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A Mudkip Mission! (301)


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A Mudkip Mission!

On Dewford Island, Ash & Co. find a colony of Mudkip. When one is in Danger Brock saves it and the owner thanks him. However he mentions how some of the Mudkip are getting too old for being in the Colony and need to be taken elsewhere, Can Ash & Co. help or will Team Rocket steal them?

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~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~

All of Brock's pokemon have such CUTE VOICE...

ERR...but what makes me mad...is we haven't seen Fortress pretty much..like the last time, i remember that it came out was, just for fun during the time Swellow evolved...

Factory Head Noland

When Ash's Phanpy hatched from it's egg the egg evolved into it aswell.

Factory Head Noland

What I liked about this series is that each of the trainers got a starter Pokemon (Ash - Treecko, May - Torchic, Brock - Mudkip) which is better than Ash getting all 3, it makes it more even.

Shiny May

a nice episode. I liked how May thought the owner was a human Mudkip monster and the way the guy looked like Mudkip was funny too
I'm glad that Brock caught Mudkip it looks so cute, including all the babies !!


Now that I've seen all of it, Brock was so cool in this episode! That was sad when the Mudkip that is now his and one of the babies were in danger! I loved the baby Mudkip! So cute! :D

And, yeah, I liked how the starters don't all belong to Ash this time. It makes it more realistic.


ash should have gotten a mudkip too.


Horray for Brock getting a Mudkip! ^_^ It definetely suits him IMO.

I give this episode 7.4/10


Team Awesome
This episode had one of my favorite moments of the season, where Ash started getting buddy-buddy with Old Man Swamp after he heard his name. ROFLOL :D I didn't get why, but it still had me chuckling. It also caught my attention this time around that May found this a perfect chance to catch a mudkip, and now she owns a different baby water pokemon. I'm glad that Brock was the one who got mudkip, May definitely didn't have a good track record with them. LOL I also liked how May managed to climb ahead of the others using Silcoon.
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Cat and Snake lover
Can we say, "Awwwww!" The Mudkip voice is so cute and expressive. I love these eps that showcase Brock's ability to form bonds with Pokemon. Cool how Mudkip actually obeyed him to use watergun on the ground. That was pretty much a clue that it at least liked Brock. Really, just...it's so warm and fuzzy. I love fluff.

I know this review was rather meaningless, but I can't think straight for all the melting I'm doing. :p