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A Means to an End; Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Musical Mayhem, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Yes, the name stinks. Sorry about that. But anyways, Mayhem is BACK and ready to GM. I've been cooking up this little baby for a while, so I hope you all enjoy!

    ~A Means To An End~

    Rated PG-15​

    ~The Plot~

    It was a day just like any other a small suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A summer breeze carried over the baseball field, the warm sun beat down on dozens of red jerseys. A few shadows passed over the local baseball league players as puffy clouds floated above them warming up on the field. The day was perfect. Picturesque. But it wasn’t really, not if the fans would have taken the time to notice the guy running down towards the field. He was in a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, looking like that typical tourist stereotype. He even had a camera flopping up and down to the rhythm of his sprint. No one would have noticed him before he reached the bottom stairs, had he not taken a flying leap much too far to be human. He landed in the middle of the field and proceeded to snap the necks of the entire team. By the time the police arrived, the man had disappeared. All that remained was his camera and a note that read “We’re here, whether you like it or not.” The note was stuck on the pitcher’s chest, where his broken neck featured a single pair of puncture marks.

    Luckily for the entire social structure as we know it, the situation was covered up by the government. Witness statements were taken, but the witnesses mysteriously lost their memories after the “incident”. The local police did too and the whole East Coast was baffled. The news reported that a bomb had hit the local game, burning the bodies beyond recognition. Tabloid headlines screamed “terrorism!”, Good Morning Philadelphia reported fears that the Philadelphia Phillies or the Pittsburg Pirates would be hit next. But there was no mention of the inhuman leap, the note, or the puncture wounds.

    The news traveled up to the federal government, a small local division situated in Harrisburg, PA. They were the ones who’d arrived on the scene first, the ones who covered up the entire situation from the public. Up until that very moment, the government had had no knowledge of vampires or any supernatural creature for that matter, existing at all. But it was the only logical explanation. The FBI began a search for others. It was then that they found one within their own ranks. A young vampire had been working for them when she heard the news. And she broke the secrecy, the silence between the supernatural and human communities. It was with this new information that the government opened their own secret division to fight this new terrorist group. They would be known as the Supernatural Response Agency, or SRA. The attacks were not resumed, but the SRA was kept in. They wanted to be prepared for next time, just in case.

    Five years later, in the year 2011, the focus of the SRA has been taken off of that terrorist group. The focus of the group now? Just plain old crime. They’ve been using their more interesting skills to investigate and solve crimes, pretending to be an off-branch of the FBI when questioned. Their department has been kept secret from even the other agencies. But all of that is about to change.

    The terrorist from five years ago, has left a message for the SRA. Pinned to a dead body of one of their own, a fairy who met an unfortunate end, was a note:

    Hello there comrades,

    As you may know, five years ago, I destroyed a local baseball team who called themselves, “The Little Suburb Phillies”. You covered up my actions, thus ruining my plans. How sad. I planned to expose us. Vampires first, since I am one, then the rest of our spectacular species. Then we could ascend to our proper place above the pathetic humans we struggle so desperately to fit in with. No more hiding. No more being destroyed when people find out what you are. Because we will rule. But you stopped me. Oh, of course I could have just kept going until someone caught the thing on camera, but I decided for a more interesting course. This time, I’m going to give you warning.

    You have one month. One month until I expose us all on a live television show. Will it be a talk show? Sporting event? News expose? I’m not giving you any hints. You’re the investigators. Find me. Try to stop me. I’m doing this for us.

    ~ The Blood Bandit

    The supernatural community has been alerted. A decision on whether or not they will... come out of the closet, so to speak, is pending. The coming out would be non-violent and featured on several popular and nationally aired talk shows. Many are joining Blood Bandit’s cause, but no one is sure how they are reaching him, or perhaps (hint hint) how he is reaching them. The deadline is putting pressure on everyone, both supernatural and the few humans that are lucky enough to know about the supernatural community, most of whom work for the government. You have one month. Do you stop Blood Bandit, or do you join his crew? Do you want the supes to “come out” or do you like the way your secretive life has been? And the major question burning in everyone’s mind is this: Who is the Blood Bandit? Is he really in charge of this, or is he simply a means to an end?

    ~The Factions~

    The supernatural community is a community currently divided. Most supernaturals refer to themselves as “supes” and call humans “muggles”, taking a page out of the Harry Potter vocabulary. But that’s where the similarities end.

    ~The Government~
    The Federal Government, located in Washington D.C. of course, is one of the smaller factions of the supernatural community. Almost all supes in this faction are located in the Supernatural Response Agency. They were hand selected from a long list of applicants, only the elite are allowed in. They are rushing to investigate and stop Blood Bandit before his deadline. None of these supes wish to be outed so violently, as it would most likely mean the end of their jobs. Many have muggle friends, family, and even muggle partners. Each supe member of the SRA must wear a pin somewhere on their clothing, representing their species. Each member is also issued a badge, ID (like on NCIS!), and a gun.

    The supes are broken down into teams of three or four. Each team contains the following:

    Supervisory Agent (aka Team Leader)
    : The SA is in charge of all other members of the team. Most of these have been members since the launch of SRA since the very beginning, since they have the most experience. They are more dangerous creatures, like vampires, shifters, and other offensively powered supes. They make all team decisions and report to the director of the SRA.

    Special Agents (aka the partners):
    Each team is also required to have two special agents. These two agents are partners, and they are required to work in the field together. They report and work with the Supervisory Agent and usually all three work together both investigatively and when they get into sticky situations.

    Probationary Agent (aka the “probie”): Not all teams have a probie, but the probie is the new guy. The probationary agent is a member of the team who hasn’t been a member of the agency for over a year. Their goal is to get in the field experience by working with the Team Leader and Partners. They are often subject to pranks and doing the stinky jobs. The Probie will usually be benched in more dangerous situations, but now that all bets are off, the probies have to go in the field just as often as the others.

    There are also several other positions one can hold within the agency. These are:

    Medical Examiner (aka the guy that talks to the dead): The M.E. is responsible for autopsying any bodies found in an investigation. The Blood Bandit’s body count is building, many agents and “blood traitors” have already been disposed of. The M.E. is currently buried in bodies. There is only one M.E. and most of the time they try to have that position occupied by a necromancer or some other spirit-communicating supe.

    Forensic Scientist (aka the geek):
    The Forensic Scientists are in charge of going over all of the evidence found. They use computers, science, and sometimes even their powers to go over the evidence. Their various duties include going over any computers involved in an investigation, blood testing, supe identification (what species, etc.), fingerprinting, facial recognition, and various other scientific tests.

    The Director: The current director of SRA is Ms. Estelle McGee. She is a young, promising vampire, only 45 years old, and she’s only spent 15 of those years as a vampire. Director McGee leads the SRA with an iron fist and a fiery passion for what she does. She fears what will happen to her and her teams if the Bandit forces the supes to come out. She’d do anything to protect her agency, but being so young does make her a bit naive and very prone to bloodlust. *The director is an NPC*

    ~The Bandits~
    The bandits are a faction of supes lead by the infamous Blood Bandit. Some work in teams, some work alone, but their goal is this: eliminate all of the humans. Dominate them, enslave them, whatever suits them at the moment. They don’t take prisoners; supe or human. In their opinion, any supes that side with the humans are fair game to kill before the end of the month.

    There are several “types” of bandits under this group. These include:

    The Bandit: Naturally, the Blood Bandit is the leader of the bandits. No one knows what species he actually is, though it is presumed that he is a vampire. He mostly sends his instructions via text message or letter. The bandit hides out in an abandoned mansion, surrounded by guards. Only his closest associates have seen his face or even know his name. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the bandit doesn’t actually exist and that he’s just a puppet of some higher power.
    *The bandit is an NPC*

    Assassins: Assassins are an elite bunch of supes, existing only to take down any government officials or members of the council that get too close to their operations. They are all trained by one of Bandit’s good friends, a werewolf who calls himself Blood Bane. After training, each assassin is allowed to pick a weapon to specialize in, and they use this to assassinate or just plain fight off targets of the Bandit’s choice.

    Messengers: Messengers are the bandit’s way of communicating. They are experts in technology, so they receive the messages via text or e-mail, always covering their trails of course. Messengers also have to travel a lot to reach any supes that don’t believe in or use technology. They have no specialized training, but they will protect their messages with their lives.


    These supes run on both sides. Some feel that the Blood Bandit’s tactics are too extreme and take things more discreetly into their own hands. Others just want peace. The free agents usually work alone, since the government is required to shut down any free agent operations attempting to thwart themselves or the bandits. They can’t risk exposure.

    ~The Council~
    The Council are thirteen supernatural masterminds, most of whom are very old. They are responsible for keeping track of the supernatural community and preventing exposure. Each member is a different species, twelve of whom are supes. The final, thirteenth member is a human. They are currently locked in their home office in Salem, Massachusetts, attempting to resolve a vote on whether or not to expose supes to the humans.
    *The Council is not playable*

    ~The Lingo~
    I’ve used a lot of lingo so far, so here’s a list for you:
    Supes: Slang for “supernaturals”. Used mostly by the supernatural community themselves, not by humans.

    Muggles: A slang-term for humans in the dark of the supes’ existence.

    Probie: Short for “probationary agent”. The probie is a new agent, having only recently been cleared for work. They are very green and are assigned a team to work with for their first year, until they become a Special Agent. It’s agency tradition to call the probie only “probie” and not by their name.

    Blood-traitors: Supes who have committed themselves to protecting humans from the bandits. The Bandits consider these supes to be traitors to their own species, hence the term, blood-traitors.

    ~Playable Species:

    Here’s where I’m going to be lenient. You can be pretty much anything you want, but my one rule involving species is this: I want each species to match. I don’t want five different types of werewolves running around out there. So here’s how this is going to work. The first person to “invent” a species, aka use the species, will be the guidelines that anyone else wishing to play that species must follow. I will post a summary of each type of species that has been used here. If your species hasn’t been used yet, don’t fret! Just write it up anyways, and I’ll add it to the list.

    NOTE! The species list is now located here due to the fact that between the plot and the list, I went over the number of words/characters/whatever to be used in one post. So now, that post contains the list.

    So basically, supernatural species have always walked among humans. After a close-call of exposure five years prior, a special agency was created by the government called Supernatural Response Agency (SRA). They peacefully investigated crime for five years, until the Blood Bandit, the leader of the Bandits, left a threatening note giving the entire supernatural community one month to find him before he exposes magic and the supes to humans. The SRA is working to find the Bandits, the Bandits are working to stop the SRA from finding them so they can achieve their goal of ruling over humans once they come out in a month. A few freelancers have jumped in on either side. They all have one month before the sh!t hits the fan.


    Well, we can’t go on without laying down some ground-rules.

    1. All forum rules, of course.
    2. This RPG is rated PG-15, so blood, gore, and mild swearing will be allowed. Romance too, but please keep that PG.
    3. Under no circumstances should your character reveal the existence of supes. I have plans for that and I will eat your character if you do that!
    4. Multiples of any species is allowed, though I’d prefer we don’t have fifteen werewolves running around.
    5. Reserves will last for one week and one week only! I’m not waiting around forever for you.
    6. I (or a co-gm) will control the heads of each faction along with my own character and THE TIME STREAM (this is very important due to the time constraint the players are under).
    7. No ridiculous made-up species or powers. I appreciate your creativity, but I don’t want “immortal gryphon/angel man who can’t die like ever”.
    8. Two characters per person are now allowed!
    9. If your character is going to be working on a team (either in the agency or in the bandits), I will assign you to a team. You can request an agent/bandit for your team if you so wish.
    10. Have fun!

    Pokefan0234 is now the co-Gm! Hooray! So she may pop up to accept/deny people every now and then.

    ~The sign-up form~

    Name: Anything within reason.

    Gender: Duh.

    Age: Any and all ages are allowed, feel free to go crazy on this one.

    Species: Supe/Human. If supe, please tell me exactly which species you’ll be playing.

    Faction and Job: SRA (gov’t)/Bandit/Freelancer. Also, what position does your character hold within their respective group?

    Appearance: What does your character look like? Your character doesn’t necessarily need to look human, but remember, no one knows that they exist, so if you look inhuman, I recommend a hat, cloaking spell, or whatever you wish to cover that up. Go into detail! Two paragraph, please.

    How does your character act? Two paragraphs again, please.

    History: What’s happened to you so far? I’m not a huge stickler on long histories, but I’d like to get a paragraph or two at the least.

    Powers: Here’s where you should elaborate about your species. I want their powers, their strengths, their weaknesses. If your species is hand-created, please feel free to elaborate as much as you want. If human, just list any special skills or weapons they possess.

    Other: Anything else I should know?

    ~My Sign-Up~
    Name: Lucienne “Luce” Bellefleur
    Gender: Female
    Age: 241, appears to be about 20.
    Species: Vampire
    Faction and Job: SRA, Supervisory Agent.

    Luce is at about five foot three, standing only slightly shorter than your average female. She has a thin, petite frame, which may cast one into believing that Lucy is weak. Her arms carry a thin coating of muscle. Often she covers her pale body up with a variety of earth tone colors. She’s usually clad in a long, brown skirt. This skirt is made of very thin material that cascades down to Luce’s mid-thighs. The material is crimped in certain areas, which makes the skirt appear wrinkled. From around the waist of this skirt hang little rows of various beads, each ending in a flower shaped bead, each a different color. Also on the waist-line of her skirt hangs her gun (in a holster of course) and her badge. Luce also has a shirt to go with this outfit. This shirt was once white, but has faded to a sort of creamy tan color from dirt and various... other things. The shirt is relatively loosely fitting and it hangs easily over Luce’s torso. The sleeves extend to a few inches above her elbow and the shirt is fairly low-cut, leaving a lot of Luce’s pale chest exposed (not her boobies though. :p) As for shoes, she prefers to go barefoot, but whenever the time needs it, she’ll wear a pair of brown flip-flops.

    Luce’s entire complexion is extremely pale, seeing as she’s a vampire. Due to this, the color of her hair and her eyes both seem to “pop” a little bit more than usual. Luce has short brunette hair that hangs just above her shoulders. She prefers to keep it tied back in two little pigtails at the nape of her neck, and these are usually rather sloppy. The hair in the middle of the two tails tends to fall out a lot, so Luce is often seen fixing the two tails. Her ears peek out from the saggy sides of her hair created by the pigtails. They are adorned with several piercings: three lobe piercings and two little silver hoops in the cartilage of her right ear. These are constantly changing, save for the silver hoops. Luce also has long, swoopy bangs that hang just above her eyes. Her eyes are generally an light, forest-y green that almost flash golden in the sunlight. Whenever Luce chooses (or doesn’t choose) to get “dangerous” (angry, bloodlusty, scary, etc.), her eyes darken to a dangerous ruby red color. Luce’s other vampiric aspect are her fangs. Her fangs are usually retracted and appear to be just sharp canine teeth. But when she’s angry or thirsty, these teeth grow to about half an inch total in length.

    Personality: The thing people often notice first about Luce is that she’s very cynical and sarcastic. She tells things the way she sees them and sees no point in sugar coating anything. The world has treated her cruelly, so why should she try to take a positive spin on things? Luce likes to call herself a “realist” rather than a pessimist, though she’s aware that her views on life are a little more depressing than most others. She covers up her slight depression pretty well though, with a few well-timed jokes and spouts of sarcasm. Most people seem to think that the sarcasm and cynicism are an act, which pleases Luce. That was her plan all along, since she doesn’t want to be seen as a real cynic or a real depressed person.

    Truth is that Luce is depressed. She’s been around for almost three hundred years, so she’s seen her fair share of death. Her entire family is long dead, as are the majority of her friends. Many people seem to assume that death would mean little to a person like Luce, but it still means quite a lot to her. The grief and regret never quite lose their sting and occasionally she feels like she’s riddled up with holes of grief, almost like swiss cheese. Speaking of regrets, two hundred years of life, especially as a vampire, doesn’t come without its fair share of regrets. Luce has killed, seriously injured, and overall done some things that she’s not proud of. She tries not to dwell on the things that she’s done, but she is constantly reminded of things she’s done by current situations. Needless to say, Luce has become a little bit depressed.

    She reaches past her depression though and she hasn’t become a self-loathing **** like a lot of angsty vampires tend to be. Luce sees no point in hating herself or what she is, she simply tries to make the most of it. She figures that her abilities can help her to protect innocent humans and her teammates. Luce identifies with humans, often telling people that she once was one, so why should she hate them? The real reason though, is that Luce secretly wishes she could be one. That she could completely have her humanity back. But no use dwelling on the past... Luce has attempted to move onto her new life with her team and the few humans around her.

    Due to her “condition” Luce is reluctant to actually get close to people. She uses her bitter attitude to keep people away, but secretly she craves companionship. She’s very old and very lonely, but she doesn’t believe that she’s safe to be around. She’ll never admit this aloud, but she feels that if people get too close to her, they’ll end up getting hurt. Once someone gets close to Luce though, she becomes quite attached. She’s incredibly loyal and would do anything to protect one of her friends. Luce will often let her friends go once they’ve “outgrown” her. Since she doesn’t age, she feels that after a certain point, the friendship would become awkward. She has no trouble letting people go onto bigger and better things, even though she’ll miss them dearly.

    The one vampire thing that Luce absolutely hates is her need for human (or close to human) blood. She, of course, loves the way it tastes, but she hates the extremes she needs to get it. She’s very reluctant to drink from a person she actually knows and it often takes a good deal of persuading to get her to feed at all. She prefers to drink from blood baggies or people she isn’t acquainted with at all rather than someone she knows.

    History: Luce was born in 1770 in France. A child of the French revolution, she spent all of her human life running from revolts and poverty. Eventually, her family was sentenced to death by guillotine. She doesn’t really remember why, just that it had something to do with her father stealing bread. While awaiting the guillotine with her mother, father, older brother Pierre, and younger sister Genevieve, the family was separated. The children were to be guillotined first, for a more dramatic effect. They would make the parents watch. The children were drug behind a building, where an Italian vampire was wandering by. He sensed Luce’s potential talent, since that was his talent, and kidnapped the three children from the guillotine. He led them back to an abandoned cabin, where he proceeded to drain Pierre’s blood and replace it with his own. Naturally, the two younger girls were terrified. The vampire had to rest up before he could turn the other girls, so he waited three days before turning Luce. He finally turned Genevieve, who was only fifteen at the time.

    The newly awakened vampire siblings went off with the man, who had no real name, but he was calling himself “Antoine” at the time. Antoine led them off in a life of pillaging, blood drinking, and violence. Pierre, drunk on power and blood, exercised his new abilities with ease. Luce felt that it was easier to just go along with it, plus she enjoyed the blood. But Genevieve soon fell into a slow depression. She begged Luce to leave Antoine, so the two of them could go start a new life in America. Nearly a hundred years had passed since they’d last set foot in France, in their home, so Luce agreed to leave Antoine, only if they could travel to France. Genevieve gladly obliged. The two vampires snuck off during the daytime, headed full speed towards France. But only a few miles into the journey, Genevieve pulled out a wooden stake that she’d widdled and begged Luce to end her life. She told her that they were monsters, would always be monsters, and should die. Luce refused to kill her sister, so her sister instead pulled the stake on herself.

    Alone and broken, Luce headed back to France, determined to visit her parents’ graves, only to find that there were none. She wandered for a long time, all through the 1900’s. Around 2000 she moved to the United States to start a new life, just like her sister had suggested so long ago. She got a job waitressing until one day a young vampire, flanked by two human federal agents, approached her on the job. She offered her a new job, a better one, hunting down the Blood Baron. The Baron disappeared to the back burner and Luce found that she enjoyed her new job, though she bickered with her partner, Kit, quite a lot. She was promoted to a Supervisory Agent just before the second crisis broke out, and a team assignment for her is pending.

    Powers: Lucienne was turned into a vampire when she was 19 years old and thus is frozen at that age forever. As a vampire, Luce possesses both super strength and super speed, although she is much faster than she is strong. She is very difficult to kill, but if you give her a good stake (or any sharp object really) to the heart or cut off her head, she’ll be unable to heal. Her body heals much faster than a human’s, but she needs a lot of blood if she’s seriously wounded. She also has highly enhanced senses, her hearing and sense of smell are the strongest, although her eyesight is decent as well. Luce also possesses the “gift” of premonition. She often gets gut feelings about the future, just little twitches that let her dodge attacks or know when to get out of the way. She can also voluntarily see the future, but sometimes a vision will jump her when she comes in contact with a particularly charged object.

    As for weaknesses, Luce has quite a few. She is unaffected by holy water and other religious artifacts, although she can't eat anything with garlic in it. The garlic causes a severe allergic reaction that will deplete Luce's powers and make her unable to retract her fangs. Sunlight significantly weakens her, but she can (and does) go out during daylight hours. Her eyes are extremely sensitive to bright lights and her ears are very sensitive to high pitched sounds like dog whistles. If Luce drinks the blood of someone who's highly intoxicated, she becomes highly intoxicated. If the person she drinks from is very sick (like AIDS or cancer) she can become sick for almost a month.

    Other: Nopity-nope.

    ~Accepted People~

    *NOTE: All reserves are now until and only until July 24th!*
    aggiegwyn (second character, SRA Special Agent)

    Supernatural Response Team: (will only be accepting medical examiners/forensic scientists, as both teams are now full)
    Lucienne Bellefleur (Vampire, Supervisory Agent)--> Musical Mayhem
    Penelope Gallen (Human, Special Agent)--> treespyro
    Vincent "Merlin" Estrel (Witch, Special Agent)-->Kiruria
    Cain Orlowe, etc. etc. (Contractor, Probationary Agent)-> Niihyl

    Kitt Morrison (werecat, Supervisory Agent)-> Musical Mayhem
    Lester Putzkanner (Goblin, Special Agent)--> Universe Chaser
    Katommo "Tom" (Triclops, Special Agent)--> aggiegwyn
    Edwin "Lupin" Tasselbury (Human, Probationary Agent) -> Kiruria

    Blood Bandits:
    Scer (Shade, Messenger)--> Pokefan0234
    leaf vesselius (Woodland Elf, Assassin)--> lawmaster
    Aroma Robinson (Witch, Assassin) --> aggiegwyn
    Lucas white (Akhlut, Assassin)-->lawmaster

    Lost (Fleshing)--> Niihyl
    Desmond Walsh (Witch)--> ironknight42
    Todd Richards (Human name), Kuvaler (Merman name) (Merperson)--> YDT
    Flum (Jorculine)-->Pokefan0234

    So, feel free to ask questions and just have fun. I will try to be prompt in getting back on sign-ups and such. Merci.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2011
  2. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Are Tengu (is the plural Tengus?) allowed? Are Kitsunes allowed if not?
  3. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Tengus are allowed. I'm not sure what the plural of that is though. Kitsunes are allowed as well, so feel free to use whichever one of those you want.
  4. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    What about Qilins/Kirins? No, not that brand of alcohol. Go search "qilin" on wikipedia.
  5. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Interesting. I like it. As long as you can find some way to hide your Qilin in society (Some sort of human-esque form would be preferable, but you can also hide him in the mountains or something) I won't object to it.
  6. .:Lemon Tea:.

    .:Lemon Tea:. Crystallized decay

    Do you think my character could be a special agent infiltrating the Blood Bandit's faction?-I'm mostly preferring the Assassin catagory which would fit my character best if she weren't in the government. Of course she would have a partner as well I'm guessing, either another user's character?-or just a NPC I can make up-both are preferable with me.

    I know the focus has shifted from the terroist group before the second letter, but I don't think the assassinations-or the deaths they caused were not up to scrutiny to the government. Maybe the government doesn't know that the Assassins are even a faction of the terroist groups.

    Anyways, just trying to figure out if this is possible.

    Also, how would a human hunter fit into all of this?
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  7. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Well Ms. Lemon Tea, you've hit the nail right on the head. There's quite a few things the government doesn't know (there have to be or else there'd be no mystery in this lovely RPG), such as the fact that the Blood Baron was still out there killing people. They thought he'd gone underground, not quite realizing that the assassinations were part of his group.

    Of course, they could have sent someone undercover to find out where they were coming from and that lead them back to the Baron. As for the whole partner thing, I was going to wait on that until I figured out how many players we'd be having, because I didn't want everyone making up two or three players for their own teams. However, if you're going to be undercover, feel free to make your own partner unless someone else says they'd like to be undercover with you.

    Well, a human hunter would probably just go around trying to kill people. They don't really fit into the Baron's group, since the Baron doesn't even like witches and how close they are to human, and anyone who's gone hunter isn't allowed in the SRA. I was thinking maybe a conspiracy theorist could be a human hunter, you know someone who's found out that the government is using supes and comes up with a reason why. Really I just wanted it to be an option if someone wanted to use it.
  8. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    lemon tea you said that you might need a partner well this person got it
  9. IatosHaunted

    IatosHaunted THE GREAT RETURN

    This intrigues me. I'll reserve a spot.
  10. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    IatosHaunted: Reserved until June 15th.
  11. .:Lemon Tea:.

    .:Lemon Tea:. Crystallized decay

    Alright then. Sign up working is now in progress. ;3

    The reason I wanted to ask about a hunter was...I was previously thinking about making a hunter-but felt that he (or she) would be too neglected from the general plotline since they're not part of the government or the terroist group exactly to fit into this whole array of espionage and detective work. Of course, I'm guessing that character would be thrown in the midst of a secret-ish war going on between the two bigger factions...But it didn't appeal to me as much.

    And we'll see about the partners I guess.
  12. Pokefan0234

    Pokefan0234 Ka-Ra-Tay!

    Well, I think it's time that I made my reserve official. ^_^ Could I grab a spot?
  13. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Pokenfan0234: reserved until whatever a week from today is! Also, Pokefan has taken the co-gm spot!

    And another note, I will be going away starting June 17th for about ten days. I'll even be in a different time zone! (only one hour behind where I am now, but it's still exciting) so for now, reserves will be until I get back from vacation on the twenty-sixth.
  14. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    This looks really interesting...Can I reserve a spot?

    EDIT. Would it be okay if I made a Freelancer that used to be a member of the government?
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  15. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    I guess I could be evil. Could I reserve?
  16. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    digipoke1: yessir, that's just fine. reserved
    tresspyro: reserved

    *Note: All reserves are until June 26th at this point, since that's when I will return from my vacation.
  17. Pokefan0234

    Pokefan0234 Ka-Ra-Tay!

    I got the position yayz! ^_^ I'll be accepting SUs n' stuff next week while M_M's away, then.

    Hopefully I've included enough details on my completely incredibly insanely strange character, but if not, I'll elaborate more on some of his powers. =)

    Note: In my SU, I mention a supe called a calygreyhound. Though I have some pictures as examples for it, I haven't actually described what it is or what it can do, so for anyone who was thinking of using that supe in their SUs (or who actually knows what in the world it is), still feel free to make up your own version of it. ^_^

    Name: Scer

    Gender: Genderless (Male)

    Age: Mentally ranging between 10-16 ; has existed for 11 years

    Species: Supe/Shade

    Info: All information about the Shade species, which I may or may not have made up. Placed in a spoiler for those of you who don't feel like reading about stuff that I'll mention later.

    The Shades are perhaps one of the least-recognized supes in all of history. Once a shriving species that rivaled even the human population, their numbers have dwindled to a dangerously low rate. As the past between shades and supes has been a rather violent one, many shades live in seclusion from both humans and other supes alike, neutral to conflicts between the parties. As such, shades are often mistakenly identified as other identities around the supe communities.

    Shades are not born or created; rather, they come into existence at unpredictable times. All shades are genderless and ageless entities, though they may adopt characteristics of certain genders or ages. They are immortal in the vampire sense - immune to the toil of age, food, and disease, though able to be killed by other things such as fire and electricity. A shade’s body is completely black, composed of a substance that moves and flows like ink. This flexible form allows them into a shadowy version of almost any creature they’ve seen or create limbs based on another’s characteristics, though they cannot usually copy details such as facial features or colors from memory. When not transformed into another, all shade’s stay in their preferred forms, (which are always based on a living creature).

    While inside of shadows, a shade can move at near-lightning speeds, combining with the darkness to travel almost instantaneously from one side of the shadow to another. (This ability only works at night if there is a new moon.) In average lighting, a shade moves at about the same pace as a human; in harsh lighting, however, a shade’s movements become extremely sluggish, sometimes to the point where the entity is incapacitated.

    Shade’s have two main states: solid and gaseous. In their solid state, a Shade can copy the physical abilities of whatever creature they are transformed into; however, they are susceptible to attacks by opposing parties. In a gaseous state, a shade can only float and move in a blob-like form – it cannot attack, talk, etc. While in a gaseous state, a shade cannot be damaged by anything but its two main weaknesses – electricity and fire.

    Shade’s run into the problem of being extremely flammable; even a burning candle could cause them to burst into flames. When burned by flames, a shade’s body quickly deteriorates, dissipating into the fire. Though shades can regenerate burned areas over time, a completely smoldered shade is rendered incapacitated. Burned shades turn into dark, crystal-like remains, which can be harvested and used as an source of energy for electrical devices. Technically, a shade can be reanimated, (though the process is so long and time-consuming that it’s usually not worth the effort.)

    Faction and Job: Blood Bandit, Messenger

    Appearance: Take a bottle of ink and pour it into a mold of a human, and voila! You’ve just made a bite-size replica of Scer. As a shade, Scer takes his completely black, blob-like form and crafts it into something humanoid. He takes pride in the fact that almost all of his limbs match the average proportions of a human – (though the hands are a bit small, but he won’t admit it). Matching the look of a shadow, he displaces himself from other shades merely by the fact that he has an artifical. Two triangular holes around the top of his head constitute for eyes, while he creates the illusion of teeth and fangs by using small, hole-like lines to draw himself a mouth.

    Humans are everywhere, but luckily, Scer has a disguise for them. In human form, Scer creates a variety of details to make him seem more natural. His usually skinny form bulks up, making him appear more muscular, and his height lowers slightly to better fit the proportions of human teenagers. Darker colors are easier to mimic; as such, his skin turns from completely black to a dark brown color. He walks with fake pride in his steps, hoping to create the illusion of an intimidating figure.

    Keeping to his dark colors, Scer’s human eyes are so dark brown that they’re nearly black, almost matching the shade of his pupils. Faces aren’t quite his forte; no matter how he tries, his nose always comes out a bit crooked. A wide mouth hides several pairs of unnaturally white teeth. (As the canines are still a bit too pointy, he tries not to smile or speak too much.) While he tries to keep some sort of smirk on his face in order to look intimidating, it’s much more common for him to have some sort of nervous or sheepish expression.

    Technically speaking, Scer doesn’t wear clothes – rather, he creates the illusion of them by using colors and shading. His attire usually consists of some sort of hoodie or jacket with which he can hide most of his face, along with a baseball cap or other long-brimmed hat. Jeans are about the only thing he can copy, and as such, he’s never without some type of tattered, darkly-colored pair (because the dark colors and the tatteredness make him look ten times “badder” in his eyes.) After that, all he has is a nice, worn pair of sneaks. He doesn’t usually wear any accessories; those are just more details for him to copy, and it’s already hard enough for him to pull off his human disguise.

    Personality: Call it karma, coincidence, or just sheer dumb luck, but Scer is perhaps the most unfortunate supe in the entire world. He has the unexplainable ability to attract trouble at every corner he turns to, no matter where he is or who he’s with. While he usually tries not to cause conflict, his stuttering voice and his rather strange way of speaking often rub off on people the wrong way, (and his rather evil-looking appearance doesn’t help much, either.)

    Scer is a worrywart, true and true. As bad things tend to happen to him wherever he goes, he’s adopted a mindset of paranoia. Sure, there’s a one in one-million chance of being struck by lightning within a given year, but it can happen. Of course, the odds of an overhead plane bursting into flames and dropping burning metal on his head are somewhere around the chances of winning the human lottery, but honestly, why should he take the chance? His always-fearful mindset has made him out to be quite the coward. Loyalty isn’t really his strongpoint; no matter the circumstances or the people involved, if there’s a chance that he’ll instantaneously burst into flames, then he’ll flee the scene, no questions asked.

    When it comes to conversation, Scer is about as talkative as a rock. Communication isn’t one of his strong suits; he’d much rather listen to someone rant on and on about themselves or the current situation than his own voice. If (and when) he does have to answer a question, however, he often answers it with a stream of nervous and unneeded banter. It’s not his fault, really; since he knows he’ll probably say something insulting, conversations just kind of freak him out.

    He can be rather selfish at times, especially when the situation involves his personal health. As such, he’s not above using lies and illusions to alter people’s perceptions, and is quick to turn someone into a scapegoat, if need be. Generally speaking, he doesn’t care much for humans; supes, on the other hand, he’d like to slaughter. The history between shades and other supes is a bloody one; as such, Scer holds a rather negative view on all supes. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was in debt to Blood Bane, he’d probably be working in the SRA – or at least, he’d be helping them from the sidelines as a freelancer.

    History: The time of existence for Shades in a rather random phenomenon. As such, Scer came into existence somewhere inside the attic of a rather dingy farmhouse in the middle of Montana. Having basically no idea what the heck he was supposed to be or where he was supposed to go, he wandered through the area, floating around houses and through corn mazes.

    Occasionally, he ran into the mysterious little creatures known as humans. They were odd things, what with their long appendages and round, unproportionate heads. On the other hand, they seemed to know what they were and what they were doing. He watched them for a while from afar, taking note of their mysterious rituals and dialect. Eventually, he was even able to mimic their general form, turning his blob-like body into a makeshift version of them.

    Of course, as soon as he tried to approach them, they grabbed their pitchforks and flaming pieces and threw their weapons at him, shouting about ghosts and dopplegangers and demons and whatever-the-heck they thought he was. He was driven out before he even got to say a word, lit on fire and almost burned into nothingness. Lesson learned: humans were not to be messed with.

    He left Montana and moved toward the east, floating aimlessly around the states – and dodging angry humans all the way. Eventually, he met another shade by the name of Hesoca, who told him about the violent past between shades and other supes. He hadn’t really believed her until he was attacked by a pair of werewolves, who tried to light him on fire and harvest his parts. The stories he’d heard of enraged him – all supes were evil. They all deserved to die. On the other hand, he didn’t really want to kill anyone, (and it wasn’t like he had the capability to, anyway), so he silently prayed that those fire-wielding humans would turn their attention from him and cause the rest of the supe populations to burst into flames.

    Finally, he reached Pennsylvania. He wavered around in the area for a while, gaining info on the supe and human communities there. Unfortunately, a series of events leaded Scer to accumulate a rather large debt to a werewolf by the name of Blood Bane. In order to pay it off, he was forcefully enlisted into the bandit’s organization. While casted as a newbie Assassin, he begged his way into becoming a Messenger.

    It has recently become apparent to him that he knows far too much about the organization for the werewolf to let him live…

    +++ Incognito – Like all shades, Scer has the ability to mold his blobby form into just about any shape imaginable. While he can transform into solid objects, he is much more experienced at changing into living creatures and supes. The closer a creature is to the size of a human, the better able he is to transform into it; extremely large or small creatures tire him out and make him sluggish. He can’t transform into anything more than two times his size, or anything less than about one-fifth his size.

    In general, he cannot copy the details of a creature unless the creature is in view. The only exceptions to this disability are his two favorite forms: the human and the crow. Creatures that are mostly colored with blacks and dark grays are the easiest for him to copy, while those cloaked in bright, neon colors are the hardest. In order to practice his detail-copying skills, he has been working on a form as a calygreyhound, (though he’s only been able to get about half of the details right).

    As with all shades, he gains the physical abilities of the creature he transforms into. This may be anything from flight (as a bird) to enhanced strength (as a minotaur). Even so, he is not the strongest entity in the world, as a such, will never be as physically strong as the actual species in question.

    +++ Anti-Hyper-Speed
    – While inside of shadows, Scer can move at breakneck speeds, combining with the darkness to move from one side of the shadow to another almost instantaneously. Of course, as soon as there is any sort of light in his path, he rematerializes and becomes just as fast as a regular human. He can also use the shadows to hide from danger. However, he is still susceptible to attacks and to being burned while inside of a shadow. His movements become extremely sluggish in intense light, and, if combined with heat, such intensity can cause him to slip into an unconscious state.

    +++ Switching States – Scer can switch between two states of matter: solid and gaseous. In his solid state, Scer can copy the physical abilities of whatever creature he is transformed into; however, he is susceptible to attacks by opposing parties. In a gaseous state, Scer can only float and move in a blob-like form – he cannot attack, talk, etc. Switching states takes about ten seconds – enough to dodge an oncoming attack but not quite fast enough to dodge a fast weapon, such as a bullet.

    +++ Weaknesses – Scer suffers the dominant shade trait of being extremely flammable. Any sort of fire, be it from a lighter or a forest fire, can make him burst into flames. While he can regenerate any parts burned by flames (albeit rather slowly), enough fire will render him unconscious. Electrical currents can also damage him, though certainly not as much as fire can. In a solid state, Scer can also take damage from various weapons, including knives and guns.

    Other: I like pi.
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  18. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    Pokefan0234: You make the best characters! I love the shade species, they're fantastic, and his appearance and powers and nicely based and balanced off of the information you've provided. The only thing I'm wondering about shades is how long do they live? Are they immortal or do they have an expiration date?

    Interesting. A supe that doesn't like other supes. I approve.

    Dun dun duh. Blood Bane isn't very nice, so you're probably right. ;)
    I suppose his cowardice will keep him from switching sides?

    I like it so you are.... accepted! Hooray. Also, my Blood Baron character (a werecat) shall be joining Scer as soon as I finish her... I figured I should keep tabs on both sides.
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    Hey there, it's been a ridiculously long time (like a year and 8 months, I believe)...I'd love a spot, now that I actually have time for an RPG. In the past, I've bitten off more than I can chew, but my schedule allows this one. You wouldn't mind me playing as a goblin, would you?
  20. Musical Mayhem

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    Well, I'm glad you've decided to join then. A goblin would be perfectly fine. reserved

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