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A Matchless Matchmaker

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Angelique, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Angelique

    Angelique transcending love~

    A Matchless Matchmaker
    Disclaimer: This PG-13 rated fic has established Contestshipping, one-sided Trovitashipping, and, well, you can guess the last ship, can’t you? (Hint: the ship starts with ‘P’ and involves Ash and Misty)
    Summary: Ash and Misty have become close friends. So much that now he, despite Brock and Gary’s fervent opposing efforts, decides to go on the hunt for the perfect match for her. Ash has faced psychopaths and violent, mythical birds, so what’s a little match matching? Apparently he’s overestimated himself because no one seems just right… Could it be that Ash has been looking in all the wrong places?

    Chapter Index (for late-comers):

    Chapter One: The Perfect Match

    Chapter Two: It's Raining Men

    Chapter Three: A Little Girl Talk Never Hurt Anyone

    Chapter One: The Perfect Match

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
    Make me a match,
    Find me a find,
    Catch me a catch!
    Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
    Look through your book,
    And make me a perfect match!
    -Fiddler on the Roof

    Ohhhh! The nerve of that Brock Slate!”

    Ash looked up from his notebook and watched in amusement as a redhead stormed in furiously from the doorway. He couldn’t suppress his grin as her small figure marched toward him, her arms shaking with anger. He enjoyed the way the firelight reflected against her, especially her scarlet hair, which blazed several shades of red. Misty had grown up so quickly. It seemed like yesterday that she was still a blushing little girl, but now she had matured and stopped acting all red-faced and flustered for no reason around him.

    They had become such good friends over the summer, especially ever since Drew and May had officially become a couple. They had spent endless nights together, teasing the couple mercilessly, playing against each other in chess, and combating each other in Pokemon battles. Now that they were at Fortree Pokemon Summer Camp for Trainers and Coordinators, they had fallen into a comfortable and familiar pattern of spending time with each other whenever they had spare time (something Ash had ever since Drew and May decided to finally get their act together). He might even go so far as to say he and Misty were the tightest best friends now.

    Oh yes, they were all at Fortree Summer Camp. Only a year had past since Ash’s skit in Sinnoh, and it very famous and prestigious camp had announced it was reopening. The camp was open for gifted trainers and coordinators between the ages of eleven and seventeen, teaching the aspiring teens how to properly raise your Pokemon, enabling them to succeed, whether it was Pokemon Battles or Pokemon Contests.

    The camp was only open for six weeks of summer, before closing again to reopen the following year, and it was very much in style of an elite boarding school in the heart of the lush, middle-of-nowhere Fortree Forest. Originally, the camp was closed because some girl sneaked into the boys’ dormitory and had “illicit liaisons”.

    But since now it was reopened, Ash and his current travel-mates – Brock, Dawn and her annoying friend Lucas – had immediately signed on, along with (to Ash’s great surprise) May and her friend-with-benefits Drew, Tracey, Gary, and even Misty. Misty was somehow able to find time in her busy Gym Leader schedule when Daisy told her Ash was going. Violet was the temporary Gym Leader as Daisy decided to tag along and have some fun at the camp. Misty wasn’t impressed at this news, but perhaps not as much as she was now.

    “What’s he done now?” Ash asked casually, though he already had a hunch what his squinty-eyed friend friend had done. Misty dropped herself in the seat in front of him, a scowl painted on her face. He ran a hand inattentively through his chaotic black hair—an attempt he knew would fail to tame it.

    “Who does he think he is?” she demanded, slamming a pale hand on the table. Her eyes flashed dangerously. “He’s such a filthy hypocrite!”

    “Scared off yet another boy?” he smiled sympathetically, setting down his pen. He knew it was useless trying to concentrate on work when Misty was with him.

    When Misty pulled Brock away from Nurse Joy again, Brock decided to give Misty a taste of her own medicine by becoming her surrogate “older brother”; countless times during summer camp Brock had threatened all the boys who had come within three feet of his new, precious “little sister”. And, to Ash’s great astonishment, it was hard to keep the swarm of blokes that wanted Misty at bay. Like he had said, Misty had grown up to be very beautiful.

    The freckles scattered on her face only accentuated her wide, greenish-blue eyes, which were framed by long, curly lashes. Her scarlet tresses, as smooth as silk, fell softly around her face and shimmered down her slender mid-back. It was a wonder that Brock managed to keep any of them from her at all. Ash vaguely recalled something along the lines of unleashing Steelix on campus as a threat.

    “Yes!” Misty hissed. She shoved a lock of hair away from her face irritably, but it simply fell back to where it had been. “I can take care of myself! Ha! Saying that I’m not old enough while he gets all goggly-eyed whenever Winona passes by. He’s only one bloody year older than I am! And I’ve already gone out with Gary Oak so it’s not as if I’m clueless in the area!”

    Ash nodded in agreement.

    “He has no right,” she continued, idly taking his pen.

    “But you know,” he relented, taking his quill back, “maybe it was because Gary was such a prat and Brock doesn’t want you to get hurt again.”

    “I wasn’t hurt,” she folded her arms over her chest. “I admit I probably made a mistake, but he wasn’t so bad when we first went out. It was just that he had too much male pride. I did rather feel sorry for him sometimes, being the only boy sitting in the girls’ bleachers during the Winona versus Wallace match. But I never asked that of him in the first place.”

    “So you weren’t bothered at all by dumping him?” he asked, feeling somewhat relieved. He was glad that his friend hadn’t been hurt by the whole ordeal.

    “Well,” she frowned, absently brushing away the distracting tendril of red hair from her face again. “Maybe just a little. I mean, just the fact that he instantly jumped into that stupid Giselle’s arms afterwards.” Then she winced, looking nervously at Ash. “Sorry.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” Ash sighed, patting a sleeping Pikachu’s velvety fur. An image of Giselle’s face flashed in his mind. She was still beautiful and wonderful, but the emotion that he felt for her was gone. “Giselle and I… we kind of just fell apart.”

    “Still…the two of them shouldn’t be sucking each other’s faces off in public,” she snorted. “They should at least have the decency to do it locked up in a broom closet somewhere like Drew and May.”

    Ash laughed as she pretended to gag. “I agree. Kissing is so…private and intimate. It’s something that should be shared between two people that care about each other.”

    Misty arched an amused eyebrow. “You seem to know a lot about it.”

    “Oh no, I –” he blushed.

    “So you kissed Giselle.” She nodded knowingly. Then she smirked. “Was it your first kiss? How was it? The way you described it, it must have been great.”

    “Yes and no, actually,” Ash replied, a red tint reaching his cheeks. “It was my first and only kiss… It was after a Grooming lesson with Noland… It…it wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. Rather disappointing actually. I mean I had hoped at the very least that the girl I kissed wouldn’t instantly burst into tears. Kind of hurts your ego.”

    Misty nodded understandingly.

    “What about you?” he asked curiously.

    “What about me?” she pursed her lips coyly.

    “C’mon, I just told you one of the most embarrassing moments of my life,” he said with a smirk. He rolled his eyes and raised an eyebrow. “It’s your turn. What was your first kiss like?”

    “My first kiss…” she whispered, licking her lips nervously. “It was…perfect.”

    “Oh,” he said lamely. He couldn’t help but feel a little peeved at this. Ash’s first kiss had been quite mortifying. At least if Misty’s had been disappointing as well, the two of them could laugh about it.

    “That is,” she frowned, propping her head against her hand, “it was supposed to be perfect. It was at that tower, the tallest one at Fortree Camp, and he lit candles and everything. Even scattered rose petals everywhere. The whole dinner was so romantic under the stars. There was even a meteor shower! And then, at the right moment, when everything fit, he slowly leaned and…”

    “Then what was wrong?” he asked after she trailed off.

    “I can’t really explain it,” she confessed, glaring at the table.

    “Well, maybe next time it’ll be just right for both of us,” Ash said optimistically.

    “Latias! At this rate, Brock will ensure that I’ll never be able to kiss anyone again. He’s better at this “I’m-your-older-brother-so-shoo-off” revenge than I thought,” Misty groaned miserably, covering her face with her hands.

    Ash frowned at this. Perhaps Brock had gone too far. Misty didn’t deserve to be restrained from the same happiness Drew and May felt. She deserved it and so much more! He understood Brock’s reasons behind this (Brock was rather annoyed with the frequency of Misty’s ear-pulling) and Ash knew Brock did actually care for Misty’s well-being, but Misty was his best friend too.

    “You know what…” Ash said seriously, taking Misty’s hand in his own. “I think you should be able to date.”

    “You do?” she asked, a little breathlessly. Her eyes flickered over his face uncertainly.

    “Absolutely,” he assured her, watching her intently with his smoldering emerald eyes. “You’ve been there for me so much these past few weeks and we’ve grown really close, even closer than we have before. I’ve never done anything for you, and yet you’re still here. You’ve kicked me in the arse whenever I needed a good kicking and everyone else was babying me.” Misty giggled and Ash even smiled slightly. “I…I just want you to know how much I care about you…”


    “That’s why,” he said, breaking into a lopsided grin, “I’m going to help you find that someone. I’ll make sure that you’ll find someone to kiss and it’ll be perfect.”

    “What?” she faltered, blinking wildly. She closed her eyes before she exhaled unsteadily, blowing away the persistent strand of hair. “You can’t be serious.”

    “What do you mean?” he pouted playfully. “I can play matchmaker! You just wait and see!”

    “But what about Brock? Don’t you mind?” she asked hesitantly, smiling sadly.

    “Brock’s one of my best friends, just like you,” Ash confessed slowly. Misty’s entire face dropped. “But no matter what Brock says you should be able to be with whoever you want. And you’re my best friend too. Your happiness means a lot to me. Brock’s obviously the one in the wrong in this situation. I can’t just sit here and watch him turn you into an old maid! What kind of friend would I be?”

    He smiled when she exhaled deeply before she shook her head, lightly laughing. “Alright, Ash. I’ll let you be my matchmaker.”

    “Trust me,” he said, absently tucking the rebellious scarlet tendril behind her ear, enjoying the smooth texture. “I’ll find you someone perfect.”

    The End of Chapter One​
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2008
  2. Front Line

    Front Line Life or Death

    I am the first poster! Unless my internet fails me, anyway I like the way you've opened this up and I look forward to doing a review on this, Which I am doing now...

    As soon as I saw this sentence I thought it may have been someone like Misty but older since I don't think she uses that kind of language now, anyways is it her? Because I think it suits her.

    At this point I am thinking, "Ooh Fortree Summer Camp sounds interesting," and I guess it's great that you're including something new for the previous region.

    Just asking, what work is Ash exactly doing at this point? If it is part of the story then I'm sorry for being a bother. And anyway, after reaching this point I find this sentence quite humorous though he smiles sympathetically.

    So as to end my ranting quickly, I think this is a very good sentence to finish up on and leaves the reader with a good number of quetions to be answered in the next chapter.

    Overall, I think if I could give this a rating, I'd give it full marks for being an excellent start, I kinda feel sorry for Brock though, even if I understand his situation he seems almost like an enemy character in the chapter. Great Job, please carry on. :D
  3. Angelique

    Angelique transcending love~

    Front Line: Well, I'll just say this fic is set immediately after the Sinnoh Region Saga. Fortree Summer Camp is uber famous and good (although closed for embarassing reasons) and Ash, Misty, May, Brock, Drew, Tracey, Gary, Giselle, Dawn and Lucas are all attending, along with a few other people.

    And about those people, mainly people who have only gotten one-shot cameos in the anime, like Ritchie and Sakura. I'm glad you like the fic so far. And Brock isn't really a villain - he's just a friend who wants to give Misty a taste of her medicine, but also protect her from unwanted boys. See, Brock thinks Ash and Misty belong together, although he never said that, so he'll do anything to get them together. And if anything includes warding off other boys, Brock'll do it. He's too sick and tired of those two's chemistry since Kanto. XD

    And Ash was doing some homework, an essay on various Berries and how they affect Pokemon. At Summer Camp, you get homework. XD

    Well, thanks for the reeview, and I'll do a PM List if people want me to!
  4. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    You know what? I haven't really reviewed many fics on this sight and this one caught my attention. I really like the idea of Ash playing matchmaker just because he seems like the worst person for the job!

    Also I like multishipping and if Misty keeps being set up with lots of different people, I'll be a happy multishipping girl. Plus I like how you've made the characters more mature but still easily recognisable.

    Though one thing I will point out is that the eventual Pokeshipping a tad obvious (I mean in the fic, not just cuz you pointed it out in the summary and the above post - and this isn't necessarily a bad thing I don't think) but I hope you'll throw some twists and turns that aren't to be expected. Like say Dawn decides to help Ash, which could lead to possible jealousy from Misty perhaps?

    The title of your fic amuses me. If you're going to make a PM list, put me on it please! Oh yeah, is Dawn gonna get a ship? I'm guessing with Lucas which is slightly iffy to me (I prefer other Dawn ships more) but whatever ships you have apart from the main ones you stated, I'm completely open to.

    Oh yeah, this was a good start to the fic.

    PS - I really like Misty's character in this fic yet strangely enough, overall, I like her as hot-tempered and loud!
  5. Front Line

    Front Line Life or Death

    Oh, please do make a pm list, and i'd like to be on it if possible...
  6. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    This is a great start to your story! The descriptions were good and it's pretty catchy so far. I especially like how you made Brock give Misty a taste of her own medicine, that was pretty funny.

    Well, you have me hooked so far and I can't wait to see how this goes! Keep it up :>
  7. Angelique

    Angelique transcending love~

    Mel-Girl: Yeah, Ash is still pretty dense and he doesn't quite seem like the bet person to be a matchmaker. He can't even recognise who is the best match for Misty, looking in all the wrong places. XD And there will be a lot of Misty multiships, although nearly all of them will be one-sided from the other's side. And yes, there will be many turns and twists along the way before Pokeshipping happens. XP It may not even happen, who knows?

    And for Dawn, well, I made it that Lucas has a crush on her, and Kenny also does too, but as far as Dawn's concerned, she isn't attracted to Ash as she prefers "boys with more brains". Fortuneshipping or Penguinshipping is probably what I'm going to go with for Dawn though, most likely the first one.

    Anyway, thanks for the review, and you're on the PM List!

    Front Line: You too! XD

    The Red Butterfly: Yes, I liked the idea of Brock giving Misty a taste of her own medicine too!

    I mean, Brock does care for Misty in a platonic way, and the best way to both protect her, get her together with Ash (who Brock thinks is "the one" for Misty) and give Misty a wake-up call that he doesn't like being tugged at the ear is to act like the stereotypical "big-bro" XD

    And I'll post the next chapter VERY soon, and you're on the PM List! XD
  8. Angelique

    Angelique transcending love~

    A/N: Time for Chapter Two. Enjoy!

    Chapter Two: It’s Raining Men

    Human girls make human boys act sorta weird.-Veemon

    “Look at that! Ash is doing homework. You should follow his example, Drew!” May exclaimed as she walked over to Ash from the doorway, her arms laden with books. The tall green-haired boy trailed behind her and grumbled irritably, but did not answer and fiddled with her chestnut curls instead.

    Ash swiftly shoved his scattered papers out of sight and pretended to be casually reading his Pokemon Potions book, the one that Professor Birch chose.

    “Hey guys.”

    “Hi, Ash. Did you finish your essay?” May smiled as she bit into a muffin, though she turned to swat at Drew’s hands. “Drew, stop molesting my hair!”

    “Yeah, just about,” Ash said offhandedly. He was extremely grateful that Drew was distracting May long enough for him to stow away his notes. He stretched and faked a yawn. “All this studying has made me tired. I think I’m going to go for a walk.”

    “All right, As—Drew!” she hissed as the emerald-eyed boy leaned in to kiss her. She shoved her hand against his face. “Not in front of Ash!”

    Ash quickly grabbed his things, keeping his blue pen and notebook out, and escaped out the door out of the Recreation Rumpus while May was still distracted. Pikachu gave him an amused look before hurrying after May and Drew; it seemed the electric rodent had some unspeakable business with May. Pikachu, along with the rest of Ash’s Pokemon, had made it very clear that he did not want to be involved in the matchmaking due to “ethical” reasons, Drew wryly pointed out. Fine, Ash didn’t need Pikachu’s help – he can do it all by himself!

    Ash idly sucked on the end of the pen as he strolled down the halls. A gaggle of girls giggled as he passed them. So far he had written a list of all the blokes he could think of. For the most part, Ash had tried to remain unbiased, which had been especially hard when it came to the Coordinators. Still, he had discovered that Misty’s scope might be larger than he thought, as she was a fourteen-year old, and Ash was not familiar with many fifteen or older boys.

    Tracey Sketchit, Ritchie Richards, Wally Green, Vincent Jackson, Rudy Spikeshell, Clark Conduite, Harrison Wayne… Ash scanned over the names of Pokemon Trainers (and one sketcher), after deciding to begin his search away from the “sissy” Coordinator group. He sighed in frustration. Ash didn’t even know what type of guy Misty was interested in. Still, none of them seemed to click with the redhead perfectly.

    There were a few boys such as Jimmy Smith, Drew Andrews, Lucas Diamond, and that Harley guy that Ash could write down but Ash decided not to. If you were involved with someone (i.e. Drew with May), you had a world-renown crush on someone that was so obvious even a blind chipmunk to see (i.e. Jimmy to Marina, Lucas to Dawn) or you just didn’t swing that way (Harley in his own category), then you were automatically ruled out. Misty preferred a romance that wasn’t doomed to begin with.

    Clark was…a nice boy. He was a friend of Misty’s. However, friend or no friend, Clark was absolutely infuriating! Was it just Ash, or did the boy ever stop smiling? Or carrying that outrageous conductor-rod of his around? He frowned. Ash supposed he was being a bit biased there, considering the bespectacled, music-loving boy was one of his more annoying Hoenn League opponents.

    But Clark just wouldn’t do, Ash reasoned. He was too short. Granted, he had grown a bit taller over time, but Ash just couldn’t shake off the feeling that Misty needed a guy that was just the right height for that perfect kiss, and Clark was simply not up to par. Besides, he would probably be more interested in conducting an orchestra than being a good boyfriend.

    Vincent was an all right enough bloke. His “Kiss Me, I’m Yours” pickup line was always amusing. Many a night in the boy’s dormitory, Ash, Drew, and Tracey would all laugh at the ridiculous tactics that Vincent employed to get Marina and other girls. Vincent was funny—not very smart, but funny. Misty could not go with someone without a sense of humor. He was a bit of a player though. Sure, Ash highly doubted that anyone would want or have a sane reason to cheat on Misty, but he just didn’t want to see her get hurt.

    Tracey… Ash tapped his pen against this name. Tracey was nice. He was an artist, Ash scrawled next to his name. Girls like artists. They were the sensitive type. He might go well with Misty, because she was more aggressive (watching her as the Cerulean Gym Leader said enough). On the other hand, what if he was too sensitive? Too emotional was never good—something Ash had learned the hard way with Giselle.

    But Tracey was also a great and ferocious Trainer when he wanted to be, proving that he was competitive. Only…he didn’t have the same zeal or skill that Misty did. She should unquestionably have a guy that could match her in Pokemon battles.

    Just as he was about to contemplate Ritchie as an option, he felt a hand slap against his back that nearly sent him flying into a nearby stonewall.

    “Hey there, Ash!” grinned a tall, cheerful boy with spiky, brown hair. He winked as a girl passed him.

    “Hi, Vincent,” grumbled Ash, rubbing his sore back. He quickly stuffed his notebook into his pockets. He couldn’t very well have everyone figuring out what he was doing.

    “Off to the cafeteria?” Without waiting for Ash’s reply, Vincent grabbed him by the arm and began dragging him away. “I’m starving!”

    “No, I—” Ash stumbled before he paused. He hadn’t eaten yet, but he hadn’t been very hungry, either. Still, he couldn’t just pass up this opportunity. This might be a good chance to gather more information, since Vincent usually sat with Jimmy, Ritchie and the other guys. “Erm, actually, alright.”

    “Great,” Vincent said, continuing to strut toward the cafeteria. Ash registered in his mind this manner of walking. Strutting meant confidence. And it meant arrogance. Misty didn’t like boys who couldn’t hold their own, but too much pride was…just too much. She might end up unleashing Gyrados on him. Ash chuckled to himself at this thought.

    “Something funny?” the Johto boy raised an eyebrow at Ash.

    “Oh no, nothing,” Ash quickly shook his head, trying to match Vincent’s pace. Perhaps this was a good chance to see what blokes thought of Misty. He tried to say casually, “By the way, do you know Misty?”

    “Who?” Vincent blurted out as he watched Melody Ocarina walk past. Ash felt his blood boil.

    “What do you mean who?” said Ash, surprised at how irritated he sounded and felt.

    Vincent blinked, raking his brain to remember what Ash had said. “You mean that redhead Gym Leader from Cerulean, Misty?”

    “She’s not just a redhead Gym Leader,” Ash protested heatedly. She was so much more than the Cerulean Gym Leader. For one thing, she was fantastic at Pokemon Battles, something he couldn’t say about girls like Melody or boys like Vincent.

    “Heh, of course I know her,” Vincent smirked. “And of course she’s not just that redhead girl who used to be your tagalong. She’s become so fine since I last saw her!”

    “She’s not a piece of meat, for your information,” Ash snarled. In his mind, he was crossing off Vincent’s name from the list. Again and again. Viciously.

    “No,” he answered dreamily, licking his lips, “but if she were, she’d be one prime steak! Don’t you just want to gobble her whole?” He winked suggestively at Ash.

    “You know, suddenly I’m not so hungry anymore,” Ash snapped, turning away, his stomach twisting and turning. He could barely refrain from smashing his fist into Vincent’s drooling face.

    “Oh, hey!” Vincent grabbed Ash’s arm, snapped back from his reverie once he registered Ash’s angry tone. “Blimey, sorry Ash! I forgot who I was talking to.”

    “To say the least,” Ash scowled, wrenching his arm from Vincent.

    “I kind of lose myself when I think about Misty. You’re right, she’s not a piece of meat,” Vincent amended carefully. “She’s just so gorgeous and all that I…” he immediately stopped his train of thought at the look on Ash’s face. “But she’s also so witty and entertaining. She’s a great gal to be around. So…don’t leave on account of what I said.”

    Ash shifted his weight from foot to foot, mulling over what Vincent had just said. Then he sighed, giving in. “Okay, I’ll come.”

    “Good,” Vincent sighed in relief. As they continued to walk, he continued to talk. “Once again, I’m sorry Ash. Of course you don’t think about her that way. I mean, you’re like her brother.”

    “Yeah, well…” Ash’s stomach clenched. He frowned. Did he have a stomachache?

    “Not that she needs anymore brothers,” Vincent continued, wincing. “Brock’s got that covered as it is. But hey, at least I’m on your good side, right?”

    “Why does my good side matter?” a baffled Ash asked.

    “You’re Brock’s best friend and a good friend of Misty’s,” Vincent explained as if it was the most evident thing in the world. “If anyone can, you can convince Brock to chill and go back to honking after Nurse Joy. Also, Misty probably wouldn’t go out with anyone that you don’t like or doesn’t like you. She’d probably rip the guy’s head off for insulting you. But hey, once again, that’s a given because you’re like her brother!”

    Ash didn’t know what to say or think about the title, but he didn’t really get a chance to respond because they had reached the cafeteria, and now Vincent seated himself beside Wally Green. Ash sat down on Wally’s other side and smiled at Rudy Spikeshell, who was seated directly across from him. Ash covertly scanned both boys.

    “Is there something on my face?” Wally spoke, frowning at Ash now.

    “Oh no!” Ash quickly adverted his gaze, embarrassed at being caught. “Nothing at all.”

    His brown eyes then turned to Rudy. Rudy might have a chance with her, Ash mused, because she had nearly offered to stay and live with him. On the other hand, Misty did chose not to stay, and Misty did have an odd habit of loudly mentioning how she chose to stay with Ash whenever Rudy walked past. Then again, Ash thought, recalling Misty’s slightly infatuated look and her bashful stammer with a cringe, who was Ash to speak?

    More importantly, Rudy possessed too much cheesiness and phoniness. For example Rudy had a habit of quoting very obscure and very cheesy lines from supposedly romantic plays to anyone who even batted an eyelid towards him. And Rudy did theatre. What if he forgot her birthday or their anniversary because he had a play coming up soon?

    “Hey Ash, have you finished your Pokemon Battling essay yet?” Wally asked.

    “Oh, haven’t started,” replied Ash, taking a bite of fried chicken. The other boys launched immediately into a conversation about how unfair the essay was, while Ash was left alone to his thoughts.

    That was right; Wally was extremely gifted at Pokemon battling. And he had a solid heart of gold. He had remained Ash’s friend throughout the months, trying to stay in contact with him whenever he could. Wally had also been a true friend to Drew when he needed him the most; the two of them stuck by each other through thick and thin. That sense of loyalty was hard to find.

    Then again…he wasn’t exactly the bravest of the brave. The poor boy had the self-esteem about the size of a peanut. Nor was he the strongest of the strong. While Ash knew Misty could hold her own, having a guy protecting her wouldn’t hurt. Wally probably would crumple at the prospect of facing any of the Sensational Cerulean Sisters, let alone all of them together

    “…fight between Misty Waterflower and Gary Oak.”

    Ash’s interest was piqued instantly. He choked on his chicken, and Wally patted him on the back sympathetically.

    “You alright there, Ash?” Wally asked.

    “Never been better,” Ash croaked. He mentally noted to add under Rudy’s pros that he knew his news.

    “Hurry up and continue, Rudy, I’m dying here,” Vincent urged Rudy, his face now flushed. Ash noted to add “impatient” under Vincent’s cons. And “uncaring brute.”

    “Alright, well, apparently it was just after one of battle demonstrations between Winona and Roxanne. Gary had been waiting for Misty and stopped her.”

    “He was waiting for her?” Vincent demanded. Wally was fervently watching Rudy.

    “Apparently.” Then Rudy stopped and looked about him, making sure it was safe to speak. Then he lowered his voice to a stage whisper. “According to the Daisy Waterflower Network, who was there at the scene, Gary wanted to talk to her, but she didn’t want to talk to him. There was quite a heated argument. I heard he wanted to get back together with her—”

    There was a furious growl. Ash was startled when all the other boys turned to look at him, and he quickly smiled uneasily. When they turned back to Rudy, Ash frowned to himself. Where had that come from?

    “Right…anyway, she was so furious that she actually slapped him. Her famous Triple-Cheek Slap. My sources tell me that she was screaming something about not needing him anymore.”

    “She deserves much better,” Rudy spoke up so firmly that it surprised Ash.

    “You’re interested in Misty?” Ash inquired, causing the other boy to blush slightly and stiffen for some reason.

    “Of course he is,” Rudy snorted. “About every walking, talking guy is. Except you, Brock, Drew and that Harley guy. That would just be wrong.”

    “Hold on,” a voice came from the table behind them. Kenny Browne was leaning over to speak with them. “Are you guys talking about…” He stopped and glanced around, looking sure the coast was clear. “Misty Waterflower?”

    They nodded in response. Ash barely refrained from choking again. Kenny, Dawn’s shrimpy coordinator friend?

    “Any news, Rudy?”

    “Well, I heard that Gary wanted to date her again,” Rudy whispered back.

    “That son of a—!” Zoey hissed with enmity.

    Ash’s jaw dropped. Zoey too?

    “Shh!” Kenny hushed Zoey before turning back to Rudy. “Well? What did she say?”

    “It was a definite no-go,” Rudy answered with a triumphant smile.

    “Whew! I’ll spread the news,” Kenny said before he turned back to his table.

    Ash stared blankly at his friends, his jaw still hanging. This was shocking. Beyond shocking!

    Just how many boys liked Misty?

    “You all have a network?” Ash asked in a strangled voice. “And…and you all fancy her? But you never told me, Wally…or Vincent…don’t tell me…” Ash stared at Vincent, who quickly looked away. Ash’s throat was suddenly as dry as a desert.

    “Latios, Ash! I thought you were smarter than this. No one tells you anything because you’re…his best friend,” Rudy hissed, his brown eyes darting to the opposite end of the table, where Brock and Misty sat, blissfully unaware of the conversation taking place at Ash’s end of the table. Ash dryly noted that Brock was blatantly staring at Winona’s breasts yet Misty wasn’t doing anything, though tightlipped and annoyed.

    “Please don’t tell Brock!” Wally begged Harry, bowing his head. “He’d kill me! I mean, I don’t even stand a chance with her, so it’s not like I’m a threat, and I don’t want to be killed just for liking her!”

    “I wouldn’t do that,” Ash assured Wally steadfastly. “But I really don’t have that much power.”

    “Not only are you Brock’s best friend, but you’re Misty’s too,” Rudy tacked on. “And it would be horrible if either of them found out – not that we don’t trust you, Ash. It’s just…very risky overall if you catch my drift.”

    Ash nodded reluctantly. He understood, but for some reason, discovering all this was putting him on edge. He knew he should feel overjoyed for Misty. It certainly made his job as matchmaker easier. However, he was currently feeling the exact opposite of joy.

    “But Brock’s not that scary, is he?”

    “Are you kidding me? I used to think he was mild too before I realized he actually serious with this big-brother thing. Haven’t you heard about…” Vincent stopped and leaned toward Ash and said in a low voice, “Todd Snap?”

    Ash shook his head.

    “I think you were too busy arguing with Morrison about hamburgers when it happened. See, Todd used to be a good boy.”

    “Used to?” Ash couldn’t help but ask.

    Vincent looked at Harry gravely. “Used to. Rumor has it that little Todd thought it would be a great idea to try to cop a feel on Misty.”

    What?” Ash hissed, feeling a lick of anger flash through him.

    “Exactly, the blasted fool. Well, before the guy could even do anything of the sort, Brock Slate and Daisy Waterflower found out his plan. And…well, he’s been at Lilycove Adventist Hospital ever since. Let’s just say that it doesn’t seem that he’ll be touching lemons anytime soon.”

    “Apparently the other two nutjob Waterflowers and the flaming maypole that cross-dresses and gives out rancid cookies were involved as well,” Rudy added. “Todd still jumps whenever he hears sudden noises.”

    “Wow…” was all Ash could muster.

    “Ever since, there’s been a sort of…well, club you could call it. Don’t worry, not the whole summer camp is in on it. Just mostly the older kids. We’ve got a few younger ones, but yeah. We just like to admire her from afar. That is, until it’s safe. We’re not really…supportive of each other exactly, but we understand each other’s pain.”

    There was a pause, as Ash tried to digest this new bit of information.

    “So…what is it, exactly, that you fancy about her?” he asked hesitantly. He nearly cringed when all of their eyes clouded over.

    “What is there not to fancy?” asked Rudy, dropping his chin onto his hands.

    “The sound of her laughter…” Wally blushed furiously. If he became any redder, Ash would have insisted that he go to the Infirmary.

    “Her luscious, rosy lips…” sighed Vincent.

    “Then there’s that factor that you just can’t seem to have her…like forbidden fruit. I guess that might be a main reason for most the others to like her. But…the way her short, crimson hair falls in waves…” Rudy smiled vaguely.

    “Wait, Vincent, what happened to Marina?” Ash asked, trying to hold back the panic that bubbled inside him.

    “Psh! Marina’s got nothing on Misty. Like when she ties up her hair, exposing her pale and slender neck,” Vincent groaned with desire. “That soft neck which I just want to – ”

    “Okay!” Ash interrupted sharply, bolting up from his seat. His appetite had completely disappeared. In fact, he now felt nauseous and flushed. “Too much information!”

    “Vincent! Not in front of Ash! He’s like her brother!” Rudy scolded his friend.

    “Oops, sorry Rudy,” Vincent grinned sheepishly. “Me and my memory.”

    Ash threw up his arms to ward off any other unwanted and unthinkable confessions and grabbed his things before striding out of the cafeteria. He was so caught up in simply escaping that he didn’t see the redhead coming his way when he reached the corridors.

    Ash!” Her voice called out to him, causing his head to snap up and a shiver down his spine. She smiled brilliantly at him as she hurried over. Her dark scarlet hair was tied back, her bangs framing her pale but damp and flushed face. He swallowed hard. Was it just him he wondered, or did she look…better than she usually did?

    “Hi, Misty,” he said nervously. He pulled at his sweat-drenched collar.

    Her happy laugh sent shivers down his spine once again as she shook her head, causing stray drops of water to fly about. “Sorry! It started to rain outside and…well, a little water never hurt anyone.” She winked at him, and Ash found his throat quite dry.

    “You better get dry, so you don’t get sick, though,” he struggled to say. She waved off his concern easily.

    “Have you eaten yet?” she asked. Ash found himself refraining from mentally kicking himself for already having done so.

    “Yeah, actually.”

    “Oh, okay then. You must be busy so I’ll let you go,” she smiled. She turned to enter the cafeteria when he reached out and grabbed her arm. He hadn’t been thinking when he did it. It just happened.

    “Wait!” He couldn’t just let her enter there! That would be like throwing a sheep to a pack of wolves.

    Her cerulean eyes watched him curiously, flickering from his hand to his face. He quickly dropped her arm, as if he had been burned. He felt the heat crawl up his neck under her gaze and he nervously ran his fingers through his unruly, black hair.

    “Erm – that is…” The thought of Vincent suddenly flashed in his mind. Ash abruptly reached up and untied her hair, and watched as it gracefully cascaded over her shoulders. It was sprinkled with beads of water, but he found that it only made her look like a pixie. She looked at him inquisitively, and he found that he had to clear his throat once again. “I…I like your hair down.”

    “Oh, all right,” she laughed. He felt his stomach contract again, and he frowned, pressing a hand against his abdomen. Maybe he should stop by the Hospital Wing to see if he could get a potion to relieve his troubled stomach. “I suppose I’ll just have to wear it down more often then. See you, Ash.”

    Then she turned and walked away, her heels reverberating against the floor. He bleakly watched as her fiery locks danced behind her until she disappeared from his sight.

    Well, at least one thing was certain. It wasn’t going to be hard finding a willing boy. Not hard at all.

    The End of Chapter Two​
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    Sweet! Chapter two was also very, very good. And haha, Misty sure does have a lot of suiters doesn't she? XD I do like how Ash wasn't too thrilled about his title of "Misty's big brother" and is starting to notice her more :>!

    can't wait for the next chapter~
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    The Red Butterfly: Aw, yeah, Ash's odd reaction to all of Mistys's "fans" is a sign of something which Ash doesn't know has already happened to him. It's as if Ash thinks of Misty not as a friend yet doesn't he considered her just a friend? Well, we'll see. XD

    Thanks for the review, and Chapter Three coming tomorrow!
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    A/N: HSorry for the wait, but here is Chapter Three! On a more depressing note, I'm slightly disappointed by the lack of reviews for Chapter Two. I'm not asking much - just a little sign that I'm not wasting my time away. T.T Oh, and from now on, there will be no PM List. I'm sorry, but I just don't think I can maintain it. Instead, if you like this fic, you could try Subscribing to the thread to stay updated!

    Chapter Three: A Little Girl Talk Never Hurt Anyone

    Brains? Please, don't make me laugh! You gotta be popular!

    -Popular, Wicked

    Ash settled on the Recreation Room’s comfortable couch, right in front of the thriving fire. Apparently, Gary Oak had slipped a strong laxative into the fountain drinks the night before. Many unfortunate people ended up spending all night hurling uncontrollably and many were still in the Infirmary. Luckily, Ash had not been too affected by the laxative for presently his stomach was better – a bit uneasy, but better.

    Now that Ash had finished his Pokemon Potions essay, he shuffled in his bag until he took out the notebook he was looking for. Ash leaned to the table and sucked on the end of a ballpoint pen. Then he tapped it against his paper. He had decided to start a new list, one that recorded things in a nice and organized manner.

    Thoughtfully, he brushed his white quill against his face. He would first separate the list based on Coordinators and Trainers. And since he had already done some research on the Trainers, he might as well start with them, but first he had to figure out how to organize all the information. Name, age, occupation, appearance (1-10 and description), intelligence (1-10), bravery (1-10), best attribute, awards, hobbies, comments.

    After a pause, Ash tacked on “Good Kisser (1-10 and according to who).”

    Just as he was about to begin, he was disrupted by a bunch of high-pitched giggles coming from across the room. He glanced over to see Dawn Pearl and Daisy Waterflower giggling loudly, with their heads bent toward each other on a table. They were so close that Daisy’s blond curls were practically touching Dawn’s black hair. Ash shrugged and was about to start again when he couldn’t help but overhear some of their conversation.

    “And then he leaned in –!”



    More shrill tittering.

    “But you know, that other one was more skilled. Erika said the other day that while Trainers… The Coordinators have…”

    Ash strained to listen now, not quite understanding with the two girls giggling in loud and sudden bursts. This could be quite useful. If anyone knew anything about boys, it should be Daisy and Dawn. They seemed to know about the love lives of everyone. But at this rate, with all their silly laughter, he wouldn’t hear anything he wanted to anytime soon.

    He’d confronted Articuno at his most vicious mood before, so he could handle a little girl talk. Right?

    Before he could over think this contemplation, he rose from his seat and walked over to the girls. It almost felt like a death sentence. He swallowed hard. It took more courage than he was willing to admit not to turn around and run when they spotted him. They giggled even more, causing him to flush.

    Smooth. He had to act smooth.

    “Erm, h-hi guys,” he muttered, standing awkwardly in front of them.

    “Hi Ash,” the two of them said, twirling their hair with their fingers. He always found it odd when girls did that. Their eyes ran over him and he self-consciously ran a hand through his chaotic black hair. “What can we do for you?”

    Smooth, Ash, smooth.

    “Cayuhepmai?” he blurted out.

    Oh yeah, that was great.

    He resisted smacking himself in the face. Why was it that when it mattered the most, he always managed to lose his grip on the English language? Whatever he said sounded much more like broken Japanese or Chinese! Perhaps even Greek. Maybe this was some sort of incurable disease that only he was misfortunate enough to have. The Spontaneous-Switching-of-Language disease. Or something else that sounded just as ridiculous.

    “Um, what?” Daisy blinked, throwing a glance at Dawn to see if she had caught what Ash said, but only received a blank stare back.

    “Err – that is, what I meant to say was…” he fumbled, trying to think. Normally thinking wasn’t this hard. Why was he always so horrible with the opposite sex? Perhaps if he spoke slowly… “I was wondering…if you two could…help me. You see,” he continued when they watched him with interest, “I have this friend and she’s in a horrible relationship right now.”

    “Oh no,” Dawn said sympathetically. Daisy nodded in agreement.

    “Yes!” he said eagerly, glad that they understood whatever he was saying when he wasn’t quite sure himself. “You see he forgot…forgot their…their w-week-and-a-day anniversary!”

    No boy should forget that!” Dawn cried, shocked. Daisy had gasped loudly and covered her mouth with her hands.

    “Exactly,” Ash continued, putting on his “I’m-so-sad” face. This was working far better than he had expected. “And for their first month anniversary, he got her…a notebook.”

    “How tragic!” Daisy let out a choked sob.

    “I know,” Ash concurred solemnly. “It wasn’t even pink.”

    “Of course we’ll help you, Ash!” Dawn stated firmly. “No girl should be with a brute like that!”

    “So what do you need us for? Sabotage?” Daisy questioned, an evil glint in her eye. “Want me to seduce the guy and have her catch him cheating?”

    “Or I could simply get it in his head that we can’t just have a bloke walking around forgetting anniversaries,” Dawn suggested, smiling wickedly, ominously drumming her nails against the table.

    “Er, no!” he said quickly, wondering if the girls had ever done such things before. “I want to…erm, find her a better bloke is all. Really, it’s enough.”

    “Then you’ve come to the right place, Ash,” Daisy stated, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. “What do you need to know?”

    Ash took a seat and took out his pen and notebook. “I was wondering if you could tell me anything about…”


    Ash let out a groan as he shook his still-red right hand wearily. He couldn’t believe all that he wrote last night. Well, he sighed, he supposed it was worth it in the end because he got much needed information that no bloke would have been able to tell him. But still, he couldn’t simply rely on the data from Daisy and Dawn – for one thing, they were probably biased. Daisy hadn’t been kind when describing Todd Snap at all. Not that he didn’t agree with her.

    His chocolate eyes scanned his notebook again as he strolled down the halls. Idly, he pressed a hand to his stomach, hoping that it wasn’t queasy anymore.

    Name: Harrison Wayne
    Age: Sixteen
    Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
    Appearance (1-10 and description): 10. Light-brown hair, tall (6’1)
    Intelligence (1-10): 8.5
    Bravery (1-10): 7.5
    Best Attribute: Dashing handsome
    Awards & Achievements: Mt Silver Conference Winner (2001), Johto League Champion (2001-2002)
    Hobbies: Girls, shopping
    Good Kisser (1-10 and according to who): 8, Sakura Evey, Melody Ocarina, Daisy Waterflower, Marina Crystal…
    Comments: A wealthy, affluent Trainer, participated in the Silver Conference and seized Championship. Loyal to the dream since he was nine. Rumor has it that he went after five girls at the same time – and got them. Also famed for being lavish in courting his girls.

    Melody: “Handsome beyond belief!”
    Dawn: “Lovely arm candy if any girl can manage to keep a leash on him.”
    Marina: “A bit full of himself, but aside from that…not too bad of a guy.”

    Name: Richie Richards
    Age: Fourteen
    Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
    Appearance (1-10 and description): 7.5. Spiky, honey-colored hair, medium height (5’10)
    Intelligence (1-10): 9
    Bravery (1-10): 7
    Best Attribute: Well-rounded in a healthy, boy-next-door kind of way.
    Awards & Achievements: Indigo Plateau Pokemon League Finalist (2000), Indigo Plateau Pokemon League Finalist (2001)
    Hobbies: Studying, socializing
    Good Kisser (1-10 and according to who): 9, Sakura Evey
    Comments: Helpful Kanto Trainer, nice, friendly. However, friend of Sakura Evey, and suspected to have a mutual crush with her. Nice person but rather private and reclusive at times. Never had any serious relationships, just a few short-lived ones now and again.

    May Maple: “He’s a gentlemen. You know, he opens doors and stands up when a girl enters a room. An old-fashioned boy is always sexy.”
    Sakura: “He can incredibly sweet and, well, perfect when he wants to be. Except he really needs to garner the nerve to tell a girl he kissed that he likes her.”

    Although Ash had so much new information on blokes, he had the strangest feeling that none of them were…right. It was a gut feeling, really. For example, Harrison Wayne. While he was one of the most handsome boys at camp, he was a bit too arrogant and flighty with girls. He liked to flaunt his wealth and while he was smart, he loved to be rather haughty about it. Then there was Richie Richards. Harry liked him, but as for being with Misty…? His bravery was a bit too low for Ash’s tastes. Plus he had that complicated relationship with Sakura which could definitely get messy…

    When Ash reached the cafeteria, he quickly hid the notebook in his bag. He spotted a glint of red and couldn’t resist smiling. Suddenly he was glad he decided to have some breakfast, queasy stomach or not. Breakfast was always good for the soul and the brain after all.

    “Hi Misty,” he said, sliding into the seat directly across from her. Next to him were Brock and Lucas, but they seemed a bit consumed in their own conversation.

    “Hi Ash,” Misty said brightly. He noticed that her hair was down and fought a pleased smile from his face, though he wasn’t quite sure why he was happy about it. He really didn’t mind much whether her hair was up or down. She still looked lovely all the same. He just didn’t like that boys would be gaping at her neck and daydreaming about it. She handed him a slice of buttered toast as she said, “It’s a great day for a picnic! Last night’s shower cleared up most of the clouds and the sun’s out.”

    He nodded in response as he took a bite into the buttered toast that she gave him. Was it just him, or did toast just jump up on the list of his favorite foods? It tasted delicious and was fulfilling. Yes, he should have buttered toast more often.

    “So we have Tauros Taming practice today, right?” she asked, her eyes on the new piece of toast she was buttering.

    “That’s right,” Ash nodded. He nudged the redhead to his right. “You remember, right, Brock?”

    “Oh yeah,” Brock said in a false cheerful voice after he choked down the food that he had crammed into his mouth. He looked a light shade of green, as if he had just drunk some of last night’s laxative-laced cola. He was nervous about the practice, particularly since he got gored in the rear by one of them.

    “Don’t worry about it Brock,” Ash said, already worried about Brock’s lack of confidence in regards to angry Tauros.

    “That’s right, Brock,” Lucas said firmly, patting him on the back, a small grin on his face.

    “Wally!” Misty called out, causing Ash’s head and Brock’s head to rise. The smiling girl waved the nervous green-haired boy over. “Sit with us!”

    “A-A-Are you sure?” he stuttered, nearly tripping over his own legs. His face was as red as a tomato, and the smile on his face was a mile wide. Ash noticed that all the boys were throwing daggers at Wally with their nasty glares.

    “Of course,” she said, patting the seat next to her.

    Hesitantly, Wally sat there, throwing quickly glances at Brock. He smiled apprehensively at Ash, but for some reason Ash couldn’t find the power to smile back.

    “How have you been, Wally? I don’t see you around as much as I used to last year,” she began.

    “O-Oh! I-I’ve been busy,” he stammered, rubbing his neck timidly. Ash resisted rolling his eyes. Wally sounded almost like a stuttering typewriter. He wondered if kicking Wally would fix the problem. “I thought you’d b-be too busy to talk with m-me.”

    Misty set down her butter knife and looked Wally straight in the eye. “Wally, you know I’m never too busy for you. We’ve been through a lot together,” she said, smiling mischievously. “Grooming Class, Battling Practice, the Demonstrations… Don’t say something depressing like that.”

    Ash had this uncontrollable urge to pick up his butter knife and stab it right into his chest – or Wally’s. And for the life of him, he was completely clueless to why.

    “Y-You mean it?” Wally asked quietly.

    “Oh, Wally, your tie,” Misty pointed out, leaning closer to him. Wally took in a sharp breath as Misty’s head bent over to fix the offensive article, more heat flooding his face, if possible, as her scarlet tresses brushed against his shirt.

    Was it just Ash, or did the room just suddenly get very, very hot?

    “He can dress himself, Misty,” Ash said rather pointedly. “You’re not his mum.”

    She rolled her eyes in response, removing her hands from Wally’s secured tie. “Why thank you Ash, for pointing out the obvious.”

    “Ash’s right,” Brock corroborated, slamming his spoon against the table violently. Blokes from other tables either jumped, or snickered at Wally. “If you go around touching every guy in sight, people are going to get the wrong idea. Even if it is just Wally.”

    Wally emitted a small squeak and bowed his head. Misty’s head swerved to her brother, her eyes glinting furiously.

    “I do not need permission to touch anyone – especially not yours, Brock Slate!” she hissed, her expression remarkably resembling a snarling Ninetales’. “And what do you mean just Wally? He’s a great bloke that any girl could like! He, unlike some people, doesn’t need to grope girls’ butts to feel better about himself! Now if you’ll excuse me!”

    She bolted upright, grabbed her things, and proceeded to march out the cafeteria. Wally’s face was torn between happy and upset, as Brock’s face contorted a horrible maroon. Before Ash even knew what he was doing, he found himself racing after the irate redhead.

    “Misty!” he called out as he ran up to her. She turned, her face still covered with a scowl. “You all right?”

    She sighed in frustration, dragging a hand through her scarlet locks. “I suppose. Brock has always been a bit of a prat. Probably always will be.”

    Ash felt the corners of his mouth tug upward. “Well, anyway, don’t worry about him. We’ll shut him up once I find you Mr. Right. By the way, I forgot to ask you, just what kind of guy are you looking for?”

    “Kind of guy?”

    “You know,” he continued, leading her outside into the bright sunlight. “I need to know for your matchmaking.”

    “Oh, well, I hadn’t really thought about it,” she replied.

    “So you have absolutely no idea?” he coaxed.

    “Hmmm,” she said, seating herself under the shade of a tree. Idly, she twirled her hair with her index finger. He didn’t know why, but when she did it…it was just so much better than when Daisy or Violet did it. Misty just…did it better, he supposed. “Well, what kind of guy do you think is right for me?”

    “Me?” Ash asked, taken aback. “Well, I…erm…well someone who’s definitely brave.” He hesitated, but she smiled encouragingly. He sat down on the ground next to her and frowned in his musings. “He doesn’t have to be a hero, but he has to have courage. I’m sure you wouldn’t stand for anything less. A good and kind heart, always out to help others. And he has to be smart – I mean, not a genius like Professor Oak or anything, but he has to know something. A skill or talent, of course, never hurt because then he would stand out a little. Not too much either because then it might get to his head and haughtiness isn’t appealing. In fact, he should be modest!

    “He doesn’t have to have a great talent with girls – some blokes who do simply are a bit too smooth in my opinion. But he has to understand you and give you space when you need it. He needs to know what his limits are. Humor – he has to be witty and funny with a sense of humor that matches yours.

    “And Pokemon!” he burst out animatedly. “He has to either be good with Pokemon or at least be nice to his Pokemon. But he has to love Pokemon, no matter what. Your family should approve of him too or you’ll never really get to be with him. He has to be able to stand up to you and your sisters, have a bit of spine however stupid and reckless it may be!”

    Misty raised an eyebrow, but Ash continued.

    “And looks don’t hurt. He doesn’t need to be the handsomest bloke out there, but he should be at the very least decent. Personally, I think it’s better for him to have dark hair because blonde probably would clash a little bit with your red hair. And he has to be taller than you of course.

    “Oh – and don’t forget kissing. That’s one of the main reasons why I’m trying to set you up of course. Your perfect kiss. It’s a vital thing. So good kisser – no, great kisser! It’s a must.”

    He took a deep breath from all his talking.

    “Of course, I…haven’t been giving much thought to it…”

    Misty let out a rich laugh. Then, pushing her hair out of her face, she turned and smiled at him, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

    “Ash, you’re aiming pretty high up there.”

    “You deserve the best,” he insisted, blushing slightly. It was rather hot outside, even under the shade.

    “Do I?” she murmured under her breath as she leaned over and began to tear pieces of grass from the ground. “But what if the best doesn’t want me?”

    Ash’s throat felt constricted. “What crazy bloke wouldn’t want you?”

    She slowly looked up, straight at him, and he couldn’t breathe. He never noticed how her eyes weren’t simply just blue like May’s. Her eyes were a swirl of different shades of blue and green, running from twinkling blue to ocean green. And there was something there in them. Something raw and passionate. Why had he never noticed it before? Why hadn’t he tried?

    “I don’t know, Ash,” she smiled halfheartedly. “I don’t know.”

    The End of Chapter Three​
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    WOW!... that's pretty much all I can say. I'm at a loss for words!

    I can't wait for Chapter 4!

    btw, Showtune quotes are w1nage :p
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    You Rock Angelique! Your story is awesome and progresses really well. I like the way you've developed the different characters' personalities and how you've made all the boys like Misty (except Ash, Brock, Drew and Harley lolz :p). I think Ash has gotten himself in a very humerous situation but I can't help that feel that Ash is slightly falling for Misty himself. Ash is one funny guy too when he said, 'I haven't been giving it much thought' lolz. Keep writing, can't wait for the next chap!! :D
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    Wow, I just happened to stumble on this fic and it's pretty good. I love all the characters from the different seasons interracting with each other.

    I love the fact that Ash is trying to set Misty up with someone. It seems completely out of character, but in a good way, like he's matured. And there's nothing I love more than a matured Ash!

    I can't wait to see where you go from here!

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