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A Journey of Souls-Pokeshipping, PG-13

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by el_toro, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. el_toro

    el_toro Superfly

    Chapter Index

    Chapter 1-A Blazing Finale
    Chapter 2-The Welcoming Party
    Chapter 3-Training Daze
    Chapter 4-The Path to a New Beginning
    Chapter 5-A Battle with Fate
    Chapter 6-The Fall and Rise of a Champion
    Chapter 7-The Plan
    Chapter 8-Over the Threshold
    Chapter 9-Soaring High
    Chapter 10-Sanctuary!
    Chapter 11-Battle atop the Dome
    Chapter 12-The Dojo Fiasco!
    Chapter 13-Barking up the Wrong Tree
    Chapter 14-Reasonable Doubt
    Chapter 15-Puppet Theater (Chaotic Beginnings)
    Chapter 16-Plenty of Fish in the Swamp
    Chapter 17-Love is a Hazard!
    Chapter 18-The Venox Vanishings

    EDIT 11/10/11: (Check the latest post from me also)

    Hello! I have risen from the dead to resume this fic once more!

    "It's been three years since I last updated, so why would I return?" asks the Imaginary Internet Voice. Well, because I wanted to write again...I want to sharpen my writing skills and this would be the perfect way in doing so. Plus writing is way too much fun! :D

    So, first you'll notice I deleted the links to all of the chapters, that's because I'll be editing them, trying to clean them up as well changing a few details here and there. I'll leave the old chapters up but once I finish editing one, I'll post the link up in the index.

    Just a few notes: I'm accepting requests if anybody would like to be included in the story. Just send me a few details about your character and whatever Pokemon they use and I'll PM you back to see how you'll fit in to the next chapters. Also, I'm not an artist, so please don't critique me on my terrible drawings :p

    This fic is an Adventure type with Action and Romance mixed in there, Ash is 16, Misty is 17 at the start of the prologue. I look forward to any reviews, critiques, suggestions, praise, and scathing criticisms (well maybe not the last one so much :p). In short, let me know what you really think! Without further ado...

    Chapter 1 – A Blazing Finale​

    “Welcome everyone, to the Ivory Islands Finals!” the announcer yelled. The audience began to scream and jump. The sky was a light blue and the sun shone from above the Rock field without a cloud in the sky to disturb it.

    “We have on one side the trainer from Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum!” said the announcer pointing to his left. Ash smiled as he was greeted by the shouts of thousands in the crowd as he waved back.

    He was 16 years old and he had come back from taking a break after placing in the Top 8 in the Hoenn league to participate in the Ivory Islands League. The Ivory Islands were a collection of islands to the west of Kanto’s Indigo Plateau and he decided to travel alone to get any distractions out of the way and focus on winning the league.

    “And to the left, we have Derek Azrein from Goldenrod City!” the announcer yelled as he pointed to the boy to his right. He had dark black wavy hair that reached his shoulder and dark red eyes that gave him an intimidating look. He smiled and waved nonchalantly to the crowd as they cheered him on.

    “Let’s get this match rolling!!!” the announcer said; fireworks were shot into the sky and the crowd went wild.

    Back in Cerulean City Gym, Misty was looking at the TV, excited from the fact that Ash had made it this far in the league. She just wished that she could be there by his side to cheer him on, but unfortunately, she had to take care of the Gym…
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Twenty minutes had passed and Ash and Derek were down to there last pokemon, resulting from a double knockout between Ash’s Donphan and Derek’s Scizor. Ash looked nervously at Pikachu and Pikachu at him. Ash nodded and Pikachu jumped towards the arena.

    “Alright then, go Blaziken!” Derek said as he called out his pokemon from the pokeball. The pokemon yelled his name, pumped his arms in the air and gazed ferociously at Pikachu.

    This is gonna be a tough match,” Ash thought nervously, looking at how Blaziken’s feathers shone in the sun and at his terrific physique. The referee looked at both sides and then said, “BEGIN!!!”

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash called out. Pikachu charged up and shot out a lightning bolt straight at Blaziken.

    “Blaziken, dodge!” cried out Derek. Pikachu’s Thunderbolt hit the ground as Blaziken swiftly dodged it.

    “Blaziken, use Flamethrower!” said Derek. As Blaziken ran along the side of the field, he shot out a stream of fire at Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, use Agility to dodge it!” yelled Ash. Pikachu disappeared and dodged the flames as he swiftly moved across the field.

    “Alright, now use Iron Tail!” Pikachu appeared in front of Blaziken and jumped up as he charged to hit him.

    “Blaziken, Counter!” Blaziken held up his arms in front of him as he withstood the blow. Then, with his left arm, he hit Pikachu, knocking him back across to the other side of the field. Pikachu stood up, dirty from the impact, but ready for more.

    “Alright Pikachu, use Agility into a Volt Tackle!” Pikachu disappeared and reappeared in various parts of the field as he inched closer to Blaziken. Blaziken turned in circles to try and find Pikachu, but before he could finally lock on to him, Pikachu reappeared behind him and struck him in the back. Blaziken fell forwards onto his face in pain.

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash said. Pikachu charged up and managed to hit Blaziken with a powerful Thunderbolt, knocking Blaziken back five feet as he tried to stand up.

    “Blaziken, get back up and jump to get behind Pikachu!” cried out Derek. Blaziken stood back up and jumped high into the air and began to descend behind Pikachu.

    “Hit him with your Iron Tail before he hits the ground, Pikachu!” Ash yelled out. Pikachu jumped towards Blaziken and his tail began to glow white. Right before the Iron Tail hit Blaziken Derek called out, “Use Mega Kick!” and the attacks collided, sending them both backwards. Pikachu crashed into a boulder that was lying in the field and stood up, shakily, trying to recover. His tail was slightly bent down in an unnatural position and Pikachu was wincing in pain from it as he stood up straight.

    Ash looked at Pikachu with fright from his injury then at Blaziken. He was breathing heavily and was holding onto his left knee while kneeling on his right leg. Ash thought out his strategy before he decided to launch his attack: he was going to attack him at close range since Pikachu had the speed advantage.

    “Get up close to Blaziken and use Volt Tackle!” Ash yelled out to Pikachu, trying to prevent Derek to get a chance to recover from the attack. Pikachu began to speed up as he ran towards Blaziken who still hadn’t moved a muscle since the collision. Electricity began to flow outside of Pikachu’s body as he approached closer to Blaziken. Derek looked at Pikachu carefully as if he were trying to predict what would happen in a moment. Derek’s eyes widened as Pikachu jumped at Blaziken and he yelled out,

    “Duck now!” Blaziken ducked at the exact moment Pikachu had jumped at him and he avoided the attack. Pikachu tried to land on his four legs, but because of the high speed he was running at, Pikachu rolled over on the ground and screamed out in pain.

    “Pikachu!!!” Ash’s eyes widened out in fear as he called out his pokemon’s name. Pikachu, upon hearing his master’s cry, tried his best to stand up and managed to on his hind legs, but very slowly. Pikachu was breathing heavily and his legs were shaking, but he looked at Ash trying to persuade him into ordering another attack. Ash was in shock and looked reluctantly at Pikachu, but Pikachu continued to stare at him so Ash yelled out,

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on Blaziken!” As Pikachu began to charge up his attack, Derek said,

    “Turn around Blaziken and use Flamethrower!” Pikachu shot out his attack, but the attack met with Blaziken’s Flamethrower and they both negated each other out.

    He was running out of ideas… He had one last attack, but it was way too risky, especially with Pikachu’s tail in the condition it was in… Ash looked down at the ground then at Pikachu. Pikachu was calling to Ash and it seemed like he was trying to tell Ash he could withstand anything. Ash looked away and reluctantly ordered him to:

    “Use Agility into an Iron Tail…” Pikachu disappeared and began to run towards Blaziken at blinding speed. Derek then began to worry because he didn’t know how much Blaziken could withstand as he was still resting on his knee.

    Suddenly, Pikachu appeared in front of Blaziken and smashed the top of his head with an Iron Tail. Blaziken cried out in pain, but he held himself up from falling face forward onto the ground by extending his arms out in front of him. Pikachu, though, was lying on the ground, nearly crying from the excruciating pain he was in. Ash looked in horror at what he had done and was too paralyzed from the shock to do anything.

    Derek looked at Blaziken; a red aura was surrounding him and Blaziken looked towards the sky and cried out triumphantly as he felt the power coursing through his body. His Blaze ability had kicked into effect and, even though he could not use his left knee, Blaziken was standing upright on his right leg with a look of determination on his face.

    Derek then looked at Pikachu to see whether or not he would continue to fight. As he did so, Pikachu began to quiver then began to stand up. Derek was amazed at his ability to continue and admired Pikachu for putting up such a fight, but he knew he had to finish the match.

    “Blaziken, pick up Pikachu and throw him into the air.” Derek ordered calmly. Blaziken wrapped his hand around Pikachu’s body and threw him into the sky.

    “Now jump and use Mega Kick!” Derek screamed as he pointed towards Pikachu. Ash was still paralyzed from shock and continued to stand there, doing nothing, as Blaziken used his right leg to jump into the air until he was at the same level with Pikachu. He prepared his right leg for the attack. Then Blaziken lashed out and his leg connected with Pikachu’s body with tremendous force. Pikachu was sent to the ground at blinding speed.

    Derek looked at the field as Pikachu crashed into it then to his Blaziken who was in mid-air, at the audience who held their hands in front of their faces to hide their shock as the stadium was wrapped in complete silence, and at Ash who still had not seemed to return to the match. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and said,

    “Let’s finish this match Blaziken and use Flamethrower on Pikachu.” As Blaziken began his descent, he shot off a thick stream of red-hot flames towards the center of the gaping hole in the field. The crater erupted with flames and dust scattered everywhere. Blaziken landed on the field and stood upright on one leg as the dust began to settle. The referee looked inside the crater and declared,

    “Pikachu is unable to battle. The winner of this match and championship title of the Ivory Islands League goes to Derek Azrein from Goldenrod City!”

    The audience erupted into cheers and Ash had now returned back to the match. He looked around bewildered and everything hit him all at once. He ran over to the crater quickly and looked into it. Pikachu was lying inside, badly charred and in severe pain. He didn’t even have the energy to open his eyes, let alone call out his name. Ash began to cry silently and reached out to grab Pikachu. He picked him up and brought him to the Pokemon Center, ignoring all the reporters that rushed towards him.

    As Misty saw this scene play out on the TV, her heart sank for Ash. She could tell he was in a lot of emotional pain and decided that she would call him later on in the night to comfort him.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Hours after the match had been over, the emergency light turned off, signaling that Pikachu’s treatment was over. Ash went over to Nurse Joy with a worried expression on his face.

    “Is Pikachu gonna be all right?” Nurse Joy turned to look at him and smiled.

    “Don’t worry, he’s suffered through the worst. Pikachu just needs a little bit of rest, but I’m positive in the morning he’ll be all fine.”

    Ash was relieved at hearing Nurse Joy’s soothing words. He thanked her then took a quick look inside the emergency room. Inside it, Pikachu was resting peacefully on the bed with cables connected to his cheeks, head, and body. Ash felt guilty about putting Pikachu through such an ordeal, but he was too tired to stay any longer, so he thanked Nurse Joy again, and went to his room in the Pokemon Center, while thinking about today’s match.

    Ash opened the door; the room was completely dark with the exception of the white light from the moon that entered through the sole window. Ash closed the door and didn’t bother to turn on the lights as he went straight to his bed. He removed his shoes and was about to lie down on top of the bed when the videophone began to ring. Ash looked at the clock on the bedside table and it read: 10:10 PM.

    Wonder who would be calling at this time?” Ash wondered as he picked up the phone.


    “Hey Ash! How are you doing?” A male with spiky brown hair and squinty eyes appeared on the screen.

    “Oh hey Brock, I’m just fine, how about you?” Ash said, wiping his eyes. After talking with Brock for about five minutes, Ash hung up the phone and turned to his bed when it began to ring again. This time it was May, who then passed it to Max. Soon after he hung up again, Ash’s mother called, then she passed it to Professor Oak, who passed it to Tracey, who passed it to Gary. After hanging up the phone for the third time, he looked at the time. It was now 10:50 PM and he yawned and lay down on top of his bed.

    Ash had closed his eyes when, once again, the phone began to ring. This time, Ash wasn’t going to answer it so he covered his head with his pillow and waited for the ringing to stop. The phone stopped ringing, but then it began to ring again. This time, Ash lifted his head sleepily and looked at the phone. It stopped ringing and Ash began to lower his head when it began to ring again. Now Ash was mad and he went to the phone, picked it up, and grunted into the phone:

    “Hello?!” He looked at the screen with bags underneath his eyes when a girl with red-orange hair and blue-green eyes was looking at him, kind of surprised.

    “I’m sorry Ash, did I wake you up? I can call tomorrow if you want…” said Misty. Ash’s eyes widened and he began to speak into it when he nervously dropped the phone. He went to pick it up off the ground, but when he did this, he bumped his head on the table.

    “No, that’s alright Misty, I, uh, didn’t expect anyone to call this late…” he said, clearly embarrassed as he rubbed his head. She grinned and said to him,

    “Well I just wanted to see how you were doing, but it seems like you’re already falling to pieces on me.” Ash grinned at her and responded sarcastically,

    “Well I’m feeling fine, thank you very much. I’m just a bit tired from today’s match.” Misty smiled at him as she looked at his disheveled hair and boyish grin.

    “You haven’t changed a bit since we last met, huh, Ash?” Misty said reminiscing on the time when she had gone to his house after he came back from the Hoenn league. She had surprised him there and stayed at his house for about a week before she had to go back to the Cerulean Gym.

    “Well it was only 5 months ago…”

    “Yeah I suppose… Anyway, what are you doing tomorrow Ash?”

    “Well I was planning to return back home by taking a boat to Vermillion City, then going by foot to Pallet Town, why?” He asked her.

    “Because we’re throwing a party in the Cerulean Gym, congratulating you on your performance in the league tomorrow,” Misty said with a grin. Ash looked at her with a confused expression.

    “Don’t you think this is a bit on short notice,” Ash said. “I mean, I’ll be arriving in Vermillion at 3 o’clock if I take the 10 o’clock boat out of here and by the time I make it to Cerulean, it’ll be at least 9 o’clock and by then it’ll be-”

    “Not if you take the boat that leaves the port at 6 in the morning,” Misty interjected.


    “Well, I looked up the boat schedules for you and there’s a boat that leaves at 6 AM. That boat should arrive in Vermillion Port around 11 o’clock. I’m sure you’ll be able to get here by six,” explained Misty with a smile. Ash just looked at her in shock. She must have gone through a great deal of planning for this party if she wanted him to be there by the next day. Ash sighed and said,

    “Alright fine, but only because it’s obvious you went through a great deal of trouble for this party.”

    “All right!” Misty yelled. “So once you get here, I’ll have your tuxedo ready and-”

    “MISTY!!! STOP TALKING TO YOUR BOYFRIEND FOR, LIKE, A SECOND AND HELP US OUT UP HERE! THERE’S A PROBLEM WITH THE PIPES AND WE NEED YOU UP HERE, RIGHT NOW!” screamed a female voice that sounded a lot like Daisy. Misty’s face turned red and she said,

    “Hold on for a second Ash while I talk to my sister…” She turned off the screen and set the phone down on top of the table, but Ash could still hear what was going on. Misty went towards the door, opened it and yelled up the stairs,

    “DO YOU MIND?!!! FIRST OF ALL, IT’S RUDE TO INTERUPT A CONVERSATION AND SECOND OF ALL, HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!!” Misty slammed the door, but she could still hear Daisy screaming back at her. Misty ignored it and turned the screen back on, but before she was going to start their conversation again, Daisy burst through the door, furious and screamed,

    “WELL I GUESS IF YOU’RE WILLING TO PAY FOR A PARTY AND A BRAND NEW SUIT JUST FOR YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND THERE, THEN I GUESS YOU WON’T MIND PAYING THE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR THE REPAIR OF THE GYM ONCE IT’S FLOODED FROM THE LEAKING PIPES!” This time Daisy slammed the door so hard that it caused the camera on the videophone to shake. Ash looked back at Misty and her face was bright red like a ripe tomato.

    “I think I’m going to have to call you back tomorrow, Ash. Goodnight.” She hung up the phone quickly and the screen went black. Ash was bewildered at the whole scene, but he looked back at the clock and it read: 11:05 PM. He was tired and decided he better get some sleep for the long day that awaited him tomorrow. He crawled back into his bed and fell asleep thinking about Misty…

    Author's Notes​

    This first part is one of seven that act like the prologue to the larger story. We are going to see more interactions between Ash and Misty than there was in this chapter, I just needed to kind of introduce the background before I can get things moving :D
    Title Explanation: The title has some irony because it's a finale even though this is technically the first chapter. I named it this title though because of the fact that he was literally in the finals of the league and the 'blazing' half of it is because of the Blaziken. Yes, pretty damn original I would say. :p

    I hope you enjoyed it and please, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, don't be shy and post it!
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2011
  2. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    First of all, this was absolutely amazing

    The moment Blaziken used Mega Kick on Pikachu, i instantly knew that it wasnt going to be able to battle anymore!!!!!!

    and the conversation with Misty, that was very cute!! :) when misty said that she wasnt his girlfriend that was funny and sounded exactly like her!! :D

    This fic is starting off brilliantly, and i can tell you worked hard on it!!! Keep up the spectacular work, and i cant wait for chapter 2!!!!! :D:D
  3. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    This is soo0o0o0o0... Cute.
    Absolutely adorable. beautifully bubbly. Contagiously cute. I need to be on your PM List for this fic... NOW!! And I mean NOW NOW! lol =p very cute. I love the fact that when Misty called Ash got all happy and stuff. I bet if Richie or someone else called he wouldn't be so happy ;]... I'm so glad to find another person who thinks Misty should come back as a main character!!!! Keep writing.
  4. Xumahare

    Xumahare Well-Known Member

    As a true Pokeshipping fan, I loooove your story. BTW, does the kissing scene in my avvy actually happen sometime during the shows or movies? I would really like to know.


    I don't know why I gave you a low score on such a good story, but I can't give perfect 10's everytime I see a story I like. I don't much care for long, drawn out battle scenes (though I do seem to notice if they're not there... odd...), but I read it anyway.

    PM list, please and thank you.
  5. I like the Poke Story!
    Haha and the last thing that Daisy
    say that Ash her boyfriend is! COmic!
  6. el_toro

    el_toro Superfly

    THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WONDERFUL REVIEWS!!! :D :D :D You can be sure that I'll have each one of you on my PM list!
    Xumahare: No. Ash and Misty never kiss on the show unfortunately :( And I don't see an 8.8 out of 10 to be a low score. I'm quite flattered that I get such a high score on my FIRST chapter :)

    The reason I didn't want to cut down on the battle scene was because I liked how it was so far. I promise that on future battles they won't be that long as this one :p

    I'll have a new chapter hopefully up sometime on Monday, the weekend is too hectic for me to do any writing...
    Once again, thank you all for the great reviews :D
  7. shoujoai-fangirl

    shoujoai-fangirl Our Lady of Sorrows

    :O ok, update ASAP. I love it! can't believe it's your first one ^_^ and you captured Daisy perfectly lmao. Anyway, I'm subscribing to this thread, because your fic is awesome like that. Keep up the good work, yes? ^^
  8. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Wow this si really good and the ending was a bit funny. I could easily imagine something like that happening because you've captured their exact personallity 100%
  9. el_toro

    el_toro Superfly

    I'm extremely flattered by all your reviews :D I'm glad that you guys think that I can capture their personality perfectly, it definitely boosts my confidence :D I'll have a new chapter as soon as I write another one so that way if I have to leave on short notice, I can just post one up for you guys without you having to wait for a long time while a write up one from scratch. As soon as Chapter 2 is posted up, I'll send each one of you a PM. Thank you all for the reviews again! :D
  10. el_toro

    el_toro Superfly

    I think Chapter 5 might take a little longer than I had planned (I'm way too tired from work...) so I'll just post up Chapter 2 for you guys :D

    Chapter 2-The Welcoming Party​

    Ash was in a dark black forest, surrounded by a thick fog that didn’t let him see anything, but a faint light in the distance. His senses seemed dulled and all he could feel was a gentle breeze hitting his face from where he was walking towards. He looked ahead as a bright light began to emit from the end of the forest and as Ash walked forward, it felt as if the wind had changed directions and was now carrying him there. The light grew as he drew closer to it and it began to blind him as it was too bright. He shielded his eyes and he began to scream as the wind strengthened and forcefully threw him into a clear opening onto the ground. In this part of the forest, the fog and light were gone and the trees around him covered the sky above, shaping the opening into a circle. Ash looked up and right before him was Misty, with tears in her eyes and her hand over her heart, avoiding his gaze. He stood up and took her hand and it seemed to him that he had asked her what was wrong. The fog began to draw back in and it covered the entire opening in a white blanket as she said something in a very quiet tone that he could not understand. He opened his mouth to tell her to repeat it again, but out of his mouth a beep sounded. Ash looked around confused when he heard another beep.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash opened his eyes suddenly to find himself drenched in sweat and his alarm clock beeping. It was 4:30 AM and he had to get ready for the boat trip. Ash slowly got out of bed, took a 20 minute shower, had a quick breakfast, and left with his backpack, closing the door to his room. He stopped by the front lobby of the Pokemon Center to where Pikachu was resting. There Nurse Joy brought out his Pikachu who was ecstatic to see his trainer. Pikachu jumped happily into Ash’s arms and Pikachu smiled as he greeted him.

    He thanked Nurse Joy for taking such good care of him, left the keys to his room on top of the table, and walked outside the door. Ash took a look around as he walked out of the Pokemon Center. The sun had still not risen yet so the sky was a navy blue without a single cloud in the sky. It promised to be a good day and Ash breathed in deeply before he began to walk towards the port where his boat was waiting for him.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    It’s 6:30 so Ash should be on the boat by now, if he didn’t get lost,” Misty thought to herself as she was gazing at the horizon where the sun had just risen from. She continued to think about him as she walked back inside the Gym to see how the problem from last night had settled.

    Misty opened the door to the room underneath the pool that acted as a sort of changing room for the shows that they held there. There were puddles of water on the floor all around the grey empty room. Last night, a nut had loosened from the pipes and water began to leak from underneath the pool, soaking all of the clothes that were inside the room. So last night her sisters were moving everything outside of the room as fast they could, which was why Daisy was so urgent in getting Misty’s help.

    She was definitely overreacting, though,” Misty thought with a grin, remembering Daisy’s red face as she was screaming back at Misty last night. Misty knew that she would have to move the party out of the Gym because she was having a couple of repairmen drop by to fix the pipes. Misty wondered how Ash would figure that out though…
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    It was now 10:50 AM and Ash was sleeping on the deck of the boat on a sunbathing chair. The boat had begun to slow down as it reached the dock to park and Pikachu sensed this so he went to wake Ash up.

    He nudged Ash’s shoulder lightly. He opened his eyes drowsily and looked at Pikachu. Just then the boat horn sounded making Ash jump out of his chair.

    “We have arrived in Vermillion City. Thank you for riding Ivory Islands Cruises and we hope you have a wonderful stay in Kanto.” the loudspeaker announced as Ash picked himself up off the ground. Ash and Pikachu got off the boat and he looked for the nearest restaurant to get something eat.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Meanwhile, Misty was getting her dress fitted to her specific measurements in a tailor’s shop in Cerulean City with her sisters.

    It’s 3 o’clock so Ash should be on his way,” Misty thought nervously as the tailor began to sew the bottom of her dress. Misty sighed as she began to think about how many things could possibly go wrong.

    Knowing Ash’s sense of direction, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was at the bottom of an ocean right now,” Misty thought nervously. An image of Ash walking with a map in front of his face appeared in Misty’s head as he plummeted off a cliff into the rocky ocean below. Misty shook her head of the horrible image. “Why do I worry so much about him?” Misty thought as she began to tap her foot.

    “OW!!” Misty said as the tailor had accidentally jabbed her with the pin. “You should be more careful! I thought you said you were a professional!”

    “Well if you stopped moving your leg than that wouldn’t have happened. So STAY STILL!” the tailor snapped back at her.

    “Hmph!” Misty scoffed as she looked away from him. Then she began to worry again. “Where are you, Ash?”
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash looked up at the big clock tower as he was walking through an empty town to see if he was running late. It read 6:30 PM and Ash’s heart jumped. He immediately began to run like a madman across the town and into the forest on the edge of town.

    At least 20 minutes had passed before Ash could get out of the forest and once he did, he was out of breath and exhausted. He looked in front of him and there in the distance, he saw the lights of Cerulean City begin to turn on. His face lit up with a smile and he started to run straight for the Gym.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Misty was walking slowly towards the end of town as she looked sadly to the ground. She had prepared the whole day for Ash and now it seemed like he wasn’t going to show up… She was going to look for Ash on the off chance that he could’ve gotten lost in the forest nearby. She sighed as she continued to walk slowly to a fork in the road that led either to the north or south town exit. Misty started to head towards the north exit when all of a sudden she saw a blur come running from the south exit. As she looked back at what the heck had passed her, she saw that it was Ash! She began to call his name and ran after him as soon as she saw that he didn’t stop.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash’s heart began to beat faster as he saw the Cerulean Gym getting closer. He could finally see all his friends again after such a long time away from them, but somehow he was more excited he could finally see Misty again. As he got to the front entrance of the Gym, his heart felt like it was going to jump out his body as he slowed down to a walk.

    Ash extended his hand to push the door open when he noticed his hand was shaking. Ash inhaled deeply and began to step forward getting closer to the door…closer…closer…closer! His hand was already on the cold surface of the door and he was about to push it when somebody screamed,

    “ASH!!!!” Ash jumped forward and his face smacked the front door. He then landed on his butt while Pikachu jumped off to the side. Ash rubbed his face as he stood up and he looked behind him to see who had screamed. There in front of him, doubled over in exhaustion and breathing heavily was Misty. Ash couldn’t believe his eyes at what he saw before him. Misty was wearing an ankle-length red dress that sparkled in the setting sun with white gloves that just reached her elbow. As she straightened up, Ash held his breath as they made eye contact. She was wearing long diamond-encrusted earrings that shone with brilliance and her hair was worn down so that it barely touched her shoulders. Ash was taken aback at how beautiful Misty looked as the sun cast its golden rays onto her face. She stepped closer to him and Ash felt his heart beat like a drum.

    “Ash, are you DEAF or something?” Misty screamed as she hit Ash across the head with her hand. “I ran after you in HIGH HEELS for the past mile, screaming my head off for you to stop, and now my feet are hurting, you’re LATE, and we still have at least ten minutes of walking to get where the party is.” Ash was on the floor grabbing onto his head in pain as Misty sat down on the benches to the side of the Gym and took off her red heels. Her feet were throbbing from the pain that they were in and she sighed as the feeling began to return to her toes. Ash got up and started walking towards her with his hand still on his head where she had hit him.

    “I thought you said that the party was in the Gym. If I had known it was someplace else, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem.”

    “Well we had a little accident last night in the Gym, which is why Daisy and I got in that huge argument. I had to have it repaired because we’re, uh…, using it for later on, which is why the party had to be moved,” Misty said while pointing down the road that was in front of the Gym. Ash looked down towards where Misty was pointing. Farther down the road, there was a bunch of cars that were waiting in the front of a luxurious hotel waiting to be parked by a chauffeur with a series of spotlights moving around in the sky. Ash looked back at Misty with his mouth wide open in shock. Misty smiled embarrassedly as she saw his expression.

    “Is that supposed to be my party?” Ash pointed to where the cars were. Misty nodded and blushed a little bit as Ash continued to stare at her dumbfounded. She handed him a black tux wrapped in plastic with matching apparel.

    “Put this on so maybe you can at least look showered.” He faked a laugh as he made his way around the Gym to change while Misty put on her heels. Once she was finished she glanced up and saw him standing over her, looking very dapper. She smiled slightly impressed and said,

    “Well, shall we go then?” She smiled as she offered him her arm. Ash smiled back and he hooked his arm with hers as they began to walk down the road to the party with Pikachu on Ash’s shoulder. They shared stories of their travels together during their walk to the party until they finally reached the front door.

    “Well, are you ready to go inside, Ash?” Misty said while smiling at him. Ash nodded, he was too stunned from the excitement to say anything. The two bellboys that waited in front of the door greeted them and opened the massive wooden doors for them. As the doors opened, a huge smile spread across Ash’s face from the wondrous sight of the party.

    Inside the room, the lights from the golden chandeliers shone a radiant light. Buffet tables packed with food were lined up against the sides of the gigantic room. Throughout the space, there were people sitting at long tables and a band playing in the background. At the end of the room in the middle was a gigantic ice sculpture in the shape of an open pokeball with a red velvet chair in the center with the words “Congratulations!” written on the edge.

    Everybody in the room were people Ash had met during his journeys throughout the regions and his expression changed from awe to sheer joy as everyone greeted him in one unanimous shout. He waved back as everyone began to applaud with Misty walking right beside him with a wide smile on her face. They walked together to the giant ice sculpture and Ash sat down happily on the red velvet chair with Pikachu resting on the armrest. Misty stood by his side signaling for everyone to quiet down as one of the waiters brought a microphone. Misty gave the microphone to Ash and she signaled to him to speak into it.

    “Um, well, ok…Oh wait is this on?” His voice boomed out of the speakers.

    “Alright, well, I’m glad to see everyone again after such a long time. Um… I’m really grateful to Misty for putting in a lot of dedication and thought into this party. I was pretty surprised she would do something like this just for me!” As Ash said this, Misty’s face turned as red as her dress and she looked away as some people started to laugh. Ash also blushed and he handed the microphone to Misty who still wanted to say some words.

    “Well on behalf of everyone here, we want to say congratulations on doing so well in the league,” Misty said and everyone began to clap and cheer and scream. Misty signaled that it was now time to eat and everyone rushed to the buffet tables. Ash and Misty went to the table reserved for just the closest friends. His mom, Professor Oak, Brock, May, Max, even Gary congratulated Ash as he sat down at the table.

    “Really it’s not a big deal…” Ash said as he held the back of his head in embarrassment and then he looked at Misty who seemed hurt from this comment.

    “Excuse me; I have to go use the bathroom…” Misty said as she left her seat abruptly.

    “Wait, Misty! I didn’t mean it like that!” Ash said as he tried to stop her, but she was already gone by the time Ash lifted himself out of the chair. Ash sat back down in his chair, sad and frustrated at himself for hurting Misty’s feelings. He felt a pat on his shoulder as Brock told him,

    “Hey, don’t worry about it…I’m sure Misty will realize that you didn’t mean it.” Ash smiled back at him and nodded as he patted Pikachu’s head.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    The party was close to finishing and everything was back to normal. Misty had forgiven Ash (after slapping him around a bit) and she was back at the table as Ash was recounting his stories in the Ivory Islands.

    “…so this trainer came up to me after I had beaten him and I went to shake his hand for putting up a good battle when his hand slipped through my jacket and he grabbed my badges! I chased after, shouting at him to stop and when I finally caught up to him-”

    “Hey Ash!” said a female voice behind him and as he turned to look at who greeted him, he felt her lips press against his cheek in a warm and welcoming kiss. Ash’s face turned red as he looked up at the brown-haired girl.

    “Hey Melody…” She smiled at him, flattered by the fact that he still remembered her name after such a long time. She looked at Misty whose expression had completely changed from a smile to a deep frown and glare. Misty tapped her blond sister’s shoulder who was dancing nearby with a guy.

    “Who invited her?!” said Misty while pointing at Melody with her finger.

    “Oh well, I was looking through your room and found a weird looking list that had a skull and crossbones on top of it. I saw her name and her phone number and address so I decided to invite her because she seemed like a close friend…Why do you ask?” Daisy said curiously.

    “No reason at all…” said Misty angrily as Melody pinched Ash’s cheek while teasing him as he fidgeted nervously.

    “Well I think it’s getting kind of late don’t you think so, Melody? You must have a long voyage ahead of you so why don’t you just leave…” Misty said with a fake smile on her face as Melody had just invited Ash to dance with her.

    “Oh, but this song is so romantic and I think it’s just appropriate for Ash and me, don’t you think?” Melody said as she nudged Misty out of the way and pulled Ash out of his chair. The band began to play a slow and beautiful song as Misty sat in her chair with steam practically coming out of her ears as Ash and Melody started dancing very close to each other. Once the song was over, they both came back to the table smiling at each other.

    “Oh, what’s the matter Misty? Did you want to dance wit your wittle boyfriend?” Melody said in a baby-like voice as she pinched Misty’s cheek. Misty’s face burned red as she swatted Melody’s hand away.

    “He’s NOT my boyfriend!” Melody looked at her with a feigned confused expression and said,

    “But I thought you were friends and well, he is a boy so technically…” Misty’s face turned an even darker shade of red as she burrowed her head into her arms to hide her face.

    “Hey if you look at Misty’s face, she looks like a giant cherry!” said Ash while pointing and laughing at her face.

    “Oh, grow up, why don’t you!” said Misty as her mallet met up with Ash’s skull. Misty was still bright red as she walked away with her hands by her side as Ash tended to the big lump on his head from where Misty had smacked him.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Everybody had now left the party and only Ash’s mom and Professor Oak were outside waiting for Ash to come out of the hotel. As Misty was talking on the phone, Ash walked outside and looked at his mom.

    “Well are we ready to go?” Ash asked as he looked at the white convertible that was waiting in front of them with Gary in the driver’s seat.

    “Not quite…” said Professor Oak.

    “Wha-” Ash was confused by this comment.

    “What he means to say, honey, is that you’re not leaving with us…” said his mom.

    “I’m not?!” said Ash even more confused.

    “Nope. You’re staying at my house for a while,” Misty said smiling as she walked towards them.

    “I…am?” Ash said a bit astonished. Delia began to explain,

    “Misty and I already talked about it while you were away from your room during the league and we decided…”

    “…that you were going to start training with me, your coach!” said Misty beaming. Ash’s eyes widened in horror as he thought of the future training sessions awaiting him…

    “But what about my clothes?” asked Ash terrified about the prospect of having nothing to wear.

    “They’re in the car, sweetie,” Ash’s mom said as she opened the trunk of the car revealing suitcases filled with Ash’s belongings.

    “But where am I going to sleep?” asked Ash now almost in a panic. He was not ready to start living with Misty, let alone train with her…

    “Remember those repairmen I told you about earlier? Well they just called me and said that they were done fixing the room. So now you should have a bed, cabinets, and anything else to keep you comfortable,” Misty said. “Besides aren’t you looking forward to your stay in the Gym?”

    She wrapped her arm around his neck. Ash looked at his mom with a horrified expression but she was already waving goodbye to them from the car.

    “Bye sweetheart, have a good three months with Misty,” said Delia smiling at him as she waved.

    “THREE MONTHS?!” Ash screamed as his eyes bulged out of his head. The car began to drive away and Ash started to chase after it yelling, “No, stop! Take me with youuuuuuu……..”

    They didn’t even turn to look as Ash looked after them hopelessly, driving away into the darkness. Misty walked besides him while holding Pikachu and said with a smile,

    “Well are you ready to go back to your new home?”

    “Yeah, I guess…” said Ash as he hung his head low. He started to walk by her as they went down the road to the Gym to where Ash would face the hardest three months of his entire life.

    Author's Notes

    When I first started planning this chapter, I didn't know what to do for the party! That's why Melody wound up making an appearance; I needed an argument between Ash and Misty and she's perfect for causing just that :D If some of you didn't understand what the "skull and crossbones list" was about, I'll elaborate...You see, as soon as Misty began to notice all of these girls out for Ash's heart, she began to make a list of their information so when the opportunity arose...well let's just say they won't bothering neither her or Ash anymore :D
    Title Explanation: The title to this story is pretty simple: it stands for the party that Misty throws for Ash in this chapter.

    Please any comments, questions, or suggestions you have about this chapter, don't be shy to post 'em on!
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    “Oh well, I was looking through your room and found a weird looking list that had a skull and crossbones on top of it. I saw her name and her phone number and address so I decided to invite her because she seemed like a close friend…Why do you ask?” Daisy said curiously.

    Lmao @ Daisy's stupidity XD
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    Daisy, you dolt! If there is a big-*** skull and crossbones on the paper, it means she doesn't like them! I can see why Misty was afraid to leave the gym with her and her sisters...
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    Hiya, I LOVE your style!! For a first fic, this is fantastic! Your description is wonderful, storyline is great and the fact that Ash didn't win the league was even better! Especially the battle, it was like a real, proper battle, not like the ones you get with one hit and the pokemon is out...those are bad...

    Daisy and the list, fantastic! You've captured the true element of Misty's sisters!

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    Chapter 3-Training Daze

    As they burst through the Gym door, Misty entered the Gym while holding Pikachu in her arms with Ash right behind her carrying all of his suitcases.

    “Couldn’t you at least help me out a little bit?” Ash whined as his knees began to buckle under the weight of the suitcases that were stacked above his head.

    “Come on Ash, you can handle it! And anyway, your training starts right now, now that you’re with me and inside this house,” said Misty with a grin on her face. Ash groaned as they began to walk down a set of stairs.

    “Where are we going anyway?” Ash asked impatiently as the weight of the suitcases was getting the best of him.

    “We’re going to your room right now,” said Misty as she turned the light on to a long and grey hallway.

    “Here we are.” She opened a door that was on the right of the hallway. Ash rushed in and dropped the suitcases on the floor while Pikachu jumped on top of the bed. After Ash had rested, he looked up at his room; it had a bed and a night stand that were on the side of the wall with a TV on top of a gigantic cabinet located by the door. There were no windows as it was practically in the basement of the Gym and as Ash looked to the corner of the room he could see some pipes running up through the ceiling with black tape covering it to stop the water.

    Some repair job…” Ash thought as he looked at the pipes as if they were ready to burst with water. Ash sat on top of the bed, unimpressed with the room and he looked up at the ceiling. It had a strange line cutting through the center so the only way to get light into the room was by means of the lamp on top of the night stand. He looked at Misty and she was looking at him, sort of waiting for a response as to what he thought of the room.

    “Uh…it looks great.” He was blatantly lying; with a smile so fake Misty immediately caught him. She looked at him with grin on her face then shook her head as she bid him goodnight.

    “Hey Misty!” Misty turned and looked at Ash who had a sly grin on his face. “Don’t I at least get a goodnight kiss?” Ash said pointing to his cheek with his finger. Misty giggled and responded,

    “Not even in your dreams Ash Ketchum.” But her face was pink from blushing and she shut the door. Ash stood up and turned off the lamp with a stupid grin on his face.

    Speaking about dreams, what was that whole dream about last night?” Ash wondered, remembering the strange dream from yesterday involving Misty and the forest. Ash climbed into bed and fell asleep still thinking about the dream…
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash awoke the next morning when he heard someone knocking on the door. He looked at the clock and it read 5:30 AM. He ignored the knocking and went back to sleep. This time the knocking was louder and he could hear Misty’s voice saying,

    “Ash, its time for your training, so get up out of bed.” He looked at the door and muttered,

    “She must be crazy…” This time the knocking stopped and Misty yelled,

    “I heard that!” Suddenly, she kicked open the door and looked at him with fire in her eyes as Ash scurried to the corner of his bed terrified out of his mind. She walked towards the bed, ripped the blanket out of his hands, got up close to his face and said fiercely,

    “Are you awake and ready now?” He nodded without muttering a single word.

    “Good. You’re breakfast is upstairs ready for you so don’t take too long getting ready or else it’ll get cold,” she said with a spring of energy, changing expressions in a split second. As soon as she left the room, Ash leaned back onto his bed with his heart beating rapidly and he stared up to the ceiling with a wide-eyed expression.

    This is gonna be a rough three months…”

    Minutes later he finally reached the kitchen; he looked at the food served on the table. Then he nervously smiled as Misty was watching him like a hawk standing right beside the plate of food. Served on the plate was what appeared to be a fried egg gone horribly wrong; it was completely charred and black. Ash sat down glumly into his chair as he looked at the piece of food served before him. He took a fork and attempted to get a hold on it, but as soon as he applied pressure to the egg, it slipped off of the plate and smacked the wall, putting a dent in it. He slammed his head against the table and felt like he was going to cry.

    There is definitely no way I’m going to make it through this for three months! I’ll just tell Misty that the choice of whether or not I stay here is up to me and not her and I decided that I’m going back home. This is your chance Ash; you got to prove your manhood here by standing up to Misty…” He prepared himself mentally for what he made out in his head to be the epic battle of his life. He was rehearsing his lines in his head until he finally had it memorized and he lifted his head and stood up. He straightened his pants, puffed out his chest, and walked up to Misty and looked her straight in the eye.

    “What’s the matter Ash?” Misty asked sweetly as she looked at him with a curious expression. Ash exhaled the air in his chest and he went to pick up the fried egg up off the ground.

    “No, nothing’s the matter…” he muttered as he took a bite out of the egg. He looked at Misty who was happy to see Ash eating her cooking. He looked at her and thought,

    Well, at least it makes her happy…” as he forced the fried egg down.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash and Misty arrived in a park in the center of Cerulean after eating breakfast around 6:30 AM. In each of the four corners of the park, there was a marble blue fountain with a Goldeen spouting water out of its mouth while looking up at the sky. In the center there was a giant fountain with four more Goldeens looking in the directions of the four corners and a giant Seaking in the middle that shot water out of its horn. He was amazed at the lush green scenery that was Queen Park. There was a trail that led all around it and the few joggers that had woken up early in the morning were traversing it. There were some who were just sitting on the benches throughout the park playing with their pokemon or children. It was very serene and quiet and Ash wondered what they were going to do here. Misty said,

    “This is my favorite place to go when there is nothing to do in the Gym. It’s very peaceful and relaxing here and it sure can take a lot out of your head.” Ash looked at Misty who had closed her eyes as she was smiling trying to rid herself of her troubles. She sighed and turned to Ash with a determined look on her face.

    “But we didn’t come here just to relax…” She reached into her pocket.

    “W-we didn’t?” Ash said as he was looking at what Misty was pulling out.

    “I’m afraid not Ash.” She pulled a silver whistle out of her pocket; she placed it around her neck and blew it. The whistle pierced the calm atmosphere of the park and Ash looked at her in shock.

    “You’re in for a rude awakening Ash, if you think I’m going to go easy on you,” she said as she began to walk towards the center fountain. “But since today is your first day, we’ll start off nice and slow…” She thought for a second..

    “Let’s see…a lap around the park is at least a quarter of a mile (0.4 km) so…”

    “You’re going to run 12 laps around the park as soon as I blow this whistle and I don’t expect you to stop until you’re finished. That means no breaks,” Misty said while poising herself to get ready to blow the whistle.

    “WHAT! You expect me to run that much! Are you crazy?! And does that mean you’re just going to stand there while I run?!” He looked at Misty horrified.

    “And…” a shrill whistle sounded through the air as Misty blew into the whistle. Ash still stood there looking at her.

    “I’m not going to run this!” Ash said while Misty stood there looking at him. “And there is nothing you can do to make me…” As he said this, he crossed his arms and sat down on the trail.

    “I’m afraid you’re wrong Ash…” Misty said as her temper began to rise. “Now you’re either going to run on the count of three or you’re going to have to get reacquainted with my mallet!” As she said this, she pulled out her signature red mallet while looking Ash straight in the eyes. Ash looked at the mallet in fright, not willing to withstand another concussion…

    “ONE…TWO…” As Misty began to countdown, she got closer to Ash steadying her mallet. “THREE!!!” She lifted her mallet into the air and Ash quickly got up and began to run for his life. “NOW YOU HAVE TO RUN 4 MORE LAPS, JUST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT!” Misty screamed after him as Ash turned his head to look back at her.

    “YOU’RE INSANE!!!” Ash yelled back at her as he began to make a run for the Gym. Just as he was going to exit the park, a red mallet flew at him at an awesome speed and hit him square in the head. Ash instantly fell down and was KO’d.

    That’ll teach him…” Misty thought to herself as she came running towards Ash. He had swirls for eyes and was muttering nonsense as Misty came closer.

    “Next time use your head before you cross me,” Misty said as she lifted him off the ground and began to carry him to the Gym.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash slowly walked into a café during the afternoon with Pikachu on his shoulder and a huge band-aid across the back of his head. He sat sadly at the bar and the bartender walked up to him.

    “What’s the matter, bud? You havin’ some problems?” the bartender said as Ash turned his head slowly to look at him.

    “Yeah...I guess you can say that they’re girl problems…” He held his head in depression.

    “It’ll be alright kid…They’re plenty of girls out there waiting for you…Just don’t hold yourself down because of one girl,” the bartender said as he patted Ash on the back. “You want sometin’ drink? Trust me it helps…” The bartender turned around to get a glass of soda.

    “You don’t understand…” The bartender looked back curiously at Ash. “It’s not because she left me…” Ash said signaling for the bartender to get closer. “It’s because she is right here, right now…” He pointed to the right where Misty was sitting, dressed in an overcoat and brown hat to disguise herself from Ash. She looked over her shoulder as she pretended to eat the food on her table.

    “She’s slowly killing me…You’ve got to help me,” he said grabbing the bartender by his shirt. The bartender released himself from the grip as he looked back at Ash with a weird look on his face. He went to the other side of the counter and slid a glass of soda across to Ash. Ash sighed and sadly extended his hand to catch the soda, but it was soon stopped by a brown glove. Misty drank the soda right in front of Ash as he looked at her horrified. She smiled back at him as she finished the soda with a sigh.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    It was now starting to get dark and Misty and Ash were returning back to the Gym after a brief scuffle in the bar in which Ash had lost and ended up paying for Misty’s bill for the food she had ordered. Ash was tired beyond belief and he was ready to collapse so he was glad that they were finally going back home. They entered through the front doors and Ash started to head towards his room.

    “Where are you going, Ash?” Misty asked him as she stood there waiting for him. Ash looked at her curiously and said,

    “I’m going to my room, why?” Misty grinned and said,

    “You’re still not done with your training…” Ash’s eyes widened and he screamed,

    “WHAT?!” Soon Misty was dragging Ash by his feet as he dug his nails into the floor, fighting for his freedom. They entered the part of the Gym that the pool was located in and Misty let go of his feet as she closed the door and locked it. Ash got up and looked at her miserably.

    “Now what?” he said. He couldn’t handle anymore of this training.

    “Swim four laps around the pool,” Misty said with a smile. Ash looked at her in terror because he didn’t have his bathing suit on and he was way too tired.

    “And…GO!” As Misty said this, she pushed Ash into the pool and blew her whistle. Immediately, Ash began to swim slowly around the pool while Misty and Pikachu looked from the sidelines. As he crossed his second lap, he could hear Misty screaming back at him, saying things like: “Hurry up, you Slowpoke!” or “My Psyduck can swim faster than that and he doesn’t even know how to!”

    As soon as Ash was done, he climbed out of the pool and collapsed onto the ground, his arms aching and his legs sore. Misty stood over him, looking down at him.

    “OK Ash, time to hit the showers,” she said with a mischievous grin on her face. Ash looked at her while raising his eyebrow, wondering what she was smiling about…
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Misty followed Ash with a grin on her face until he entered the bathroom. As soon as Ash closed the door, he immediately checked for any holes in the wall to see if Misty could peek in at any given time. Everything was in one piece, though and Ash scratched his head, wondering what Misty was so happy about. He simply shrugged, got undressed and entered the shower. He turned on the shower head and sighed in relief as the hot water came down on him and soothed his aching muscles. He was in such a state of relaxation that he didn’t notice Misty opening the door, taking his soaked clothes and all of the towels with the exception of a tiny hand towel and closing the door, all the while snickering to herself.

    Ash turned off the shower and opened the sliding glass door. Steam had completely filled up the room so Ash searched blindly for a towel to dry himself with. The only towel he came across was a tiny piece of cloth that fit just across his hand. He then looked to the floor in panic and saw that his clothes were gone! Ash opened the bathroom door just a little as he screamed,

    “MISTY!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY CLOTHES??!!!!” Misty giggled as she held a video camera in her hands ready to record.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash grumbled to himself as he was putting his clothes back on in the privacy of his room. He thought the coast was clear when he looked out from the door of the bathroom so he stepped outside and was walking towards his room. He was using the towel to cover himself when he saw Misty standing right in front of him, a video camera in her hand as she smiled with glee. He remembered turning a bright red as he sprinted down the stairs to his room and shutting the door so hard that it nearly knocked it off its hinges…and Misty stood there recording everything.

    He shook his head with embarrassment as he looked at the digital clock on the night stand: it read 9:07 PM. He then heard a bunch of girls break out in raucous laughter from upstairs.

    Probably showing her sisters the video,” Ash said with remorse as his face turned red. He climbed into bed and turned off the light trying to ignore the laughter from above. Slowly, he drifted into sleep.
    <- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
    Ash awoke suddenly as he heard a person open the door at 11:25 PM. Ash quickly turned on the lamp as he looked towards the door; it was Misty and she was crying. First, she was shocked, but then, she turned her head away from him in embarrassment and began to walk out of the room.

    “Misty, wait!” Ash said as he jumped out of bed and went to her side. He placed his hands on her shoulders and she stopped. “What’s the matter, Misty, why are you crying?” Ash tried to get her to turn around.

    “Nothing…it’s just… Every time I get depressed I sometimes went to this room and would look up at the ceiling until it passed or I fell asleep. It just sort of became a habit and I forgot that you were in here…” Misty said quietly with her back still turned to Ash. He looked up in confusion at the ceiling; it was a similar grey that matched the room’s walls. Ash didn’t see anything special about it, but he turned to Misty and tried to get her to look at him.

    “You can still stay here if you want Misty. I’ll even help you; we’ll both look at the ceiling together.” As Ash said this, he led Misty to sit down on top of the bed in then he leaned back and stared at the grey ceiling. Misty looked at him and laughed. Ash looked at her and asked,

    “What’s so funny?” Misty looked at him with a smile on her face and told him that’s not what she meant by looking at the ceiling.

    “What?” As he was about to ask her what she really meant, Misty reached over him and pressed a red button that was behind the lamp. Slowly, the grey ceiling began to part in two and it began to reveal something behind it. Ash’s eyes opened in awe as Misty leaned back beside him and smiled from the sight.

    As the ceiling opened wider, Ash could see from the bottom of the aquarium where the shows were held as various pokemon that belonged to the Gym swam leisurely across the water. The glass ceiling of the room above them cast the moon’s light into the room, which hit the clear blue waters of the aquarium causing the color of the room to change from a bland grey to a vivid and beautiful deep sea blue and Ash gazed from wonderment as the lights mixed together inside the room. Misty had stopped crying, but she still looked sad. Ash turned towards her and gently asked her what was wrong. Misty sighed as she looked through the clear floor of the aquarium.

    “I was just thinking about what we did today and what I used to do when you were gone. I never remembered having so much fun that I guess I got carried away today…I’m sorry Ash…” Misty began to get up, but Ash held her back.

    “It’s alright Misty, you don’t have to apologize. It was actually pretty funny how you got me with the bathroom now that I remember it,” Ash said with a comforting smile. Misty looked at him and smiled and lied by his side again. Misty began to explain,

    “It’s been very lonely here in the Gym when nobody was here. Like when my sisters would go shopping and leave the Gym for me to take care of, I would wait all by myself, waiting for the next trainer who would come to challenge me for a badge for the whole day.” As she said this, her tears were starting to come back and Ash laid his hand against her face.

    “Don’t worry so much about the past Misty…I’m here right now and as long as I’m here, you won’t ever be lonely again.” Ash smiled at her and Misty looked at his comforting brown eyes that seemed to swim into her soul and remove the aching weight in her heart. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Ash rubbed her arm with his right hand as his left arm hugged around her shoulder.

    He asked Misty if she wanted to stay in the room for the night so she wouldn’t be alone. He would get an extra blanket and pillow if she needed one and she shyly nodded. Ash quickly got up and went to Misty’s room to get her a blanket and pillow as quietly as he could. He returned back to his room where Misty was standing up as she looked at his badge cases. As Ash got the bed ready, Misty was intrigued by something and asked,

    “Why do you keep all of your old badges with you even though you’ve already passed the league?” Ash looked to see what she was talking about. On top of the cabinet where the TV was located, all of Ash’s badge cases were sitting on top of another and Misty had picked out his Kanto badge case.

    “I guess it sort of reminds me of how far I’ve gotten so far,” he said with a smile as he looked fondly at the Cascade badge that was supposedly “given” to him out of pity. Misty smiled back at him and she closed the case. Ash was tired so he climbed into bed followed by Misty, each one sleeping in their own blankets.

    “Goodnight Misty,” Ash said while turning off the lamp, but not closing the ceiling, leaving the room in a blue hue.

    “Goodnight Ash…and thanks for everything,” Misty said thankfully as she laid her arm over his chest. He smiled and soon both of them fell into a deep sleep…

    Author's Notes

    A quick and urgent note before I begin with this section: THIS FIC IS RATED PG-13 SO DON'T GET THE WRONG IDEA ABOUT THE ENDING OF THIS STORY! It's not like that people, they're JUST FRIENDS! :rolleyes: Overall I had a lot of fun with coming up with this chapter! Misty + mallet + Ash = Comedy Gold :D For the end with the aquarium, I thought of it a while back and I knew that I HAD to add it in this fic. I put some reasoning behind it and voila! you get the secret room at the bottom of the Gym that no one has ever heard of!
    Title Explanation: The title for this story is a play on the movie "Training Days;" I didn't realize it though a few weeks back that there was a Pokemon Chronicles episode with the same name! I liked the name though so I decided to leave it as it was. The reason for the title is pretty self-explanatory: it covers Ash's first training session from hell with Misty. :p

    That's all I have to say for now so please...REVIEW, SUGGESTIONS, AND QUESTIONS if you have any! :D
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