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A Mario Kart DS Question

Poltergust 3000 or the Dry Bones Bomber what do you thinks better?

  • Poltergust 3000

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Dry bones bomber

    Votes: 4 66.7%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
My Questions :

1.Are the best NORMAL Car With the best Stats.

2.And Also what is the best Other Car Because of Stats.

Who ever answers this Question I will Be greatly thankful.

New Question!!!
Dry Bones bomber or Poltourgust 3000?


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Wild Cherry

Magma Commander
My Questions :

1.Are the best NORMAL Car With the best Stats.

2.And Also what is the best Other Car Because of Stats.

Who ever answers this Question I will Be greatly thankful.



Normal car? You mean the standard go karts?

I don't think any are the best, they all have flaws and good things about them, I guess its personal preferance and how you use them.

I'd say R.O.B's though, his Kart and the Legs.

Walking Contradiction

Feed Us a Fetus
Yoshi's Egg-1, Dry Bones' Dry Bomber and Luigi's Poltergust 3000 are the best for s-ing, depending on the course. The fastest kart would have to be ROB-BLS. Although Bowser's Hurricane is just as fast, the BLS can also turn well and has a decent acceleration. And for your first question as I got it, standard go-karts are not the best.

Dragon Trainer EX

The Wanderer
There really is no best kart, just go for something that works best for you (the Poltergeist 3000 works well) Go for something that has good acceleration, but not necessary a lot of speed.



You best believe it
There is no Real "Best Kart". Different Karts work for different people. I work well with the Dry Bomber.
I think the best car of all of them is the Dry Bomber. Why? It has got the best accerleration, meaning you can go over mud and stuff an still carry on at nearly the same speed. The only plave which can really slow down that Kart in my experience is the sand in the desert. Also, you get hit by an item (which is not a bomb, bolt, or a blue flying spiny), you do not actually stop. You are able to resume driving before the item actually stops you, so all it does is slows you down a bit. Also, the Dry Bomber can turbo boost the best of all Karts imo. A turbo boost from a Dry Bomber is almost as good as a signle mushroom boost.

Black Hawk

ready to strike
try using yoshi in luigis third car (the one thats blue and has a white line all through the middle.

Ludicolo von Nosepass

Do a Barrel roll!
The Dry Bomber works for me, it has the lowest top speed but the rest of the excellent stats makes up for it.


Punk Rock > You
R.O.B's other one. Not the legs the other one. Play it with Luigi and you'll own!


Vive la Revolution!
I absolutely love the Dry Bomber, IMO that is the best. But there is really no real "best" car, they all have faults and advantages.


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I like Luigi in Yoshi's Cucumber. Because the Cucumber has a high Acceleration stat it recovers well from Blue Shells and other attacks.


Characters don't change anything, really. Just go with Toad, since he's the smallest, so you can see stuff in front of you or something.


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I have came to decide that probably the Dry Bones Bomber is best I'll put up a poll either DBB or Poltourguest 3000 (ot however it's spelt)