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A Mudkip Mission! (301)


Well-Known Member
Mudkip is kool. This epi was kool. Great to see Brock catch something
I really love this episode, mainly because the baby Mudkip were so cute :D
The Mudkip were so cute in this episode, I liked Brock's Mudkip the best as it protects the baby Mudkips. I laughed when I saw the Mudkip man.


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Very excellent episode, all those Mudkip are so KAWAII. Interesting that they decided to spit the 3 Hoen starters between the 3 main characters of this arc instead of having Ash own all 3 like he did in Kanto & Johto, it was a good idea since now Ash & Brock can have Pokemon they'd probably wouldn't have caught previously. Hilarious seeing Ash trying to be buddy buddy with Old Man Swampy, also this is the first appearance of May doing "May's Expedition" which I always enjoy seeing her do it makes the episode much exciting, also liked May's ingenuity in using her Silcoon to get to the top of the Waterfall before the others. Lastly I gotta say this "So i herd u liek mudkips??".


^ i was expecting someone would say that sooner or later, i can't denie that the mudkips wern't cute though, they kinda reminds me of a nest filled with puppies.


kiss my greens
I herd u liek Mudkipz.

Srs, why hasn't anyone done that joke yet?! D: *brick'd*

Episode, awesome. I loved Mudkip's personality, looking after all those baby Mudkips... eee! *_* What cuties. If I were there, I'd've snagged a little baby one... after Brock puts his Mudkip away, of course ^^;;

Great episode. Love Mudkip. Mud-kip!

edit;; beaten.


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One of those Mudkips was the super tiniest Mudkip I have ever seen!EVER!


Previously Iota
Ooold man swamp!
Been around these parts a long time, eh old swampy?
Old man swamp.

Love it.



burning it down
Iota, I totally agree with you. Ash and Swampy were hilarious together. This was a great episode, all the Mudkip were adorable and Brock actually captured a great Mudkip! This was one of the best.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I really enjoyed "May's Expedition." I thought it was really entertaining and I thought she made a really smart decision by using Silcoon to climb the waterfall. I was really surprised when Ash, Brock, Max, and May came across the Mudkip. Especially since they are really rare to find in the wild. I laughed at all of May's experiences with Mudkip. I thought it was funny when Ash tried to befriend Swampy when they first met. The baby Mudkip were just so cute! It was too bad that Team Rocket almost caused some major damage to them. Brock did a magnificent job in rescuing the Mudkip and in stopping Team Rocket. I think it was a good decision to let Brock keep Mudkip, and he definantly deserved it.


Great Brock episode...

Mudkip was very strong, if you compared it the the other Mudkips there..

And i loved the old man...



Let's go to the beach, each.
Cool episode. I'm glad Ash didn't get all 3 of the starters for once.

That's not cool. I dislike the fact that Mudkip went with Brock, where it basically rotted until the Battle Frontier arc.

Didn't much like the episode. I don't like Wild starter Pokemon anyway. The eggs were cute though. Though I don't like how they hatch.

Not too good for a Dewford Filler.


Man of Mystery
My favorite part was when Ash kept saying Swampy, I thought that was hilarious. The weirdest part though was when the Mudkip hatched, I was like WTF? the egg just transformed into a Mudkip. But overall, this was a pretty good episode.


Shiny Flygon
Brock really fits Mudkip. Very kind.
When the river has collapsed, I think the babies Mudkip should have just sweam to the ground.


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This episode was cool. Those baby Mudkip are so cute! I'm glad Brock caught the older one in the end, but I wish Ash would've eventually caught a Mudkip as well... Old Man Swamp taking care of the Baby Mudkip actually looked like a Mudkip, very funny. It was funny when Ash kept calling him "Swampy".