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A Mudkip Mission! (301)


I suppose that since Satoshi captured a Kimori and Haruka was given an Achamo, it was only natural that Takeshi would wind up acquiring a Mizugorou somehow. I was fine with it, although it was bittersweet to see how active Mizugorou was here compared to future episodes. Old Man Numata's Mizugorou-like design was amusing.


I liked how May thought the COTD was a swamp monster or something and the way the guy looked like a Mudkip. Also liked May's smarts in using her Silcoon to get to the top of the waterfall.


In hindsight, I would've loved seeing Takeshi simply receive a Mizugorou egg from Old Man Numata so that we'd see Takeshi hatch and raise Mizugorou from scratch like Kasumi did with Togepy.
I love this episode so much because of MUD KIP. I LIEK MUDKIPZ. Second favorite episode of all time behind XY140
Ok so rewatching this episode it wasnt as good as I remembered it, but it was still awesome because of MUDKIP!!!!!! Team Rocket's mecha was nightmare fuel. I love Brock's Mudkip so much!!!!!!!!!

I herd u liek Mudkipz