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A-OK mail generator revived

Discussion in 'Mystery Dungeon (Hidden)' started by Shrooblord, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. Shrooblord

    Shrooblord New Member

    Hi guys,

    Just dropping this here for those who are still in search of an A-OK mail generator. As you may have already figured out, the UPokecenter site has closed down, where there was previously a generator for your B81F Zero Isle South rescuing troubles. But because of the brilliance that is the WayBack Machine, you can still visit the site in its tomb and even use its features such as the A-OK generator.

    Now, because I'm a new user, I'm not supposed to post any links, but I didn't really plan on staying here long - just came in to help those in need - so I'm going to cheatyface the link in here (sorry, Moderators!) :


    Join all those together and you should be taken to a working snapshot of the UPokecenter. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see its magic at work. :)

    Good luck exploring!!

    I would have posted this in the Sticky Thread concerning the matter, but it was closed.
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