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A little note for you all.


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No, I am not a moderator here anymore, but my friend Kiori is. The crap she has to put up with here is ridiculous and it will not be tolerated anymore. In fact, the constant rule-breaking here is one of reasons why I myself left in the first place. You guys just did NOT improve no matter what I did. -_- There are only FOUR active mods here which is not NEARLY enough for this forum, but it's what will have to work for now. Keep in mind that all four of these people have lives outside of this forum and coming here after a hard day at work or school can just put them over the edge.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Dawn, Piplup and Buizel bashing. It was a problem when I was here, and it STILL is. I don't know why it is, but it is. Either way, it stops NOW. Character bashing, as stated in the rules, is NOT allowed. Get that rule through your head. NOTHING you say about these three will magically get them to leave the show. They are here to stay for now, so learn to deal with it or DON'T POST.

Also, QUIT bringing up the Johto BF. There has been NO CONFIRMATION whatsoever about ANY Battle Frontiers, so STOP talking about them UNTIL they are confirmed. It doesn't MATTER how obvious they are to you, there is STILL NO PROOF THAT THEY EXIST. Speculation on something that does not exist yet = SPAM.

Oh, and Brock isn't leaving any time soon. The quicker you learn to accept that, the easier your life will be. Don't like it? Get over it or stop watching the show.

Special notes for individual members:

Ash-kid: If you don't listen to me now, you will be banned from this forum for a couple of months. I am serious. Not only are these mods fed up with you, but Serebii himself isn't happy with you, either. You constantly spam and break the rules, which has resulted into everyone disliking you, even the mods who are supposed to be fair towards all members. I think by now many people have given up on you. You need to take a look at your posts here and think about what you're doing BEFORE you post. I would be happy to help you understand the rules, but you have shown no interest in wanting to learn, which will result in a ban from me if you do not shape up soon.

Waterpokes: Read what I said above. STOP bashing Dawn and Piplup. The next time you do so you will be banned for three days. If you hate them that much you do not have to watch the show or even post in this forum. Remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it all / keep it to yourself.

Special note to other active moderators:

Use your infraction powers. Enforce the rules. Get it through members' heads that breaking the rules is NOT okay. If you do not do this, they will never learn. Kiori can't be the only one to do this. Team work is the only way you will be able to get people to follow the rules, so please, help Kiori out with this.

I think that is all, with all of the spam aside. But I know the spamming will never stop, it never stops in other forums, either, so this one isn't any different. So now, with all that you said, you guys better learn these rules or you will be given a custom infraction and/or BAN (whatever I see fit, depending on severity or however many times you have broken said rule) by myself. :)

Ty for your time. ;040;


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Opening up for members discussion and take on what I have said. Also for members to discuss the current state of this forum. Bash anything or anyone and Kiori will infract you.

Remember to be respectful and etc when discussing here, but to make sure your opinion is heard at the same time. Hopefully that makes sense.

I'd say have fun but...this isn't very fun, lol. Either way, if you have an opinion, don't be afraid to post it here. Thanks!


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Hi Chelc - thanks for opening this up!​

My request would be for all the threads such as What Pokemon of Ash's would you like to come back and threads with similar nature to be closed. We have a next Pokemon thread for people to mention that it and it should be used accordingly! Ash's old Pokemon do come under that as well with re-appearances and we dont need all these threads to appear each week - exaggeration maybe but it does get annoying​

Anyway if I think of anything else I'll be sure to post but obviously its down to your say just hope things turn out better for you mods

EDIT - Also if you are specualting please remain specualting and not say -'It's pretty much confirmed' or 'I just know' - specualtion is alright until people turn it into what they want and say it will happen and then you get the arguments!​
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I think the whole "Which Pokemon of Ash's do you want to see" is ok....So long as it doesn't de-rail into a "Next Pokemon" thread. It would be ok if you would like to discuss if you want a Pokemon of his to return for a certain episode or arc. Just as long as you don't start listing teams for him, saying who will replace who.

A good topic. As long as it doesn't get de-railed


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Man I’ve been using this forum for about 8 years now and I’m actually surprised how far certain aspects have sunk. Not necessarily individual members or mass behaviour, but be fair, whether you’ve been here as long as me or not, certain rules are just impractical or not enforceable. Consistent bashing is pointless I admit but the exact lines of the issue need to be made perfectly clear, otherwise members will view it as censorship of opinions. What surprises me is the notion of speculating about the Johto battle frontier some how being spam. This entire fandom is firmly based on speculation, prediction and educated guesses, and that’s been happening since the original tour of Johto, even earlier too, so I doubt you’ll be able to curb that tendency, especially since it does have a basis. It’s not utterly unfounded conjecture.

The entire reason the enforcement of rules has become such a stress is since some of them are unrealistic and just a ridiculous prospect to moderate. Back in the day I used to mod the debate forum until my inactivity forced Joe’s hand, but the bottom line is it’s impossible to regulate something you can’t physically or rightfully control. Keep your goals simple and achievable, you may find a change.


Honestly, I totally agree with your points raised here. Somehow people on this forum think it's okay to break the rules and that we're in the wrong for trying to stop them.

I kept asking, rather nicely, for discussion on Dawn getting a Chikorita egg to stop in some random episode thread. I asked once, twice and then a third time but by that point I was being ignored so was pretty damn annoyed. I then got flamed for attempting to 'control' the users, effectively being called some sort of discussion Nazi. "What can we discuss in this thread, huh?", "Great, now the Mods are trying to control what we discuss" "Come on, infract me if you want, I don't care!", etc etc. It's this sort of attitude that needs to stop. People seem to think it's OK to continue aimless, stupid discussions about the same old crap over and over again, continue to bash characters or make random capture speculation in threads that have nothing to do with it.

I for one am *sick* of capture speculation or evolution speculation in threads that are not the Next Pokemon Capture/Evolution thread unless it is pretty much made obvious in the preview that a Pokemon is going to evolve. It drives me around the bend.

Somewhere along the line the anime forum lost its way, I think it's about time we got back on track. If that means harsher punishments, or regulating discussion a bit more than before then so be it. This place was great a few years ago but somehow anime discussion has just gone nuts.


Oh, u mad bro?
I guess people are trying to fight the power here. They feel they should go against the rules to get their point across. I bet they all think "They can't control what say here" and that they wont get in trouble or the punishment won't be severe.

Also...I'm starting to notice when one person makes a comment on a Pokemon, or capture everyone else seems to follow them. No matter how stupid or illogical it seems, everyone seems to think that person is cool.

Somewhere along the line, you gotta bring down the hammer on these people. Show them they have a reason to be afraid to get in trouble
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Alfonso, one point I’m trying to make is highlighting the lack of communication and general misinterpretation. What the moderators see as pointless, annoying banter, some members just see as conversation, and the regulation of these talks could be interpreted as over zealous control. Some people will think that way.

All I’m saying is I think you guys are fighting a losing battle trying to regulate something you guys have neither the patience or the man power to actually resolve. You can’t realistically approve every post and punish even the minor offences, it would be maddening to do something on that scale and that’s the truth of it.

The best you could hope for is a separation of speculation and fact, topics purely for confirmed information with the accompanied discussion and topics for wild baseless speculation. You can’t outlaw the latter since if a pokemon fan, regardless of how naïve, cliché or idiotic, can’t come to a pokemon forum to comment, then you’re kind of pissing against the wind trying keep everything together.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
harryheart - Those types of topics tend to get on my nerves in general, but I don't feel the need to prohibit them (they aren't too excessive). We have a number of other places where members can discuss them, however. The Next Pokemon Thread as you mentioned, as well as the "If You Were in Charge" poll. Also, I feel the word "confirmed" is misused as a general rule on this forum, but you can't do much about that. If folks are posting false info as fact, it will be deleted. Reporting helps.

deathseer - Derailing is always unfortunate in perfectly good topics, which is why we rely on the rule-abiding crowd to drive those topics back into focus. Just remember the fine line between mini-modding and re-focusing a thread through discussion. Again, we appreciate that kind of help.

ID - The problem was how out-of-control much of the speculation had gotten. Obviously we do allow speculation for topics we have a firm idea will occur, such as leagues or villain arcs. But in the case of Johto BF, for example, the concept had existed well before the announcement of HGSS. As details of the games emerged, the number of topics on the matter exploded, and the staff (before me) tried their best to condense it to a single topic. Unfortunately, this did not work and rules were continually disobeyed. Likewise, once we do get info of whatever story transpires after Sinnoh, we will gladly open that discussion back up. Educated speculation is fantastic and encouraged, but I feel things have become disorderly with the number of irrelevant spam posts that belong in another topic or sticky.

Alfonso - Heh, I remember that one. That seemed to be a scattered incident from my perspective, though that may just be because I haven't personally taken much abuse. Blah. Agree with the rest of what you said.


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S.Suikun, yeah man I’ve noticed how bloody irritating the speculation can become, like my pet peeve of this spoilers section is the unaired episode topics, those ones that erupt into 7 page bore fests with the occasional spec of news or information. That’s what I hate, having to wade through the crap to find what I wanna know, but in my opinion that’s something which should be edited into the first post of all those topics, a list of known info.

I do understand what you guys are trying to achieve but from the point of view of someone who has been both a mod and a normal member, I honestly don’t think bolded big business rules will be at all productive, especially when the very nature of them has such a harsh connotation. At a time when all people wanna do around here is discuss the implications of the impending release and Johto issues, actively discouraging it seems strange since the sheer volume of posts it generates is proof of its popularity, so making everyone go cold turkey on the issue seems… ya know, I’m sure you can imagine how that sentence could end.

I'm off to bed anyway dudes so I'll reply back in the morning :)
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Oh, u mad bro?
I guess de-railing is unavoidable. Some topics do tend to form into flame wars.....Some on a few occasions I have been a part of. I guess when some insults your intelligence like it doesn't matter, you tend to want to prove them wrong. I found that you just need to let it go. Not worth getting into trouble anymore. Trying to stay away from topics that usually start fights.

Need some modding though. These Johto topics are seriously getting out of hand. Every episode released, people keep saying someone is going to catch a Johto Pokemon, or Dawn getting Cyndaquil will be horrible, or Ash getting Totodile back. Episode discussion should be about whats in the episode and any news regarding it. Not who you think is going to evolve or who is going to catch what.
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Imperial, I get where you're coming from and I didn't mean for my post to sound like I wanted to actually become some sort of Post Nazi. I was just annoyed at the time of writing and I think that's reflected in the tone and general direction my post took.

I just feel like reaching out onto the internet and punching the Anime Spoilers forum.

*goes to listen to Bulk and Skull's theme from MMPR to cool down*

Gets me every time. <3


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The rampant speculation in the Anime Spoilers section is part of the reason why I haven't been posting in the Anime Section that much. Really, there are some threads that just repeat themselves, so it feels like I'm saying the same darn thing over and over again...

For me, the problem is that it is just to figure out whether or not a thread is based on realistic information. I know that I've been guilty of things like that before, but I've avoided that as much as possible (mostly because others beat me to the punch). People just choose not to read the rules in a section, or look around to see if a topic already exists.

I wonder, is it possible to restrict who posts a thread in a section? Like you must have a certain number of posts before you can post a thread. I'm not trying to sound hypocritical, but I notice that a large number of the threads that post some threads are fairly new users. Perhaps the restriction would encourage them to actually look around for a thread before posting.

The only other option would be having the mods look through every thread that's posted and approve/disapprove of them, like the Clubs or Games section. But I know that's something that the mods would definitely not want to do.


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what exactly does it take to become a mod, because i see S.Suikun recently became one it seems.


How can I become a mod?
A lot of people wonder how they can become moderators on the forum.

Don't Ask. The most important of all points and it's first on the list. Don't post about it, don't send PM's about it, and don't talk about it in the chatroom. If you're asking about it, then you most likely don't have the necessary qualities required of a mod.

Know the Rules. In the forums you frequent there are set rules that you should know. Not only that, but there's the overall forum rules. It says a lot about the person if they break basic rules, and a mod shouldn't be breaking the simple things.

Have the skills. Do you have something to contribute to the forums? If you do, then you'll be considered to be in the ranks above the regulars. It doesn't make you better than them, it just means that you have something to offer that's new, exciting or useful. It will let others know that you have skills that make you stand out.

Know the current situation. Look around, and check out how many mods there are at the moment. There's a lot of them at the moment, and new ones are only appointed when they are required.

Be patient. Nobody is saying you wont ever be modded. You might, the future is never certain, but don't expect it. You might think you're modding material, but it's not your decision to make. Be a good member and do the best you can to help. Don't forget that you're here primarily to have fun.

Understand. Realising what a mod does. It’s not all fun and games. Mods have to do a lot on the forum, dealing with members, rule breakers, SPAM, forum maintenance and dealing with abuse from members. If you don’t think you can do all this on a regular basis then you are not mod material.[/list]

on topic - i just started coming to this section of the forum like yesterday, i usually just stayed in the mystery dungeon section but i agree with this Chelc, the buizel and piplup bashing cuz people want them to evolve needs to stop...

and with ash-kid and waterpokes gone for a while... thats like more than half the conversation from what i've seen so far, the only other one that i can think that posts a lot here is thunderblade12 (again, only got here like yesterday so i'll find out soon who else posts a lot) ._.
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(To Almight Zard)I think I read something in the rules that said if the other mods view a certain member as mature and they're running low on mods they'll ask them if they want to become one or something.

These rules will help, I'm not even a mod and even I was getting annoyed by the constant trolling and character bashing.

"They see me trollin', they hatin'" (Sorry, just had to)
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All I’m saying is I think you guys are fighting a losing battle trying to regulate something you guys have neither the patience or the man power to actually resolve. You can’t realistically approve every post and punish even the minor offenses, it would be maddening to do something on that scale and that’s the truth of it.

I agree. I feel as though there's more Topics we simply cannot talk about then things we can discuss to the point that virtually every New Topic that's made in this will be inevitably closed either because it was against the rules in the first place or because it got so far off topic that it didn't resemble what the topic was originally. Then a few weeks later someone makes an identical topic and the cycle starts again.

One thing I noticed from the Banned Topics thread:

I kind of liked Kiori's idea since the average Title Speculation Thread tends to fall into one of the following categories before the Summary or Preview are released: (1) -Character- catches -Pokemon in Title-, (2) I think Misty will come back!, (3) I hope Paul, Barry, Zoey, Kenny, -Insert Character- will appear, (4) This title is fake. , (5) -Insert Pokemon- sucks. It should make Team Rocket blast off and get redemption. Turned into kind of a joke or parody of what it's supposed to be.

Anyway, on some Titles you can get some pretty decent Speculation (like the Full Battle Titles or Gym / Contest Titles) but for others like your average Filler Episode which can be about anything people use it as a means to voice their worn out opinions more then figure out what it could actually mean. Some of these guesses can get pretty far in the thread with people still believing them to be the truth. In " The Worst Togepi in History " Speculation Thread someone suggested Cynthia might show up on the first page and it just telephoned as semi-confirmed fact from there.

Sometimes titles over a month away when released. By time we get anything concrete about the episode itself the Speculation Topic can be so off into left field that not even presenting the facts will help salvage the Topic.

Right now next week's Title Thread is 24 pages long and its still almost seven days away. I don't think we got the Summary until about page 10. The preview was around Page 15-20. We don't have a summary for either episode on the 17th but it's also 24 pages long and mainly fueled by capture speculation of a Pokemon that's not even in the title. Let's be realistic, here. No one's going to read through 20+ pages of SPAM and capture speculation to get the facts. A surprising number of people don't seem to read even the first post on the first page and just jump to posting.


The fact is, there's what 50,000 noobs, me and about 700 greater posters in this forum against, what, 12 mods, 10 if they're unlucky. I think the newbs and noobs think they run the place because there's more of ordinary members then mods, I for one, think that new and troublesome members should take a test, if they answer more then 8 out of 10 questions, the civilized way then they'll be allowed into Serebii, I think we should do that to curb the troublemakers, and, another thing, as a certified Pochama basher, I only bash it due to the Dub, that's all. That'sss oooh,ooohhh,oooooll. (Genesis, That's All, Genesis, 1983)


Thank you, SPPf! :)
All right, now we're getting productive.

One of the reasons we cleared out a lot of the stickies was because they were creating page clutter. That said, by this point I think we have cut back enough to the point where I would not mind seeing one or two more per forum dedicated to a certain discussion. Since some of you feel that discussion is being closed off, I'd like to hear some suggestions - We have stickies dedicated to captures, evolutions, dub titles, etc., but is there anything else folks would like to see? Perhaps something that - while not banned - tends to get closed because of being overdone?

For example, one of the recently prohibited topics is the standard "Who is better? ____ or ____?" thread. They tend to be too general and spammy, but if we were to condense it into a single topic (in the Polls section, obviously), would you folks find it a useful venue of discussion? Users could present such face-off questions while others could discuss them (intelligently). That's just one instance I'm thinking of, of course. And obviously we aren't going to create an Official Female Poll or anything.

So yeah, I'd like input from both the staff and members.
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I had a bunch of stuff typed up, then I clicked the back button.

So TLDR is that people are just unaware of the difference between mindless drivel speculation (which is just one step above fan fic) and speculation based on a spoiler (IE episode preview).

So because of that, we get these huge threads like the Misty in Sinnoh thread, or the Movie 12 thread, which didn't contain a single spoiler (seriously guys, we had a thread on Movie 12 when the only known thing was some title or something like that. Ridiculous).

So, what to do?

We've already got the individual episode discussions for, well, individual episode discussions. That means overall plots that take place over a number of episodes (that haven't aired yet in dubs), and episode previews/descriptions before the full episodes in Japan, get discussed here.

Then I'd suggest that mods create threads (or ask a particularly active user to create it) for overall plots. If Jun is appearing in the next like 4 episodes, give him a thread. If Staraptor is getting tons of screen time, thread it. And so on.

Another megathread can be where crap like interviews, Pokemon Sunday stuff, etc... get posted.

Now, as for episode descriptions/episode titles, which are usually released weeks in advance of a preview/actual episode, let's ask ourselves: Does every episode description REALLY need it's own thread? I mean, REALLY?

So one thread for episode description/episode title speculation.

One thread (that's closed when the episode aires) for episode preview of the previous week.

I'm sure I could've forgotten something else.

Anything other than that must get mod approval. I believe you guys call it having "moderation on."

Honestly, this forum could go away and I don't think the quality of the forums would change. But I doubt that's within your guys' power even if you wanted to get rid of it.