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A New Arising


Legendary trainer

The morning sun shone brightly on the somewhat sleepy town of Fortree. It was calm and one could feel the serenity of the town glowing. Dodrios and Doduos could be seen running across the green pastures. Pidjeys and Taillows , with their wings stretched to the fullest, were flying majestically in the sky. In a town surrounded by dense forests there were hardly any buildings, except for a big mansion surrounded by large tracts of lands, with a big board in front of the porch displaying, "TOTAL DAY CARE CENTER-The best daycare in hoenn”
Inside this mansion, a guy about eleven wearing a sleevless shirt and long dark hair which appears to be tied together with a band is seen lazing around in front of a large T.V screen.His dark brown eyes glaring intently at the T.V. screen as the idiot box begins to blare

“And now we return to the exciting match of the semifinals block A ,between Kyle and Paul at the Lily of the valley conference in Sinnoh” we remind you that both Kyle and Paul now only have 1 pokemon left after both of their pokemon's tied in the last match.

Paul:-“Electivire, standby for battle”
Kyle:-“Lets show them our bond, Shiftry”


“Ladies & gentlemen its been 20 minutes since both of these pokemon have faced each other and none of them have decided to give up on their trainers, although they do look tired will they be able to face each others attacks any more?”

“Now to finish this battle in a single blow, Electivire channel your energy and then go for Giga impact”

“Shiftry you too concentrate and give them a Double edge”

“Electivire clenches its fists and a glistening light combined of golden and pink surrounds electivire as he thrusts forward and tackles a shiftry surrounded by a silvery white aura, head on. Both pokemon are seen pushing the other pokemon head on.”

Then a series of blasts and smoke engulfs the whole stadium. Slowly the smoke clears little by little. Two shady figures are seen standing in the smoke.Finally smoke the smoke clears and you can see the 2 pokemon standing opposite 2 their trainers facing their backs to each other. You can see the body of the tiger coloured (yellow & black) pokemon still sparkling, possibly due to giga impact. Shiftry too with a shining body but displaying a painful expression on its face due to recoil damage which it has taken from the double edge.

Both pokemon stood motionless for a few seconds and then an abrupt drop as shiftry falls to the ground.

“Shiftry is unable to battle, so Electivire is the winner, Paul is declared the winner of this match” As moments later Electivire falls

“Paul will now battle Ash ketchum in the semifinals block B of the Sinnoh league” As the crowd roar's in excitement.


An old man with a wrinkled look but somewhat toned and a fit body stands behind the guy watching the T.V.

“so how many times more are you gonna watch this recording of the sinnoh league, Kyle?”

“I am gonna watch it as many times as possible, because it reminds me of the the stride my pokemon & me took to attain the title, but alas it was not sufficient.”

“Your performance in the Sinnoh league was extraordinary, in a short period of time you hav achieved so much, but we must always remember that there is always some other person who is a little more extraordinary then us”said the boy's grandpa while looking out of the window in a dramatic fashion

“yes that's true, said Kyle suddenly remembering how his grandpa had lost to the kanto champion by a small margin during his conquest many years ago”

“I think you should go spend some time with your pokemon” began his grandpa , “it’s been quite a while since you spent quality time with them after your arrival from the Sinnoh league”

Kyle then walks out of the room into a large green field which was rustling in the wind. “it’s a good thing my grandpa owns this daycare” Kyle thought

He moves down into the centre of the field and then looks about for a while, “where are they he wonders”.

“Everyone come out ,wherever u are” Kyle’s voice echoed all around the estate

As soon as his echoic voice dies down , a chaotic gallop is heard.

From a distance Kyle sees something fiery rushing towards him in super speed spewing dust behind as it advanced. As the “thing” neared its velocity started to decrease and totally slowed down as it came nearer to kyle. What next we see is Kyle getting licked all over his faced by a large pokemon that looked like a horse which was set on fire

“Neigggggghhhhhhhhhh” grunted the fire horse pokemon still continuing to lick Kyle. “Missed you too girl”, Kyle replied

Soon many other pokemon appear

“How are you,guys” questioned kyle while looking proudly towards a grass pokemon which sorta looked evil.

“Shiftry, rapidash, luxray, golem, honchkrow & flygon—I am back said Kyle


The scene then shifts to a port in Sinnoh region where it is evening and a ship is getting ready to sail for Hoenn

A boy of about 14, with a purple jacket and matching purple shoes with a satchel gets ready to board the ship

“so have youu made this as your final decision, Paul?” a purple haired man who was wearing an apron asked

“Yes Reggie I have ,goodbye. Il contact you as soon as I reach Hoenn” says the boy while boarding the ship

“Goodbye Paul” reggie replied

The ship then sets sail and the port bares a deserted look

a blond boy wearing a green scarf racingly reaches the port and looks at the ship which can be seen sailing distantly…………..

“Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmit” the blond boy is seen shouting. “The ship set sail sail without me………I am fining that ship bigtime” his voice echoing all around the deserted port scaring a group of wingulls sitting above the port building, as the sun is seen setting in the ocean.
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Charizard King!

I'm rather confused. What is this story about?

Also when the scene changed, did we go back in time?

Also avoid 'u', 'ur' and repeating '...' to many times.

Also a few grammar mistakes. such as: "guys, how are you". it should of been "How are you guys?" also: "yes dats true, said Kyle suddenly remembering how his grandpa had lost to the kanto champion by a small margin during his conquest many years ago" should of been "Yes, that's true." Said Kyle, suddenly remembering how his grandpa had lost to the kanto champion by a small margin during his conquest many years ago.


Legendary trainer
no we did not go back in tym,it was the same day but in sinnoh.......and the story is about to get more interesting in d next chapter where u will really learn about kyle and his background.


Legendary trainer
Chapter 2

Hello guys here is the 2 chapter. Hope u like it. It does not see much action though but it showcases kyle’s past. Please be paitient as more & more of kyle’s past is unveiled story by story.

Chapter 2- past & present

The scene starts when Kyle our hero is seen playing with his pokemon as he hears his grandpa calling him

“What is it grandpa?”

“There is a guy at the door,he’s asking for you!”

“who’s he?, What does he want?" Kyle answered rudely

“umm I don’t know about that??? But I certainly don’t like how he’s flirting with my receptionist !

"Flirting? Its got to be him…..“I am coming , grandpa”


“So its been a long time" questioned Kyle to a brown spiky-haired man in the living area back in kyle's mansion," Isn’t it Brock?"

"You are right , it’s been pretty long since we met"….replied the tall gentleman wearing a jacket on which were words inscribed in bold "Rock Power"

“But how are u here, aren’t u supposed to be with ash in sinnoh?"

“Nah, we decided to go back home and follow each of our destiny”

“ so, what brings u here, Winona, the sexy flying type gym leader of this town” Kyle enquired jokingly

“No not Winona said Brock grinningly , actually I need your help, its about my brother Forrest”

“Oh yeah, Forrest the oldest of your siblings, who also manages your gym”

“yes , u see he wanted to research something about a mountain here in fortree, so I decided to hang on with him so that I cud also meet u”

“Well that’s good. But is something wrong?”

“You see I left for my journey when I was 15 years old & I have just completed my journey in sinnoh. After years of traveling I finally stumbled upon my motive that I want to be a pokemon doctor, but now I want forrest to go seek his destiny, but it seems like he doesn’t have any dreams or he doesn’t want to follow his dreams!"

“Maybe it’s that he wants to continue on as pewter city gym leader”

Um that may be it but, I want him to live his life, u see as now I have returned I can take care of the gym and also train Salvadore , my brother who also has completed 10.

“So what can I do in this Brock”, enquired Kyle

“Well I heard that your planning on traveling the hoenn league, am I right?”

“Well ya, that’s the plan” replied Kyle

“So why don’t u and Forrest travel together” inquired an eager looking brock

"Well that's fine, umm I mean if that’s Ok with Forrest, he’s the one u should ask" darted Kyle back

“Well what has Brock to ask me?” blurted a spike haired boy, appearing through the door

“Ohh Forrest your back, finished your research??” Said Kyle

“Uhh, no I decided to take my research with me”, said Forrest indicating towards a pokeball in his hand

Oh great, that means wer’e done here, then I guess we should leave now, I’l contact u and talk with u about are matter later, Kyle

Ohh that’s totally fine. See u later Brock, Forrest.


As Brock & Forrest reach Lilycove city port to catch their ferry back to kanto they meet someone who brock recognizes as an old friend

A boy about 14 wearing a purple jacket with matching shoes, and purple hair with a serious look on his face approaches them. Slowly looking at Brock the man in purple says

“It’s been a while isn’t it Brock?”

“Paul, ya surely is. So what are you doing in hoenn?” questioned Brock

Well I have decided to sign up for the Ever grande conference here in Hoenn,
So why are you here?

“Well I had some work here so besides I also came to meet Kyle”

“So kyle is here? Hmm that’s good” said Paul

Yes, he too is competing for the Ever grande conference. So that means u’l meet him again after your match of the Sinnoh league

“Hmphhh , Possibly, if he ever suceeds in getting over his emotions” Paul comments sarcastically while leaving

Soon brock and forrest too leave and board the ship back to Kanto


Soon the ship sets sail and brock and forrest are seen standing and observing the seas from the deck

“So whats with Paul” asks Forrest

“Nothing, I guess it has something to do with Kyle & his father”

“Kyle’s father!, that’s Pyramid king Brandon isn’t it bro?”

“Yes u see after Wallace was defeated by Brandon, he was declared as the Hoenn league champion”.

“So what is with Kyle and his dad?” enquired a deeply interested Forrest

“U see Forrest, 10 years ago Brandon, his wife Sandra and their newly born son Kyle lived happily in Pewter city. But due to some mysterious circumstances he left his wife and son & went away. After sometime he returned but then he returned as pyramid king Brandon.
Brandon tried to re-contact his family but alas it was too late. Brandon’s wife Sandra had died due to an illness and all Brandon had remaining was his son Kyle. But Kyle refused to go back to his father and instead went to live with his grandfather in Sinnoh".

wait did you just say Sandra?? questioned Forrest, wasn't she the one who everyone believed had that legendary pokemon Mew" he finished

"that was just a rumor, now let me finish!" said Brock as he continued his story further

"After some years Kyle's grandfather transferred to hoenn and kyle who now had completed 10 years now went on to challenge the sinnoh league with his trusted Shiftry ,but after his loss to Paul ,Kyle returned back to his grandfather’s place in Hoenn. But as soon as he heard that Brandon has now been crowned the champion, Kyle decided to challenge his father and deface him from the title of champion. I am also 100% sure that Brandon becoming the champion is the only reason Paul decided to enter the Hoenn league as he too has some debts to settle with Brandon” finished Brock

"Hmm interesting" said Forrest & with this he removed a pokeball from his pocket and opened it into the water below the ship

Out came a stock fish like pokemon with patches of tan on its body and a tan skull-like head. It had a red spot on each side of its body and Its scales were as craggy as rocks.

“Relicannnttthhh” it said in a hoarse voice while swimming beside the ferry while Brock and Forrest looked down at it

“So this is your research, Huh” asked Brock

“yeah, and Brock” said Forrest looking at the sun which now had a coat of orange and red as it sank slowly in the ocean

“I would like to travel” finished Forrest

Brock smilingly looked back at forrest and then towards the sinking sun as the ship sailed on.
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Really and truly
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