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A Mudkip Mission! (301)

I actually like this episode but mainly because one of my favorite pokemon was on it (MUDKIP!!!) but I got to be honest I was shocked when Brock caught instead of Ash I'll rate this episode 7/10 :(
How the hell is a Silcoon strong enough to pull May up the waterfall? She should have plummeted to her death. Obviously that wouldn't be good, but that was still the dumbest idea in the history of pokemon.


An okay episode. Brock finally got some time to shine after that Lotad episode and it was well worth it I suppose. Swampy seemed like a pretty cool guy but his inability to not keep something a secret was a pretty poor way of moving the plot along and focusing on the Mudkip. Still, judging from the episode around this one, it was an enjoyable episode to watch.


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I liked this episode because it was slightly more focused on Brock and Mudkip. I think the writers made an good decision by splitting each of the starter Pokémon in one character. Mudkip definitely is a awesome Pokémon and I liked how it was implemented in this episode.


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Takeshi finally get a starter after that long time. This episode is awesome in my opinion. It is a pity that Takeshi did not develop Mizugorou much after he capture it. Should have learned Hydro Pump at the end of this saga.
It's funny how for someone who specializes in rock Pokemon, Brock has two water Pokemon, one of the rock types weakness.
It's weird how in the Pokemon world, the eggs don't hatch, they just morph in to the Pokemon.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I disliked the generic forest setting here; what happened to Dewford being a tropical island in the anime? Anyway, I liked that Brock's Lotad got to save the baby Mudkip in the pond; at least he actually did something useful here. That COTD made me cackle wildly given his Mudkip-esque design. The flood scenes were pretty intense by the way.

Mega Altaria

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So many Mudkips that I totally loved this episode. Even May wanted to catch one (and failed) though I got confused because a Mudkip in the first AG episode used Water Gun on her. And the big Mudkip was like some onii-chan to the other younger and smaller Mudkips and happy that Brock caught it. I even liked the scene when Lotad failed to rescue a baby Mudkip.

Mrs. Oreo

Takeshi finally get a starter after that long time. This episode is awesome in my opinion. It is a pity that Takeshi did not develop Mizugorou much after he capture it. Should have learned Hydro Pump at the end of this saga.

I was glad that now Brock's Lotad and Forretress had a companion, however I felt that Mudkip was much more interesting here than in later episodes. ^^;

Mrs. Oreo

Well that's true. He was heroic and epic here like when he saved that smaller Mudkip. He was just not interesting once he left his home.

It kind of makes me wish that perhaps Ash should have gotten this Mudkip instead of Brock cuz then Mudkip might've been more active. ^^;


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Mudkip was so adorable, it's voice was so cute! I felt happy for Brock at the end as he was so excited to have the Mudkip.

There were some funny moments in this episode.

At the start I wanted Ash to get the Mudkip as I like him having all the starters but I was happy for Brock at the end.

It was funny when May beat the others up the waterfall, for a moment I thought it was a production error until she explained what happened


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Oh look, Mudkip. It's interesting that they decided to split the 3 Hoenn Starters between the 3 main characters of this saga, instead of having Ash own all 3 like he did in Kanto & Johto.


I had to laugh when Ash and the others made a huge deal about saving a bunch of baby Mudkip from a dam collapsing, because the water wouldn't hurt them much and they could always find their way home. My oh my god, the Mudkip were too cute! They were all so tiny and had a cute little voices that reminded me of Cyndaquil. And the Team Rocket mecha was certainly different-looking. :)