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A Modern Atlantis (Bioshock/ Doctor Who Crossover)[PG-14]

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by LokiTheGengar, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    Although I lightened up the darker half of the source material, this is still a pretty dark fic. Reader discretion advised.

    Knowledge of Doctor Who is ideal, as the story is set just prior to "The Rebel Flesh"/"The Almost People" two-part episode. Knowledge of Bioshock is not required as I'm trying to present Rapture like one of the many worlds the Doctor visits, and the many elements are described in the fic (which, in the Bioshock timeline, is set a short time before Bioshock 2).

    And now, Splicers and Whovians, I present to you A Modern Atlantis:


    The Magic Box

    The little girl blissfully skipped down the beautiful marble hallway, following the trail of red rose petals. The angels loved to leave petals behind them, so hopefully the girl would find an angel at the end of the trail.

    A gentleman approached her, but at that moment Mr. Bubbles, who had been following behind the girl, began to speak to the man. The little girl smiled as the stranger lay down and turned into an angel. With a squeal of delight she thanked her knight in shining armor as she set to work. The new angel being taken care of, she turned back to the trail of petals, humming cheerfully.

    She found the angel nearby in a tiny room with a tiny doorway too small for Mr. Bubbles to fit through. Hesitantly he allowed his charge to enter, but only after he’d checked inside first. The angel was lying, unmoving as always, in a corner amid a scattering of rose petals. But as the child approached she heard the strangest sound. It was a great big roaring, whooshing noise coming from the empty space in the middle of the room. Curious, the girl hid behind a chest lying on the floor and watched.

    As the whooshing grew louder, something magical began to happen. A box, a blue box, slowly began to fade in and out of existence, every time fading in more and fading out less until the box had fully appeared in the tiny room. Eyes wide with amazement, the girl crawled from her hiding place to touch the side of the painted blue magic box. But as she pressed her pale hand against the wood, she was startled as the side of the box opposite her opened and out stepped a man. A funny looking, magic man from a magic box- the little girl was amazed.

    But regardless the little girl hid back behind the treasure chest, ever slightly peering out as the funny magic man glanced around, confused, before ducking back inside the box. A moment later he stepped out again, this time with a pretty looking lady in a lovely dress. They talked for a moment, unaware that they were being watched.

    The little girl then felt a tickle in her nose, and, unable to help it, sneezed.

    The magic man noticed the sound, cutting his friend short mid-sentence. He approached the girl’s hiding place slowly, drawing something from his jacket. He slowly peered over the treasure chest, and his look of concern broke into a huge grin.

    “Why, hello there!” He greeted her cheerfully. The girl, startled, gave off a squeal of shock, which was more than enough reason for her knight waiting outside to take action. With a roar Mr. Bubbles came smashing through the tiny doorway, and the world went all scary.

    Yes, this little prologue is short and makes no sense if you don't know much about Bioshock. This was originally going to be a full chapter, but due to its brevity and different perspective from the full chapters. Chapter one will be up soon, as it's almost ready.
  2. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    Ok, here's the first full chapter of the work. Enjoy, and feel free to post comments:


    Chapter 1
    Under The Sea

    “Are you sure these suits will work, Doctor?”

    Amy was fastening the last few straps on the decidedly antiquated-looking diving suit which seemed hardly suitable for taking a walk across the bottom of the ocean.

    “Of course they’ll work! I picked these babies up on Tethys-5. Oceans close to ten times the depth of any place on Earth! Liquid Nitrogen oceans at that!”

    “Well, it’s just…” Rory paused as he sealed on the brass-colored dome of his diving helmet, and as he resumed speaking his voice boomed out a speaker on the outside of the suit, “These suits do look a little old-fashioned. Like, something out of one of those Jules Verne novels.”

    The Doctor stepped out from behind the TARDIS console, his usual ridiculous outfit covered up by a similar suit to what his companions were wearing. “And what problem do you have with Jules Verne? He was a brilliant man! Unlike H.G. Wells. I mean really-” the Doctor punctuated that line with the yank of some random lever- “have you even read his books? Morlocks as some evolution of humans, who’d be that ridiculous!”

    A few more seemingly random twists, pushes, and yanks later, the TARDIS lurched to a stop, practically causing Amy and Rory to topple over in the cumbersome suits.

    “Now where was I?” The Doctor asked himself as he addressed his companions. “Ah, yes! Bottom of the ocean, lovely place, can’t say I’ve been there, not actually outside anyway.” He paused ever so briefly to pull down a blank monitor, barely even taking a breath. “Lady and Gentleman, I give you the ocean floor, 63° 2° north, 29° 55° west, a little ways off the coast of Iceland, middle of the North Atlantic- behold!”

    With a flourish he flipped one last switch and the monitor blinked to life, displaying what lay exactly outside the TARDIS.

    “Doctor, it’s a room” stated Amy bluntly.

    “Don’t be ridiculous!” chided the Doctor as he turned around. “Of course we’re… In a room. But that makes no sense.” He made a quick circle around the TARDIS control panel, checking all the various meters and gauges. “Everything is telling me that we are on the bottom of the ocean!”

    “Then why is there some dingy old room on the bottom of the ocean?” Rory asked, confused.

    The Doctor looked up at Rory and gave off his silly grin. “Rory Pond, that is exactly what I want to know! But first…” The Doctor quickly made his way to the door. “Let’s just check really quickly and make sure there’s really a room out there!”

    He burst through the TARDIS doors, which shut behind him. After a moment he re-entered, his great big smile seemingly even greater and bigger, if such things were possible. “There’s a room out there! On the bottom of the ocean!”

    Amy and Rory looked at each other with disbelief. With a sigh, Rory fumbled with his diving helmet. “Go on,” he said, “I’ll catch up when I get this bloody helmet off.”

    Amy kissed the side of the great metal dome over her husband’s face. “I won’t let him get too far without you. If it’s even possible to go far.”
    With that she ran over to join the Doctor, and together they stepped outside.

    Sure enough, the dingy old storage room really did exist, and it looked even more run-down than it did on the screen in the TARDIS. Rotten crates and rusted barrels lay among their spilled contents.

    “Doctor, where are we?” Asked Amy with a mixture of awe and disgust.

    “I have no idea” answered the Doctor, legitimately serious.

    “Hey Rory!” called Amy back into the TARDIS. “Hurry up, you lousy bloke!”

    “Coming! I just can’t get this damn helmet off!”

    Meanwhile, the Doctor stood, transfixed, staring intently at a pile of old crates in halfway decent condition. He quietly and calmly drew his sonic screwdriver from his pocket.

    “I heard a sneeze,” he told Amy calmly. “We’re not alone.”

    Cautiously he began to approach the crates, and, screwdriver in hand, peered over the pile. His look of concern all but evaporated, replaced by a kind grin, the kind he reserved for children. “Why hello there!” he greeted whatever was behind the crates.

    There was a little girl’s scream, followed by a massive… thing smashing into the room with a terrible roar.

    The behemoth clad in, ironically enough, an old-timey diving suit, bellowed and leveled some sort of massive gun at the two time travelers. Amy and the Doctor barely had enough time to duck behind the TARDIS before hot metal embedded itself into the wall right behind where they had been standing.

    “Doctor, what did you find behind those crates?” asked Amy, pressing her back against the blue “wood” of the time machine.

    The Doctor, however, was preoccupied with attempting to scan the thing trying to kill them.

    “Interesting. It’s a person in there, grafted into that suit.”

    “Lovely,” groaned Amy as she tried to poke her head around the TARDIS to get a glimpse of their attacker. “Now we know-”

    She was cut short as a pair of massive gloved hands grabbed the sides of the TARDIS and, through sheer force, the huge guy in a diving suit shoved the time machine behind him.

    The Doctor gawked as the armored behemoth glared at him and Amy through a glowing red porthole. “He pushed around MY TARDIS!” he squawked indignantly.

    “That’s the least of our problems right now, Doctor!” cried Amy as their attacker reached for his gun lying on the floor.

    But before either of the time travelers could be perforated by whatever ordinance the colossus was wielding, a small figure darted out from behind some crates, staying the monster’s hand.

    “Mr. B.! Mr. B.! Don’t hurt the magic man!” cried the little girl.

    Oddly enough, “Mr B.” listened, albeit hesitantly. The little girl, barefoot and clad in a ratty green dress, looked up at Amy with glowing yellow eyes and smiled. “You have a very pretty dress!”
  3. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    Sorry for the wait, I've been so busy lately. Anyhow, here's chapter 2.


    Chapter 2
    Molly and Mr. Bubbles

    Amy glanced down at the diving suit she was still wearing. “Um… thank you” she responded hesitantly. The eerie child just smiled and turned to the Doctor and giggled, pointing one pale finger at the Time Lord. “And you’re a magic man!”

    The Doctor simply crouched down, eye to eye with the girl, his voice calm. “And what makes you say that?”

    “You came out of a magic box!” explained the girl. “And you seem funny.”

    “You’re a bright one, aren’t you?” asked the Doctor, smiling softly. He reached out to pat the child’s head, but the motion seemed to agitate the big guy who’d just tried to kill him and Amy, and so he withdrew his hand. “I haven’t asked you your name yet, have I?”

    The girl giggled again. “I’m Molly!” she declared proudly. “And this-” she ran and hugged the metal Goliath around one massive leg “-this is Mister Bubbles!”

    The killer giant was named Mr. Bubbles, and took orders from a little girl no older than six or seven. Amy blamed the Doctor on those facts not surprising her.

    “Pleased to meet you, Molly!” greeted the Doctor cheerfully before quickly standing up and extending his hand to “Mr. Bubbles.” “And a pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Bubbles!”

    The armored giant simply stared blankly at the ridiculous figure trying to shake his hand. The porthole light had shifted from glaring red to a ruddy orange. Gingerly, the Doctor retracted his arm.

    “What’s your name, magic man?” asked Molly, curious.

    “I’m the Doctor” he responded, turning back to the little girl. “And this is Amy.”

    Amy stepped over next to the Doctor, nervous. “Doctor, aren't you going to ask them what this place is?”

    “Of course, I’m working on it, Amy.”

    Before any more questions could be asked, a second figure clad in a diving suit came bursting into the room, this time from out of the TARDIS itself. It was Rory, brandishing a sword and giving off a fierce battle cry- the fierceness probably due to the booming quality granted by the acoustics of the helmet more than anything else.

    Mr. Bubbles roared back, his porthole flashing red, causing the much smaller figure in a diving suit to drop his weapon in terror as the giant hefted his much larger one. Once again, Molly intervened, grabbing tightly onto one beefy arm.

    “Mr. B., don’t worry!” she half-pleaded, half giggled. “It’s just another friend of the magic man, and this one’s dressed up like you!”
    The Goliath once more calmed down, lowering the massive gun. Rory attempted to pick up his dropped sword, but one growl from Mr. B. was enough to dissuade him from that.

    “Amy, Doctor, wha- who are these two?” Rory asked cautiously, his gaze fixed on the big guy.

    “This, Rory, is Molly and Mr. Bubbles,” answered the Doctor, trying to defuse the situation. “They’re friends.”

    “You pick the most wonderful friends” grumbled Rory as Amy managed to unseal his helmet.

    “Well,” began Amy, a tad annoyed, “if you blokes are done, does anyone know what this place is.”

    Molly gave off a confused look. “You’re in Rapture, don’t you know?”

    The Doctor crouched back down next to the girl. “No, we don’t. We’re lost, you see, and we’re looking for the bottom of the ocean but wound up here.”

    Molly giggled. “Then you aren't lost!” She grabbed his hand. “But Big Sister can tell you more! Come with me and Mr. Bubbles, we’ll take you to her!”

    The Doctor looked at Amy and Rory. “It’s worth a shot.” He smiled. “Another adventure, eh?” He then turned back to Molly. “Okay Molly, you’ll take us to your big sister, then?”

    Molly grinned and ran to grab Mr. Bubble’s hand. “Come on, Mr. Bubbles! Let’s take them to Big Sister!”

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