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A plan for a perfect team - Platinum

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Apharia, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Hi there, it's been long time since i posted anything in
    this forum DX but i hope you like this thread.

    Well, i've played both of Silver, Ruby and Platinum twice
    and i've always been making teams of the pokemons i like
    but this time i made a plan for a perfect Platinum team!
    and replayed the game to make this team.

    I wouldn't call it "Perfect" since there's no such thing
    but i think it's the strongest team i ever made!
    of course, i had to change some few things in the plan
    while i was playing, but it turned out better than i
    thought, so, here's the team:

    He works very well against a lot of types, especially
    with his high speed and attack.

    -Close Combat
    -Flare Blitz
    -Sunny Day
    -Calm Mind
    close combat and flare blitz are very strong, i know
    flare blitz causes a recoil damage, but i usually rely
    on it to ko the enemy with one hit, sunny day works
    well to change some annoying weather moves like
    hail, and it lowers the water attacks, i don't use
    calm mind a lot, i'm thinking of changing it to something
    else, but it still helps sometimes.

    The weakest in the team, but her moves are tricky
    and could be very annoying to the enemy, and she
    helped me out a lot of times against ground and water

    -Petal Dance
    -Giga Drain
    -Sludge Bomb
    i only use petal dance when i have to, like when i fight
    ground or water pokemons, cause it could be very
    annoying, but it's still strong, sludge bomb is Roserade's
    strongest move, as for toxic and giga drain, i use them
    in long battles, when the opponent isn't weak against
    grass and poison, or when there's no pp for the other

    He's surprisingly very strong, could be the second
    strongest member in the team, his moves have low
    accuracy, but he has a high def and sp.def, he was
    the only one who could stand against Giratina for
    a long time, untill i cought him.

    -Hydro Pump
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Ice Beam
    hydro pump is very strong, even against pokemons
    who are not weak against water, i was planning on
    teaching him extrasensory but i couldn't find it, but
    zen headbutt is strong too, ice beam is a my plan to
    take care of strong dragon pokemons, like Cynthia's
    Garchomp and Giratina, it's the best ice move i could
    think of, screech is not something special, but it helps
    me sometimes.

    I always thought that ghost pokemons are hard to
    use, their moves are strange, but if used well, they can
    be very strong! for Rotom, it was different, cause he is
    an electric too.

    -Confuse Ray
    -Ominous Wind
    i thought of changing charge to double team, but charge
    actually helped a lot, discharge is strong, i wanted thunder
    bolt, but i can't complain, confuse ray is one of the most
    annoying moves for me, so i thought i could use it too
    ominous wind is a very strong ghost attack, i think if i teach
    him double team, it'll work well with confuse ray, making
    Rotom untouchable... your advice?

    He has very low deffense, and easy to ko, but he's still very
    strong, well, there should be a rock/ground type in every
    team right? this one's mine.

    -Dragon Claw
    -Rock Slide
    -Dragon Rush
    i use dragon rush when i need a strong move, and dragon
    claw when i need to hit for sure with a dragon move,
    earthquake is aan important move in every team, it's very
    strong and works very well in team battles, i wanted stone
    edge, but couldn't find it, so rock slide is my best choice of
    rock moves, i don't use it too much though.

    I'd say for sure that this one is the ace of my team! it was
    when i fought Candice tat i figured out how strong Scyther
    was, i tried not to use him since he's weak against ice, but
    surprisingly, he knocked out her whole team alone, without
    taking any damage! and when he evolved to Scizor, he
    became even stronger!

    -Night Slash
    -Aerial Ace
    -Flash Cannon
    i have nothing to say about the moves except that they're
    all very strong, and they're all different types, they work very
    well against a lot of types, note that he used to have steel
    wing when he was Scyther, i teached him flash cannon when
    he evolved, unfortunately, he evolved after missing the chance
    to learn iron head by level up.

    As a team, i usually use Scizor and Garchomp together, they're
    perfect for me, Scizor can beat ice pokemons with flash cannon
    before they have a chance to attack Garchompg, and Garchomp's
    earthquake can deal with fire pokemons, which are Scizor's only
    weakness, besides, Scizor is not affected by earthquake, while
    it hits both of the opponent's pokemons.

    As i said before, maybe ithe team is not perfect, but it can deal with
    any type of pokemons, besides, you should've noticed it, there are
    all of the 17 types of moves in the team, except for normal moves
    but there are all possible weaknesses for any opponent.

    I hope you guys like the team, and sorry for taking so long
    so, what do you think?
  2. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Infernape. Run bulk up instead of calm mind. It increases the opposite of calm mind which will improve your defence and attack. The reason is at the moment calm mind is useless except for improving your sp. def which is pointless on a pokemon like infernape.

    Roserade. The is no point for both giga drain and petal dance. Personally I would get rid of petal dance as it locks you into a move. Replace it with a supporting move such as sleep powder or stun spore or personally leech seed.

    On golduck you seem to be running a mixed set. I would replace screech with clam mind and get rid of zen headbut for another special attack move to make it more sweeper like.

    Rotom looks fine.

    Garchomp looks great but get rid of dragon rush for sword dance. It powers up all your moves to dangerous levels. And the reason to replace dragon rush is the lower accuracy.

    And lastly on scizor replace flash cannon for sword dance. Flash cannon is a special based move on a physical attacker which means lower power.

    Overall however I think it's a seemy solid team however you should think about each pokemons specific role in your team. And what you want each to achieve.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2012
  3. Apharia

    Apharia Member

    Thanks very much ^^ you helped me out a lot.

    Believe it or not, i had bulk up for Infernape instead of calm mind, and sword dance for Garchomp instead of dragon rush in my plan
    but since i couldn't find the TMs, i replaced them.

    For Roserade, i'll try your idea, although i don't haave any TMs for sleeping or paralyzing or whatever, if you can tell me how do i find
    one, that'd be very helpfull.

    About Golduck, i already said that i wanted another psychic move, but couldn't find anything else, besides, zen headbutt is strong
    and makes the enemy flinch, as for screech, i think you're right, i may replace it with something else.

    As for flash cannon, i don't know if i'm gonna do that, i needed at least one steel move in my team, and i couldn't find anything else.

    Well, i already thought of their roles in the team, i don't use them based on their types, i use every one of them when i think they
    can have a good fight, like i said, i use Infernape for his speed, Golduck for his defense, Roserade for tough pokemons (toxic poison
    and giga drain work well together), Rotom for his evasivness, Garchomp for his power and Scizor is the strongest, can fight any
  4. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Well if you are breeding then you can breed for another roserade because rosilia and beduw learns stun spore at level 10, this will help with supporting your team and I would've thought that it could learn sleep powder but according to multiple websites it can't which is odd but anyway you can teach it toxic or like I said leach seed which the prior evolutions learns at leaves 16.

    With golduck you can teach it physcic which you can get at the battle arcade. Simples. Although for a special attacker I would go with starmie, although personally I dislike water sweepers you may as well use a pokemon like alakazam or lucario, lucario I know can learn water pulse which will be unexpected.

    And lastly with scizor if you go the move relearner then you can research it bullet punch which is just fantastic on him so long as he has technician.

    I hope I have helped.
  5. Dylonus

    Dylonus New Member

    Replace Petal Dance with Solarbeam. Petal Dance can cause you to go into confusion after awhile; not a good idea. With Sunny Day on your Infernape; if he uses that before Roserade is in battle, then Roserade comes in, Solarbeam no longer needs that extra turn to power up.

    Also, when did you evolve Roserade? You may have time to use a Heart Scale and get Synthesis. It has 5 charges and heals you 50% of your HP. However, when Sunny Day is used, it now heals 67%.

    If you want, you could just give Roserade Sunny Day. You then have this.

    Sunny Day
    Sludge Bomb

    That way, your good Grass move is powered up and your good healing move is as well. You can also move in Infernape for that extra help in the meantime.

    Be careful with it. When Sunny Day is activated; your Golduck becomes useless. His moves are weakened to 25% of their normal damage (Only the WATER moves are).
  6. Gamefreak

    Gamefreak Well-Known Member

    Read the rules please. This is not a competitive CRMT. It needs natures, EVs, and items. Full details.
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