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A new member's list (Mostly looking for easy stuff)


New to the forum so I thought I'd start myself off easily.

I've been doing a lot of breeding since getting the National Dex, so excuse the lack-luster levels of most of the trades. I figured most people would want to have them from the beginning.

Have available for trade:

Squirtle (egg)
Bulbasuar (egg)
Chamander Lv. 1
Snorlax Lv. 1 x2
Eevee Lv. 1 x10
Chimar Lv. 1 x3
Turtwig Lv. 1 x3
Pipulp Lv. 1 x3

Tentacruel Lv. 42 (male) **As silly as it may seem, I'm really trying to find a shiney Charmander. Anyone want to help out there?** ~ Could be taken...

Really, I'm only looking for the Generation 2 starters, Munchlax and Suicune. Though, I'll take almost any offer.

If it helps, I'll attach an Elemental Stone or Skull Fossil to the Pokemon.

Thanks for looking.
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feebas for one of your bulbasaur?

1890 7651 0620


my feebas is legit
*waits for reply about the tentacruel*

Sorry. I have two Fearow at the moment and while neither of them may be shiney, I'm not really interested.


pokemon masta
i have the 2nd gen starters, can i trade all three for the shinyy?
i have the 2nd gen starters, can i trade all three for the shinyy?

Actually, I believe Tentacruel is spoken for. Sorry.
who's getting it ? xD

Well, in one thread, I may be getting a Suicune for it or possibly a 6-for-1 deal in a private trade.
I don't do cloning.
Updated my list to show the remaining stock from last night.