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A little help here...


r.o.c.k. on!
this is about that backlot's mansion.when i talk to him,he always saying a rare pokemon(like plusle,minun,ditto,etc.)is on his garden.but i cant find the pokemon he was talking about even i use the pokeradar!oh,and one more thing.how i can remove the maid in the right side of the mansion?

those anyone know the answer to this questions?
by the way,i'm playing platinum.


Lover of underrated characters
it changes each day, and you find out what it its by talking to him. It takes a bit of waiting sometimes


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It will change everyday but all you have to do it be patient and you should get one of those pokemon he is talking about
The Pokemon changes everyday, as the previous posters have said, but it may take a while to get the Pokemon you're looking for. Just be patient, and you'll eventually find it.


Pokemon Breeder
It takes a long time to get them since there is a 5% chance of them appearing (I think). If you look around for a while you will eventually find them. And you can't get past the maid on either side of the mansion (although you can battle the maids on the left side.)