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A Hundred Year Love [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by TikTok13, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    So... Hello, Shipping community! I’m kinda new to this side of the forums. Actually, this is my first proper Shipping Fic, so yippee! Anyway, this is a couple that my heart aches for, and I loved it from the beginning. Beware, as this obviously contains spoilers for Breath of the Wild.

    Regarding the Fic, it focuses on the pairing of Link and Mipha. I prefer this infinitely to Link x Zelda, and Mipha is just so sweet, what’s not to love? I really wanted to show the entirety of the Zora Armour incident, but I felt the entire Zora’s Domain would be too long winded. This is less happy and more sad, but I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. XD

    A Hundred Year Love​

    “Hmph. You came all the way here, but it was in vain. I have no desire to speak with you.” Muzu sneered, his dark eyes like obsidian as they bore into me. The dirt-brown skin around his forehead was creased, and his pointed teeth were visible as he spoke. I shuddered; the air was cold, and clung tightly to the Zora Armour, the hard scales dotted with moisture. The rain continued to fall, like bullets of ice, sliding through my hair, down my face, and onto the puddled floor below, making everything I saw appear fragmented and hazy.

    “Listen well, Muzu,” growled Sidon, his demeanour calm. His crimson scales stood out in the night - the Zora Domain was predominantly blue, and luminous crystals adorned the walls, the paths, the fences. Everything about it was serene and graceful. The muscles in the Prince’s arms rippled as he spoke, and the odd tail-like appendage upon the back of his head wiggled. All the Zora had that; it was something I noticed as I entered the Domain. “There is something you need to know.”

    The manta-ray Zora continued to sneer angrily, his sharp teeth bared in a threatening grimace. Unconsciously, I took a step back, sending a spray of water crashing around my heel. There was a reason for his anger. King Dorephan had given me a tunic, skin-tight and adorned with scales, jewellery, and armour. The Zora Armour. An incredibly rare piece, hand-crafted painfully by each and every Zora Princess as a gift to the one she intended to marry.

    Princess Mipha made mine. I don’t remember her at all, but the King says we were close. Almost astounded at my amnesia. After being asleep for 100 years, it pains me when I think of how much I must have forgotten. Who I must have forgotten. The Zora all address me with kind familiarity, as if I knew them, and the King treats me with a degree of respect and almost friendliness. Like one of his own kin. More often than not, I must have spent time here. Enough time to know all of the Zora by name, just as they know me. But I can see why Muzu would recoil at gifting the Princess’ armour, resorting to outrage over reasoning. The gift was meant for someone else, obviously. The only reason I was given such a weighted present was that it allowed me to swim up waterfalls, like the Zora. They needed me to fix Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

    “He who stands here...” Sidon continued, his bright eyes transfixed upon Muzu. “The man called Link... Is the man whom my sister, Mipha, had feelings for.” At this Muzu released a harsh wail, and the frown upon his face deepened. Even I made a sound of surprise, a sharp gasp and shake of the head. The act of giving me the armour suddenly meant so much more; a tear formed in my eye, and my chest felt tight. The air suddenly seemed so much colder, and my entire body shook. “I was only a child then, so I did not know it myself at the time. But it is so.”

    The Prince’s face appeared melancholy, and incredibly sad, but he regarded Muzu with such a hard stare that the elder Zora had to look away.

    “I grew up hearing my father’s stories, some of which were about my sister’s undying love for a Hylian named Link.” At that, Prince Sidon turned to me and flashed his pure white smile, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

    “What?! No...” Muzu gasped incredulously. He’d given up any pretence of calm and was yelling now, his clawed hands balled into fists. “You cannot fool me with such a fanciful lie. Not this Zora!” Spittle flew from his mouth, and he moved toward me and the Prince, his eyes mad. “How could lady Mipha possibly have feelings for a Hylian like him?” Fear gripped me. He was beyond angry. He was a mixture of grief, anger, sadness, and spite. And people like that were dangerous. Sidon wrapped his fingers around his sword hilt and took a step closer to Muzu, towering over him.

    “The facts are clear.” Slightly diminished by Sidon’s incredible size, he backed down, but continued to argue nonetheless, his gaze sharp. “He remembers nothing. Even when he looks upon Princess Mipha’s statue...”

    I glanced quickly at the statue beside us. It was made of a lustrous sapphire stone, carved intricately to display the image of a young Zora girl, with a heart-shaped face and a calm demeanour. A stone sash stretched from her left shoulder to right hip, and her arms were wrapped tightly towards an illustrious trident, the prongs pointing straight towards me. The cogs in my brain started to whir, and my heart was pumping faster, faster. Seemingly contracting, my chest pained me, and I could hardly breathe.

    “It is true, Muzu. Though you never knew it, he was ever in Mipha’s heart.” Sidon’s voice rang out, and then something clicked. With my eyes fixated on Mipha’s statue, a shock tore through my body as my mind took me elsewhere...

    * * * * * ​

    Is this... a memory?
    I sat upon a pedestal, made of a foreign material; it was like stone, but smooth, and had a metallic feel to it. I had to hold on tightly as the trunk of Vah Ruta raised into the air, lifting me with it. A sharp prick coursed through my arm, nothing but a brief second of pain, and I turned to look. A Zora was sat beside me, her scaled ruby legs tucked to her side. Her amber eyes were trained on my arm, which was torn open by an array of scratches, blood oozing. A warm smile crawled onto my face, and an odd feeling stirred in my chest. She was beautiful. That much was evident. After so many years together, I still hadn’t figured out how I felt about her. Every time I tried to do something about it, fear would grip me, and I would be immobilised by worry. I never get scared. Never. Why does she make me feel this way?!

    Can it be... Mipha?

    Her eyes darted up, and a small smile played upon her lips, which were smooth and pink. I noticed that those eyes were a mix of innumerable colours: greens, oranges, yellows, golds, more precious than any jewel. Mesmerising. Burning into my very soul. Her face was pale in the sunset, and glistened with the trace of recent swimming. From her hand emanated a sapphire glow, cooling my arm, which itched slightly. I resisted the urge to scratch it. Even though she healed me all the time, I had yet to get used to the sensation.

    “I was thinking...” Her voice was clear and high. Pure. There was an innocent beauty to her; her very being emanated the aura of water and calm. “This reminds me of the time we first met. You were just a reckless child... Always getting yourself hurt at every turn.” She laughed softly then, and it was like the chime of a crystal bell. It was so infectious, I couldn’t help laughing myself.

    “Every time, I would heal you. Just as I’m doing right now,” she whispered, her hand still hovering above my wound. It was a deep cut; I really should have prepared better for that Lynel. “I thought it was funny how, being a Hylian, you looked grown-up so much faster than I did.” I grin at that comment. I’m already a head taller than her, and not fully grown either. Although I miss the days where she was the taller one. They were fun days, before the Champions and the Calamity.

    “I was... I was always willing to heal your wounds. Even back then.” Perhaps she was reminiscing too; a serious look had taken hold of her, and her fingers shook. “So if this Calamity Ganon does, in fact, return, what can we really do? We just don’t seem to know much about what we’ll be up against.” That’s a question and a half. One that’s been preying on my mind for a long time. Do we really have the strength to defeat Ganon? The embodiment of evil? I want to reassure her, reach out and grab her hand, but she turned away as my wound finished healing, her hands in her lap. Shy. I smiled sadly.

    “But know this.” Turning to face me, she smiled, but her expression was one of utmost seriousness. “No matter how difficult this battle might get, if you-” Pausing, her eyes darted down before returning to mine. “If anyone tries to do you harm... then I will heal you. No matter when, or how bad the wound.” My eyes widened, and that feeling in my chest gets stronger. I inclined my head; I didn’t trust myself to speak.

    “I hope you know... that I will always protect you.” She shuffled closer to me, her hand brushing the surface beside me. “When all this is over, maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were young.” I could tell she’s nervous. Her eyes keep darting down, and she can’t sit still.

    “You know... perhaps we can spend some time together.” With that, she turned to me, holding my gaze with hers. The monster in my chest clawed at me, and I didn’t resist. I edged towards her, my head coming closer to hers, leaning closer, closer. My eyes started to close as our faces drew near, so near I could smell her scent. Like a fresh sea breeze. As there was less than an inch between us, and my eyelids started to close, the memory... faded...

    * * * * * ​

    A sharp breath escaped my lips as I shook back to reality. Rain sheets pelleted me, and my shoulders shuddered. With what, I don’t know.

    “What is the matter Link?” Sidon asked, concern in his deep voice. “Are you unwell?” Even Muzu seemed somewhat sympathetic with my plight, as he spoke next.

    “Hmm? You are quivering like a hatchling. Whatever is the matter?” Violently, I shook my head, more times than necessary. Tears started to spill over my cheeks, gathering at my chin and falling onto the scaled mail of the Zora Armour.

    “Mipha...” I gasped, through racking sobs. My entire body trembled, my hands shaking by my sides. “I remember.”

    “WHAT!?” Growled Muzu, his concern replaced by anger. “Do not mistake me for a fool, Hylian. There is no way you remembered her just now, when it is most convenient.” His voice, a cracked wheeze, stung me, and fury built up at his malevolence. “In any case, without solid proof, I cannot possibly take you at your word!” Pride brimmed in his eyes, and a dark sneer played upon his lips.

    But Sidon had finally had enough. Frowning and baring his teeth, he brought fist down on Mipha’s pedestal, making a hollow ring.

    “Have you truly not figured it out yet? Simply take a closer look at what Link is wearing!” His eyes were glowing like fierce embers, narrowed in an intimidating glare. Recoiling in fear, Muzu stepped back, and I smirked at his discomfort. The ancient Zora turned to face me, his wrinkled face dotted with rain.

    “What in the... That is the Zora Armour from before!” With an incredulous wail, he pointed a clawed bony finger at me. “Lady Mipha made that by hand, and yet it fits you perfectly!” Turning his attention back to Sidon, he roared. “What is the meaning of this!?”

    “Now you understand, do you not?” I understood; I finally understood. “Now you know who her heart belonged to and who she made the special armour for. The fact that this armour fits Link perfectly should be proof enough that Mipha made it for him and him alone!” I started to shake again at Sidon’s words. The scaled shirt was indeed moulder perfectly to my frame, and possessed utmost comfort. The metallic plates by my shoulders clicked as I shifted my weight.

    Muzu looked distinctly put out; his eyes were down-turned, and his jaw hung loosely.

    “You have always disliked Hylians, even before the Great Calamity.” The Prince shook his head, and smiled somewhat apologeticly. “That is why Mipha never told you. Now that you know, you must promise to help him save us all, Muzu...” With a heavy sigh, Muzu lifted his gaze to Sidon’s. “Please, tell us where we can find the shock arrows we need. Knowing you, I bet you have already figured it out.”

    “Hmph. I would have never imagined she would make that special armour for one such as he...” A harsh hiss escaped his teeth, and his eyes shifted to focus on Mipha’s statue. With another shake of the head, he relented, but I didn’t care anymore. My eyes had followed Muzu’s, and now I couldn’t tear them away from the statue of the girl that loved me. I didn’t hear anything the others said, didn’t feel Sidon’s hand on my shoulder as he left. The only things that were left was me and Mipha.

    My legs gave way, and I fell to my knees, the puddled floor soaking into my trousers. With heavy sobs, I broke down, and then the tears started flooding. I slipped down to all fours, my teardrops mixing with the water beneath me. Over and over, the same memory played in my mind, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that had clung to my chest since I remembered her. Remembered us. The rain continued to pellet my head, my back, my legs. The Zora Armour felt cold and wet against my skin, and the silver jewellery, adorned with stones, illuminated my tears.

    Drops continued to fall.


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