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A Post from an Artist's Past


Up and away
So I'm here again with something new! Actually it's a finished WIP, but an older WIP that I had long time given up on(so perhaps some of my other WIPS that maybe some of you might remember still have a chance). This was drawn with a mouse, and colored on Photoshop. I know it's messy, but I'm rather fond of it.
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One of the best pieces I've seen on these forums in a while lD

I'm envious of the skin shades you've chosen, you have a really good sense of colour. The blues you've chosen really compliment the pinks in her skin.
I quite like the lighting you've got at the moment, but her face seems a little flat for the style you've got going here. I think it should be fine if you just add a few minor adjustments. The bottom of the nose and just under it could be improved with some minor tweaking, as could the shadows surrounding the eyes. It's a bit hard for me to go into detail, so I hope you get what I'm referring to.
The dress is gorgeous, I think you've got it almost perfect. If you really want to make it stand out, you could consider adding some decoration to the edges. You could also make it flow out a bit more at the point where it is resting on the ground.

However, the sparkles in the background seem to ruin the picture in a way. I'm not against them, it's just that they're all facing the same way and are the same shape. Changing the size didn't really work. If you tell my what program you're using, I can give some suggestions to what brushes you could use.
Also, as a suggestion, if the background is water as it appears to be, it might be nice to add some ripple effects to give a bit more depth to the water. I'm referring to a technique like the one in this artwork.

Hope that helped a bit. Can't wait to see this image finished.

Btw, I'm curious to know which program you use and the brushes you use on it, please share?


Up and away
OMG, thank you soooooooooo much for the reply Rukaria, it always feels nice when someone makes a comment, specially one such as yours <3. As for your question I use PhotoShop CS, and use the standard pre set Wet Media Brushes that already came with the program. I know what you mean about the sparkles though, they're kind of go flat instead of 'pop' but I really had no experience with those and I just did it out of a whim (I do that a lot). Unfortunately because I'm very whimmy, I started coloring a Chii drawing that I drew recently and well I don't think I'll ever be able to clean this one up properly, but who knows maybe in a year or so >>;.

Anywho, I've decided to post the drawing that I'm coloring atm. (If you're too lazy to read the description on DA, well here's the scoop: I'm painting over the sketch, and only really using the outlines of her face and hair, everything else -aka-the-dress-and-body I'm painting from scratch which was pretty ambitious of me since I've never done that, and I'm finding much trouble of coloring without line-art :/)

(I just noticed I need to fix one of her eyes as the white rather sticks out, and I'm still not satistied with her lips/mouth. Also, I'm still struggling to blend her nose in, but i'm really trying here). Hope to see many other replies (I swear I don't bite) and I really appreciate any kind of input (we can't all have rainbows,butterflies, and praises, so why should I be the exception?) anyways I'll stop now since I've written so much.
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The first one is HUGE. Probably the hugest fanart I've seen on these forums. But, it's worth it for the beautiful shading, background, colors etc. of it all. I absolutely adore it. <3

The second one is good, but her face looks a bit off. It's probably the eyes. Probably would have looked better if the eyes were centered a bit more and looking forward, but that's my opinion.

Keep it up~