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A History of Violence [R]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by White Rabbit Redux, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. White Rabbit Redux

    White Rabbit Redux Rookie Novelist


    Yay, I've been Dragonfree approved! This is the first step of having my vision read by a world-wide audience!

    It's been a very long time since I've written fan-fiction. My very first attempt at writing was back in 6th grade, and you can imagine how that one turned out. Exactly a year later I looked back at it and wondered how I could of written something so TERRIBLE? So, I re-wrote it, and even started on a second chapter for it, since I now knew how to plot things out. When I shared it, I didn't receive any helpful criticism since I knew there were so many problems with it. That's when I stopped writing fan-fiction. Hah ha. I started and ended my 'career' with only one story.

    Senior year of high school came in, and so did Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I was so enthralled by the mythos within the fourth game that it encouraged me to write something, and from that my second fan-fiction, the one I'm about to share, was born. After that I wrote three chapters, and then stopped because, just like my first fic, I didn't receive enough criticism to keep writing. Eight months later, after graduation, I decided to give this fic a second chance, starting by slowly posting what I have already written here, and slowly writing the fourth chapter.

    This fic is the first time writing a Pokemon fan-fiction, and is the first time writing an R rated one at that. This is also the first time I don't use a majority of the main characters, and have created more than three original characters to incorporate in this story. My original character might be kinda Gary-Stuish, and probably is, but I have grown to like him, and I'm always open to change him around if need be. This is also the first time I set my fiction in an Alternate Universe.

    Now, as stated earlier, this fic is Rated R. A warning will always be placed before a new chapter, along with a list of subjects that give it an R rating. If you are under the age of 17, then I greatly suggest you DO NOT read this fic. I know that all of you watch your favorite R-rated films multiple times, but I still say for you NOT to read this.

    -[There are many other things that I want to add to this post, but I'll edit them in at a later time.]-

    Table of Content
    Chapter One - The Domino Effect
    Chapter Two - Eroticism
    Chapter Three - Origins NOT AVAILABLE

    The following Prologue contains:
    [MV] Mild Violence

    ⌠ Prologue ⌡


    Isolated in a world of darkness, a person can lose focus of the objects that were once an important aspect of his or her life; as long as this person remains afloat in this world, memories that were once sacred will be washed away for all of eternity – and only death can cause it. All the little things that made this person unique from everyone else – their deepest fears, their brightest memories, their wildest dreams – taken away and only left with an empty mind. Finally, when the deed is done, they are ready to start all over; a new life, a purified soul, but through a dark process of renewal.

    Time and time again humans have asked the age-old question, “What happens to the soul, the living fragments of memories, after death?” The answer is almost impossible to attain. Once the soul has been cleansed of old memories, a new life begins – a clean slate, with no memories of the old life. This process requires weeks to complete since the host is still living, so to speak. The majority of functions that humans use for granted during life cease to work, and only the passive functions that are usually overlooked remain active. Hair and nails continue to grow, or at least give off the illusion of continuous growth. The brain continuously sends very faint and weak electrical signals across the nervous system. These electrical signals, proven by an elite group of scientists, are the very soul of the human, fleeting memories, slowly escaping the dying host.

    This purifying process has no exceptions. All living things that have a conscience must trial the ordeal. The body withers, and the world surrounding it will absorb it for substance. In a way, the soul is sacrificing its host to maintain life. However, sometimes these actions would be looked in a way that would only horrify humans and their sense of ‘humanity.’ In the wild, people will see that animals eat other animals, even their own species when and if the need arises. People would see it as cannibalism – only humans would worry about such a subject. Wild Pokémon don’t second-guess what they have to do to survive, nor do they have the time to do so. Despite this, there is still speculation that these wild animals are just as intelligent as human beings. Their brain function works almost as a human baby’s mind; they simulate what they see in order to gain the reward of that action. This generally applies to Pokémon that have been captured through the device known by all as the Poké ball, though there have been instances where wild animals simulate human actions. This evolution of the Pokémon mind occurred over time – during ancient times such a trait never existed.

    The ancient times were some of the most violent times in human history. Wars broke out between feuding clans over necessities like food, water, and even land. Pokémon generally were harmed and killed in the process, their anatomy used in many different ways. If the Pokémon had shell for an exterior, then the shells would be used to create defensive weapons such as shields, or molded to create sharp utensils. If a Pokémon had a special trait to it, such as Kabutops having scythes for hands, then this would also be used for jobs other than hunting, like farming. No aspect of the Pokémon was wasted. Pokémon were also domesticated, but different than today’s standards. Back then Pokémon were captured only by the highest-ranking members of the clan. Poke balls weren’t used to capture them. Instead, whips and chains were used to maintain order. Some Pokémon were just impossible to maintain since they had the capabilities to destroy entire villages, like Aerodactyl and Dragonite. When a domesticated Pokémon dies, it does not receive a burial like the Pokémon of today. They are used the same way as wild animals. There was no time to think of the psychological consequences of these actions. Do or die – life of the wild. When comparing each generation of Pokémon, there is a definitive separation of survival between the two. The ancient times maintained primitive Pokémon that showed no clear remorse for their actions against their enemies. However, they only attack when they are provoked, or when they feel like their life, or the life of their children, is in danger.

    A past like this seems almost impossible to the average person, but the truth can surprise even the best of the best. The International Research Administration, the elite group of scientists that discovered the connections between the soul and the human anatomy, adopted this theory and continuously did field search to find the answers they sought after. This was their starting point in their research, and the start of a powerful organization that has been looked upon with awe and admiration. Despite all of the praise they had received throughout the years, they kept their research methods under wrap for fear of retaliation from PETA, which is an organization bent on stopping the multinational past-time: Pokémon battling. Professor Oak, president of the IRA, had managed to manipulate what is released to the media, and had successfully hid all experiments from the people outside the walls of their laboratories. Professor Hastings, administrative leader of the Technology Department, developed a machine specifically made for the sole purpose of absorbing and interpreting these electrical impulses that are released from the host.

    Despite using the carcass of a dead Pokémon, the professors do not do the killings themselves. When conducting fieldwork, they also search for Pokémon that are already dead. Their actions are unethical, but murdering the Pokémon would be more so. Of course, they choose their subjects closely. During the early stages of their research, very common Pokémon like Starly and Sentret were used as guinea pigs. The tests were a success and the machine worked like a charm. However, the data they sought after did not appear. This only proved that short-lived Pokémon were obsolete in their studies. Professor Ivy, administrative leader of the Physiology Department, came up with the theory that longer-lived Pokémon could give off stronger signals. She listed Gyarados and Ninetails as one of the few Pokémon easily obtainable that could be studied. The group agreed, and used their resources to find the specimens. Gyarados were easiest to find. Making upgrades to the machine, it was now capable of reading marine life. It was a success, so to speak. Strands of memory were found, but not in the excess they hoped for. Instead, small incoherent strands were found. More specimens were to be required to obtain more strands. Professor Oak hypothesized that if enough of these strands were collected and somehow placed in an order that would make sense, complete visuals could be created. It took three years to piece together one visual, though the visual is broken and choppy, almost incoherent. In all about sixty-seven Gyarados and Ninetails were used to create a very broken visual.



    Marine life was scarce. Gyarados prowled the ocean floor searching for any Kabuto or Relicanth to devour. Gyarados was being followed by other Gyarados looking for food as well. Goldeen pop out of nowhere and swim in unison, led by the stronger Seaking. A school of Wailmer and Wailord swam nearby, ignoring the Gyarados. The ocean brightened up, the light from the sun visible. The ocean began to shallow, leading to a beach with people walking around it. The Gyarados sprung out, then everything went dark.

    Ninetails walked along a forest trail, remaining cautious to protect his master. Muffled voices could be heard. Ninetails turned to see her human partners. Blurry silhouettes are seen. There was a flash of lightning, and the forest grew dark. A heavy downpour engulfed them. Incomprehensible Pokémon cries could be heard in the dense forest. The sound of waves crashing echoed clearly. A second Ninetails ran past the first and disappeared in a developing fog.

    Gyarados washed up on shore, the people around it trying to rope it down. The scenery continuously changed from a clear sky with flat plains to a darkened depressing downpour with an intimidating forest looking down at the poor creature. A Ninetails ran past the water dragon, and disappeared in a flash of blue and purple fire. Gyarados then sunk down into water and swam around, lost and terrified. It runs into a school of Magikarp, but with very weird color alterations. Some were red and purple, while others were green and pink. Water then turned to sand and Gyarados was once again strapped to a moving contraption and dragged across a flat sandy plain.

    It made no plausible sense, but it only proved that years of reproduction would completely warp and distort ancient memories into incomprehensible dreams. The machine had converted these memories into visible media, but the memories act like dreams, constantly changing and making everything seem surreal and implausible. Seven years of research had led them to this fragment of history, and it was enough. This was enough to convince them to continue on their progress to finally have a complete understanding of life beyond what they know. Phase Three was put into effect. Each professor returned to their respective homelands and began step one of the phase – each new trainer is to be given a Pokédex to record every species of Pokémon encountered by that trainer. If and when this trainer ever encounters what many consider a ‘legendary’ Pokémon, it would automatically record it’s location and image, and automatically send an electronic signal back to the lab for the professor to immediately begin research. The second step would require the need to study the Pokémon first-hand. It’s eating habits, reaction towards humans and other Pokémon, and its effect in its surrounding environment must be taken into effect when deciding if this Pokémon would be the right specimen to study.

    Now, why would the professors consider examining legendary Pokémon when they’re obviously overpowering in all aspects, thus making them far too difficult to capture by regular means? They believe that legendary Pokémon can last for hundreds of thousands of years. If they do live for that long, then their memories of the past should still be fresh and clear. Their memories could be used to finally piece the planet’s past, and in essence, predict future events based on past evidence.

    Two years have passed since Phase Three had been in effect and still there have been no sightings of these elusive Pokémon. Each professor had started on their own research, questioning people during their travels if they knew anything about these beasts. They searched through libraries for myths and legends, then for facts to find specific locations of these Pokémon. The closest they ever came to finding a legendary beast was during the Legend festival in Shamouti Island in the Orange Archipelago. The islands of the legendary birds were off limits, and the natives of Shamouti would not give any of the professors, or their assistant trainers permission to investigate. They reached a dead end in their search.

    Professor Rowan, vice president of the IRA and the administrative leader of the Evolution Department, brought in his own detailed research about the myths he had encountered, and pin-pointed on a map exactly where these myths led. He planned on examining the legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh since according to Sinnoh legends, have been around since the creation of the universe. He clamored about how the three lakes connected to make a triangle around Mt. Coronet, the very center of Sinnoh, where at the very top of the mountain the very essence of time and space resided. The vast knowledge that these Pokémon held within their minds would prove more fruitful than any other legend in existence. He concluded that if these two powerful beings were to be tapped, a deity would awaken. Rowan hoped that if they were to awaken this deity, and they were there to witness its awakening, then maybe they could be enlightened by the vast knowledge of an everlasting life – the very creator of life. It was all speculation and myth, and it was a very wild shot that it would occur, but they agreed to think about it.

    Twenty years have passed since that last meeting, and for twenty years their research continued to grow, and within those twenty years the IRA began their investigation on the deity known as ‘Arceus.’


    It's been remastered (LOL) and should make more sense now, though there are still a few things that Ghost pointed out that I want to take care of, and that will be an ongoing thing for me to do at this time. I hope to have it at least likable by the end. :]
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2009
  2. Azurne

    Azurne ~ ♥ ~

    Well, I liked it! :D

    Your writing style is a little bit difficult for me to read though, because it stumbles on itself... Sentences like this---

    ---end up making me stop to re-read it because it's too wordy. I think if you looked over it specifically to try and fix sentences like this it'd be better.

    Also, I'm a little iffy on the whole extracting memory thing. How do they capture whole memories like this? You explained that they were electrical impulses in the brain or something like that, however I'm still at a loss at how those electrical impulses could be read in the same was a movie can be played.

    Also, is this an AU? Because in my opinion, Professor Oak and his colleagues love Pokemon, and put them above all else. Yes, they are there to research them, but it seems very OOC for the Professors to be killing Pokemon to poke and prod at their dying brains. Even if it is for the greater good of humanity. As a matter of fact, I tend to think of the professors as researching Pokemon for the sake of Pokemon themselves. It seems incredibly stupid of them also to want to find and dissect Arceus' brain. They're Professors, they know that it's strong, one of a kind and most likely necessary for Pokemon existence. That seems like for the sake of science and humanity... not Pokemon.

    Just not very Professor-ish.

    Noted. I'll look at him next time. :D

    Overall, good job, just a couple things that need cleared up.
  3. White Rabbit Redux

    White Rabbit Redux Rookie Novelist

    You're totally right. I can't believe I missed that. I know exactly how to explain myself now. I'll have it updated within the week, and I'll also have the first chapter up once I do update. It is an AU, and I forgot to mention that in the beginning. I'll add that disclaimer right now. :]

    To comment on electrical impulses, I've been planning out how this would be explained. By the time I reach the middle of the fic the machinery used to be able to complete such a task will be completely explained. Thanks you for your concern. This really did help me a lot. :D
  4. armaldo

    armaldo Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl

    When I first looked at the title in the forum, I was rather disarmed. My face scrunched and my eyes squinted in both confusion and suspicion. Not two seconds after reading the title did I realize why it struck me as strange. I knew exactly where I've heard it before.

    So I typed in "A History of Violence" in Google, scroll down just an inch to the wikipedia source and clicked to the page. And there it was. A History of Violence a 2005 movie starring Viggo Mortensen that I watched when I was 13.

    There I was, sitting in front of my computer, staring at the top of the page, A History of Violence on two tabs, one on your fic, the other on the wiki page for the 2005 movie. And I sat there for a minute, amused and bemused by that strange coincidence.

    And that's when I started to read the actual thing...

    I feel that you use the word "dark" and other forms of it too much in too short intervals for the opening paragraph. I'm sure there are other words to convey that same feeling, even at the risk of being flowery, but bit of Purple never hurt anyone.
    And the whole thing in general feels very...rambling. You use the same words repeatedly and it makes it feel to vague. As if, for all the mystic-y prose you've thought out there, it has no real meaning. Very Psuedo-...something.
    And then I look at the last sentence..."Death is a hell of euphoria." Is that what you're talking about? Death? It confuses me even more. Even after I've read the whole thing, and even as I'm sitting here typing this, reading that phrase over and over again, I still have trouble figuring out what you mean by that.

    Hair and Nails don't actually grow on dead people. it seems that way because the skin around them is getting dehydrated and shrinking. Their growth requires hormones and food that dead bodies don't have.
    And as for that "electrical impulses" I can't as an authority on that, but now you have me looking up stuff, so I'll find out sooner or later.

    Sucking the meat out? What does that mean? You're saying that this Kabuto bit out a chunk of this women's flesh, stuck his tongue in the flesh, and started sucking out small chunks of her flesh to feed on. Sure.Whatever.

    Gyaradoses with Flamethrowers? Now I've seen everything. Looking at the online pokedex, Gyaradoses can only know Flamethrower through TM's. Man-made devices.
    Now, I know TM's a regarded almost strictly as a in-game kind of technicality, but then how does a Pokemon go about learning moves it doesn't learn naturally in the wild? I seem to remember in the anime, that sort of thing requires training, y'know, with humans.
    Or did they train themselves to do that? Somewhere, somehow, it occurred to them that they, water pokemon, should begin spending hours of their time learning a move that won't even work on the enemies in their natural habitat?

    Now, I'm not sure how Dragonfree goes about approving R-rated fics, but since all R-rated fics have to be approved by Dragonfree, I assume that Dragonfree has read the approved ones thoroughly, and since I don't doubt Dragonfree's storytelling abilities, I figured that this fic was going to be of at least adequate quality.

    But as I read the prologue, I'm getting the feeling that you're getting a bit too ahead of yourself with the story. Like you don't have a coherent path that all this sci-fi setting is gonna take here. If I'm making any sense.

    But, of course, that remains for me to be seen, which will. I wish you the best in writting it.

    Oh and, by the writing of this last sentence, I'm just now realizing the unfortunate acronym of the professors' little group. The IRA? Jesus, wow. That mildly amuses me.
  5. Maze

    Maze I review too!

    I think it could use refinement, but what work can't at the beginning? The others have pointed out some legitimate faults, so I won't repeat. I do like the idea of studying the last few bytes of data flowing from a dying brain to discover bits of the past. I really think that's an awesome concept and hope to read more.
  6. White Rabbit Redux

    White Rabbit Redux Rookie Novelist

    Don't forget that it was a graphic novel beforehand. :)

    First QUOTE --
    As I re-read it to myself multiple times I kept thinking of other ways to try to describe 'death,' and it came out all jumbled out and incoherent. Today I started on rewriting most of this prologue for it to actually make some sense. I'm still working on it, continuously changing it to actually make it coherent. It amuses me how much I'm actually taking this seriously.

    Second QUOTE --
    Now we're getting into the meat and bones of real world physics. I've constantly heard from my science teachers during my elementary/middle school years that these tiny things continuously grow even after death, as the body does take time to completely decompose. Those hormones could dry up completely after a few days, or maybe even a few hours, but yeah, that's what stuck to my head and as of today no one's questioned me about it. :D I feel enlightened.

    The electrical impulses is a completely fictional phenomenon created for the sole purpose of this fic, so don't try to get way into research on that. :)

    Third QUOTE --
    You're right. It's too wordy, confusing, and downright dumb. Right now I'm describing violent beasts you would only see in movies or video games, and I want to keep it that way, but i could at least write it better. A lot better.

    Fourth QUOTE --
    If it is possible for Pokemon to learn these attacks through the use of a Technical Machine, then there is at least the knowledge of them actually knowing such attacks. To actually learn these attacks would require a strong mind to tap into that knowledge, and the will to use it. Obviously Gyarados are very angry and violent Pokemon, and when they go in a rampage, they lose control, and at that point could unknowingly self-train an attack. An example is Pikachu in the anime. Ashe taught Pikachu how to use Iron Tail WITHOUT the need to use a Technical Machine, which means Pikachu had at least knowledge that it could use it.

    That is just a coincidence. I didn't even know they existed.

    And don't worry about a thing; after reading your and Ghosts' criticism I am all over what I've already written and changing it to make it, er-- understandable.

    Thank you. As stated earlier I am working on giving it a face-lift. If all goes well, I should have it updated by the end of the week.
  7. White Rabbit Redux

    White Rabbit Redux Rookie Novelist

    I think I waited long enough. I updated the Prologue based on the reviews that I had, and the help that I requested, and now I post up Chapter One. It's pretty short and I'm still reviewing it for any inconsistency problems, grammar and the like. It'll be constantly changing so be on the lookout for anything that just doesn't make any sense. At all. Remember: this is an AU, so the reality that the canonverse created has been warped into my own image.

    The following Chapter contains:
    [GV] Graphic Violence
    [MST] Mature Sexual Themes
    [SSS] Strong Sexual Situations
    [BSL] Brief Strong Language

    ⌠ Chapter One ⌡

    The Domino Effect

    As everyone slept through the night, they have strange and wondrous dreams that seem unstable and refreshing. Some of those dreams may be distorted and confusing, almost illegible to fully understand. Those are memories of times much father than his or her earlier generations; these are ancient dreams that dwell within the minds of the living, yearning to escape to reveal the truth, yet these strains have become so ancient they become distorted, or combine with fresh memories to create twisted dreams that force the dreamer to quake and sweat at night, and when awake, worn out and shaken. These dreams cause hysteria, dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and so much more. Some cases become so extreme that they force the dreamer to believe every detail of that dream and fall into psychosis, and when adrenaline is pumped across the system by the body, cardiac arrest, autoimmune disease, Huntington’s disease, strokes, heart attacks, and death. Some of the most brilliant scientists in the world tend to fall victim of their own dreams; as do many people that continue to dwell on the planet. That is why there is crime.

    Some cases may benefit the person, but ultimately can cause emotional detachment from everyone and everything. Such people tend to grow into a natural born leader. Without emotions to confuse their train of thought, their decisions are based purely on rationality, focus, and never truly based on creed. Giovanni and Cyrus are among those that fit into this category. Their way of controlling their teams signifies that they had lost their emotions a long time ago, allowing only intelligent decisions to command their respective teams. Giovanni was raised under Team Rocket’s leader: his own mother. She led Team Rocket to great heights, making billions in their mafia-esque achievements, robbing banks, searching rare and powerful Pokémon, and even building businesses such as the Celadon City Game Corner. With such powerful connections such as Gym Leaders, Team Rocket practically owned the Kanto Region.

    Cyrus grew up differently. Coming from Sunyshore City, he was a brilliant student, capable of building wondrous machines within several days of trial and error. He was at the top of his class. Yes he was antisocial, and would rather spend his time with machines than other humans or Pokémon. He felt that he never needed such useless sentimentality in his life, as they would hold him back from achieving greatness. That was how he lived his life. He refused to accept emotions into his heart, dismissing them as nothing but illusions that will fade away over time until death banishes them forever. That is how he rules over his team: Team Galactic.

    One more thing they had in common: they failed in their plans. Where Giovanni failed to control Mewtwo, Cyrus failed to fully create a new world in his image.

    Giovanni seemingly disappeared from existence. Cyrus fled the world he once tried to destroy. That’s what tends to happen when one tries to commit evil deeds.

    Team Aqua and Team Magma. Both are powerful teams on their own, but not as powerful as Team Rocket and Team Galactic. Instead of rational thinking, both leaders only made decisions through their emotions. Because they were blinded by their emotions, they never truly noticed the danger that they created for the world. One revived Groudon to bring about more landmass. The other revived Kyogre to increase the size of the oceans and seas. When both were awakened at the same time, chaos ensued and both beasts of legend fought, destroying land and causing the oceans to become too dangerous for humans and Pokémon alike. Losing their minds, they flee in separate directions, never to be seen again. Most presume that they were killed in the ensuing battle between the two titans.

    That’s how life turns out for the wicked, falling victim to the unstoppable force of Karma.

    Each hero completes their victory by continuing on where they left off before each Team attacked. From something as small as taking a step, things would build up and develop into something much greater. The heroes of each region won’t be forgotten by anyone, for each hero might have saved many lives.



    “Gregory Huff.”

    “Age Twenty-one.”

    “Hometown: Snowpoint City.”

    “It says in this document that he’s been researching the fields around Snowpoint. He’s been looking for more clues that might lead him to solving the ancient scriptures within the Snowpoint Temple. His research might prove useful if he has any at all.”

    “Pokémon In His Team: Sneasel and Swinub.”

    “Most likely only truly uses those Pokémon for moving through the snow.”

    “Nothing else is known about him.”

    “I see. Send a team up there and bring him back here.”

    “Yes, Boss.”


    Snowpoint City: The Story Begins

    A strong blizzard hit the city of Snowpoint. People remained indoors, trying to keep warm. Cars froze over or were completely covered in snow. The blizzard remained for two days and shows no signs of letting down. Pokémon that could deal with the blizzard roamed the wilderness outside the city; a very dangerous time for warm-blooded animals. However, there is one person out in the snow that shouldn’t be out in the first place. With a Sneasel and a Swinub out to protect him from the blizzard, Gregory marched in the snow, visiting the frozen Lake Acuity. He stared at the small island isolated in the middle, his black hood covering the top of his head, pushing his brown hair down, and covering a small portion of his eyes. He held a hand up just above his face to block some of the wing and snow from slamming into his eyes. Then he remembered he had his goggles with him. He put them on quickly and slowly made his way forward, stepping gently on the ice.

    Walking across a frozen lake is no easy feat, especially when you have strong winds and snow fighting your direction. The cleats on his snow boots made it somewhat easier on him as he could latch on to the ice whenever he needed to hold his own when a stronger gust hit. He also used his Swinub to cross easier, while Sneasel cleared the path to avoid slipping even more than would have occurred. Clumsily he landed on ‘dry’ land and scurried into the cave, his two Pokémon following behind. Time felt like to passed him by. How long did it take him to get to the cave opening? 20 minutes, half an hour? He took a look at his watch. It took him ten minutes to cross the frozen lake onto the middle island. It was a new record for him.

    He looked around the opening. He could see the piles of snow falling onto the ground. It was piling up quickly. He turned away from the cave, only having enough light from the opening to see up to three feet. With all the storm clouds covering the sky, very little light managed to break through. He took out a flashlight from one of the pockets inside his snow jacket and shook it for about a minute. He turned it on and moved forward, his Pokémon following behind. There wasn’t much to be seen inside the cave other than the drawings and graffiti the kids tend to leave behind on the walls. Gregory soon reached an opening into a giant clearing inside the cave, a small hole on the roof shining down light from the outside. It wasn’t enough to illuminate the entire room. He walked along the wall of the room, moving his flashlight where needed. Still he found nothing of interest. After circling the entire room he found nothing that could help him continue on his research. He sighed out and walked towards the middle of the room. The floor was barely noticeable with such minimal light. He stood under the hole on the roof, looking up at the clouds. For some reason, the snow never fell through. He closed his eyes and breathed in, listening to the wind rustling through the cave. Then everything grew bright. He opened his eyes and noticed that the whole room was illuminated, and then the light disappeared. He wasn’t alone anymore.

    He withdrew both of his Pokémon and walked towards the exit. Then the flash came again. This blinded him momentarily. He took off his gloves and rubbed his eyes. The flash went away again. Then there was a loud crash outside. The ice ripped apart and the broken pieces sunk under the layer of ice, breaking through and repeating itself until the ice looked like a distorted mountain range you’d only see in your nightmares, though Gregory didn’t know what had happened outside. He was too busy with trying to figure out what blocked the hole. He started to run towards the exit when the flash came one more time, blinding him again. When the light disappeared, he felt something jab into his stomach. He gritted his teeth and fell to the ground, out of breath. Then he felt a sting on his left bicep. Blinded by the darkness, he slept with the darkness.

    The attacker picked Gregory up and carried him outside where several men in winter coats waited. They all stared at each other, nodded, and went to their snowmobiles. One by one they drove away from the lake, until they all left. The only thing remaining was the object that was thrown into the lake that forced the ice to disfigure. Through the entire ride, Gregory slept, unknowing of the danger that would ensue.


    Field of Dreams

    Gregory lay asleep under a tree in an open field of green hills and white cloud hovering across the blue sky, leaving behind shadows caused by the rays of the sun. The gentle summer breeze swayed across Gregory’s face, leaving a refreshing sensation that could only be appreciated in such a situation. The tree’s leaves danced with the wind, leaving small openings for the sun to shine through. Some of those rays land neatly on top of Gregory. One ray hits him in the eye. That woke him up. He slowly opened his eyes, revealing the tall, majestic tree protecting him from the sun. He gasped out, yawning and stretching his hands. The mating calls of Pidgeotto and Staravia could be faintly heard in the distance. He looked across the hills, noticing the tall grass wriggling with the breeze. He smiled and closed his eyes, letting his body fall to the ground.

    He opened his eyes and noticed a shadowy figure sitting on its knees, looking down at him. He blinked twice, letting his eyes adjust again. He could recognize the face now. It was that of a female’s. Smiling, he stared into her lavender eyes. She lifted his head and placed his head on her lap, smiling back at him and then staring at the sea of grass. She then looked back down at him and spoke something to him. Her soft voice only complimented her silky, brown hair, smooth, slightly tanned complexion, and soft pink lips. He sat up and scooted back to sit right beside her. He slanted her white hat enough to fully see her face. She blushed slightly and stared into his ruby eyes.

    He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She squeezed his hand and held it, opening her mouth and letting his tongue slip into her mouth. She moaned slightly and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment they had together. Gregory closed his eyes, never wanting to have to let her go. Finally, after what felt forever, she broke up the kiss and stared sadly into his eyes.

    “Gregory, please… wake up.”



    Gregory woke up and sat up, looking around his new surroundings. The fact that he was in a new place made him paranoid and fearful, and when those two emotions mix, he tends to pay extra attention to the details of the new setting. It's something he had to deal with since he was a child. The walls were white with one wall lamp on the wall left of the bed near the door. The rug is a pale peach color and was freshly cleaned. The smell of Febreze floated in the air and stuck onto the mattress. The blue blanket placed on top of the white bed sheets smelled as if it were just recently washed. A laptop was placed on top of a brown desk next to the door and a brown dresser opposite the bed. Gregory placed his index and middle fingers on the side of his temple and rubbed, feeling a slight pressure from waking up so quickly. He looked behind him and noticed a rather large window, revealing an ocean as vast as the sky.

    ‘Where am I?’ That was the first thought that raced through his head. All he could remember is walking through a dark cave and feeling someone punch him in the gut. He groaned and stood up, rubbing his eyes. He stood up and felt a breeze. He is wearing black trunks with red stripes on both its sides and a muscle shirt that fit him rather tightly. He was missing his Poké balls. He looked under the bed and found only a pair of black and white sneakers, with a white pattern of skulls on its sides and a large white ‘x’ on the back. He opened the top drawer of the dresser and discovered his clothing freshly washed. On top of his clothing were both of his Poké balls. He sighed out in relief, picking up the Poké balls and placed them on the bed. He opened up the second drawer and discovered a second set of clothes.

    Before he checked out the new clothing, the door opened. A man in a black business suit walked in and stared at Gregory. “You’re awake. Put on the clothing in the second drawer and follow me. I shall be waiting outside this door.” Before Gregory could ask him something the stranger closed the door. He sighed and looked through the new articles of clothing. ‘If I don’t comply, they will probably try to hurt me.’ He pulled out a white-collar shirt, a black vest with white stitches, a red tie, Mens ‘Bobby’ Fool’s Gold, black ankle socks, and a pair of boxers with a heart pattern. ‘What an interesting choice of underwear.’ He quickly got dressed and inspected himself in the mirror. ‘These pants are incredible! They fit so comfortably. The shirt is a little tight, though.’ Before he knocked on the door he opened the top drawer again and rummaged through the old clothing. He took out his wallet, his watch, and the spare Poké balls he had just in case he wanted to capture a new Pokémon. He placed his articles on the bed, making sure he had everything in check. He placed it all away in his pockets, locked all the Poké balls onto his belt and knocked on the door.

    The suited man opened the door and looked at Gregory, inspecting him. “Looks like we guessed your measurements correctly. Follow me.” He walked down the hall, passing each door. They walked onto the deck of the ship, revealing to Gregory that they were in fact on a ship sailing to an unknown destination to him. Around him were people dressed in a black uniform with a red ‘R’ on the front of their shirts. “There’s no place to run, my young friend.” The suited man turned to see Gregory. “My name is Bruno, and you will comply with us.” He was a well-built man. He easily made it to 6’7” and was fairly tanned. He was muscular and had a deep and powerful voice. He crossed his hands and reverted his eyesight to the opening they came in from.

    “Is this the one you mentioned, Dr. Gerbert? Hm. I was expecting him to look older.” A tall, slender woman in a business suit walked out onto the deck with Dr. Gerbert, an old and wise Professor. He has a bald head and a full beard and mustache. He’s wearing a white overcoat with several pens in the pocket of the coat, brown pants and black dress shoes. His glasses were rather large and round, completely covering his eyes. “Boy, if your name Gregory Huff?”

    Gregory stared at the woman for a few seconds, until he felt a punch come from behind. Bruno cracked his knuckles after punching him. “The Boss has asked you a question.”

    Gregory couldn’t believe how hard Bruno actually hit him. He quivered a little, rubbed his shoulder, and stared at the woman again. “Yes, my name is Gregory Huff.”

    The woman sneered. “Excellent. Please, follow me to my private office.” She turned and walked back into the halls, making a left and going up the stairs from there. The doctor followed behind her. Bruno grabbed Gregory by the shoulder and forced him towards her office. It seemed a little weird that he was located in this ship. He questioned whether this was a realistic dream, or at least hallucinating from the pneumonia he caught while exploring the cave. It obviously wasn’t when he was forced into her office and the door was shut behind him. The woman was sitting on her side of the rather large mahogany desk. “Take a seat. We have much to discuss.” Reluctantly, Gregory took a seat on one of the mahogany chairs with maroon-colored leather. It was comfortable seating, but he couldn’t truly enjoy the seat due to such an anxiety-causing situation.

    “Now, listen. I have sources that have described to me your exact situation. You seek to solve the mysteries behind the ancient scriptures within the Snowpoint Temple. Coincidentally, so is my team. I won’t go into details about what we want it for, but all I will ask of you is to comply. We want your research. You seem to of figured out much more than any of my brightest men could muster. Not only that, we want you to continue doing your research, but you will be filling us in periodically.”

    She seemed so sure of herself that he would agree to this. This study goes back to his mother’s studies. He can’t afford to give it all up for this woman. “What if I don’t comply?”

    She smirked. “Somehow I knew you were going to say that, and thankfully, I have just the solution.” She pulled out a small titanium briefcase with a fingerprint lock. She opened it up using her thumb and pulled out a small remote. “You see this small, black remote? If I were to input a code, something extremely devastating would occur. When we abducted you from that cave, we dropped a rather powerful bomb into the lake. Oh, but it’s not just that lake. We dropped one bomb into each of the lakes.” Gregory gasped in horror. “Yes. Your anguish sustains me.” She licked her lips. “If you are to deny me, I will detonate each bomb, causing hundreds of Pokémon and humans to die. Of course, we won’t damage the Snowpoint Temple. So we improvised. We dropped a bomb into Lake Acuity and placed several small bombs across Snowpoint City.” She grinned, with a look of evil on her face. “Now I know you don’t want to hurt anyone, but it has to be done.” Gunshots could be heard coming from outside. “What?!”

    The woman stood up, took out a Walther P99 from one of the drawers, and ran out the door, informing the grunts to keep Gregory in the room at any cost. She ran out to the deck to check out the situation. The grunts stared at Gregory, each holding Remington 1100 as their weapon of choice. Gregory grunted, staring at the two men with such dangerous weapons. “What a *****. He’s trembling like a ****in’ queer!” One of the grunts exclaimed. He was about to laugh until loud shots could be heard just around the corner. The grunts ran outside and retaliated, but both were killed when they were sliced in half by a Scyther who appeared behind them. The Scyther walked into the room and stared at Gregory, then turned around and screeched.

    Five men with firearms walked in, signaling to each other that the room was safe. Gregory stared in shock that this kind of violence was real and not just glamorized in movies. Each man held an M16A2 and stared at Gregory. One of the men walked up to him and extended his hand. “Gregory Huff? We have to go, now!” He had a serious tone in his voice. Obviously he had to be a good guy. Gregory nodded without question and followed them out.

    “Wait, I forgot something!” He ran back into the room and found that the briefcase was still open, along with the remote to the detonators. Before he could grab onto it a grunt ran into the room and shot at Gregory. He missed, but hit the briefcase and sent it to the floor somewhere. Gregory couldn’t get it now, as the grunt picked it up. The grunt stared at Gregory as Gregory stared back in fear. Before he pulled the trigger, the same Scyther from before decapitated the grunt. Gregory bolted out of the room, picking up the briefcase and following Scyther outside into the deck where all hell has broken loose. Grunts and the new combatants were fighting it out, along with their Pokémon. So much violence. Gregory followed the Scyther, trying his best to avoid the gunfire and the Pokémon attacking. The woman from before turned to see Gregory running away with a briefcase. She screamed before shooting one of the assailants in the head and chase after Gregory.

    As soon as they made it to the other side of boat, a Machoke jumped from one of the floors above them and landed on top of the Scyther, fatally wounding it. Machoke stared at Gregory in anger and rage. As Machoke was about to throw a punch at Gregory the Scyther got up, stabbed both of it’s scythes into Machoke and split it in half. From there Scyther and Machoke fainted from blood loss. Gregory was at the point of tears. He had never witnessed such a death before in his life. Then he heard a familiar voice. “Gregory! Jump down onto this boat! Quickly!” Gregory turned to see the men who found him earlier. “Get in!”

    Hearing the woman’s voice getting closer, he decided to jump onto the boat. He held his breath and lunged forward and off the boat. In mid air the woman appeared from the corner and shot at him. She managed to just barely graze him on the hand, the heat from the bullet forcing his hand to let go of the briefcase. He landed on the boat with a thud. The woman ran forward and reached for the briefcase, but barely missed the handle and watched it fall into the ocean. In rage she shot aimlessly at the boat until she ran out of bullets.

    Gregory let out a few laughs before fainting, landing with a loud thud on the boat’s deck.



    The room was very dark. The window was open, revealing a sleeping town, the moon and the stars clearly visible from that window. A summer night breeze came into the room, cooling down the room to a more comfortable temperature. The fan was rotating at a low tier, letting the cool wind to revolve around the whole room. Gregory lay on his bed wide-awake, staring up at the ceiling. He turned to look at his clock. It read 11:46 P.M. He sighed out and sat up, placing his feet on the carpeted floor. He maneuvered his fingers through his hair and stared out at the stars. He breathed in the fresh air and lied back down on the bed, rubbing his stomach. That day he was sleeping bare-chested and boxers. Summer nights tend to make a person sleep like that.

    He closed his eyes one more time, trying his best to fall asleep. It worked for a bit.

    The door opened ajar and someone came in, closing the door behind the person. The silhouette walked towards the foot of the bed and stood there, staring at Gregory. The person climbed on top of the bed, crawling above him until they were about face-to-face. Gregory opened his eyes and stared into those lavender eyes. The light of the moon revealed it to be a brown haired woman. She leaned in and kissed him passionately. She moved her right hand across his chest, down to his stomach and into his boxers. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her in closer, placing them chest-to-chest. She started down his neck, kissing him gently. She moved her way down the chest and stomach, moving back up and returning to his lips.

    He moved his hands down her back, feeling her smooth skin. Before he grabbed her thong, he removed his hands and noticed her lay her head on his chest. He breathed out and hugged her, feeling content with what he had now. She opened her mouth to speak.

    “Gregory… I’m sorry…but you have to wake up!”



    Gregory groaned, waking up in the infirmary of the second boat he found himself in. Nurse Joy turned to see Gregory waking up from his slumber. “Well good morning. To seem to of enjoyed your dream. Might I ask what you dreamed about?” Nurse Joy tends to enjoy talking to people she barely knows. That was her way of being kind to everyone. She walked up to him with fresh bandages, rubbing alcohol, Q-Tips, and a chair. She sat down next to him and placed all the things on the bed. She seemed very excited to meet Gregory, as she was very enthusiastic about things with him.

    Gregory smiled. Finally he found some peace. “My dream? You want to know my dream?” This is a dream he doesn’t really want to share with anyone else.

    “Yes indeed. It would give us something to talk about while I change your bandages.” She grabbed his hand and slowly pulled off the tape holding down the now red bandage.

    “This is a… personal dream, if you know what I mean.” He blushed a little, but at the same time was hurt by the fact that it was a dream. He sighed out, and then grunted a little when Nurse Joy applied the rubbing alcohol with the Q-tip.

    “Oops. Sorry if I was a little rough.” She cleans the gun wound lightly with the Q-tip. “So you dreamt a personal dream… was it a girl?”

    Gregory nodded. “Yeah. She’s been haunting my dreams lately.” He stared at his wound being cleaned. She threw away the Q-tips and applied the new bandage. “I miss her so much.”

    Nurse Joy patted him on the back. “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll see her again. There we go. All done. I’ll go inform the captain you’re awake now.” She stood up and opened the door. Before she continued, she turned her head around and said, “If it’s love, then you’ll find her again. Just keep believing.” She walked out and left to the captain’s quarters.

    Feeling distraught about everything that’s happened to him within the last 36 hours, Gregory remained seated, staring at the floor, thinking about what he could have been doing at this very moment. He’d imagine himself sitting at home with his Pokémon eating dinner and watching old movies. That made him smile, but then another thought crossed his mind. ‘What would my life be life before the accident?’ He would constantly ask that question to himself, hoping that one-day it might be answered by someone for him. He felt like his entire life had been much too hard for someone his age. He shook his head and massaged his temple with his thumbs.

    There was a knock at the door. The captain walked in and stood in front of Gregory. He was also a tall man, just like all the others. The only real difference is that he had a light pink complexion and is somewhat smaller in muscle tone than all the others. It made him feel friendlier than everyone else. “Afternoon. Glad to see you’re awake. My name is Jacob Stones, captain of the S.S. Sierra. The ship that we’re on is a much smaller boat named Baby Sierra. This boat is mostly used for what we just did; rescue missions. I work for a group called the International Research Administration, or I.R.A. for short.” He extended his hand.

    Gregory took the hand and used it to stand up, then shook his hand. “Sorry. I’m still a little dizzy.” He laughed it off. “The I.R.A.? I’ve never heard of them before. What do they do?” He was a little tense, scared that the I.R.A. might be just like those people that abducted him earlier.

    “The I.R.A. was founded to discover the meaning of life. It may seem a little farfetched but the scientists that are a part of it know what they are doing. It seems that they were right again.” He nodded his head, staring at Gregory. “They had asked me to search for Dr. Huff and his wife Dr. Reed’s only son. Turns out that was you all along.”

    Gregory was surprised that Captain Jacob knew about his parents. He was even more surprised to learn that people had been searching for him in the first place. “I know it sounds crazy,” Jacob continued. “But if you can trust us just a little, I promise that everything will be explained once we reach the Sevii Islands. The Sevii Islands is where their headquarters is located.” He turned around and gave a signal for Gregory to follow. He did. Both walked down the hall and onto the deck, where they stared out at the sea. “We’re close now. Soon all your questions will be answered.” He nodded and smiled with pride, for he has successfully accomplished another mission. Gregory was sick to his stomach. Not because he can’t stand being on boats, but because he was worried too much about what was going to happen next. He was afraid about discovering something he shouldn’t of known. He was afraid of being found by that woman again. He was afraid that the captain was lying to him. He was afraid of dying without finishing his parents’ life work.

    He had no options remaining. He might as well tag along for the ride and hope for the best.
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    Sorry for the delay. Stressing over the last few weeks of summer. Much to do. But now I have time.


    {Corrections and suggestions in Bold, stuff that I've taken out are stroked-through}
    I"m not gonna dwell on whether or not adrenaline actually causes all those things, specifically Hutchinson's (which is caused by a gene mutation; Chorea would've been a better word) and autoimmune diseases (many of which are caused by genetic, pathological, and environmental factors that, if I remember, don't mention adrenaline).

    What really is bothering me about this passage, and the chapter in general, is your style. I wouldn't call it "choppy" that's a bit too extreme..."jerky" is probably better. It feels kind of jerky. The sentences don't transition to each other very well. It doesn't flow nicely. You know what I'm sayin'? I could give you an example of how I would write it, if you want, if you're not getting my point. Just trying to help the best I can.

    On a side not, I had no idea random onsets of strange neurological diseases caused all crime in the world. You learn something new everyday, eh? ;)


    Ok, so what I'm reading here is that a flash came through the hole, and went away, then came again, and went away. Then a crash happened outside, and there's where you lose me. What's happening to the ice? It's breaking, I know, but it's "sinking under the layer of ice" and "breaking through"? What in the world does that mean? And it repeats? Like, how. I have no idea what's going on there.

    Oh, and try not to repeat yourself, like in the last sentence. Just saying "Blinded, he slept with the darkness" would be better.

    Oh, wow. That was unintentional too, right?

    You know, you only have to say the character's name once in a paragraph, if he's the only one mentioned, before you could start saying, "Him" for the rest of it. Repeat his name makes it sound rather redundant, especially in that close proximity to each other.

    ...and try not to switch tenses when you're writing as well. And some other mistakes I caught (You already said he stood up).

    Geez, this tense thing is a bigger problem than I thought.

    That's all for me.
    The major I have with this is that it's rather un-descriptive. It's rushed, you're not taking the time to go in-depth into what is happening. You need to dedicate more of the story into showing us how everything looks like, how people are feeling, that sort of thing.

    I'n not saying that it has to extremely flowery to be good, but it does need more description into the setting and the characters and the situation. And you jerky style that I mentioned above is only making it feel even more lackluster.

    Just my opinion...
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    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I've been SO busy the past few weeks I've had little time to check in on the internets, except late at night and only to check up on some e-mails... and Facebook. Lol.

    You pointed out some of my major flaws. I was, and still am, never a great writer of how people react to things, and then go in depth about that and how that could or could not relate to said person. That and I haven't forced myself enough to remain in a single tense. It's just something I haven't grown out of yet. A lot of things may be a bit... er, cliched, but I'm writing this as if it were an action flick, if that explains anything at all.

    I would love an example. I need as much help as I can get. :P

    I'll make the corrections you pointed out. Thanks a bunch. :) Anyway, here's chapter two.

    The following Chapter contains:
    [GV] Graphic Violence
    [BCL] Brief Coarse Language

    ⌠ Chapter Two ⌡


    In a strange way, human nature has yet to mature. Humans rely so much on their toys and gadgets that they have refused to continue living with nature, preferring to engulf themselves in selfish dreams and having their technologically advanced sentient to do all of the work for them. Of course there are those few that have decided to be with nature, but have not gone far enough to allow their train of thought to mature and become one with nature. There was only one person who has managed to connect with nature went mad, completely terrified of the truth that was unlocked in his mind. When the truth was unlocked in his mind, he raised an army of Pokémon and fought against the other humans, enraged at what they had committed.

    3000 years ago the Great War took place, with the mad man as the leader of the Pokémon. For twenty years humans and Pokémon fought against one another. For twenty years millions of lives were destroyed. For twenty years the planet was in a complete state of chaos. Then, one day, a powerful entity came forth from a bright ray of light and roared, twisting and distorting time and space. With a second thunderous roar, he sent forth antimatter, completely obliterating the battleground and leaving behind a deep crater, now filled with rainwater and surrounded by a rain forest. And with a flash, the entity disappeared, returning from whence it came.

    There has been much speculation behind the event and have asked the same question over and over: Did it even occur? Many scientists have disproved this event, merely calling it a legend, not to take it seriously. A massive crater has not been found anywhere; the rain forest surrounding the crater non-existent. However, they never knew where to look. After the end of the Great War, the almighty Deity wanted to hide the ugliness of the decision it had to make, knowing full well that the event was enough to demonstrate the wrongs they’ve committed and that leaving a scar on the world would completely decimate them, forcing life to fear forever. Where the crater once laid, a mountain towered in it’s center, creating a mountain range cutting the land in half. That is how Mt. Coronet was born.

    Above the peak of the tallest mountain, the Deity created the Spear Pillar to house the memories of the occurrence, creating a Hall of Origin above the heavens to break itself from the rest of the world, allowing it to flower on it’s own. There the Deity sleeps, waiting for its chance to show itself once again when the world needs it the most. People visited the Spear Pillar to pray to their Deity, thank their Deity, and praise their Deity. Slowly, fewer people made the march to the Spear Pillar; Mt. Coronet becoming too violent for anyone to make it through without exceptionally trained Pokémon.

    There was a second purpose to creating the Spear Pillar. It housed the powers of Time and Space – Palkia and Dialga. They were placed within the pillar to keep from destroying the world, locked away by the powers of the Deity. It knew full well what those two beasts could cause if left on their own. Total chaos would ensue, dimensional rifts ripping in time and space, fusing the dimension with the Ruined World, releasing an evil that the Deity wished to conceal for all eternity. That which no one ever speaks of shunt be remembered a god, but faux deity of death. The evil sleeps in the dark realm, slumbering to regain the prowess it once manifested.

    Leave it to the powers of itself and it shunt return to plague the worlds. Disturb its slumber with pure power and it shall absorb and manifest once more. Allow its slumber, for this faux deity shall kill once more.



    The woman wearing the business suit commanded the remaining living grunts to remove the dead bodies from her ship, staring at the same direction the boat that sped away went in, discontent with how the events turned out. She lost her only bargaining chip, her plans failed with a single attack. In annoyance, she shot the remainder of her bullets into the ocean before throwing the gun as well. He slammed her fist on the metal bar, leaving behind a dent. She walked away from the back, going back to her office. The grunts worked their quickest, tying up any captured enemy targets and throwing the dead into the ocean, where the Carvanha and Sharpedo fed. They mopped the blood off the deck, keeping as clean as possible.

    The captured survivors were lined up by the edge of the boat, several Rockets holding up Remington 1100 directly where the heart is located. Bruno walked out onto the deck and stared at the survivors. He had several questions he had to ask them before they were killed. He stood behind the grunts’ staring into their eyes. He could feel their anguish, their pain, and their fears. He could exploit them. “Can anyone answer me this: How did you manage to find us? If anyone can come up with an answer, I will spare your life.” They remained silent. “You asked for it.” He tapped the shoulder of the grunt in front of him. The grunt pulled on the trigger, blasting a hole where a heart once pulsed. Such power, such speed. The man’s chest exploded in blood, raining all over the grunt. The force from the bullet was strong enough to push the body back towards the edge and over it, plummeting into the mouths of hungry Sharpedo.

    Bruno smirked, standing behind another grunt. Just as he was about to tap his shoulder he heard the man shout, “STOP!” Bruno moved his hand to listen to the man. “I’ll tell you what you need to know: we followed you from the lake. Our sources indicated that you would be there and we followed you here and took our target. Don’t kill us, please.” The others shook their heads, having failed their captain who made it out alive with Gregory. Bruno grunted, nodded, and walked away from the firing squad. Just when the man thought they would live, Bruno snapped his fingers, ordering the entire firing squad to kill. They did. Much like the other man, everyone else died a bloody death, only four of nine falling into the ocean, ripped apart by the bullets and the Carvanha and Sharpedo.

    The grunts walked away from the scene, aiding in the cleaning of blood. This boat had to be clean before they reached the harbor for if any evidence is found Team Rocket would be finished forever. Bruno walked into the Boss’s office and stood in front of her table, waiting for her to say something. She held a glass of gin on the rocks, with her pet Honchkrow by her side. She petted her Honchkrow’s pelt and took a sip of her gin. “What have we learned from our friends?” She stared out at the blue sea, fearing for was her boss would do to her. She didn’t like the idea of being punished. She’d much prefer to stay on the boss’s good side. She licked the edge of her glass, getting the sweet taste of her drink.

    Bruno stood tall, his hands crossed across his chest. “It seems that they have intelligence. Perhaps even inside the team itself. One claims they followed us from the lake. The rest remained silent. They were executed soon afterwards.” He cleared his throat. “What will be our next action, ma’am?” He felt a bit nervous by merely standing there. His boss was always quick to temper and sometimes reaches the point of violence. He cleared his throat once more, awaiting her answer.

    She turned her chair, finishing off the rest of her drink and taking a bite of a piece of ice, plucked it out of her mouth and rubbed it around her lips. She pushed it into her mouth and crunched in it, allowing some ice fragments to fling out, landing on anything that got in its way and melted into a small puddle of water. She had a fire in her eyes, a fire that could only be swayed with blood. She stood up and took a hold of her second weapon, the M15 General Officer’s, her favorite handgun. “We’re going straight to where they took him. We’ll kill them there, and take back what belongs to us, then we’ll proceed with our plans.” She grinned, walking past Bruno, her Honchkrow following behind. Bruno stared at her leave, gulped, and followed behind, making sure she wasn’t going to shoot anyone.

    The Boss walked out onto the deck and noticed a clean floor. She was surprised the grunts worked so efficiently. She turned to see Professor Gerbert and several others in white overcoats walk up to her with what looked like a tracking device. “We’ve successfully placed the chip in him. We’ve managed to place it in his clothing.” He snickered, thinking that he had done a wondrous trick. She stared at him with cold, brutal eyes. She cared not for his pleasure. “Now that we know where he is, what are we going to do? Go back to the base and restock or go straight into the fire?”

    The Boss tied her hair into a ponytail, leaving a few strands in front of her face. She fixed her suit to move with her body. She called her Honchkrow next to her and stared at the professor. “We’re going straight in. Tell the shipmen to turn this ***** around.” She turned and walked to the point of the boat and stood there, feeling the winds of the ocean revolve around the features of her face. She breathed in the cool, salty air and slowly felt the boat turn. Several grunts ran up to her and stood there, saluting her. She turned and stared at them, putting away her gun in her vest. “News?”

    The grunt in front of the other two grunts responded to her. “Yes, ma’am. Our leader had been informed about the incident and asked me to relay a message. ‘Fail me again and regret deciding to accept this mission.’ He has also decided to sent a second fleet just in case they were necessary.” The three grunts saluted her and walked away, going back to what they were doing before, counting inventory and attending to anyone who had been wounded and lived. She turned back around and growled, angered that she allowed this to happen. She kept her vision to the ocean, on course to the Sevii Islands.



    The small boat soon docked, the crew coming out first, followed by Nurse Joy and Captain Jacob. Then came Gregory Huff and the few remaining survivors of the attack on the Rocket ship. The dock was empty, almost isolated. The emptiness of the dock intimidated Gregory, having a gut feeling that he was being led into a greater danger. She walked up to Nurse Joy and took a hold of her hand, feeling safer just being next to her. Nurse Joy blushed a little, holding onto his hand. She could feel him shiver, but she knew it wasn’t because he was cold. She could feel his muscles tighten with nervousness. Up the small flight of stairs they made contact with a dirt road, to the left a Cliffside and to the right a Pokémon Preserve, a forest where thousands of Pokémon call a home. All of a sudden Gregory felt relaxed, serene, and calm. He still held onto her hand, just in case anything was to happen he could protect her.

    After seven minutes of walking they make it a large flight of stairs that led to a massive skyscraper that penetrates the blue sky. Gregory stared up in astonishment, mesmerized by the building’s immense size. He gasped out, completely ignoring everyone else walking up the stairs. He could of stayed there all day, staring at the building and it’s majestic beauty. He was brought back to the real world with a tug of Nurse Joy’s hand. He shook his head and laughed it off, following her up the stairs. The stairs took a short while to climb. At the top of the stairs the building showed it’s full colors and size. Gregory sighed out in awe. He couldn’t help but to stare. He had never seen anything taller than this building before in his life. Captain Jacob stood next to Gregory and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Welcome to the I.R.A. Headquarters.” He removed his hand and went in through the automatic glass doors. He gasped out once more, and then followed suit with Nurse Joy.

    The interior was even more extravagant than the exterior. The floors were made from marble tiles, as were the pedestals that housed jade statues of ‘Legendary’ Pokémon. A long, red carpet in between two rows of pedestals rolled down to the reception table. The walls had a cozy sunset color with a light floral pattern on it. The fluorescent lights illuminated the sunset color, giving it a summer feel. Couches and coffee tables littered the lobby, with few people sitting here and there. He felt comfortable in his new surroundings, letting go of Nurse Joy’s hand. He walked up to the receptionist and stared at everything on the table. “This is a hotel!” He finally exclaimed, turning back to the Captain in confusion.

    “Yes, it is. It also doubles as our headquarters. There are several basement levels and a dozen conference rooms on the first two floors. We’ve rented out a fourth of the floors on top to house anyone that needs it that works for us. We’ve even reserved a room for you, seeing as how we knew you were going to want one.” Captain Jacob was quick to explain and reassure him. At this time there weren’t many tourists due to recent Rocket attacks across the globe. Targeted attacks made the people nervous about traveling and felt the need to stay at home where they believed they would remain safe from harm. Remaining exactly where they felt safe would be well justified if the Rockets were ordinary criminals. Not only are they expert burglars and thieves, but also the administrators of the team are cunning – powerful enough to lead their own armies. The leader himself is malevolent, much more than anything or anyone else in the universe.

    Gregory smiled, looked back to see Nurse Joy with Captain Jacob. She nodded, signaling him to move towards the register. He did so in astonishment. The lobby was just so beautiful. He stood in front of the receptionist, who stared back at him with observing, yet gentle eyes. She smiled, and bowed graciously. “Welcome to the Sevii Tower. Do you have a reservation?” She spoke with a gentle tone, yet a serious and demanding tone. She took her job seriously, enjoying the moments she had with each new person that came in through the doors. Gregory nodded and told her his full name. She typed in her name on the computer and found him registered in one of their better suites. “Looks like you are in Suite 14A – a rather beautiful room with a magnificent view of the ocean. Here is your key card. I hope you enjoy your stay.” She retained her smile. It made Gregory blush. He had never seen a smile so beautiful since the day of the accident. “Oh, and Pokémon are allowed outside of their Poké balls in the suites, so feel free to let them out and stretch.” She bowed once more and placed an “away” sign on the top of the desk and walked into the back room, locking the door behind her.

    Gregory gasped out and shook his head and smiled. He looked around and noticed Jacob and Nurse Joy walked down the hallway to his left. He quickly caught up to them and showed them his key card. They read what it said and nodded. “We’ll take you to your room.” Nurse Joy told Gregory, pressing the “Up” button for the elevator. In just a few seconds an elevator door opened, five men in lab coats walking out, nodding at Nurse Joy and Jacob, then walked towards the right where all of the restaurants were located. Gregory shrugged, feeling uncomfortable around people with lab coats. He walked in with Nurse Joy and Jacob and watched her push the button that read “24.” There were a total of 24 floors in this hotel, not including the Observatory Floor, the roof, and the basement levels. Then the elevator bolted up, with every seven seconds passing a floor.

    “So what exactly am I suppose to be doing here?” Gregory grew curious, feeling a need to know something before he reaches his room. It wasn’t everyday someone is rescued from Team Rocket thugs in such a violent manner. He stared at Captain Jacob and Nurse Joy expecting something in the lines of, “You’ll find out soon enough,” or, “Our leader will explain everything to you.” Instead he heard, “We don’t know.” Gregory figured that they were only sent to find him, but were never given any details about the reasons why they should. He sighed out, balancing a Poke ball on the tip of his index finger. “So much for answers.” After about five minutes the elevator came to an abrupt stop, the doors sliding open, revealing a hallway similar to the lobby, except it had red carpeting.

    Captain Jacob remained in the elevator. “I’m off to let Professor Oak know that we’ve brought Gregory in and have sent him to his new quarters.” Nurse Joy nodded, leading Gregory towards the room, the elevator doors closing behind them. Gregory walked next her, looking all around him. He was astounded such a place could even exist. He had never seen anything quite like this building in Snowpoint. Nurse Joy simply giggled. He stared at her in a confused manner, then turned to see the door to his room and smiled. “Is it because I’m acting like a kid in a candy shop?” Nurse Joy nodded and smiled.

    “It’s cute. Here’s your room. All you do is just slide your key card into the mechanical lock. It’s as simple as that. I have other business to take care of downstairs, so I’ll come back up whenever it’s time for the meeting. Take care now.” Nurse Joy walked away from Gregory while he waved good-bye. He stayed smiling, then turned to see the door. He slid the key card in and the small light on top of the lock-blinked green, signaling that it was unlocked. He turned the knob and pushed it open, revealing a rather large room. It was pretty much an apartment, except bigger and had a homely feel to it. The floors were carpeted with a white-gold tint to it. He walked in and examined the small steps that led to the ‘living room’ portion of the room, where two white couches stood. He turned around and saw a small bar with a fridge full of the food you would normally find in any hotel room. He walked up to the windows, noticing that one of them was a door. He slid it open and stood outside on the balcony where a beach chair and a small palm plant was. From there he would see the entire horizon of the ocean. The sun was setting, so the ocean glistened with the twilight colors of the sunset. It was a sight to behold. He went back into the room and left the door open, letting in the ocean breeze and the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore. Even though he was rather high up, he could still hear the ocean talk.

    The took out both of his Poke balls and summoned them out, white rays of energy protruding from each opened Poke ball and taking the shape of it’s body, a Sneasel and Swinub taking full form. He put away his Poke balls and smiled at them. “It’s time to take a break from all the violence.” They cried out in happiness and explored the room. Gregory followed suit, locating not one, but two bedrooms. He was surprised at such a sight. He walked into the bigger room and just collapsed on the bed, feeling the comfort of the feathered pillows. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep.



    It was silent, and cold. The winds blew some of the sand off the floors of the ancient temple. The pillars stood up, some broken down from the years of neglect and the elements. Those that remained standing told the story of a battle of epic proportions, time and space diluting life, until eventually it was all stopped by a single force of nature. Gregory walked along this path, getting a feel of the hieroglyphs and keeping sketches of whatever was important to his studies. At age 14, he was an incredible artist and hiker, as he was the child to two of the greatest minds in all of Sinnoh. He constantly worked with his parents, and eventually their talent rubbed off onto him.

    He looked around, his parents examining the other pillars. He smiled, turning back to notice that the pillar disappeared. He gasped out, dropping his pencil and sketchbook. He turned to call his parents, but they too have disappeared. Sweat rolled down his face as he was starting to be afraid. He walked towards the exit, hoping that his parents were over there waiting for him. Before he could reach it however, he heard his name coming from behind. He turned and noticed a young woman standing in front of the wall all the way in the other side of the site. She stood there with what looked like two Pokémon, one a shiny Arcanine and a Ninetails. She had short, dark brown hair, a tattoo underneath her left eye, a black bustier with a white floral pattern around the edges, black panties and a belt around her waist, with what looked like a white piece of armor from ages past, along with a shoulder piece on her right shoulder. Along with the rest of her outfit she wore around her left shoulder and right leg a black and white embroidered mantle. To his eyes, she was beautiful, and looked familiar.

    Gregory walked closer, his body changing and his clothing along with it. He grew taller, his hair changed to his current hairstyle, along with the clothing he is wearing. They stood face to face, the pillars around them breaking apart. Ninetales and Arcanine stood around them, keeping them safe from the debris. Gregory felt a tear go down his eye, and hugged her. She embraced him, caressing his hair. He couldn’t remember exactly what had happened the day they visited the site. He was there with his girlfriends and the female assistant, whom he was comfortable with. While he was hugging this new girl, he had remembered something.

    The girl he was hugging was exactly the same girl from his other dreams. How did he know? He didn’t. He had a gut feeling that it was the same girl as before. The other girls just looked like her when she was younger, like how he remembered her. But, why would the older her appear in her dreams? He let go of her and backed away slowly, the site around them turning pitch black with only the small area where they were standing remained. The girl called back her Pokémon and walked up to Gregory, handing him the Poke balls. She smiled, letting go of his hands, the ground under her disappearing. As she was about to fall, Gregory dropped to his knees and grabbed her by the hand. “I won’t let you go again!” The ground below them then disappeared, and both fell toward the darkness.

    He pulled her closer to him, grasping her tightly on his body. He stared into her eyes. There was no fear, no anxiety, only a connection to his eyes. He could feel her emotions through her eyes, keeping a lock as they fell faster. This was the moment he wanted all along, but sadly, all moments had to disappear. “Everything will be explained… My love for you will bring you back to the truth… All you have to do is wake up…”



    Gregory woke up to a knock on his door. He groaned, feeling his eyes grow wet. He stretched and sat up, staring at his Sneasel and Swinub sleeping around him. He got up and yawned a loud as he could, looking out the window as he came close to the door. It was dark out, the sun nowhere to be seen, the moon reflecting off the ocean surface. He opened the door, rubbing his eyes. It was Nurse Joy. He quickly picked up his posture, but still had the look that he had just woken up. “Oh my. I’m sorry to have awakened you. I’ll just come back another time.”

    “Oh, no, it’s okay!” Gregory laughed nervously, now knowing that this wasn’t about the meeting he was suppose to go to. Maybe it was a bit late for that meeting and decided to have it the next day. He rubbed his face and his hair, smiling at Nurse Joy. “What’s up?”

    Nurse Joy blushed a bit and smiled. “Are you hungry? I was hoping you would join me for dinner, but since you’ve just woken up - -“

    “No, no. I’m okay to go! Give me just five minutes and we can get something to eat. Please, come in.” He turned on the lights and led her to the couch. He then walked out of the room and into a bathroom where he could fix himself. He had never been this nervous around a woman before. Then the image of the dream girl returned to him. She made him nervous, too, but in a different way. He sighed out, finished doing what he needed to do and walked out into the ‘living room.’ “Ready. Let’s eat!”



    9:17 P.M. Professor Oak walked into a restaurant called Las Fuentes, a Mexican-esque style restaurant that served traditional dishes from that country. How this hotel complex managed to discover such dishes no one will ever know, but it worked and many people loved it. He walked in with Professor Ivy, Elm, Birch, Rowan, and Captain Jacob, who also wanted to be filled in with the situation. From all of the information they had to sort through this was the only time they realty had a break from it all. They found a table that could fit them all in plus a few extras just in case they were needed.

    “I still don’t understand why we need this boy to come in and help us,” Professor Ivy exclaimed. She had been skeptical about the entire situation. Nothing that the others have said had reassured her him importance. If he turned out to be just another regular kid that knew nothing then all that they’ve wasted and the lives lost would have been in vain. “I don’t see why we should thrust his life into a situation where it is uncalled for.”

    “He has vital research information that we could attain to further our own research,” Elm responded. “Besides, if Team Rocket is also after him, then we have a right to protect him either way. Isn’t that why we also founded his group?” Everyone nodded, including Captain Jacob. “Jacob, what do you think about the boy?”

    He grinned, looking at everyone. “He’s a strong-willed kid. He also has something in that head of his that could actually help. He seems much smarter than he would let on.” He looked around and noticed a few people here and there, enjoying their meals. “I hope the food here is good. I’ve never tried Mexican food before.”

    “The thing is…” Oak continued the conversation. “He’s worked with his parents and continued their work even after their deaths. From what we’ve managed to find is that ‘legendary’ Pokémon have a connection to our question. If Gregory manages to figure out how to come in contact with the legendary Pokémon in Snowpoint Temple, then we could use that information to connect us with other legendary Pokémon. But we also need have him here physically. He has a vast amount of information in his mind, and if we can help him remember his past, then that could help us further our cause.” Oak looked up and heard over the intercom his order number. “If you excuse me, please.” He stood up and walked up to the counter and picked up his food and drink. One by one the others picked up their food and drinks.

    “How would Regigigas help us?” Professor Birch asked. “I think we need to look for the Pokémon of legends, like Kyogre. “

    “Remember that Regigigas was the one that moved continents way back when?” Oak added. “Connections to him will give us connections to Groudon, since Groudon created the land and Regigigas moved it. Then we connect that to Kyogre who created our oceans. Disrupt the weather when those two giants meet and Lugia will emerge along with Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.”

    “But what about the lake trio?” Rowan asked. “How will we find them? Is the weather disruption also going to bring them out of hiding?”

    “No.” Oak responded. “Team Galactic have already captured them and studied them. We will simply find their backup files and use that information to help us reach Arceus. We won’t need to disrupt them anymore.”

    “Won’t all of this cause too many problems for our world?” Elm asked. “I mean, with all of these powerful Pokémon attacking at once wouldn’t it be catastrophic? Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would ensue. Flash floods and engulf cities. Thunderstorms would cover the skies, and fire and ice would engulf anything the ocean doesn’t. I’m starting to regret this idea altogether.”

    “Hm. You are right. That’s why we will only study each one alone. That’s why we are creating Master Balls. The more we have the more ‘Legendaries’ we can capture without a problem.”

    “It’s a bit unethical.” Ivy proclaimed. “Capturing these Pokémon for our own gain will disrupt the balance of the world. It’s a bit too dangerous to move along with your plan professor. We have to think of something else.”

    Oak closed his eyes and shrugged. This was just one of many situations where they all didn’t agree on a single things, but he could just never get used to it. He looked up and noticed Gregory and Nurse Joy at the cashier ordering their food. They seemed happy, as Nurse Joy was giggling. He nodded and stood up, looking at the two. Gregory turned away from Nurse Joy to look for any empty seats. He then noticed Professor Oak standing there. “Joy, is that Professor Oak?”

    She looked around and found him, nodding. “Yes, it is. It’s strange. I almost never see him outside the laboratory whenever he is here. Think we should sit with them?” She didn’t want to. She wanted to enjoy a quiet dinner with Gregory. She needed the relaxation of having nothing to do but enjoy a full meal with a new friend and to let off some steam from all the work she had to go through. Gregory felt the same way, but they just couldn’t blow off the professor like that. He looked at her and nodded, sighed out and found two empty seats. They took their seats and smiled, looking at all the professors.

    “Ah, Gregory. Pleasure to see you join us this evening.” Professor Oak told him. He drank from his cup. Everyone else was enjoying his or her dish choices. Gregory nodded, feeling his stomach growl from hunger. He had not eaten for the majority of the day, a common feeling whenever he was out doing field research. This time, however, there was food around to tease him instead of snow and trees. He sat next to Professor Ivy and across him was Captain Jacob. “We were just debating about the importance of your research. Think you can include your input, Gregory?”

    Gregory was confused. Was this the meeting? Or was it just conversation? He still hadn’t met the other professors, and was simply placed into the conversation as if he had been there the entire time. He shrugged, feeling uncomfortable again. “Well… I’m not entirely sure what you all want from me in the first place. Think you can fill me in on the situation before I start babbling?”

    “Of course. You see my colleagues and I have founded the IRA, the same group that rescued you from Team Rocket. We established this group to try to establish the truth about everything in life: evolution, Pokémon eggs, Pokémon emotions, and life of our own. However, our research has led us to decide on one undeniable fact, Pokémon of legend hold the key to the discovery of all the answers. That’s where you come in. Your research can help us awake one of these beasts of legend. Once we catch it with this Master Ball we can study it and gain more information that will help us answer our questions.”

    “And how are you going to extract this information from the legendaries?” Gregory was starting to get interested in their operation. If they try to be a little more inviting it could possibly persuade him to comply.

    “Just like how we’ve managed to do with all the other Pokémon. We will extract this information directly from its mind.” Gregory gasped out when Oak told him. He had never heard of such a thing before. He was afraid now. “You see, we’ve worked with only deceased Pokémon, extracting it right after their deaths. We used our machines to turn their thoughts into data – that data is key to our success. Many people have frowned upon our method of work, but it’s the only way to gain such information. We’re hoping you would share what you have.” Gregory shook his head, a bit shaken from what he had just heard. Before Gregory could respond the ground shook violently, the sounds of explosions echoing throughout the complex.



    The Boss led her company towards the Sevii Islands. She had a malevolent grin on her face, holding her katana with her left hand and two Poke balls with her right. The ocean began to shallow to the point where the convoy had to continue on lifeboats. She led the first team that consisted of eight grunts carrying M2A1 flamethrowers and gas masks. Each grunt had two Pokémon, a Ghastly and Weezing. She also had twelve other grunts that carried Thomson Submachine Guns, better known as Tommy Guns, and had only one Pokémon each, which consisted of Pinsir, Machoke, and Beedrill. Every grunt carried a standard issue KM2000 Combat Knife. They sneaked around the entire complex, taking in kills of the guards surrounding the complex.

    When the perimeter was secure, two grunts covered in overcoats walked into the building and looked around. Underneath their overcoats was a backpack full of C-2 and C-4. They split up to cover as much ground as possible. When the guards inside grew suspicious, they activated the bombs, causing the entire lobby to explode. The glass shattered, leaving dangerous fragments all over the floor. That’s when the first wave ran in. They took aim and shot at any guards that came to investigate, killing them. They took control of the entire lobby, killing off anyone in their way. The Boss walked in, grinning. She enjoyed it when things went her way. “Find the boy, catch the professors, and find the entrance to their lab and steal as much as you possibly can. Kill everyone else.” She turned on her headset and contacted the boats. “Bring in the second and third wave. Things are going to get ugly very soon.”

    The Boss walked to the receptionist table and took a look around. She found the body of the receptionist on the floor, seemingly dead. She looked around the desk, searching for any clue that could lead to the laboratory. She looked under the table and found a pouch taped down. She took out her combat knife and cut it open, revealing a key card that, if slid into the key card lock in the elevator, would take them to the laboratory. Grinning she stood up and was about to walk away until she turned around with her gun in her hand and shot the standing receptionist, who was also pointing a gun at her, in the head. She scoffed and walked towards the elevator. She handed it over to one of the grunts, commanding him to go down with them and steal all of their information.

    Several guards ran up to the dining professors in a panic. They looked as if they just came out of a war. “Sir, Team Rocket has discovered our location! We have to get you and the others to a safe location!” Gunshots and screams could be heard coming from all directions. “We have to leave immediately!” A few more guards came in carrying Tommy Guns, leading them towards the secret exit that led to an emergency boat. Everyone followed behind the guards, keeping low to avoid the gunfire. Then Gregory remembered something.

    “Wait! I have to go back to my room! My Pokémon are still there!” Despite the guards’ warnings he broke away from the group and ran up the stairs. Two of the guards and Joy followed behind him, making sure he stayed alive and returned to the others in one peace. He kicked in the stairway door, knocking down two Rocket grunts down. He jumped back and both guards ran in and shot at them. Gregory hesitantly picked up their Tommy Guns and ran ahead, keeping Nurse Joy next to him. The guards were just behind. “Why’d you have to come along?” He was terrified, and didn’t want Joy to get hurt because of his fears.

    Gregory soon grew tired of running up the stair, his muscles burning with each step. He had to keep moving. He had to rescue his Pokémon. The building shook again, several more explosions were set off. The alarm turned on, water pouring down to put out any fires. The stairway became much more dangerous. The steps became wet and slippery. One false step and down you go, possibly even fatally damaging your spinal cord, neck, or any other body part. On the 15th floor three grunts broke through the door and confronted Gregory and his group. “You’re coming with us.” One of the grunts proclaimed, all three pointing their guns at them. “Put your hands up!” They complied. Gregory let his Tommy Guns fall to the ground. The four were pushed forward onto the 15th floor, one grunt leading them somewhere. From out of nowhere the guards grabbed a hold of the two grunts’ weapons and pulled them forward, slamming their elbows into their faces. The grunt in front turned around, only to get the butt of a Tommy Gun to his face. Gregory pulled back the gun and shot him dead. He threw the gun to him and ran with Joy back towards the staircase. The guards were about to follow when two more grunts came out of nowhere and attacked them with their combat knives.

    “Run on ahead! We’ll take care of these *****es!” The guard kicked one in the groin and punched him across the face. Gregory nodded and held onto Joy’s arm, running up the stairs as fast and cautiously as he could. A few flights of stairs higher they felt the force of an explosion. They looked down and noticed the door for the 15th floor was covered in smoke. Another explosion. They kept their balance, running up to the 24th floor. Gregory kicked it open and examined the hallway. Clear. He and Nurse Joy ran out of the staircase and opened the door into Gregory’s room. Sneasel and Swinub were in the middle of the living room, waiting patiently for Gregory. When he came in, they ran up to him and stayed close to him. “I’m so sorry, little guy. Here.” He took out their Poke balls and called them back in, keeping them safe from harm.

    As soon as he called them back, his head grew dizzy. He felt his knees weaken and wobble violently. He fell to his knees, looking around. Everything came in threes and moved around as if there was an earthquake. Nurse Joy ran up to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Gregory! Gregory, we have to go!” All he could hear was a muffled voice. His eyes grew heavy. Then he saw someone; he wore a black sailor outfit with a blue bandana. He had a goatee and looked rather muscular in his suit. He stared at Gregory and grinned.

    “It’s almost time…”

    Gregory didn’t understand him at all. In a flash, that man disappeared, replaced by another man. This time he wore a red and black overcoat with blazing red hair. He looked like he was in his mid 40s.

    “The truth will be revealed to you…”

    That man disappeared and replaced by a familiar face. Cyrus took their spots and stared at Gregory with emotionless eyes. He held his hands behind his back like he would normally do and walked forward, leaning down to see him. He was also shaking, just like the room around him.

    “Your Ultimatum will come at a price…”

    He disappeared in a white light. No one replaced him. The room remained as violent as it ever was. Gregory groaned and moved his hand to his head. He stared at it first, noticing three to five of the same hand. He couldn’t keep still. Then there was another white light, brighter than all the others. It was the girl from his dreams, his partner in the laboratory, and his close friend from time past. She knelt down in front of him and placed a hand on his knee.

    “You must get out of here… It all rests with you…”

    She placed one finger on his hand and it began to glow. The glow then took the shape of two Poke balls. She disappeared afterwards. He closed his eyes slowly got up, feeling dizzy from all the shaking. He opened them up and everything remained still. He didn’t see triple of everything and he regained strength in his knees. He looked at his hand and noticed that he was holding two Poke balls. He seemed to of stared at them for ages. Nurse Joy kept one hand on his shoulder, looking at what he was staring at. “You didn’t have those with you before we came here… Where did--?”

    “An old friend.” He smiled, enlarging one Poke ball and releasing the Pokémon that it contained. From the energy released a shiny Arcanine took shape, roaring out in triumph. Gregory took Nurse Joy’s hand and had her hop onto Arcanine’s back. He jumped on afterwards and clicked the heels of his shoes on Arcanine’s sides, signaling him to run out. Arcanine roared as a warning to anyone in his way and ran out the door, making the door bigger for him to squeeze through by using Flamethrower. Arcanine ran down the hall and into the staircase, running on top of the two grunts that were running up the stairs. They were knocked out, but weren’t killed. Arcanine ran faster down the stairs, reaching the first floor. As a safety precaution Arcanine used Flamethrower on the door. It worked, as three grunts were caught in the fire. Arcanine then used Extremespeed to bypass any bullets that they might of shot at them.

    “Where could they of gone?” Gregory was worried that they might have been too late. He turned to see Nurse Joy. She looked around the place as if she were trying to remember the direction they needed to go. Arcanine stopped in his tracks, growling at the eight grunts blocking his path. Four of them held up flamethrowers directly in front of him. Gregory and Nurse Joy stared at them, both in fear and in rage. Behind them several more grunts came in, followed by The Boss herself. Gregory stared at her, remembering what she had done on the boat.

    “Hello again, Gregory.” She said out loud, staring directly into his eyes. “I’m so glad you could come out of hiding. My, my; what a lovely Pokémon you have there.” Before she could get any closer, Gregory commanded Arcanine to use Fire Blast. In a fiery blaze, Arcanine shot the Fire Blast directly at the grunts and The Boss. Before it made contact, The Boss called out her Muk and had him use Mud Bomb to block it from hitting her. It worked. Before the fire brushed free Arcanine ran through, passing Muk and The Boss, then disappearing when they made the turn. She screamed in rage, commanding more grunts to bring them down. She couldn’t possibly get any more agitated. She called back her Muk and turned back to see several grunts standing with a grin. “What is it?”

    “You’ll be glad to hear that our team has successfully downloaded all of their information on these three disks.” He held them up and passed them down to her. She held them and examined them, feeling that not everything was lost. He grinned once more and stared up at them. “What’s our next plan of action?”

    She put away the disks in her coat pocket and stared at them. “It’s time to blow this place up. Destroy their base.” She walked past them, hearing them say in unison, “Yes, ma’am!” It was great to be Queen.

    Joy gave Arcanine directions to the entrance to the emergency boat. Joy and Gregory jumped off Arcanine and called him back, letting him take a rest from the chase. Joy opened the door and led Gregory down the corridor, locking the door behind them. The hallway was rather dark, but lit enough to know where to step. The path led them down another flight of stairs. It grew colder as they reached the bottom. Eventually they reached an indoor hanger where one boat remained, housing the professors and several guards to protect them. Captain Jacob and a few of the sailors that worked with him stood there, waiting for Gregory and Nurse Joy to get there. They had made it on time. “They’re here! We can go now!” Captain Jacob hollered at the crew, letting on Gregory and Nurse Joy onto the boat. As soon as everyone was safe on the lower deck, they sped away from the hanger and into the dark ocean where they couldn’t be detected. When they were far enough Gregory came out to be in the salty air. But what he had noticed shocked him, striking fear into his heart. All he could notice was a fireball rising up into the air, taking place where a building once stood. It had completely decimated the island, destroying everything on it. All the others soon came outside to witness the power of Team Rocket.

    The Boss stood triumphantly in her office, staring at the explosion of the enemy base. The disks were placed on the table with the blueprints of the bomb that was used to completely decimate the island. The phone began to ring. She turned and answered the phone, putting it on speaker. “Hi, honey. How are the kids?”

    “They’re great. They miss you so much, Rebecca. When will you be home?”

    “Don’t you worry. I’ll be home tomorrow. I just have to verify with a few clients, then I can go home.”

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