned for human companions again. During his many years traveling, before and after becoming a superstar, he had never been alone, and being unaccompanied for such a long period of time had made him extremely lonesome.

    Ash decided that it was time to visit some of his old friends again. He was tired of constantly waiting for his friends to come. But who? Ash thought to himself.
    The champion then determined that he would go and visit his three favorite people in the world, Misty, May, and Dawn. Ash thought about seeing Brock and Tracey, but resolved that he had a stronger urge to see the three girls again, though he couldn’t quite figure out why this was the case…

    The next day, bright and early in the morning, Ash prepared to set off to Cerulean City. After thinking about it all night, the trainer decided to bring Pikachu, Pidgeot (whom he had brought back from the Viridian forest), Charizard (who had finished his training with Liza a while ago), Sceptile, and Feraligatr (who had evolved from Totodile). He knew that someone would probably recognize him and challenge him to a battle. Ash smirked to himself. For once in his life, he was thinking ahead, if only a little.

    He slipped on his favorite pair of jeans, his old black shoes, a black undershirt, and a blue hooded sweater, similar to the one his mother bought for him before he went to Hoenn. After choosing to wear his old red and white Pokemon league hat, with the green “L” shaped insignia emblazoned across the front of it, Ash collected a few supplies, gathered his pokeballs, mounted onto Pidgeot, tucked Pikachu safely inside his sweater, and set course for Cerulean City.

    Author's Notes: Thanks for reading the first chapter (or prologue i should say) of my fic, I'll try to update daily. That probably won't be a problem though, since i've already written a few more chapters for this fic. Thanks again! :D

    Edit: sorry, it's a bit short, the next few chapters will be longer, i promise!
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2008
  2. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    Wow. are you sure your not a great at writing? coz u think you are. i like the way you describe. very nice

    So the first stop is Cerulean city? so Misty is going to be visited first. can't wait.

    Very nice work. ^_^
  3. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    Ok, here's the first (real) chapter. thanks for all the nice reviews so far :D

    Chapter 1

    In the Cerulean City gym, the red-headed gym leader, Misty, was going about her daily chores. She sighed quite loudly, and then muttered to herself, “Sometimes I wonder why I ever took this job.” She looked up and saw her three sisters slumped onto the couch in the living room after a long night of partying in the various clubs around town. “But then again, if I don’t take care of the gym, then who will?”

    The Cerulean gym, a large tent-like structure with an enormous Dewgong in the front, was not only home to the Cascade badge, but also to the four sisters who were the joint gym leaders, though one did considerably more work than the others.

    Misty checked the clock in the living room. It read, “9:17 a.m.” She knew that her sisters had a photo shoot with a famous photographer at 10, and that if she didn’t wake them up now that they would never get there on time.

    Misty then yelled out to the couch, “C’mon you three, get up! You have to get ready to leave!”

    Lily, Daisy, and Violet all grumbled amongst themselves and asked Misty in unison, “What time is it?!”

    The red-head then shouted back, “9:17!”

    “Oh my gosh, we gotta hurry or we’re, like, gonna be late!” exclaimed Daisy.

    The three older sisters then rushed to the restroom where they quickly applied their make-up, fixed their hair, and brushed their teeth, all within 15 minutes.

    “Wow, they’re fast,” Misty whispered to herself.

    “Ok, Misty, take care of the gym while we’re gone!” shouted Violet.

    “Like I would do anything else…” the youngest sister muttered.

    “What was that?” inquired Violet.

    “Oh, nothing. Have fun at the photo shoot,” said Misty.

    “Ok, later!” the three older sisters said in unison, then walked out the door.

    “Ugh,” Misty sighed to herself, “Why did I ever take this job?”

    Suddenly she heard the sound of a large bird, flapping its wings just outside the gym. Misty cautiously went over to the entrance of the gym, where she had just heard someone knocking at the door.

    “Ash!” Misty exclaimed. “What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t want to leave your island cause of all the publicity.”

    The young man stepped into the gym and flashed a grin at the redhead. “Is that anyway to treat you’re best friend?” Ash teasingly asked.

    “Oh, um, I-I was just surprised to see you.” Misty quietly said, forgetting the questions that she had just asked.

    “To answer you’re question,” said Ash, “I thought I’d drop by for a visit. You haven’t been to the island in at least a year!”

    “Sorry, I’ve been busy at the gym recently,” the redhead said, “let’s go to the living room and we can catch up.”

    “Sounds good,” said the champion, “c’mon Pikachu, wake up.” The electric rodent slowly stuck its head out of Ash’s sweater and jumped out onto the ground. Pikachu then staggered down the hall to the living room where it proceeded to slump onto the couch and fall asleep again.

    As they walked down the hall leading to the living room, Ash silently took note of how much Misty had matured, both mentally… and physically. She had grown about an inch taller, her hair was still in her trademark side ponytail but seemed a little more wild than when he had last seen her one year ago, the curves of her body seemed… well more defined and prominent. Well, she’s certainly not the little girl who I used to travel with 8 years ago…Ash embarrassedly thought to himself, glad that she couldn’t see him blushing,

    Misty had also taken a mental note of Ash’s development. His body had become thinner and more muscular than she last remembered, and he had become an attractive shade, not too dark, but not as pale as he had once been, all from his long hours in the Orange Island sun. However, some things had stayed the same, his wild, black hair was as unruly as ever and his deep, brown eyes were still as enchanting as she remembered. Misty couldn’t believe that this was the wimpy little kid who had “borrowed” her bike all those years ago.

    As they sat down on the couch beside Pikachu, Misty turned on the television set placed a few feet away. A female newscaster appeared on the screen.

    “Reports of the legendary Ash Ketchum riding on his famous Pidgeot over the skies of Kanto have been received from many people, but it is yet to be confirmed whether or not the famous champion of the four regions has come out of hiding.”

    “Looks like some people spotted you on the way here,” stated the gym leader.

    “Darn, I was trying to be secretive, and not draw to much attention,” said Ash.

    “Well, if I saw a Pidgeot like that in the sky, I would assume it was you.”


    “You’re Pidgeot’s one of a kind” Misty said, scratching Pikachu’s head, “it looks much more powerful than any other Pidgeot, wild or trained.”

    “Heh, you can thank my excellent training.” said the young champion, his ego swelling.

    “I guess so…” Misty trailed off, obviously worried about something else.

    “Anything the matter?” said the trainer.

    “Oh, it’s nothing, just that…” she began to blush, “it’s just that… I-I missed you while you were gone, that’s all.”

    Now it was Ash’s turn to blush, “Oh.”

    “D-did you miss me?” Misty quietly asked.

    “Yeah, I really missed you,” Ash said, surprised that he didn’t stutter or mess up his wording.

    “Oh Ash,” Misty said, her face turning a deeper shade of red, “I-I-I love you!”

    Ash opened his eyes wide, surprised by her confession. Ash suddenly knew why he was always happy when she came to visit the island. He had feelings for her too. But, Ash wondered to himself, is she the only one that I have feelings for?...

    But before he could say anything in reply to her. Misty had wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. It’s not like Ash hadn’t kissed a girl before, in fact, on his many journeys after becoming a champion, he had many mini-relationships that just turned out to be a superficial crushes, but this kiss with his long-time friend felt like pure bliss.

    But in the back of his mind, he knew that there were others that he wanted to share his feelings for…

    They kissed for what seemed like hours, not wanting to end the special moment. However it was Ash who broke their embrace in the end.

    “Woah, where’d that come from?” Ash asked, though he probably already knew the answer.

    “I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time, Ash, you don’t even know,” Misty said, smiling. “I didn’t know when I would get another chance like this…”

    Before they could say anymore to each other, they heard the sound of the front door opening, and the voices of Misty’s three sisters.

    Misty quickly took her arms from around Ash’s neck and went to go greet her sisters.

    “Why are you guys back so early?” Misty inquired, with a slightly impatient tone, “it’s only 10:15!”

    “We were too late and the stupid photographer, like, just left without taking our pictures,” said Daisy, “but why do you care so much?”

    Then all three of them spotted the boy sitting in the living room with a confused expression on his face, instantly recognizing him.

    “Ash!” they all exclaimed in glee, “it’s really Ash!”

    The three older sisters all crowded around the champion wanting to get autographs and photos with him.

    Then Violet looked up at Misty with a sly expression, “Looks like little sister Misty’s got herself a famous boyfriend.”

    “H-he’s not my boyfriend,” said Misty, not willing to reveal her association with Ash to her sisters yet. Misty shot a look at Ash that said I can’t tell them now. Ash nodded slightly, acknowledging the message.

    “Then why is he wearing your shade of lipstick?” Lily added, with a mischievous smile.

    Dammit, Misty said in her head, then out loud, “Y-you’re crazy.”

    “I-I think I’d better go,” Ash said, wanting to get out of this awkward situation.

    “Ok, let me take you outside,” Misty said, also wanting to get out of this tight spot.

    They both walked out of the gym, where Ash released Pidgeot and called to Pikachu, who had slept through the whole fiasco.

    “Misty, I’ll, uh, see you later,” Ash promised, looking right into Misty’s emerald eyes.

    “Where are you going?” she asked, slightly hurt that he would leave her so soon.

    “I’ve… got to sort some stuff out.”

    “I understand,” said Misty, “I’ll see you later, and don’t forget to call.”

    “I won’t; see you later,” and with that, the young champion flew off on Pidgeot toward Petalburg City.

    “I wonder where he’s going…”

    Author's Note: I'm glad that this one turned out to be a decent length ^-^
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2008
  4. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~


    Ash and Misty made out. lol

    They are in character!

    I wonder who he will end up with? (PLEASE BE MISTY!!!)

    May's up next huh?
  5. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    thanks for the quick review, i always appreciate reader comments, good or bad

    I can tell you one thing about Ash's love life: it's gonna get more confusing before it gets any clearer, at least that's how it's looking right now (i have about 4 more chapters written up)
  6. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    *gasp* Ash and Misty... made out! ughh i don't feel so well anymore

    Nah just jokeing. ^_^ but i am shocked that they made out. i really didn't expcet that so early.

    May next? yay! ^_^ (i wonder if they are going to make out as well. xD)

    Anyway very nice chapter.
  7. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    well, thanks for the reviews everyone, and here is the next chapter!

    Chapter 2

    As Ash rode on Pidgeot toward Petalburg City, his mind was racing at a mile a minute, trying to make sense of all his tumultuous emotions.

    If I have feelings for Misty, the trainer thought, then… what about May and Dawn? Whenever any of them would visit me on the island, I felt equally happy to see them. I’m so confused. I don’t even know if I should see May right now, what would Misty think if she found out?...but I just have to see May again…
    As Ash flew through the skies of Hoenn, the trainer hoped that Pidgeot knew where Petalburg City was, since the Flying type had never been there himself. But his fears were soon dispelled when the large bird landed in front of the Pokemon center in Petalburg City. However, this was not a good place to land…

    As soon as he had landed, many trainers stared at him with strange expressions. They had never seen a Pidgeot in Hoenn and wondered who the mysterious trainer could be. Though some thought that the black-haired boy looked familiar, they didn’t know whether to believe their eyes or not.

    Suddenly, someone in the distance cried out, “It’s Ash Ketchum!!”

    Uh oh, Ash thought.

    The moment that the crowd of trainers realized that it was the Ash Ketchum, they rushed toward the champion, hoping for advice, a picture, an autograph, or even a phone number in some cases.

    I’ve got to get out of here… Ash thought, knowing that he couldn’t stay long, or he would be smothered by the adoring crowd. Ash quickly released Charizard, since Pidgeot was tired from flying all the way to Hoenn, hopped onto his back, and left the crowd of fans far behind him.

    In the Petalburg gym, a young man, about 16 years of age, was sitting in front of the television after a long day facing challengers. He was dressed in a green, hooded sweater and a pair of old looking jeans. On his face sat a pair of black glasses, which made him look slightly more sophisticated than he really was.

    In a sudden news flash, an anchorman announced that the famous Ash Ketchum was confirmed to be in Petalburg City and that he was mounted on his powerful Charizard.

    Ash is in Petalburg? Max, who was now the Petalburg gym leader, pondered, why would he be in Petalburg City? But, in the back of his mind, the gym leader knew that there was only one reason.

    Suddenly the young gym leader heard a fervent knocking at the door. Max leisurely stood up from the couch and slowly walked toward the door.

    The knocking commenced again, prompting Max to yell out, “Yah, yah, I’m coming,” though he knew that the guest couldn’t hear his rude remark.

    When he finally reached the door, he knocking had become more of a pounding, and he even heard some scratching from the bottom of the door. Max opened the door and, surprise, surprise, found Ash and Pikachu rushing into the gym.

    “I thought that you’d never open up,” panted the young man.

    “What’re you doing here?” Max asked with a genuinely inquisitive expression.

    “I just had to get away from that mob; they were about to smother me!” explained the older boy.

    “Anyway, it’s nice to see you Ash,” the young gym leader said, “it seems like forever since I last saw you.”

    “Yah, it’s been about nine months,” Ash knew exactly when he had last seen the younger boy because that was also the last time that he had seen May.

    “Just one more question though,” Max said, “why’d you choose to come to Petalburg, of all places, and, of all the places in Petalburg, to the gym?”

    “Well for starters, this was the only place in Petalburg that I knew, and secondly… uh, I uh, kinda wanted to visit May,” Ash said uncomfortably.

    “Oh, um, sorry to tell you Ash, but May doesn’t live here anymore. She’s been living in Goldenrod City for at least six months now. I guess that she didn’t tell you,” said May’s younger brother.

    “Hmm” Ash mused, “do you have any idea why she would want to move there?”

    “I think she mentioned something about wanting to see what it was like in the big city, I dunno,” the young gym leader said.

    “Ok, well then, I’m off to Johto,” Ash announced.

    “Hold your horses!” Max exclaimed, “you just got here, let’s do something fun! How about we have a Pokemon battle? I haven’t gotten a chance to battle the all-time champ of the four regions yet.”

    “Ok then, I accept your challenge,” Ash smirked.

    author's note: meh, not much to say here
  8. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Wow...this title has conflict of interest all over it.
    Rather original, since there's often other male competition in other fics, but this one seems all about Ash and his demons...cool xD

    Trust me, it's like any other fic, just add romance...a lot ^^'

    So he finally did it.
    Glorious and fast career as a pokemon trainer, and now retired at the age of 22, his whole life ahead.
    Life fast :D

    Excelent use of vocabulary and description over this prologue ;)
    The sunset was vivid in my eyes !

    Lol, this reminds me of my own PokéShipping oneshot :D
    Same dilemma xD

    You could have avoided brackets and placed comas instead.
    Makes it flow more :p

    Very nice for a prologue, I love your writing, and just, try not to update daily, cause it's pretty much too fast for some people (like me xD)
    Weekly, or twice a week should do it ! (unless you update chapters of your current length...then I think we could manage lol)

    Ok, very good, valley girl isn't overused.

    your :D

    A bit...rushed ? dare I say ? ^^'
    I mean, if in 8 years they haven't confessed, I don't think that in a few minutes after seeing each other they will. Though why not ? If they both felt like it, they'd say it when they feel like it :p

    owned :D

    ok, next chapter !

    Brendan's from Goldenrod :D
    I like how Max is turning out here, and lol at Ash grasping for dear life xD

    heh, that's it ? I dunno, you could have at least written the battle in this chapter...something epic, broadcasted live on TV, etc...

    I like this fic, it's easy to read, and quite enjoyable, no mistake (not much) no grammer mistakes at all, and a plot than can easily overwhelm our protagonist :D

    Keep it up !
  9. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    yah, i think that i'll do a bi-weekly update... maybe tuesday and saturday...

    those homonyms get me :O
    (i might mess up on "you're" and "your," and "it's" and "its," but i'm usually good about "they're" and "their" and "there" :D)

    hehe, i kinda felt that way too, should've waited a little longer... oh well i guess it's a "first fic" mistake

    who's brendan?
    *checks bulbapedia* oh that guy that looks like ruby on pokespecial
    i guess it was a coincidence that may moved there hahaha
    (but i might do something with that...cause franticshipping happens to be a favorite of mine)

    i don't think that i'd have ash battle in a televised battle, at least for a while, cause ash is tired of the media's attention after his stint during the sinnoh league (but who knows? this is shaping up to be a fairly long fic)

    thanks for the good review and advice!
  10. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    here's the next chapter! read and enjoy! :D
    (i've now switched to a bi-weekly update. tuesday and saturday are the update days)
    my bad about the double post. >.<

    Chapter 3

    The two young men walked down to the battle arena of the Petalburg Gym. The champion of the four regions stood on the challenger’s side of the battlefield, where he had beaten Norman, Max’s father and the previous gym leader, about 7 years ago. The current gym leader took his customary position on the battlefield opposite from Ash.

    “I assume that by now, we can judge our own matches, so I won’t call in a referee,” Max shouted to the opposite end of the field.

    “Ok!” Ash replied.

    “Let’s make this a one on one battle.”

    “Fine by me!”



    “Ok, go Slaking!” Max shouted.

    A large gorilla with brown fur, a white stomach, and a pig-like face appeared before the gym leader. Slaking released a large whoop, indicating that it was ready for battle.

    “I see that you’ve brought out the big guns,” cried out Ash, “but I’m not gonna hold back, I choose you Feraligatr!”

    A large, blue, alligator-like Pokemon appeared before Ash. It had a blue hide with red spikes along its back and head, a yellow jaw, and a set of razor-sharp teeth.

    “Gator!” cried the large Pokemon.

    “Ok, I guess I’ll start things off,” announced Max, “Slaking, Thunder punch!”

    Slaking rushed toward Feraligatr, holding up its fist, where sparks were beginning to form.

    Knowing that this move would be super-effective against his old friend, Ash cried out “Feraligatr, Dig!”

    The large water-type swiftly dug into the gym floor, disappearing from view.

    Slaking, now without a target, stopped dead in its tracks and looked at Max for further instructions.

    “Slaking, don’t stand around like that, it’ll just make Feraligatr’s job easier!” Max advised his Pokemon.

    The normal-type then began to run around the battle field, with no destination in mind.

    Ash smirked to himself, This strategy gets ‘em every time. “Feraligatr, whirlpool!”

    “What?!” Max shouted.

    Underground, Feraligatr began to form a large whirlpool, which mixed with the soft ground of the battlefield and became a large, swirling mass of mud, which swept away the large primate-like Pokemon.

    “Now Feraligatr, jump into the air!” Ash commanded.

    The great, blue alligator jumped out of the swirling mass of mud, high into the air.

    “Now, Ice Beam!” Ash ordered with a sly grin.

    Uh oh, Max thought as he realized Ash’s strategy.

    The swirling mass of mud instantly froze as Feraligatr’s powerful Ice Beam struck it, trapping Slaking’s lower body in the ice, immobilizing it.

    “Now Feraligatr, come in close and use Hyper Beam!” Ash said, feeling sorry for the hurt Slaking was about to receive.

    Feraligatr landed a few feet away from Slaking’s immobilized body, charging up its most powerful attack. In a flash of orange light, the powerful beam of energy crashed into
    Slaking, knocking it out instantly.

    “Looks like I won,” Ash declared, “sorry about the damage to the gym though,”

    The entire battlefield had become a rink of muddy ice, slightly indented in the center. Ash had no idea how Max could fix the battlefield by the time more challengers would appear in the morning.

    “Amazing,” Max said as the two trainers recalled their respective Pokemon, “That was a brilliant strategy, I didn’t even have a chance to launch two attacks. No wonder you beat the leagues of the four regions. I’ve got a long way to go before I could even make you break a sweat.”

    “That’s ok, Max,” Ash said, trying to rebuild the young gym leader’s confidence, “that’s been a strategy that even other champions haven’t been able to counter, at least with non-flying Pokemon.”

    “Thanks Ash… I guess,” Max said, “so, do you know where you are gonna stay on your search for my sister?”

    “I was kinda planning on just traveling around. You know, like how it was in the old days, with no pre-determined plan,” the champion said.

    “Then why don’t you stay here tonight?” Max asked, “it’s starting to get too late out to travel, I’m sure mom and dad would be delighted to see you again.”

    “That sounds fantastic!” Ash exclaimed, “I can’t remember the last time that I got to eat your mom’s cooking.”

    Later that night…

    Ash and Pikachu slumped down into May’s old bed, ready for a long night of sleep. After a delicious dinner that Max’s mom, Caroline, had prepared, Norman, Max’s father, and the young gym leader had constantly asked Ash for strategies that he had developed for his various Pokemon. Ash had been glad to reveal some of his many strategies but only because he knew that his major opponents had already figured out successful counters for the strategies he shared, making them obsolete, but his friends could still use them against ordinary trainers. At about eleven o’ clock, Caroline mentioned how late it was getting and suggested that they all go to sleep, and since May’s old room was the only one available to sleep in, Ash had been assigned to sleep there.

    As Pikachu curled up on a pillow, Ash looked around the room. May’s family had kept May’s room exactly how it was before she left, wanting her to feel welcome if she ever decided to come back. Her walls were covered in posters of famous contests and interesting pictures that she had collected in her journeys. One of these pictures was of a young couple, one a brunette girl, and the other a raven-haired boy. They were holding hands and watching a beautiful sunset on a tropical island.

    Ash thought, for only a second, that maybe May had hung that picture to remind her of Ash, but he quickly dismissed it as his over-active imagination.

    May, I hope that you’re alright, Ash thought, I’m so confused, and I need your help…

    author's note: sorry, this chapter's a lil on the short side again...
  11. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Okay for the days, and don't worry to double post, as you're allowed to do that for update purposes ;)

    You can be a four-time champion all you want, you're still Ash :D
    And the fight seemed entertaining to say the least :p Nice to see Ash finally developing a strategy and sticking to it lol

    He'll ask her if she kept that half-ribbon of their's ^^
    Length ccould be longer, but it's not a problem xD
  12. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    i just started to read this fic and im really likeing it.

    So we now know that Ash has feelings for Misty and know maybe for May. i bet he has feelings for Dawn too.

    Anyway very nice work and can't wait for the next chapter. ^_^
  13. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    Originally this was gonna be two chapters, but they were both a little short, so i decided to add them together :D

    Chapter 4

    As Ash released Pidgeot to leave early the next morning, Max called out to him, “I hope you find May… and anything else you’re looking for.”

    “Thanks Max,” said the champion, who had conveniently not heard the last part of Max’s statement. “Catch ya later!”

    And with that, Ash and Pikachu jumped onto Pidgeot’s back and flew away, but not toward Johto, but to a small town in the Sinnoh region.

    Ash had decided that he wanted to see Dawn before he went to Goldenrod City, since he didn’t know how long he would be searching for May in that large of a city.

    The champion looked forward to seeing the spunky, happy-go-lucky girl that he had traveled with all over Sinnoh. She always was able to make him laugh, no matter what…

    Suddenly, Ash’s expression turned grim. Oh no, he thought, I thought I already had feelings for Misty, but now…Dawn, and even May. Aren’t you supposed to only have one crush at a time?

    Pikachu looked up at his trainer with a concerned look. The small rodent knew what was bothering Ash, since Pikachu felt almost the exactly same way. “Pika pika pi Pikachu?”

    “I’m fine Pikachu,” Ash said, trying to comfort his partner, but he knew that Pikachu understood how he felt. He also knew that Pikachu was probably the only one that Ash could turn to for advice on this matter.

    “Pikachu, you know what I’m feeling right now. I’m so confused, I just don’t know who to pick.”

    “Pi pika ka Pikachu!” said the boy’s first Pokemon.

    “Follow my heart, eh?” said Pikachu’s trainer, “you sound like an after-school special Pikachu, but… I guess you’re right. I just need to figure out which way my heart is pointing.”

    As Ash flew over Twinleaf Town, he could make out a familiar figure playing in the local park with a few Pokemon.

    “Hehe, hey Pikachu, let’s have some fun,” said Ash, feeling suddenly more playful at the thought of seeing the young coordinator.

    “Pikachu pika?” asked the yellow rodent.

    “Hmm, I guess we could, uh…” Ash continues to whisper to the rodent, who laughs hysterically when he realizes Ash’s plan.

    “Ok, let’s put our plan into action!”

    In the park below, a blue-haired girl was playing with her many Pokemon while practicing for the Sinnoh Grand Festival which was coming up in only two months. She wore a pink miniskirt, a black, sleeveless sweater, a pink scarf with jagged edges, and a white beanie with a pink pokeball logo. In the four years since Ash’s victory in the Sinnoh league, Dawn had matured into a very beautiful lady. Her eyes still sparkled with the same radiance that Ash knew and her hair still flowed with the same elegance, but many of her physical features had become more… developed, Ash noted with a blush.

    “Great Piplup, just like that!” Dawn called out to her penguin Pokemon.

    “Piplup!” the small penguin said, its chest swelling in pride.

    Ash, who was hiding in a bush nearby, said quietly into a walkie-talkie radio that he had bought at a local convenience store, “Ok Feraligatr, Rain Dance.”

    The alligator Pokemon, located in a tree across the park, glowed a faint blue, and soon the sky became dark and rain had started to fall.

    “Good job, now Pidgeot, Whirlwind.”

    The huge bird, who was flying a hundred feet above the park, flapped its mighty wings and created strong winds that made the storm seem more ferocious.

    “Great work,” Ash said, then turning to the rodent next to him, “now, Thunder!”

    Pikachu, concentrating for a moment, focused its energy and called down many lightning strikes, one after another.

    Ash smiled to himself. It was fun playing weather man, especially when you got to scare one of your best friends in the process.

    Dawn looked around, slightly confused, the weather man had said that it would be sunny all day.

    Ugh, he never gets it right, the coordinator thought. She returned all of her Pokemon to their pokeballs since she didn’t want their beautiful coats to get ruined.

    As the sky became darker, Dawn became more scared. The wind howled in her face and lightning flashed in the sky.

    This is such a scary storm…I wish Ash was here to protect me, Dawn said in her head.

    As she walked back to the entrance of the park, a strange feeling overtook the young coordinator. She was being watched; she knew it.

    Every once in a while, Dawn thought that she heard a voice calling out to her, or a shadowy figure moving in her peripheral vision.

    “M-m-must be the wind… or the lightning,” Dawn reassured herself, “stupid w-w-weatherman.”


    I know I heard something that time! “Who’s there?!” Dawn asked the darkness, but only heard the howling of the wind through the trees.

    I’m outta here! The coordinator was soon running for the entrance.

    “Pikachu, Scary Face,” Ash quietly said to his partner, though he could barely control his laughter.

    There, the exit! Dawn was now barreling toward the exit of the park, hoping that whatever was chasing her would stop.

    As she neared the exit, suddenly, out of a nearby bush, a yellow monster jumped out in front of her. It had yellow horns with black tips, beady black eyes, blood-red cheeks, and a Dracula-like expression.

    “AHHH!!” Dawn screamed as her world blacked out around her.

    “Whoops,” Ash said, “I guess we took it a bit too far.”

    Dawn awoke to find herself lying in bed at her apartment in Jubilife City, having moved out of her mother’s house in Twinleaf Town long ago. She looked around to find a Pikachu, which looked eerily like the monster that had attacked her, sleeping at the foot of her bed.

    Wait, Dawn thought, could it be his Pikachu?

    As she got out of bed, being careful not to wake the sleeping Pikachu, Dawn went into her living room, trying to see if anyone else was in the house. And sure enough, sleeping on the couch, was a very special trainer.

    “A-Ash?” Dawn quietly said, not sure if she wanted to wake up the boy who slept on her couch.

    An incomprehensible jumble of sounds came from the young man on the couch. Clearly he didn’t want to get up.

    “Hah, same old Ash,” Dawn softly said to herself, “I guess I’ll ask him why the heck he’s in my apartment later.”

    Dawn couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked, even sprawled out on her couch. She just hoped that he still wasn’t as dense as he was during their travels across Sinnoh. And as a wave of previous emotions for the sleeping trainer swept over the coordinator, she felt a ray of hope shine in her heart…

    “Mmm… bacon,” Ash said in his sleep as the smell of cooking meat wafted toward his nose.

    “Rise and shine,” Dawn said when she heard the boy’s response to her cooking.

    Hehe, I knew I could get his stomach to wake him up. Dawn giggled to herself. You know, it’s kinda like we’re living together, if only for today. Dawn said in her mind with a dreamy expression on her face.

    Ash slowly sat up trying to recall why he was in such an unfamiliar place.

    Uh oh, I’m gonna have some explaining to do, Ash thought, as he realized why he was in the coordinator’s apartment.

    Dawn glared at the boy with mock suspicion as she set down a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast in front of him.

    “Ok Ash Ketchum, explain to me right now why you are in my house, instead of on a remote island, and why I can’t remember how I got here last night!” demanded the blue-haired girl.

    “Um… I, uh…uh,” Ash jumbled over his words. But after composing himself, he tried again, “Dawn, I’m so sorry, cause, you see, that lightning storm last night was all my fault, and when I had Pikachu use scary face on you… you, um.. fainted.”

    “Why in the world would you do something like that? I was scared out of my wits!” said Dawn, scolding the boy on her couch.

    “I, um, I just wanted to have a little fun…You know play a little prank, just like the old days,” explained the boy from Pallet.

    “Well, that wasn’t very funny!” said the coordinator, “But I still want to know how you got into my house, as a matter of fact, how did you even know where I lived? You’ve never been here before!”

    “Hah, ok, the funny thing is that your keys to the apartment fell out of your purse when you fainted, and they just happened to have a key tag with your address on it,” the boy clarified with a grin.

    “Ok then, but why are you even in Sinnoh? I thought you lived in the Orange Islands now,” Dawn asked, as she sat next to him on the couch, enchanted by his warm smile and captivating eyes.

    “The truth is,” Ash said, blushing slightly, “I wanted to see you again, I was getting extremely lonely on my island, so I decided to come visit you.”

    “You came all the way to Sinnoh just to see little ole me?” Dawn said, blushing, “how sweet, Ashy!”

    Ash suddenly got a funny look on his face, “Why’d you call me ‘Ashy?’”

    “Oh, sorry,” Dawn said, quickly hiding her face, which was a deep shade of red, “it’s just… I thought that… that name sounded cute… that’s all.”

    “I see.”

    “You know Ash, I was kinda getting lonely too and I was even about to come visit you again, but I guess you beat me to it,” Dawn said with a small smile.

    “I see,” Ash replied, then mustering up his courage, he placed his hand on top of hers, causing both of them to blush profusely.

    “Dawn…” Ash said quietly, “I-I think I’ve fallen for you.”

    “Ash…” was all Dawn could say in reply.

    Her heart fluttered as his face came closer to hers, closing her eyes in anticipation. And as their lips pressed together, Dawn could feel her whole body tingling with pleasure. She was finally sharing a kiss with the boy that she loved so much, and she wanted nothing more than that moment to last forever.

    This kiss…it feels different from the one with Misty, Ash thought to himself. It feels more…complete, I guess since I actually had to work for it. He remembered that when he kissed Misty that the water Pokemon trainer had sort of… rushed the build-up to the special moment, like she was tired of waiting and could hold it back no longer.

    After they had broken the kiss, they stared into each other’s eyes, each knowing that they had just started something special. But suddenly doubts rushed again into Ash’s mind.

    You’ve just cheated on Misty! Ash thought as he scolded himself. You claim to have feelings for Misty, yet you turn around after only two days and kiss Dawn! And let’s not forget how we feel about May! What the hell are we gonna do now?!

    Dawn could see the turmoil in Ash’s mind as she looked into his auburn eyes.

    “Ash… what’s wrong?” Dawn asked the young man next to her.

    Ash knew that he couldn’t tell her what was really going on in his mind, so he came up with a lie, or maybe… an excuse.

    “Well,” said the young champion, “it’s just that… I have to go soon.”

    “Why?” asked the coordinator, a hurt look in her eyes.

    “I gotta find another friend of mine in Goldenrod City,” Ash said.

    “Another friend? Is it a boy or a girl?” Dawn asked, slightly mistrusting the enchanting, brown eyes that she looked into.

    “It’s a boy, I just promised to meet him today and didn’t expect to stay so long at your place. No need to worry!” Ash said with a half-smile. The champion knew he had to lie to her about May, if Dawn realized that he was leaving her to see May after only 30 minutes of being in a relationship, he knew that it would break her heart into a million pieces.

    Well, I’m not leaving her, per se, but I’m just going to go figure out if my feelings for May are returned, and if they’re not then I just have to deal with Misty and Dawn. Ash reassured himself. But then the doubts returned, Ugh, I'm disgusting, how can I just toss aside Dawn and Misty like that... And just to see if some other girl that I like can join the club! I don’t deserve any of them!

    Ash quietly sighed, since he knew that he was right about himself. Still, I have to know, I just have to know!

    “I’m sorry Dawn, I promise I’ll see you soon,” Ash promised, and in the back of his mind, he remembered making a similar promise to Misty. “See you…”

    “I understand, Ash,” said Dawn, though hurt that Ash would leave so soon, she knew that prior commitments were very important to Ash.

    I just hope he’s going to be ok, Dawn thought to herself as Ash walked out of the apartment.

    author's note: i hope that the kiss with dawn wasn't rushed >.<
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    *jaws drop in shock* i thought i would have never seen that actually happened.

    I have no doubt that he is going to kiss May as well. man choose a girl Ash. stop being a playboy! lolz.

    Anyway very nice. and i cannot wait for when May comes into play.
  15. ~StarWisher~

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    Very nice plot... ^.^
    I hope he ends up with Misty...
    Also, very well written.
    I'm going to guess he's going go share tongues with May now :p
  16. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    yeah, as the title would imply, ash is gonna be involved with may as well... but the question is... who's he gonna end up with?

    suspense! ^,^
  17. rowly

    rowly This Modern Love

    here's the next chapter,
    it may be confusing to some of you who don't read the pokespecial manga, but i'll be happy to explain anything that you're confused about

    Chapter 5

    “I think my love life is cursed, buddy,” Ash said to his first partner as they flew over the skies of Sinnoh toward Goldenrod City, “I just don’t know who to pick.”

    “Chu, pika pi chu pika?” asked the electric rodent.

    “I don’t think that my heart’s compass is even working anymore!” Ash exclaimed, “how can I choose between Misty and Dawn?”

    “Pi…pikapi,” said the small electric-type.

    “Yah, and we haven’t even begun to discuss the ‘May-factor,’” Ash sighed to himself, “at this rate, I’m gonna need a GPS system to figure where my heart is going.”

    Pikachu, obviously not amused by his trainer’s cheesy joke, reassured his trainer, “Pikachu, pika…pi.”

    “‘Only you know what you want,’” Ash reiterated, “now you sound like a philosopher, Pikachu. But, I guess you’re right.”


    “Ok, Pikachu, I get it,” the champion replied, suddenly feeling tired, “ugh, I’m bushed, probably cause I was watching over Dawn all night. Wake me up when we get to Johto.”

    Remembering what had happened the last time he landed in front of a Pokemon center, Pidgeot landed in a secluded field about a mile from the large city of Goldenrod, waiting for his master to awaken from his sleep.

    Pikachu, his patience suddenly running out, stuck his tail on his master and sent him a nice wake-up call.

    “AHHH!!” Ash exclaimed, fully awake by now, “Ok Pikachu, I’m up, you can stop now!”

    “Pika, pika chuu!” the small rodent shouted.

    “Ok, ok, I just overslept a little. No need to yell,” Ash replied, trying to calm down the electric-type. “C’mon, let’s go into town.”

    As Ash walked into Goldenrod City, the sheer number of people living in the city took his breath away. Never had the boy from Pallet seen so many people. There seemed to be more people than the last time he set foot in this vast city.

    How am I gonna find May in such a large city? Ash pondered, I could search for weeks and not see the same person twice!

    As he walked through the city, Ash began to wonder why no one was rushing to get his autograph or pushing to get a good photo with him. Then Ash noticed someone in the crowd who was dressed almost exactly like he was after he had won the Sinnoh league, complete with the same hat, hairstyle, sweater, jeans, and shoes that Ash was wearing two years ago. The imposter even had a Pikachu resting on his shoulder.

    I guess that’s why no one recognizes me. They probably don’t even think that I’m…me. They’re probably lots more imposters in the city, Ash thought to himself. Though extremely freaked out, Ash knew that fans liked to imitate their idols. I should’ve expected something like this…But, I have to admit, he did a pretty good job at looking like me.

    After looking around the city for about two hours, Ash’s stomach began to growl. Need…food…

    Spying a local restaurant, called “The Goldenrod Diner,” Ash rushed inside to alleviate his raging stomach. As he walked into the diner, the champion could smell the aroma of delicious food, which made his mouth water. After being seated by a cheery waitress, Ash pondered over the menu.

    Hamburgers…said part of Ash’s mind.

    No, chicken fried steak! Exclaimed another.

    How about… both? Reasoned his problem-solving section.

    Yes, Yes, agreed his brain and stomach.

    After placing his order with his waitress Ash looked around the dining room. On the other side of the diner, he spied a teenage boy, about 15 years old, with blonde hair and a red shirt, staring at him.

    Hmph, Ash said to himself, what the heck is he looking at?

    As if on cue, the boy walked over to Ash’s table and sat in the seat across from him.

    “What do you want?” Ash asked the boy.

    “You call yourself an Ash imposter?” inquired the teenager, “you look nothing like him.”

    Ash, deciding to play along, asked, “What do you mean?”

    “First of all, you’re wearing the wrong hat; Ash was wearing his red and black hat with the blue pokeball design on it before he went into hiding. Secondly, you’re shirt is totally wrong; Ash wore his black shirt with a yellow stripe down the middle when he was last seen. And last, but not least, Ash always carried six Pokemon, not five. You obviously don’t know the first thing about Ash!”

    Ash suddenly broke into an incontrollable fit of laughter. He couldn’t help but guffaw at how wrong the boy was about him.

    “What’s your name kid?” the champion asked the young boy, wiping a tear from his eye.

    “My name’s Orange, and I’m the best Ash expert in the whole city!” said Orange, smirking proudly, “not to mention the best battler.”

    “Huh, but you look nothing like Ash either!” Ash said.

    “Ugh, I can’t go around dressed like Ash every waking moment! Is that what you do?” Orange exclaimed, “I just do it on weekends. And I always get compliments on how much I look like Ash.”

    As Ash’s food was brought out, he began to eat at a furious pace and finished his two full size entrees in only 10 minutes, as Orange looked on, impressed.

    “Heh, you certainly eat a lot like Ash, but watch this!” Orange said, as his own plate of food was brought out. Eating at an even faster pace than Ash had, Orange finished his whole plate, which was equal to Ash’s in size, in 7 minutes flat. “I still have a long way to go,” Orange said, wiping his lips, “I’ve heard that Ash could finish a plate like this in 5 minutes!”

    After both of the boys had paid for their meals, Ash walked outside the diner, with Orange close behind.

    “Since I make it my personal duty to be the best Ash impersonator,” Orange said, “I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!”

    “What?” Ash replied, astonished, “no, don’t battle me, you’ll get defeated in five minutes, trust me.”

    “I already have eight Johto league badges, and I’m gonna go to the Johto Silver Conference in two months,” said Orange, who had pulled out his badge case to prove his point, “how many badges do you have?”

    32. Ash wanted to say, but technically, since his badges had expired, he had, “None…”

    “Hahaha, what a loser!” Orange replied, vaguely reminding Ash of how Gary had taunted the champion when he had started his journey, “let’s just see who lasts five minutes!”

    As Ash and Orange walked into the public Pokemon battlefield on the south side of town, Ash smirked and thought to himself, I’ll wipe the floor with this dummy.

    On the other side of the battlefield, Orange said to himself, I’ll wipe the floor with this dummy, not knowing that he had just thought the same thing as Ash.

    “Since we’re both Ash impersonators,” Orange cried out to the other side of the battlefield, “let’s battle with our Pikachus.”

    “Fine by me,” Ash shouted to Orange. “You ready, buddy?” Ash asked his partner.

    “Pika!” shouted the electric rodent, who bounded toward the center of the field.

    “Go Pika!” shouted Orange as he threw an old Pokeball into the air, releasing a yellow rodent almost identical to Ash’s Pikachu.

    “Pikachuu!” shouted Orange’s Pikachu, which was nicknamed Pika.

    “Ready?” Ash cried out.

    “Go!” Orange replied.

    “Ok Pika, Thunderbolt!” Orange ordered his Pokemon.

    The Pikachu on Orange’s side of the field then charged up the electricity in its body and shot it out in a massive thunderbolt which raced toward Ash’s Pikachu.

    “Dodge it with Agility, then use Volt Tackle!” Ash commanded.

    Moments before the Thunderbolt came crashing into him, Pikachu disappeared from visibility, narrowly avoiding the powerful electric attack, and reappeared a little closer to Orange’s Pikachu. Pikachu then dashed around and around Pika, disorientating it.

    “Now Pikachu!” cried Ash.

    Electricity cascaded around Pikachu’s body as he was enveloped in a yellow aura of energy.

    “Pikapikapikapikapika!” Pikachu shouted as he came in close to Pika.

    “Quick, Pika, Substitute!” Orange cried out to his Pokemon.

    Just before Ash’s Pikachu collided with Pika, the younger boy’s Pokemon glowed with a white aura and disappeared from view, reappearing close to Orange, and leaving a ghostly copy of itself in Pikachu’s path. As Pikachu collided with the substitute, it vanished into thin air, having served its purpose of getting its user out of harm’s way.

    “Now Pika, Surf, before Pikachu can recover!” Orange ordered his Pokemon.

    Again Pika glowed with a white aura, but instead of creating a copy of itself, he turned the white energy into a surfboard. As a huge wave of water, appearing from thin air, came crashing toward Pikachu, Ash looked on, unable to comprehend what was happening. How the heck can a Pikachu use Surf? It doesn’t make sense!

    At that instant, the huge wave, which Pika was riding, crashed into Pikachu, who was just as confused as Ash. And as Pikachu was recovering from the force of the attack, Ash called out to him, “Pikachu, use Thunder, while the ground’s still wet!”

    At the exact moment that Pika landed in the shallow water near Pikachu, Ash’s Pokemon released a wickedly powerful dose of electricity into the water, which found its way toward the other Pikachu and seriously hurt even the other electric-type.

    “Pikachu! Finish it off with Iron Tail!” Ash called out.

    With his glowing white tail, Pikachu landed a heavy blow on the stunned Pika, who was knocked out immediately.

    “Pika!” cried out Orange, who ran toward his fallen Pokemon, “Are you alright?”

    “Pi….ka….chu,” Pika reassured his partner, before falling unconscious again.

    “It’s ok, buddy, I’ll get you to the Pokemon Center right away!” Orange said to his partner, pretending that his Pokemon could hear his voice.

    “Sorry about that, I guess Pikachu got a little carried away,” Ash said, as he walked up to the younger trainer.

    “No, Pika will be fine, but it’s been a while since he’s been defeated, so his pride might be a little hurt,” Orange said, looking at the Pokemon in his arms, “c’mon, let’s go to the Pokemon center.

    While they were walking to the Pokemon center, Orange looked up at Ash, “By the way, you’ve never told me your name.”

    “My name’s Ash,” said the champion, forgetting that Orange thought that he was an imposter.

    “Ok, drop the act, really, what’s your name?” Orange asked, somewhat irritated that the older trainer was stilling keeping up his ruse.

    “No, I’m serious, I’m the real Ash,” Ash replied, rather annoyed that the young trainer wouldn’t believe him.

    “Really, I bet your Pokedex says otherwise!” Orange exclaimed as he snatched Ash’s Pokedex out of his pocket. But as he brought up Ash’s trainer registration, his eyes grew wide, and he looked up at the older trainer. “Y-y-you weren’t l-l-lying…”

    “See I told you I’m the real-”

    “ASH! I can’t believe it’s really you! It’s really, truly the Ash Ketchum! Wow!!” Orange interrupted, unable to control his excitement. Then, realizing how rude he had been to his hero back at the diner, Orange went down on his knees. “I’m so, so, so sorry Ash! I didn’t mean to be so obnoxious at the diner. I’ll do anything to make it up!”

    “It’s ok, you don’t need to do anything for me. It’s actually kinda nice being able to walk around a city without getting mobbed by a bunch of excited fans. I can thank people like you for that,” Ash said with a smile.

    “You’re so nice!” Orange exclaimed, “But please, I feel so bad. Isn’t there anything that I can do to make you forgive me?”

    “Well,” Ash said, pondering over what he could get the boy to do, “I guess that I kinda need a place to stay tonight…”

    As Orange realized what Ash was asking of him, his eyes beamed with pleasure, “Sure thing! I’d have asked you to stay at my house, even if I didn’t owe you anything!”

    “Really now?” Ash replied with a grin, “I guess you still owe me one then.”

    “Oh, dang it, me and my big mouth,” Orange pouted.

    Ash just laughed and started running toward the Pokemon center, feeling suddenly more energetic.

    “Wait up Ash!” Orange shouted after him, as he started to run behind the champion.

    author's note: i bet some of you can guess who Orange's parents are ^.^
    since the story's seemed a little rushed so far, i think that i'm gonna slow things down a little...
    (Ash is gonna spend a lot of time in Goldenrod :O)
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    Awesome! I LOVE this fic! I hope Ash ends up with either Misty or Dawn, but not May!
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    Oh, this isn't rushed at all! :D
    It was real nice too.
    *is still hoping it's Misty*
    Even though its taking quite a long time compared to the other two to get to May. *sighs* I can just guess why ):
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    very nice but i think i have to look around to see who orange is.

    i wonder if May is with Drew. hmmm

    anyway vrey nice so far. can't wait for the next chapter.

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