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A Pyramiding Rage (596)


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I was rather surprised that Reggie ownes a Drapion. It's not a type that I would associate with him. I wonder how many powerhouses he has.

Which of Pauls pokemon that he used against Brandon would have had an advantage over Candice's Medicham? I don't think any would've.. but they might just've overpowered it anyway..

This was a good episode, I really liked the refreshing new faces on Paul's team. I'm quite fond of the Nido lines, so that was really cool. Just to bad that that Lairon and Magmar didn't evolve yet.. or they would've been a menaces to deal with.


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Good episode. I love how Dawn pretends she doesn't know what the Battle Frontier is. I'm sure Ash has told her that he was almost a frontier brain. I didn't like the Regi's cries though. Much better in Battle Frontier. Kind of funny to see Paul get swept, but I'm not sure how he did. He's trained as much as Ash. Probably some inner strength thing.



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I still can't believe, as strong as Paul is, that he couldn't take out 1 of Brandon's Regi's. Yet Ash, who he beats into the ground every time, defeated him at the BF, it doesn't make sense. But overall it was a good battle and it was nice to see some more of Paul's pokemon. Good episode.


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I really like how they handled this, Paul being wiped out easily by the person Ash managed to defeat. However there is an obvious explanation... Ash's battles against Brandon went like this:

#1 - Ash wan't controlling Sceptile, the King of Pokelantis was. Sure, Regirock was well trained and really strong, but Ash came close to defeating it because the King was so brutal with his orders.

#2 - Torkoal did well because Registeel was a fresh capture. Sure it's legendary and all that, but it hadn't been trained much before the battle.

#3 - Ash used his four oldest, strongest and most trustworthy companions for this battle. Not only that, but he faced another freshly caught and untrained legendary, along with 3 standard Pokemon.

Now we look at Pauls battle, where not only were his typing a little out of whack because he was prepared for an Ice Gym battle, but because he now faced 3 very powerful and well trained legendaries. Switching was also allowed on both sides, meaning Brandon could recall any Regi before it got worn down... Basically, Ash had it easy compared to Paul.

Also just thought i'd point out that Candice's bio still doesn't include Dodrio?

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Great episode.... Paul lost because he somehow couldn't keep his cool in that battle. Perhaps he got a little emotional because of earlier memories.... the battle between Brandon and Reggie


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I hate how everyone in the bleachers love to talk crap when one is battling. It's not like Contests where everyone is cheering for you. But as soon as Ash or another trainer gets on a battle field, people love to shout bull$hit.


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This episode was cool. It was great to see Brandon again. Interesting how it was revealed that Turtwig was actually Paul's starting Pokemon. Paul got absolutely thrashed in his battle with Brandon. It was cool to see how Reggie did way back when, when he battled Brandon and lost. Paul really didn't stand a chance in the battle. Brandon's Regis easily took down all 6 of his Pokemon. It was cool to see Paul's Torterra back when it used to be a Turtwig.


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Was a very nice episode. Although I got tired of Dawn bringing that Pokedex for everyone except Regice, really Dawn? If I had been sitting in that stand I would have gone "Honey, put that damn Pokedex away and just watch the battle!"

I wasn't even annoyed that she was pointing at the dex for some Pokemon she already knew, I can handle that when it's not a full frontal six on six battle and she brings it out everytime and just one or two Pokemon.

I believe the reason Ash wasn't crushed is because he used four of his oldest Pokemon like someone said. Pokemon that are probably, especially for Charizard still training as the anime goes on. Paul has only battled one of his oldest Pokemon, while the others are not that old at all (At this point).

I wonder though, since Brendon has gotten even more powerful, and is the second person to have crushed Paul without blinking, what would a battle between Brendon and Cynthia be like? Guess we will never know but it's nice to think about.


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I would loved this episode but there was somethings in there that turned me off.


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Wonderful dialog and character development for them both. Makes you feel bad that Reggie is actually breeding, does it Brock?


Dawn, Put the Pokedex away please. Looking at every Pokemon that came out made me want to bash the screen.

Brock, could you not talk for five minutes. No one asked anything so you shouldn't say anything.

Zoey, please leave. You're annoying and how dare you tell Paul he's being a jerk when you yourself wasn't that easy to deal with in the beginning.

Brandon, you need some soft voice counseling or something. Do you need to yell every word you say?
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This was a cool episode. Paul and Brandon's battle was great, It's nice to see Paul lose for a change.
I liked how Zoey called Paul a jerk in this episode. XD

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This was a great episode. Brandon the Pyramid King returns and Paul battles him here, though he gets destroyed by Brandon. It was a pretty good set up episode for the Ash vs Paul full battle that would come up a couple of episodes later. I give it a 10/10


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This was an awesome episode. For those saying that Paul had it harder than Ash need to examine the facts here. Paul went in blind, he just assumed he could beat Brandon and it was his decision to make it 6 on 6 and letting Brandon switch on top of that. The loss was his own stupid fault, and that's why I didn't even feel sorry that he lost rather I was glad. I was so happy when Brandon laid a beatdown on Paul.

Zoey telling off Paul was awesome as well, though I do wish that scene could've been longer. We've never really had a rival coordinator interacting with one of Ash's rivals before, plus I'm sure Zoey would've had a lot more to say.
I missed hearing those long, drawn out "NO!"'s that Brandon is always doing. :)


Paul losing was acceptable to me since he had to face all 3 Regis in the same battle unlike Ash who just faced one at a time separately. 6/10

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So Paul and Zoey finally met, which was cool especially how Zoey got upset. Brandon swept Paul's team pretty easily and I expected Paul to do much better than that honestly. But it was a good battle.